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Nightmare Fuel / Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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Considering the pedigrees behind Puella Magi Madoka Magica, some creep factors are to be expected. However, the sheer level of Nightmare Fuel to be found in the series's life has been rather terrifying. Do NOT be fooled by Ume Aoki's Tastes Like Diabetes character designs; this show is "Devilman with Magical Girls; a Tear Jerker with tears made of pure Nightmare Fuel." Yeah, it's that kind of show.


As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. As the show is also well-known for its sudden and rapid descent into madness, many of the spoilers appear early on. You Have Been Warned.

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    Episode 1 - As If I Met Her in My Dream...
Sweet dreams.
  • While most remember the nightmare fuel from Episode 3 onwards, the Nightmare Fuel was there as early as Episode 1, with the Anthonies: Freaky, mustachioed little shits who look like Creepypasta someone would claim to witness while watching South Park. Now look at them in action — the animation for them is deliberately jittery, and their babble translates to planning to cut Sayaka and Madoka up and present them to Gertrud. Then their cheerful chanting gives way to them making horribly deformed faces and attacking the main characters with scissors. Brr.

    Episode 2 - That Would Be Truly Wonderful
Oh dear.
  • Gertrud's entire appearance is disgusting and horrifying, as pictured.

    Episode 3 - I'm Not Afraid of Anything Anymore
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Mami-shaped Tootsie Pop? LET'S FIND OUT!
  • Mami's death. Her head is bitten off by a monstered-out Charlotte, shortly before the rest of her is eaten as well.
    • It's more graphic in the manga. Warning: Do NOT read that page if you are squeamish. Charlotte's One-Winged Angel form is also much scarier in the manga, as opposed to the kind of cute version in the anime.
    • And then there's the novel illustration. Jesus H. Christ!
    • And then Homura blows up Charlotte and we get treated to the sight of a pile of fleshy goo landing on the table next to her. That's right, it's a half-digested Mami...

    Episode 7 - Can You Face Your True Feelings?

    Episode 8 - I Was Stupid, So Stupid
  • Sayaka's gruesome transformation into Oktavia von Seckendorff. It's full of unnerving and creepy imagery, and from the brief shots of her Witch's form you can tell it's a horrific looking abomination. Once again...the manga is worse.

    Episode 9 - I'd Never Allow That to Happen 
  • The battle against Oktavia. Everything about her including her appearance and the Eldritch Location nature of the barrier is highly unnerving. To make things worse, Oktavia screams with a warped version of Sayaka's voice.

    Episode 12 - My Very Best Friend 
  • The universe-ending witch Madoka is unsettling. That enormous Eldritch Abomination with two halves of a face? Completely engulfing the earth? Dear Madokami. Yes, that thing is Kriemhild Gretchen, the witch form of our adorable protagonist.

    PSP Game 
  • Madoka in the middle of her transformation into Kriemhild Gretchen in the PSP version is certainly creepy, if not terrifying. From the way it looks like the grief seed is splitting Madoka's body in half, and the silhouette of what used to be Madoka... *shudder*
  • There's an event that happens if Charlotte eats Sayaka's Soul Gem and Madoka and Homura, being inexperienced, can't find Charlotte's barrier. We learned in Episode 6 that Soul Gems are Soul Jars, and the body is useless without it. Add that to the fact that Magical Girls die when they lose contact with their Soul Gems for 2 days, and that's pretty creepy on it's own. They had to make it even creepier by adding that when a Magical Girl loses contact with her soul gem, she starts to decompose. Luckily, Kyoko kills Charlotte before Sayaka dies. Happy ending, right? Wrong. Sayaka's body had already started decomposing before her Soul Gem came back. So she wakes up, unaware of what she looks like, and just happens to meet Kyousuke. Who FREAKS. OUT. You can guess what happens next.
  • Sayaka's bad end. She has been deprived of her Soul Gem for so long that by the time her friends retrieve it, her body had already started to decompose. She hurries to go see Kyosuke. It does not end well. Her decomposed body is not completely shown, but that just leaves how nightmarish it is to the imagination.

  • The Witches and their Familiars, of course. It would be easy to just say "all of them", but since this is the NF page, we might as well describe in detail how they're scary, just like we described how the characters are Woobies in The Woobie page. The fact that many of them are animated in Uncanny Valley-riffic cut-and-paste animation courtesy of Gekidan Inu Curry (the graphic studio that animated Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei's trippier sequences) have helped earn this anime a seat in Japan's Nightmare Fuel Hall of Fame.
    • The Anthonies are pictured above and described under the entry for Episode 1. Their mistress Gertrud looks like a butterfly with a cut-and-paste rosebush for a head (which almost looks more like a glob of snot shaped like Cthulhu). Also, after they've sucked the life out of their human victims, they use their bodies to fertilize Gertrud's precious rose garden; (a theme we shall be revisiting).
    • Albertine (seen only in the video game) resembles a Creepy Doll. Her familiar Anja is a living childish scribble (also animated in a flighty Uncanny Valley style, with a creepy laugh provided by none other than Madoka's seiyuu Aoi Yuuki), who turns her human victims into balls that bounce for each lie they've ever told.
    • Patricia (the "Class Representative Witch") not only has multiple limbs but also no head, and shoots spiderwebs from between her legs.


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