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Memes / Psycho-Pass

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  • Tomatoes in the blender. Explanation 
  • SPOOKY BOOGIE Explanation 
    • 2Spooky4Boogie Explanation 
  • Moe is banned, No Moe allowed, Anti-Moe, etc.Explanation 
    • No moe they said. Explanation 
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  • So who’s going to die first? Explanation 
  • Psycho-Pizza. Explanation 
  • PLASTIC TAC TICS Explanation 
  • CAUSE I FEEEEEEEEEL Explanation 
  • "We have detected that you are experiencing a great deal of stress." Explanation (spoiler) 
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  • HYPER OATS Explanation 
  • Bitter Lit Major Shogo Makishima Explanation 
    • "Hipster Makishima" for these same reasons—particularly after his speech about how physical novels are objectively better than e-books.
  • KOUGAMI FUCKING WHERE?! Explanation 
  • MUH SASAYAMA Explanation 
  • Ginoza's a 1000% virgin! Explanation 


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