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Nightmare Fuel / Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

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Again just like his other works, there is a Nightmare Fuel section.

  • Ledo's description of what happens to Alliance members who can no longer serve as soldiers—they're "retired" in the Blade Runner sense. Made especially unnerving in how he tells this to a gravely Ill Boy and his sister as if it's completely normal, which it is in his world. The Alliance is looking worse with each episode...however, to be fair, Chamber mentions in the first episode that no known Earth-like planets exist, or at least have been found by the Galactic Alliance despite having spread out quite far in the galaxy. Which probably means that resources may be scarce. On top of that, they're fighting what seems to be a losing war against the Hideauze, despite their advanced technology compared to those living on Earth. So Ledo was just using Brutal Honesty, since that's all he's known in his short life, and to him, keeping someone like Bevel alive would mean less resources going towards someone who could fight against the Hideauze.
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  • Looking at the shots of the destroyed colonies during the battle scenes in Episode 1, major Fridge Horror sets in when you see some huge holes punctured in their glass domes. The air supply was probably all sucked out into space, along with many people. Remember when Ranka was almost sucked into space in Macross Frontier? Imagine that happening to perhaps thousands of people all at once.
  • Imagine Chamber's attack in Episode 2 from the Pirates' side. Beams of light come from the sky and destroy your entire fleet. Then, all of a sudden, the guys in front of you suddenly turn into puffs of ash, and you still have no idea wha--
  • Episode 9. Ledo enters the Hideauze nest and spies a "nursery" filled with babies. Despite how they look somewhat like human embryos, he proceeds to burn them alive, and we hear them scream. Then Ledo finally has to ask what's really going on here, and with only token reluctance, Chamber shows him an archive news clip detailing The Reveal...Hideauze are biomechanically evolved humans fighting over access to space with the humans who decided to leave the rapidly freezing Earth. A baby Hideauze then swims up to Ledo and just acts like a curious child. Chamber then proceeds to take initiative and crush it in his bare hands without Ledo's command, and Ledo proceeds to scream in existential anguish. Cut to ChouCho's calming ED.
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  • Episode 12. In Striker's Earth-based Alliance cult, "unfit" Earthlings are disposed of much like back in space; dumped over the side of the ship. And it's treated as a holy religious ceremony in honor of their "god" Striker. Ledo's also treated to a boy being dumped who looks strangely happy about his ritualistic murder. When he reminds Ledo of Bevel and his brother, he finally decides to take action against his former masters.
  • The revelation that pilots can merge their nervous systems with their mechas for maximum performance. Ledo's cry, "Just go and eat me!" raises some more Fridge Horror: is that what happened to Kugel? Taking things further, is that what happens to all GA mecha pilots? And taking things ''even'' further, is the GA government actually run by AI? (which might make sense given that the Alliance's alphabet appears to be a very artificial looking set of blocks, almost like binary representation of something...) Gen reminds us that you don't need to Kill 'Em All to leave some major Fridge Horror.

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