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Season 1

  • In Episode 1, the Naïve Newcomer Akane shows her virtue for the first time: Tasing Kogami to keep him from killing someone who doesn't need to be killed, then talking down a traumatized woman and bringing her Crime Coefficient to a level where she can safely be arrested and given the therapy she needs. She might be a newbie, but damn if she isn't plucky!
  • The first time we get to see the Dominator's Destroy Decomposer mode in action in episode 3. As if this gun couldn't possibly be cool enough, it can also vaporize mechanical enemies every bit as effectively as it does humans.
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  • In episode 5, when the Internet Mimic serial killer is cornered by our heroes, he activates a giant holographic disruption to Mind Screw them and get out of there. In response, Masaoka whips out the bottle of alcohol he'd had on him and concocts a Booze Flamethrower to set off the fire-extinguishing sprinklers, deactivating the holograms.
  • Tsunemori telling off, and effectively shutting up Ginoza in episode 9.
  • In episode 10 Masaoka was finally fed up with Ginoza picking on Akane. As a result the inspector was given a free flying lesson.
  • The entire battle between Kogami and Toyohisa Senguji in episodes 10 and 11. First taking out one of the robot dogs using the Spikes of Doom on the ceiling, and then retrieving his Dominator and using its Destroy Decomposer mode to eliminate the other dog. Finally ending with Kogami pulling a move that would make Solid Snake proud: hiding in a barrel and rolling down a ramp, prompting Toyohisa to check the top of the ramp, followed by Kogami popping out of the barrel and blasting Toyohisa with the Eliminator mode.
    • It doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, but what is his first priority afterwards? Telling Yuki to get out of there and seek therapy for what she's seen, despite the fact that he's been shot a number of times. The man's a damn fine detective.
    • And when he wakes up, he immediately tries to go after Tsunemori, despite having near fatal gunshot wounds. Masaoka has to headbutt him to get him to stop.
  • So, Akane feels guilty after Spooky Boogie died while assisting the Bureau. In most other shows, it would take at least one episode of dealing with and overcoming it, with lots of drama. Here Kougami basically solved it with just three questions. An awesome feat.
    • And in episode 13, she quickly bounces back after Yuki's death, resolving to hunt down Makashima.
  • Yuki's death scene and no, not because it's anything awesome but because the writing of it is. While the arc between episode 10 and 11 is played brilliantly dramatic in introducing Makishima, with the cat and mouse game he has with Kougami it's really the 11's ending where Akane has to witness first hand the death of Yuki. For many people, this is the game changing episode- the point of the story where the Wide-Eyed Idealist, who literally episodes prior only took this position because she scored high, is visibly shaken enough to start questioning her world view. Makishima exists, the Dominator couldn't fire, one of her best friends is dead, and her view of Sibyl is visibly shaken. To many fans, this is like reliving episode 3 of Madoka: the game changing episode that will underscore and set the tone for how dark the rest of the series will be.
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  • At the end of episode 14, Makishima effortlessly takes down a trio of thugs alone and unarmed.
  • Episode 16. Akane knocking Makishima out with a helmet.
    • Even better when you consider the implications behind it: Makishima dismissed Akane for failing his "test". He's also the one responsible for the existence of the helmets. That's right folks, he was beaten with Poetic Irony. What really makes the scene is the fact that the injured Kogami tells Akane to kill Makishima. She has the helmet over her head, she's remembering Yuki and how Makishima killed her, and she's clearly enraged... and then she drops the helmet, pulls out her handcuffs, and tells Makishima (who may or may not even be conscious) that he's under arrest.
    • Shusei kicking the asses of three of Makishima's henchmen with ease. Too bad he got killed afterwards by Kasei.
  • Makishima throwing the offer to become part of Sybil back in Kasei's face, and proceeding to rip him apart with his bare hands. And a hardcover book.
  • Episode 18 has Akane saving Kogami from being killed by the chief by shooting him with her Dominator like she did in the first episode.
  • And Episode 20 has Akane give the Sibyl System an ultimatum: They spare Kogami's life in exchange for her bringing Makishima in alive. When the system shows signs of not agreeing, she says that if it doesn't, she will do nothing while Makishima dies, even threatening to kill him herself if need be. To cap it off, she tells the system that if it refuses to kill her like it did Kagari and find a new pawn, going so far as to hold the barrel of the Dominator to her chest.
    • It doesn't stop there. She correctly profiles Kougami's path through the house and discovers his message by herself. Those Sherlock Scan lessons from Professor Saiga really paid off.
  • Episode 21 has Masaoka fight Makishima and manage to get him in a hold. He probably would have beat Makishima, if Makishima hadn't tossed dynamite at a trapped Ginoza. Sadly, this leads to Masaoka pulling a Heroic Sacrifice to save his son...but he still kicked Makishima's ass.
  • In the finale, Makishima is on the verge of escaping in a stolen truck, until Akane, who is hanging for dear life on the exterior, manages to use the last shot in Kougami's revolver to blow out one of the tires.
    • The final episode has Shinya finally killing Makishima.
    • In the final episode, Akane tells the Sibyl System that humanity will outgrow the need for such a system and that people will always strive to make the world a better place. To see that Akane still has her ideals after everything that happened is amazing.
    • Also from the final episode, Akane finally manages to express the core of her idealism: "The law doesn't protect people. People protect the law."
    • A small one but the new Inspector? It's Mika Shimotsuki from the Rikako Oryo case. After losing her friends, she's managed to keep her Psycho Pass healthy enough to join the CID as minor.

Season 2

  • The entire first episode for Akane: she stays one step ahead of the criminal, logically deduces what his plans are, coolly disintegrates a rogue construction robot without breaking a sweat (bonus for the blast also evaporating the bombs strapped to its back) and manages to successfully talk down a criminal with a 302 Crime Coefficient down to the nonlethal zone of 299, all while dealing with uncooperative fellow Inspectors who are criticizing her every move. Now compare the Akane we saw at the beginning of the series to the confident professional we see here, and that is serious Character Development.
  • The entire fourth episode for Risa. After one of the hostages who is actually Kamui in disguise frees her from her handcuffs, she uses his nailgun to shoot out the eyes of the latent criminal's Robot Dog and retrieve her Dominator. While past experience with Makishima should have rendered this useless, she actually was on the right track this time as it turned out the criminal's Crime Coefficient had actually jumped up by over 50 points (from 23 to 76) from the last time she'd pointed it at him. Then she gets her head put through a window, which would be enough to put almost anyone down (it should be also be noted that this entire time, she has been stripped to her bra and panties, which means no protection for the rest of her skin). But she still gets back up while swearing to protect the hostages, and uses a glass shard to stab the man's eye out before picking up her Dominator again. Now his Coefficient has hit the triple digits and she can fire. Unfortunately, so has hers, and Division 3 has been ordered to Kill ’Em All. She is the first one shot by them.
  • Professor Saiga correctly deduces that the Representative Masuda the Bureau has in custody is an imposter by watching several hours worth of videos of the real Masuda's speeches and realizing that the recent ones don't match his usual oratorical style.
  • Sugo's plan to destroy the out of control military drones in episode 6 is to use Akane to lure 25 of them into an ammunition storage warehouse, jury-rig a minigun to fire from the upper levels, and shoot the ammo crates to blow up the entire lower level.
  • In Episode 10, Division 3 is ordered by Sibyl to blow up the treatment center where the hijacked subways are to kill Kamui along with 500 hostages. Except... the bombs fail to explode. Instead, Division 3 comes under attack by Inspector Shisui who smugly lets them know that she and Kamui knew exactly what the Bureau was planning, and that they need to use explosives from a latent criminal since the Bureau doesn't have any of its own. And the only criminal who has designed explosives lately was one of Kamui's followers, which means Kamui knew the detonation codes and changed them.
  • The finale:
    • Akane manages to restrain Tougane by blinding him with her flashlight and unbalancing him before handcuffing him to a pipe in just a few seconds.
    • Kamui's Breaking Speech to the Sibyl System, coupled with Akane's words from the previous episode, cause it to have a Heel Realization, which causes them to allow Kamui to judge the criminally asymptomatic Misako Tougane and vaporize her, then causes it to terminate many of its own high Crime Coefficient brains to reduce its CC and abide by its own rules.
    • After everything she's been through, Akane still holds tight to her beliefs about justice and the law, and even tells the System that when the time comes where it will be judged by a truly impartial judge, she herself will gladly submit to judgment along with it. Along with her closing words to Sibyl:
    "It is not society that determines people's future. It is people who determine society's future."


  • The film is action-packed to the extreme. We literally start off with a bang as Kougami sets off a minefield and destroys an entire SEAUn military convoy, and then in Japan Division 1 busts a group of terrorists in the middle of an arms deal. Put this way: pistols and submachine guns are no match for Dominators. Chief Kasei even commends Akane for completing such a dangerous operation with zero casualties.
  • During the military operation to flush the rebels out of the old capital, all 4 of the army's helicopters are shot down. By Kougami. Using only an old anti-materiel sniper rifle. And then he jumps off the side of the tower and fast ropes down by way of the Australian rappel.
  • Akane and Kougami get into a fight before they realize they're fighting each other and she even manages to suplex him. And he still manages to get out of it and land on his feet.
  • When the mercenaries attack the rebel camp, Kougami and Sem commandeer a motorbike and launch into the scene, quite literally, by pulling off a 360 degree spin in the air as Sem jumps off to rally his forces. And after that, Kougami has to fight off two of the mercenaries on foot. He's a regular human and it still takes three of the cyborg mercenaries to put him down.
  • As the film reaches its climax, the moment when the jig is up for Colonel Wong and his corrupt Military Police unit when the Sibyl System designates all of them with their true Crime Coefficients over 300. What follows up can only be described as total slaughter as the combined might of all of Sibyl's land and air drones rip them to shreds. And Ginoza gets the kill on Wong with the Assault Dominator.
  • The final fight with Kougami fighting the mercenary leader in the elevator. Even badly wounded, he still manages to rip off the merc's cyborg arm! And then Ginoza shows up and they start double-teaming against him!
    • The fact that Ginoza is fighting at all is a Moment of Awesome in itself. In the series, we saw him transition from a Non-Action Guy Inspector to a competent Enforcer. Now? He's as competent a fighter as Kogami, dodging gunfire like a pro, taking on Desmond with his bare hands, and blowing Wong into a pile of blood and guts. His old man would be proud.
    • To speak nothing of Desmond, who shows exactly why he was leader of his band of mercenaries. Even when facing 2-on-1 odds and after getting his mechanical arm ripped off, Desmond still manages to hold his own against Kogami and Ginoza.

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