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Nightmare Fuel / Psycho-Pass

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All spoilers are unmarked as per Nightmare Fuel page guidelines.

Given this show's creator's track record, it was only a matter of time before Psycho-Pass would get its own Nightmare Fuel section.

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    Season 1 
  • In just the first episode, we see the guns' One-Hit Kill function in action. At the point of impact the guy's tissues bubble like some super-Ebola, then he explodes into Pink Mist haemorrhage with a few chunks here and there. Then the cops plan to turn the gun on his victim, since apparently a person's criminality can transfer to another person!
  • In the first episode, you can see a rapist rape someone on-screen. You can see the terror in the victim's face.
    • It's even more frightening dubbed, especially the screams and cries of the woman the man rapes and tortures.
  • Talisman looks much more worthy of the handle "Spooky Boogie" than Spooky herself, consisting of a pair of floating gloves and a rotating floating mask with glowing facial features.
  • Masatake Mido's method of body disposal; chop 'em into little pieces and flush 'em down the toilet or sink. Made worse, of course, by how we never see the dismembered bodies, just the small explorer robots crawling into the drains.
    • Not to mention the culprits' death. The second person gibbed... after the real big bad uses his own holo-cracking to end him.
  • The exhibit case: Victims are dismembered alive. Then, the parts are put through Plastinationnote  after which the killer would leave them in a public place. In at least one instance the killer arranged the body under a holographic light so people walked past not realising it was real.
  • The next time we see Mad Artist Rikako Oryo, the person responsible for the plastination killings, her bones have been turned into a smoking pipe.
    • Senguji (in the English dub at least) says he had Rikako's bones made into a pipe, he has a minimum of nine.
  • Senguji (Rikako's murderer) could be a poster boy for the Uncanny Valley, especially during his news interview in Episode 9. Cybernetics Will Eat Your Soul, indeed.
  • Words cannot express the terror of seeing your friend die of a slit throat before your eyes and being unable to do anything about it.
  • Watching Akane relive the moments of Yuki's murder is... more than a little unsettling. It's almost literal Mind Rape...only this time it's done by the protagonists at her own request.
  • In episode 14 a woman is beaten to death with a hammer on a busy street. The closest she gets to help is one of the police drones (with their Uncanny Valley-riffic happy faces) asking if she needs assistance as she seems to be under severe stress. The worst part is that incidents like this have happened in the real world.
  • Episode 15. All of it. Makishima succeeds at making society break down, by mass producing the helmets and allowing numerous people to commit crimes without Sibyl's judgment. Some people commit crimes for the fun of it while many others commit crimes due to feeling disenfranchised by Sibyl's society (many people are shown to have not been able to have good jobs or are outcasts due to Sibyl's judgment and take their "revenge" on normal citizens). Citizens fight back, and some become just as bad. And yet this is all a ruse to distract from his real plan... This can be particularly unsettling for people who have lived through real life riots and have seen societal breakdowns with their own eyes.
  • Episode 16: the Chief's Robotic Reveal is pretty unnerving.
    • There's also the crazed look in Makishima's eyes while he's beating Kogami. A pretty sharp contrast to the always calm Makishima we're used to.
    • The truth behind the Sibyl System is perhaps a more thought-based instance. Think about it: the system is the backbone of society. Your job, how law enforcement will function, your performance assessments, it's all done by the psycho-pass scans. Whether or not you'll find yourself on the receiving end of a Dominator is determined by a number, which you can easily get to if you were guilt-ridden or traumatized - if, say, as it happens in Episode 1, you are raped, the Inspectors that should be there to save you may just subject you to Euthanasia for being traumatized by it. And what's the basis for this system? A hive mind forged by the brains of "asymptomatic criminals", who don't experience the negativity of crimes. That's the true horror - the entirety of Japan, many of the core aspects of Japanese society, is being run by a hive mind of total sociopaths, ala Nineteen Eighty Four.
  • Episode 19: it's revealed that the entire Hokuriku Region (a mostly rural area on Japan's west coast approximately the size of some U.S. states) has been converted into one huge genetically-engineered "Hyper-Oats" factory/farm. Japan may (at least now) be self-sufficient in food production, but just think of how many cities had to be destroyed and families be uprooted from their homes for this to come about.
    • And Makishima's plan is to destroy it all, force Japan to import most of its food again, and darken Japanese citizens' Hues, mirroring the current controversy over "Frankenfoods".
    • Although somewhat obvious, it should be noted Makishima is planning to cloud all Japanese peoples' Psycho-Passes and make the Sibyl System obsolete by making all of Japan starve and have to fight over food! ...At least until the Sibyl System imports its food from other countries, giving other countries much control over Japan, which would also make exposing the Sibyl System and its countless violation of human rights, and dismantling it easy for other countries.
    • There's also the Fridge Horror that 22nd century Japan is almost like a closed-off, technologically enhanced version of North Korea that can feed itself.
  • Episode 20, Makishima's meeting with Professor Kudama. It seems all friendly, until Kudama tells Makishima what he wants to know about a lab Makishima needs to get into for his plan. Makishima reveals he knows to get into the lab, one would need Kudama's eyes and hands. Makishima turns his back and pulls out a points for guessing what happens next. To make it worse, Kudama's corpse is shown later in the episode...without eyes or hands.
    • And for that matter, Kogami hid his message in the poor guy's throat. After he finds the body, but still!
  • Episode 21 has Masaoka's death. Although it is mainly a Tear Jerker, what the body of Masaoka looks like just before death is not pretty, due to a close-range explosion. Not to mention the the state of Ginoza's horrifically mangled arm.
  • Episode 22 has one small moment. This whole time we've heard the Sibyl System speak in the detached, mechanical voice of the Dominator, so hearing it giggle when Akane says that society will outgrow the need for it is rather unnerving.
  • Yayoi's hospitalization in Episode 12. For anyone who has been in a psychiatric ward, they know the depiction is scarily imagine going through what Yayoi went through...being in a psych ward for three years until she could conform and believe her society is fully correct.
  • The very existence of people like Shogo Makishima is just frightening. Let's look back at Akane's reaction to her first meeting with him. Every time she aims the Dominator, his Crime Coefficient keeps decreasing until it hits zero. The lowest possible value. The Sybil System can't judge ANYONE like him because of the way his thought process is. As far as Shogo is concerned, his act of murdering Akane's best friend right in front of her might as well be something incredibly trivial. And as Chief Kasei reveals, Shogo is hardly the only "criminally asymptomatic". Just how many people like Makishima are there?

    Season 2 
  • In episode 2, Akane finally takes some time to herself... only to find that someone has written "WC?" in her room. To put that in perspective, the one safe place she had left has been invaded by someone Sibyl can't detect.
  • Inspector Aoyanagi is brutally beaten by a man with a clear hue in episode 3. And just like when a similar situation occurred in the first season, no one helps her.
  • And Inspector Shisui wakes up to an eyeball and a Dominator. It's her right eyeball and Dominator being pointed back at her.
  • Episode 4 just became so painful that all the hostages in the mental care facility are killed by the Dominators when they got out due to their high crime coefficients which they got when they're being locked in the building. Inspector Aoyanagi is not even exempted most especially when she got killed by the newest version of the Dominator, the Assault Dominator.
  • Episode 5 seems worse because you're just playing an innocent mobile game without realizing that you're controlling a bunch of drones which ended up shooting innocent civilians.
  • The ending to episode 8, Mika has made a huge mistake in sharing that information with the very system that set up a trap for her..
    • Not to mention the way Tougane holds Mika against a desk in a way suggestive of rape while Chief Kasei just looks on amused.
  • Episode 9:
    • In case more needs to be said, this episode includes corrupt politicians being tricked into eating human body parts so their Crime Coefficients will rise and Kamui and his followers can brutally kill them with denominators, people trapped in mechanical animal being set on fire at their own request, Tougane killing two puppies in a flashback, and Akane being given a box that contains her grandmother's ear. And if all that isn't enough, the episode ends with Tougane opening a trunk, revealing Akane's still living grandmother, lifting his Dominator, and the screen cutting to black. The last thing we hear sounds like a Dominator passing through brain matter.
  • Episode 11 has the Sibyl System being calmly Driven to Suicide by its own logic being used against it. Only some of the brains are killed but seeing a brain dissolve while it is being implied numerous others are as well, and the Sibyl System is speaking calmly about preserving its perfection shows that the Sibyl System's utilitarianism is just screwed up even for itself.
    • Then again, there is another interpretation of this. Did Sibyl just kill the ones with a high Crime Coefficient that were not Criminally Asymptomatic?

    Season 3 
  • If being disintegrated by the Dominator's Destroy Decomposer Mode is an awful and scary way to die which already happened to poor Kagari, then get vaporized into particles by the Roundrobin system is even worse which is Kyoko's fate. Unlike Kagari's death, viewers get to fully see Kyoko's death where she gets hit by white light and while screaming in pain, her clothes and skin are burned off until viewers see her skeleton. Then, nothing's left of her.
    • What's more unnerving is that the two "Congressmen" are not disturbed by her demise. Of course, Shirogane is used to it since he's the one who had her enforced. But Homura, who is the newest member, doesn't flinch and is suspected to be the one who led her to her defeat. It clearly shows that being a "Congressmen" is survival to the fittest: if you lose the game or break the rules, you'll be enforced into oblivion.
  • Yonehara and Sasagawa intentionally causing Rick Fellows to commit suicide by jumping off the transport plane.
  • Arata's Mental Trace ability is mostly used for good - at the cost of leaving him vulnerable of going in too deep. It's effectiveness gets pretty much neutered seeing as how Arata can literally feel the pain and emotions of a suspect he is tracing, as seen when he traces Kurisu Kyoji O'Brien.
  • Everything about "Eternal White". While the name is fairly innocent, the purpose of the procedure is decidedly not. Essentially, the procedure forcibly induces Eustress Deficiency note  through an overdose of hue-clearing drugs. The worst part about it? They specifically target dissenters of Heaven's Leap in order to make sure that the organization doesn't get found out.
    • Probably the most terrifying part is that Heaven's Leap keeps these patients in life preservation pods in order to keep them alive for their usage. If it wasn't for the CID...
  • The Heaven's Leap followers being used as suicide bombers. The worst part about it is that the bomb is embedded within their body, meaning that the only way to prevent it from being detonated is to blast the bomber with a Destroy Decomposer shot.
  • Kurisu Kyoji O'Brien's cancer being artificially induced by Torri. The state that he is in is already terrible enough, but to know that it could've all been avoided? Yikes.
  • First Inspector lets us see what happens when Arata goes in way too deep with his Mental Trace, specifically when it came to himself. Namely, he starts sinking the metaphorical sea of the Sibyl System and just sinks deeper and deeper, with no end in sight.
  • First Inspector also has Chief Hosorogi throwing herself off the NONA tower to deter Jackdaw from revealing her true nature. While all Psycho-Pass veterans know that she's really an android, but the characters (except for Mika and possibly Homura) certainly do not.
    • The audience gets to see what happened after she threw herself off the building and it is definitely not pretty.


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