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Trivia / Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

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  • Acting for Two:
    • In the original Japanese version:
      • Grace and Saaya are both voiced by Ai Kayano.
    • In the English dub:
      • Grace and Bebel are both voiced by Michelle Ruff.
      • Paraem and Striker are voiced by Karen Strassman.
      • Kemen and Flange are both voiced by Doug Stone.
      • Crown, Matsumoto and Marocchi are all played by Kyle Hebert.
      • Caitlin Chang voices Palinury and Mayta.
      • Eida Matsumoto and Bellows are voiced by Julie Ann Taylor.
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  • All-Star Cast: The main cast includes Kaito Ishikawa, Tomokazu Sugita, Hisako Kanemoto, Sayaka Ohara, Shizuka Ito, Katsuyuki Konishi, Yuki Ono and Ayumi Fujimura, among others. Just goes to show this anime really wanted to be taken seriously.
  • Anime First: While the manga was released a couple of months prior to the airing of the first episode, work began on the anime itself in 2010.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: Pixiv held a contest for one. The selected characters appear near the very end of the anime, part of the crowd that listen to Bevel's lecture on the history of humanity and Hideauze.
  • Fan Nickname:
  • I Knew It!:
    • Many people were quick to call bullshit in regard to Kugel's "endemic disease." And among those were people who correctly guessed that he was actually a simulated personality by Striker the moment he started appearing as a hologram.
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    • The second OVA covers what Kugel did when he was on Earth. He was found by a pirate fleet, and the main girl he saved ended up dying from a disease, likely tuberculosis. He too began coughing up blood at the end, and with her death, and Striker's constant influence, he starts succumbing to Sanity Slippage before he too dies from the disease and his "will" is carried out by Striker.
  • Production Posse: For director Kazuya Murata and composer Taro Iwashiro, this is their second collaboration after Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos.
  • Science Marches On: When Chamber brings up a planetary map of the solar system, it also includes Pluto, which is classified as a Dwarf Planet today and not a planet proper. The same holds true when, in the files Ledo look at in Episode 9, a newscaster shows a planetary map that includes Pluto and Halley's Comet alongside the regular planets.
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  • Star-Making Role: For Kaito Ishikawa, who voiced Ledo.
  • What Could Have Been: There were plans for an anime sequel but due to "various circumstances", it was scrapped and the sequel became an upcoming Light Novel.

Various Trivia

  • Super Robot Wars: The series made its first appearance in in the Super Robot Wars Z 3: Tengoku-hen. Incidentally, not only did the staff of Gargantia apparently want it to appear in the series, but the staff of SRW were planning on including it even before it finished airing.


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