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  • Actor Allusion: Yoshiko Sakakibara plays a character overseeing the actions of a public security agency, much like her role in another famous cyberpunk anime.
  • Anime First: A manga adaptation of the anime, titled Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane, debuted shortly after the series premiered.
  • Banned in China: In June 2015, Chinese censors banned Psycho-Pass for politically questionable content. Probably because of how the Sibyl System is mirroring the Chinese government.
  • Casting Gag:
  • The Danza: Hiroko Fuji, a victim who was murdered, shared the first name with her seiyuu.
  • Defictionalization: The PSB jackets including Shinya's winter jacket, Yayoi's coat and Ginoza's glasses are part of the show's merchandises though they're sold out. There's also the actual Dominator which you still buy.
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  • Enforced Method Acting: Lydia Mackay comments that in her role as Shion, she had to place an unlit cigarette between her lips in order to realistically portray Shion speaking with a cigarette in her mouth.
  • Fan Nickname: Kirito Kamui is sometimes called "Evil harem lead Kirito" as a nod to the similarly named protagonist of Sword Art Online for various reasons, most of which involve a Take That! or two.
  • He Also Did: The anime's animation character designer, Kyoji Asano, would also go on to do the animation character designs for Attack on Titan.
  • I Knew It!: Not too surprisingly, considering the show's excellent use of clever foreshadowing.
    • Kougami used to be an Inspector.
    • Also Shogo being immune to the Sibyl System.
    • Masaoka being Ginoza's dad. Due to the mention of Ginoza's father being a latent criminal combined with Masaoka's age and fatherly air, many fans guessed it episodes before it was revealed.
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    • In Episode 16, everyone who thought Kagari would be the first of the main cast to die were proven right.
    • Quite a few people guessed that the Sibyl System was powered by the brains of Criminally Asymptomatic people. Episode 17 proved them right.
    • In the second season, viewers were sure that the plane crash briefly mentioned in episode 2 would turn out to be important, because an airplane appears prominently in the opening. They were right.
    • There were viewers who guessed that Togane was connected or related to the Sibyl System in some way due to the opening hinting so, they were totally right. One of the Sibyl Systems brains is his mothers. He works for her!
  • Jossed:
    • Some fans thought that Togane is Kougami in disguise due to similar behavior. But this theory was debunked when Mika investigated his room and found a childhood picture of him and his mother, along with photos of Akane with circles drawn around the eyes and mouth which is something that Kougami would never do.
    • There is also crazy theory about Makishima surviving and "he" is in the Chief's body regardless that he was shot on the head close range with zero possibility that his brain is alive and intact.
    • Another wild theory is that Kamui is Makishima in disguise. But the explanation above debunks this along with the revelation of Kamui's Dark and Troubled Past.
  • No Dub for You:
    • The Psycho-Pass New Edit extended episodes never got dubbed.
    • The third season debuting on Amazon Prime Video has killed any chances of a simuldub; anime that get released on Amazon almost never get dubbed, the few exceptions that do only happen after their license expires on Amazon and some other company snaps it up.
  • No Export for You:
    • This franchise has a lot of Expanded Universe material including light novels, manga, drama CDs and more that really flesh out a lot of the side characters. These include a drama CD that covers the Specimen Case and lots of novels detailing almost everyone's backstory, such as Masaoka's background with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Too bad none of this has ever gotten officially translated, and fan translations are few and far between.
    • The manga Kanshikan Kougami Shinya was dropped by Dark Horse Comics after releasing only 4 volumes, leaving volumes 5 and 6 unavailable outside of Japan. No scanlations exist for them, either.
    • Averted for the Visual Novel Mandatory Happiness which received an English release in September 2016.
    • The Sinners of the System trilogy got no release outside of Japan with the exception of a single showing at a Scottish animation festival on October 20th, 2019. This caused a lot of distress among Psycho-Pass fans as there was no way to watch the trilogy before Season 3 started, with the exception of some dubious fansubs that relied on either machine translation or were translated from one language to another (Case 1's translation went from Japanese --> Arabic fansubs --> English fansubs).
  • Playing Against Type: Lindsay Seidel mentions in a commentary that Yayoi is this because she was told by the production team to use a lower voice than her normal one, which surprised those who follow her work.
  • Posthumous Credit: Kinryu Arimoto, Masaoka's Japanese voice actor, died on February 1, 2019, weeks before the release of Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System: Case 2: First Guardian where Masaoka was one of the main characters.
  • Reality Subtext: Each episode of the first season was making an effort to be set almost exactly 100 years ahead of the present day. To wit: the show began airing in October 2012, and the first episode occurred on November 4, 2112 note  Another example would be episodes 10 and 11, which take place on December 24, 2112; these episodes aired on December 14 and 21, 2012 respectively. This pattern began to break with the second half of the show, which featured events taking place in very close proximity to each other (such as episodes 18-22 which occur within a five-day timespan). The fact that there was a two month Time Skip in the last episode, though, may hint the show's timeframe got back on track with the 100-year "real time" gap.
    • The second season premiere has a moment where Mika mentions she's been an Inspector for a year and a half. Mika became an Inspector in the final scene of the first season which aired at the end of March 2013. The second season began in October 2014, which is just a few days over a year and a half.
    • The series does away with this after that though. The feature film released in January 2015 takes place in July 2116, Sinners of the System was released throughout January to March 2119 but takes place across 2116 and 2117, and the third season began airing in October 2019 but starts in November 2120.
  • Recycled Script: The second season is in many ways a shorter version of the first, down to several of the plot beats.
    • The main plots of both seasons are that of Akane facing off against a mysterious antagonist who is bent on bringing down the the Sibyl System by using its own core infrastructure against it, and also has a special trait that allows them to go undetected by the System, and both antagonists try to achieve this goal by recruiting several followers to their cause and share their ability to operate outside the system with them, as well as exploiting the ways people interfaces with normal and seemingly innocuous technology for their own sinister purposes.
    • Akane eventually confronts both antagonists with a real gun at one point as way to work around the system.
    • In both seasons, Akane's idealism brings her into conflict with another Inspector (Nobuchika in season 1, Mika in season 2) who believes that the Sibyl System's directives should be followed closely, but eventually said Inspector is forced to reevaluate their beliefs as they come to the realization that the System is actually much more flawed than they originally perceived it to be.
    • Akane is also faced with similar personal challenges in both seasons, firstly regarding a member of Unit 1 going more or less rogue due to an obsession with seeking personal revenge against the antagonist, and secondly when her resolve is severely by tested by one of her close friends ending up getting murdered by the antagonist.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Tomokazu Seki and Takahiro Sakurai were also both in Gate Keepers together, except that time around Sakurai was the protagonist and Seki was the antagonist.
  • Screwed by the Network: Season 3 has run into a series of problems being hosted on Amazon Prime USA (oddly enough, most other regions have been fine):
    • The first sign of trouble came from the fact that there was literally no advertising on English networks or social media for the season. Weeks into the season's airing, even very devoted Psycho-Pass fans are still finding themselves surprised that a third season actually exists.
    • The biggest problem by far is that Amazon USA, in a sloppy typo, listed the series as "Psycho-Pass3" (sic). This made the show impossible to find using the search engine because of the missing space (viewers must enter the title exactly as it is with the typo), and it took a week for people on the Psycho-Pass subreddit to discover the mistake and finally start spreading the news of the typo.
    • Some viewers have reported that the show is impossible to watch using a Fire Stick because "Psycho-Pass 3" is merged with "Psycho-Pass (SUB)" which apparently breaks the app.
    • Episode 3 was uploaded with no subtitles. Once again, this was only an issue with Amazon USA, other regions had English subtitles available. It took over 24 hours for the subtitles to finally become available.
  • She Also Did: The anime's original character designer, Akira Amano, also the manga artist for Reborn!, would also go on to start her next manga.
  • Too Soon: Episode 4 of the New Edit rebroadcast was pulled from Japanese TV because of a shocking murder case in Nagasaki that strongly resembled the episode's plot, only being available online.
  • Troubled Production: The second season had shades of this, as admitted by the writer himself. The production schedule was extremely tight, with scripts having to be rewritten while voice recording was happening, and the plot was limited by what would already be revealed in The Movie, meaning he had less creative freedom than normal.


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