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This future legal system is a plot to control human overpopulation.

It's Urobutcher we're talking about after all. Just as (Puella Magi Madoka Magica spoiler) Kyubey was trying to turn countless girls into monsters to fight universal entropy, every third or fourth person or so in this world is to be designated a menace to society and summarily executed in order to keep the human population stable. You heard it here first!

  • Jossed. Sybil is basically a toy for super lucky psychopaths for playing God.

Some of Enforcers were Inspectors before developing high crime coefficent.

Crime coefficent is said to be contagious. Spending time in close proximity of latent criminals can turn you into one. And who spends more time, with more latent criminals than Inspectors? Consider what Tomomi said about crime coefficent as well - ability to commit crime as well as ability to predict it/to be effective law enforcer is also connected. It doesn't sound much out realm of possibility that one or more of Enforcers only became latent criminals during their service in PSB.

  • This theory is especially lent greater credence by Tomomi's demeanor; he's acting alot like the typical Old Cop detective who bends the rules and works on gut instinct, and he can still remember a time before the Sibyl system and Psycho-Pass came about. Before Sibyl came along, he was an actual homicide detective, and was very good at his job because of how he'd Seen It All and was able to get into the minds of criminals; unfortunately, that also raised his Crime Coefficient to what he termed as a ridiculously high level.
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  • With the revelations in episode 5, confirmed.

Shinya was once an Inspector.

Or at least wanted to be one before his Crime Coefficient went crazy. This is based mostly on his talk with Akane in Episode 2 about being able to work as a real detective and the fact that this is the sort of character Urobutcher is likely to write.

  • Confirmed as of episode 5.

Demotion to Enforcer is/was the fate of all Inspectors and anyone who works in the Police.
Being forced to witness the true face of Crime before yourself causing you to question the idealism of the world, all while holding a gun which basically explodes people into massesof gore... come on, besides the criminally asymptomatic and Akane, who would not be so traumatised and stressed that their Crime Coefficient rises to be deemed an Enforcer?

Akane will be forced to shoot one of the Enforcers with the Lethality mode activated.

It will likely be Shinya, as that's exactly the type of situation Gen likes to put characters in. But Tomomi is possible as well given his Obi-Wan like status as a cool old guy mentor who seems to be near his limit. Shinya might survive his shooting somehow though, but Tomomi would probably be Killed Off for Real and cause a Heroic BSoD for Akane.

  • Jossed.
Nobuchika will develop a criminal-level Crime Coefficient and have a Tomato in the Mirror style Freak Out.

The pressure of always remaining calm even when dealing with the most horrible crimes will get to him and drive up his Crime Coefficient. Akane and the Enforcers will try to help him deal with it. If he survives, this will change his view on the Psycho-Pass system. Alternatively, he already qualifies as a latent criminal and is somehow hiding it.

  • Not yet, but his Psycho Pass is steadily going worse due to him starting to question the system.
  • Mostly jossed by the ending, his crime-coeffcient does get so high that he had to become an enforcer, but no freak-outs. In fact, if anything it actually made him more mature and confident, having gotten over Masaoka's death, he no longer has to constantly worry about his hue getting cloudy anymore.
  • He was indeed demoted to Enforcer caste.

Akane will end up having a criminal level Crime Coefficient by or before the end of the series.

So far, it's been pretty rough for Akane because of how innocent she is in comparison to all the other characters. As the series goes on, she'll lose more and more of her naivety until she can't stand working for the Public Safety Bureau anymore and go rogue or something similar. Akane's often not very happy with the Bureau's policies, which justifies this. And I'm drawing this from the opening, but Shinya will have to hunt her down.

  • Developing it further: the story may finish with book ends where Akane, an expirienced enforcer, is given a newbie inspector.
    • It's probably the other way round. Episode 13 suggests that Akane might be one of criminally asymptomatic people (like Touma and Makishima), whose cymatic scans don't match their psychology and who therefore always display clean Psycho Passes and low Criminal Coefficients, only not really a criminal. That means that she's physically unable to develop into a potential criminal in Sybil's eyes, but Ginoza is.
  • Jossed, see above.

C'mon, it's obvious that there's more to his grudge than just his hatred of latent criminals. And in episode 6 it's confirmed that His father is a latent criminal.

  • Confirmed in episode 13.

The mastermind connecting people with the will to kill is Sybil System itself.

Which leads back to the above overpopulation theory. (Puella Magi Madoka Magica spoiler ahoy.) Just as the Incubators kept drawing in more MagicalGirls to fight the monsters they would eventually become, The Powers That Be behind the Sybil System need more people to become homicial maniacs to be gunned down "for the greater good".

The guy fighting Shinya in the action prologue is Choe Gu-Sung.

You heard it here first! His right hand man that likes to tinker with technology. How could it be anyone else?

  • Nope! Turns out to be just a mook.

Sybil system has a really wide (or really loose) definition of "crime".
That thing with Crime Coefficient being contagious really bothered me since Episode 1. The possible answer to this "contagious" stuff is that clear Hue represents good mental health in general, not just absent of criminal plans. So maybe, along with true criminals and sociopaths, targeted are also people with schizophrenia, clinical depression, possibly autism, down to PTSD, which the victim girl from Ep.1 certainly started to develop(come on, who wouldn't?). That also means at least some of the incarcerated fellows weren't really that harmful, just needed mild psychological treatment.
  • Confirmed.

Akane's low Crime Coefficient will turn out to be plot relevant.
I'm not sure how, but the way they keep bringing it up makes me suspicious.
  • My theory is that She just like Makishima is a one in 2 milion criminally asymptomic person.
    • Quite heavily supported (if not said outright) in Episode 13.
    • Jossed in the second season. Her grandmother's death does affect her CC, she's just strong enough to keep it together and under 100.
  • Confirmed.

Makishima's Crime Coefficient is actually very low.
Mainly because Pure Is Not Good. This could be the reason why he hasn't been detected by the scanners and the statement that Akane's friend made ("I wonder if those people with the clearest Psycho-Pass hues are always people like her") could serve as a foreshadowing. After all, we do not know what Sybil System's criteria for the classifications is. The most likely result of this revelation would be forcing the person who discovers this (most likely Shinya) to result in hand-to-hand combat to either capture him or even kill him. If the other members of police don't know about this revelation, things may not go that well...
    • It's even worse than that. It started at 79 then slowly decreased even as he's torturing Yuki until the moment he killed Yuki at which point it became 0.

The Sybil System judges people merely based on emotional stability and belief in one's actions.
Looking at what separates Makishima from the other criminals who do have high Crime Coefficient, it appears the key difference is that Makishima is incredibly calm and almost indifferent about killing others. The ones with high Crime Coefficients seem to be very emotionally unstable and experience pleasure or fear or some other heightened sense while murdering. They are also aware and believe that what they are doing is a criminal act. Makishima, however, seems to genuinely believe his acts to be merely observations. It also explains why the victim in episode 1 was judged as a criminal even though she did nothing wrong. She was simply emotionally unstable. This probably ties into the show's overall theme that technology can never replace human instinct and judgement on good and evil.
  • Confirmed.
    • Not completely confirmed. Rikako had the highest crime coefficient to date and remained entirely calm throughout the entire ordeal. Her Freak Out towards the end was caused by her being essentially hunted down and tortured, which makes things justified, and when she accepted her fate she was once again as calm as ever.
    • Safely jossed by Tougane Sakuya from the second season.

Rina is a descendant of one of the members of Houkago Tea Time.
Remember the "Fuwa Fuwa Time" music video? A century later, with musicians having to meet Sibyl approval, Life Imitates Art.

The Sybil System is operated with the help of "Criminally Asymptomatic People".
When Ginoza asks the Chief about the fate of Kouzaburou Touma after he was arrested, she dodges the question, merely telling him that the important thing is that he is no longer able to commit crimes. She is also very adamant that Ginoza and his team capture Makashima alive and bring him directly to her.
  • The finale, however, suggests that the Chief seems to be to the likes of Makishima what Makishima himself is to his pawns, mirroring Senguji's claims that the Sybil System doesn't work on him. Senguji was wrong, but there really might be such people.
  • Confirmed as of episode 17: The Sibyl System is an entire hive mind of psychopaths whose brains are incorporated in order to improve itself and ensure order.

The Chief is the estranged mother of Makishima.
After seeing Makishima's face from the memory reconstruction, the Chief has a rather emotive response and refers to him as 'Makishima-kun'. Their appearances are somewhat similar, and the Chief seems just old enough to be Makishima's mother. It would be the ultimate twist in irony if the person who oversaw the Sybil System was the parent of the most dangerous threat to the System. Makishima could have even inherited his 'Asymptomatic' Crime Coefficient from his mother, who herself seems above the system. This relation would ultimately culminate in some intense confrontation between parent and child, with Makishima probably killing the Chief to symbolically usurp both his own parent and the 'parent to society' Sybil System.
  • Jossed. The Chief is actually a humanoid interface.

Real guns will be used.
The second opening shows Kogami with a revolver. Given that the Dominators don't work on him, they may be forced to use actual guns.
  • Episode 18 and onward equips Kogami with said revolver.

Shinya will have a Face–Heel Turn.
If you read the lyrics of the opening and closings, it all says something about hiding what a CM thinks. If we give Makishima the Draco in Leather Pants Syndrome and all, then we get an Alternate Character Interpretation of him being a Well-Intentioned Extremist. Shinya either goes Brainwashed and Crazy, More Than Mind Control, or We Can Rule Together, or something along those lines and joins Makishima's plight in making humans live their life like humans.
  • Remember Episode 1? There was a guy with a chainsaw wearing a helmet that Shinya pushed into the edge of a building before shooting him with his Dominator. Whenever someone uses the Dominator, we hear the status of someone's Psycho Pass before it implements a sentence. Then in Episode 10 Ginoza mentions that if Shinya didn't do anything wrong, then his Crime Coefficient wouldn't change. Then in Episode 14, we get helmets that copy from surrounding people's Psycho Pass. Back to Episode 1, the guy was wearing the same helmet. Make that of what you will.
    • Actually if you look closely it looks like the Dominator doesn't work until Kogami manages to damage the helmet. After that he seems to be able to use it
  • From the view of the System, he is an enemy and he had fled Japan.

Akane will have a Face–Heel Turn.
Shinya always looks pretty typical in the OP's and seemed fine in the cold opening of the first episode. It's Akane who always looks like she's either broken or being controlled in the OP's. Plus all this emphasis and focus on her Asymptomatically low Crime Coefficient leads me to believe she'll be the one who gets forced into working with Makashima.
  • Jossed. Somewhat. She goes against the Sibyl System all right, but her faith in law and humanity remains unshaken and she's still on the "good" side.

If what Choe Gusoeng said about sybill being able to process data at impossible rates, and that the tech for that has to be kept so secret they are willing to keep it in a centralized location, regardless of how risky that is, it wouldn't be impossible, even more so when the chief refuses to tell what happened to Kouzaburou Touma.
  • This is what I assume as well. It'd be a nice twist and kind of give the Sybil System almost a personality. For bonus points, the person running it (assuming it's not a brain) will have no eyes, because justice is blind.
  • A distinct possibility since in Episode 16, Choe and Kagari manage to get inside Sibyl's core and are shocked with what they see, with Choe proclaiming that if the public ever found out what was inside Sibyl, the nation would collapse.
  • Confirmed. Specifically, the brains of captured sociopaths.

Makishima is Nyarlathothep.
Just like good old Nyarlathothep Makishima's plan is to make people realize that the only true way of living is living in complete chaos, doing everything as one wishes. Now, which being was known as the Crawling Chaos? Nyarlathothep! And there's more! Nyalathothep is shown to have interest in human affairs and to take multiple formes to spread chaos. One of these forms was even human! And he's shown to not just be very inteligent, charismatic but also very good at fighting. That's because he's a Great Old One! So, when he saw the entire Sybil System, he just tought that it needed more chaos and decided to make it happen by going there personally to introduce a bit of anarchy.

Kagari isn't dead.
When he was shot in episode 16, didn't the Dominator say it was in Non-leathal paralyzer mode? If so, then he can't be dead.
  • It changed into the Destroy Decompose mode at the end.
    • However, it didn't actually show him being killed, which could lead to...

Kagari survived but will be hunted as a fugitive.
This will seem to fit the foreshadowing of the team turning on each other. Plus, there needs to be some way for them to find out about the truth about Sibyl.
  • However, as seen through Choe Gu-Sung's recording on his phone, after the Chief fired the second shot of the Dominator (presumably at Kagari) her next action was immediately picking the phone up. If Kagari had survived, she most certainly wouldn't have picked the phone up so suddenly and instead would have aimed for a third shot to kill him. So Kagari probably is dead.
    • But the shot is still out of the frame, meaning there's still a chance.
    • It seems more likely it was out of frame simply to avoid having to animate Kagari's body being incinerated into chunky bits as that would have been a rather unnecessary scene to re-animate.

The Sibyl System is a Recursive Reality.
The Sibyl System is an entire simulation of the city undergoing repeated stressful scenarios. The results of those scenarios are what powers Sibyl's view of Right and Wrong.
  • The brains may have thought the scenarios over before.

Alternatively, the Sibyl System is Santa Claus.
The Psycho Pass and Hues are just his Naughtly list.
  • I can only say one thing: "LOL".
  • Needless to say, this is proven wrong.

The show will end with the uncannily calm and criminally asymptomatic yet completely altruistic and selfless Akane being fatally wounded but offering her brain to power a more benevolent Sybil System after her death.
Sound familiar?
  • It seems unlikely that Akane's brain alone would be able to effect such change, though it's possible that she could form the basis of a brand-new System. Instead of murdering people with a high criminal co-efficient, it will look for hope in order to lower them. It's possible that potentially-useful individuals could voluntarily join, gaining a form of immortality.

The series will end with none, or at least only a few, of the protagonists being killed. And if any were killed, then they might be revealed to have actually survived.
For once, maybe Gen Urobuchi is gonna try something different than from what he normally does.
  • Surprisingly, mostly confirmed, poor old Masaoka and Kagari are the only two protagonists to kick the bucket.

Kougami's Ep. 17 "hallucination" is Makishima's Virtual Ghost.
Earlier in the episode, Makishima stated that he'd like to be part of life, as a "player," forever. This is impossible with a normal body, and even a physically-immortal cyborg like Senguji comes with a loss of "humanity." However, a digital body would be a perfect fit for the networked world. While Brain Uploading ostensibly doesn't exist yet, hence why Senguji settled, it's possible that it exists in some form; a purely-digital copy may be more feasible than trying to give a physical brain immortality, or perhaps the current result is more like an advanced AI modeled on the original rather than the original person, or maybe you can only maintain a fully-functioning, personality-formatted digital brain for more a short time. Anything with an expiration date would have been useless to Senguji, but for Makishima it might be worth a shot; even a brief life-extension would be worth it, if it gave him the chance to complete his work.

Makishima's physical body died in the crash, but his calm in the last shot is due to knowing that he'll live on. Kougami's "hallucination" was a hologram, and the call was in real-time despite the crash because it was a direct communication from a digitized Makishima, hence the "Unknown Caller" and despite Kougami's communications likely being monitored due to his criminal status. Makishima is still around and with Choe dead, he needs someone who can interact with the physical world: Why not the one who truly caught his interest, and who would act against Sibyl if he knew the truth?

  • Jossed. Makishima is killed again in Ep. 22.

All the brains undergo some level of mental conditioning.
When discussing what happened to him, Touma mentions intially being "confused." Judging by his evangelist-like promotion of Sibyl and their place in it, he's just as fanatical as whichever brain was in charge of the Chief's earlier speech on the virtues of the Sibyl System. While it could be argued that it just appealed to their vanity, it seems more likely that all of the brains undergo mental conditioning, both to allow them to function coherently in a Hive Mind and to make sure they take on the goals of the System as their own. It's likely that some of the "donors" were unwilling, and Touma says that they would normally have taken Makishima without bothering to ask, implying that his mindset wouldn't have mattered once he'd been installed; so the fact that Sibyl continues to act as a single entity implies that they have some way of "convincing" possible dissenters to ensure smooth operation. It's possible that undoing or reversing whatever conditioning the brains underwent might be enough to bring down the Sibyl System.

Rina is criminally asymptomatic and either her brain has already become part of the Sibyl System's Hive Mind after last seeing Yayoi, or she'll be captured for her brain.
When Rina said that Yayoi couldn't shoot her, I thought that she was calling Yayoi's bluff and/or she figured out, somehow, that Yayoi couldn't properly use her Dominator yet, but after the revelation of the existence of criminally asymptomatic people, as well as episode 17, made me think of this possibility.
  • It was more likely a Secret Test of Character Kougami put on her: as noted on the Fridge page, when Kougami gave Yayoi the Dominator, it never cleared her for use as an authorized user, so it would not have unlocked for her under any circumstances. The fact that she did try to shoot Rina meant she passed.

Akane bring down the Sibyl System through non-violence
Sybil's greatest weakness is its reliance upon the Inspectors and Enforcers — if they decide not to enforce the system's will, there's not much it can do except send out an army of Chief cyborgs which will (A) draw unwanted questions from the public, and (B) put Sybil's precious brains in danger. Akane will eventually realize this and talk all the Inspectors and Enforcers into going on strike.
  • Only good for a sequel, though I salute you.
  • Given the level of control Sibyl seems to have over the technology of urban Japan - which is to say, all of it - any "strike" may rapidly get out of hand, with rebelling agents sealed in/out by automatic locks, instigators being labeled as criminals and having their resources cut off, and so on. Add in that most Inspectors are unlikely to side against Sibyl and odds don't look good for our heroine, especially considering that her plan seems to be "Do what Sibyl wants and hope really hard that things will change somehow." Sibyl wouldn't need to pull out a cyborg army to make things difficult for Akane's non-violent efforts, and if she's determined not to hurt/kill people, she's unlikely to get anywhere, as things are; the only reason Makishima had the effect that he did was due to his willingness to cause rampant violence/chaos in order to counter Sibyl.

Morning Rescue is made from Hyper-Oats.
Hey, they (the producers of Hyper-Oats) had to start somewhere. That somewhere was a contract with a Ridiculously Cute Critter. /人◕‿‿◕人
Akane will join the Sibyl System to bring it down or at least change it from the inside.
Considering there are lots of hints and WMGs floating around that Akane is criminally asymptomatic, she will trick the Sibyl System into accepting her as part of their group, where she will turn around and use her new powers to either bring down the Sibyl System completely or make it more benevolent.

The meaning of Psycho-Pass
”Psycho-Pass” looks to be a play on how the Japanese pronounce "Psychopath" which is essentially the same and use the same Katakana characters. And in a show about Psychopaths such as Makishima and The Sibyl System itself being the largest collection of Psychopaths in all of human existence, this makes for a clever use of Engrish.

Tougane is an agent of the Sibyl Sytem.
The season 2 opening shows him taking Director Kasei's place making it seems like he might be similar to her.
  • Some evidence for this just cropped up in episode 7, when it is revealed that every Inspector he has worked with over the past 18 years has eventually gotten their Hue clouded so badly that they ended up being killed with a Lethal Eliminator. Perhaps he's Sibyl's personal hitman to silence Inspectors who get too curious for their own good about the System...
  • As of episode 8, confirmed.

Tougane is a mole for OW Pharmaceuticals, the producer of the new Lacouse drug.
Tougane confirmed in the second episode of season 2 that his relatives own the company.
  • OW Pharmaceuticals turned out to be a Red Herring. The real Mega-Corp to watch out for is the Tougane Foundation.

Like Makishima, Kamui is trying to bring down the Sibyl System, but in a very different way.
In the New Edit's final episode, it opens with Makishima musing to himself (in a dream sequence) how amazing it is that he is the first person to seriously challenge the very notion of Sibyl. It appears that his actions have borne fruit and Kamui may be a follower of that philosophy. However, whereas Makishima loved to use violence, Kamui wants to use nonviolence, as evidenced by the fact that Kitazawa's string of terrorist bombings didn't harm anyone until he got broken out of prison and then detonated a lethal bomb. Whatever means Kamui has to reduce Crime Coefficients artificially, he may have used Kitazawa as a test case to see if this worked or not. His plan may be to make this reduction permanent on a national scale, so that the idea of a Latent Criminal will be completely obsolete, which would in turn render Sibyl meaningless. It would contrast nicely where Makishima's last plan to destroy Sibyl was to poison Japan's food, but Kamui plans to "cure" Japan's populace.
  • The "nonviolent" part has been jossed, he has no problem with people dying so long as it furthers his plans. However, he has limits, and it appeared that the deaths he oversaw were all related to gathering data on the Dominators. In episode 10, once he's learned all he needed to know, he explicitly ordered his men to use Paralyzer on as many people as possible in the subway to ensure that they don't cause a massacre.

Kamui's method of lowering one's Crime Coefficient is to eliminate a person's ability to differentiate between Right and Wrong
  • What Color? Without being able to differentiate between right or wrong a person would no longer have a way to measure or discern whether or not any action they made was "good" or "bad" . Without this ability one's Crime Coefficient would be inherently unreliable (perhaps even invisible) and difficult to measure because the subject would no longer have an inherent psychological understanding that doing something "bad" was "wrong".
  • In a world where one's hue is so important, not having an internal, instinctive gauge for one's behavior would prompt someone to ask "what color am I?" When this effect wore off or was removed/prevented, of course a person's Crime Coefficient would spike, because now they understood the nature of what they had been doing. If this is the case, then perhaps it is Kamui and Aoyanagi who are the true opposites here. Kamui, by eliminating the ability to tell right from wrong, frees the rational mind from having to deal with the inherent nature of one's actions. It is no longer a case of end justifying the means ... there is no justification necessary - the means are simply what was done to get to the end. Aoyanagi, however, is the exact opposite - she uses strict rationalization to recognize the necessity that certain actions are required for a proper end and that undertaking these actions cannot be let to prevent her (by changing her Hue) from doing what needs to be done.
  • This plays out in the end of Episode Three, where she is being assaulted by a man who sees no difference in saving her and pounding her into the floor.
  • It also may factor into Akane's discussion with Jouji Saiga. One of the few ways to make an insanity defense work (and land you in an institution for the rest of your life) is if it can be proven that someone has no concept of right and wrong. Thus she goes to her mirror and asks, "am I insane?"
    • Nothing that complex. He simply teaches people meditative techniques and prescribes them a specific cocktail of drugs. However, these methods are top-level classified information by the Sibyl System. He was able to access this data because of his invisibility to the system.

The plane crash mentioned in the second episode will have something to do with Kamui
  • He specifically used a girl from the crash and a plane is seen in the opening. He also refers to himself as a ghost implying maybe he was a survivor?
    • Confirmed! He is a survivor of the plane crash! Called it!

Sight is important in Kamui's process of changing hues.
When Risa slashed the criminal's eyes in the 4th episode, his Criminal Coefficient actually went up to what it really is, when it was previously clear. Kamui probably uses some way to filter eyes to see the world in the new way, or at least in a new perspective.
  • He also took Inspector Shisue's left eye. More evidence for this crops up in episode 5, the pictures in Tougane's Stalker Shrine of Akane are focused on her eyes and mouth.
  • Got Jossed in the end, it has nothing to do with sight.

Akane will suffer an attempt on her life.
  • Kind of, in a sense. Tougane was trying to darken her Hue, presumably so he could eliminate her with a legitimate reason. But as Kamui pointed out, her Hue can't darken to that extent so he would have never succeeded.

Inspector Shisui will become a doppelganger of Akane.
Either to frame or gaslight Akane (to see if her Hue/Psycho-Pass will react/cloud), Kamui will use Holo or surgery to make Shusui a doppelganger of Akane
  • No, since we now know that the doppelgangers Kamui is using are aged-up versions of the 185 children who died in the plane crash 15 years ago.

Akane's grandmother suffers from eustress deficiency syndrome.
She mentions in S2.E3 that her grandmother cannot move. When Makishima talked about eustress deficiency in the first season, we saw that Ouryou Rikako's father was practically an emaciated corpse confined to a bed.
  • Jossed as of episode 7, her grandmother still has her wits about her and can sit up in bed, a eustress deficient person would be a catatonic vegetable.

Tougane has a personal connection to the Sibyl System.
The picture Mika finds on his desk of him and an older woman by him when he was a kid: the woman's facial features look like a younger Chief Kasei. She may have been the blueprint the Sibyl System used to create its current avatar.
  • My theory is that Tougane's purpose is to test Akane and check whether she's "worthy", for lack of a better word, of being integrated into Sybil.
    • Both confirmed as of episode 8.

Akane's psycho-pass will be clouded at some point.
The end of the 6th episode actually has her hue color go up 2 points. Perhaps a sign of things to come?
  • Jossed. Despite experiencing some traumatic events such as her grandmother's death, her Psycho-pass is still clear and her crime coefficient doesn't increase much (from what I've remember it's around 36).

Mika will suffer a terrible fate, unless she learns to get with the program.
Mika's inability to be flexible has been noted upon by characters in the series, and Joshuu even goes out to say that she'll get eaten alive. While it might not be a literal occurrence, something terrible might await her if she fails to adapt.
  • By the end of the second season, Tougane has more or less named her as his replacement when it comes to defending the Sibyl System. She has also committed herself to keeping her involvement in Aoi Tsunemori's death a secret, which will blow up in her face if anyone in Division 1 ever finds out the truth.

The reason why psychopaths can cheat the Sibyl system?
Because Sibyl does not really measure Crime Coefficients. Instead, it measures how a person knows that the crime he is going to commit is inherently wrong. He knows it is wrong, he feels it is wrong, and therefore, he has already condemned himself to be guilty of his crime. As Episode One indicates, Crime Coefficients are based more on stress levels, and that is why they are subjected to either therapy or euthanasia. Real psychopaths like Makishima and Touma, who do not recognise such crimes as murder, torture and experimentation as inherently wrong, but just simply a part of real life, are instead preferred by Sibyl for assimilation in order to achieve an absolute point of view.
  • Jossed. Sibyl has its reasons.

Foreigner criminals such as Choe and the people hired by Kamui were able to enter Japan and subvert the Sibyl System because the primary enemy of the System, and the ones who were responsible for injecting criminal foreigners into Japan, is the United Nations.
While the UN seems to be incompetent, they do stand up for the rights of humanity, and from their perspective, the Sibyl system is basically a super-North Korea that destroys the innate humanity of humans in order to propagate its own vision of order, and the destroyer of once-loyal UN ally Japan, turning it from the bulwark of liberty against China, into its opposite as a totalitarian nightmare that would make even the Communist Party run for their money. Sibyl only survived due to their drones and Hyper-Oats technology that allowed Japan to be agriculturally-self-sufficient, enabling itself to avoid the crises that eventually destroyed OTL North Korea. As Makishima's plan demonstrates, if Japan's self-sufficiency was destroyed, then the people would revolt against Sibyl. However, the agricultural independence that Sibyl achieved made them independent from the relief goods of the UN, and therefore independent from the UN Declaration of Human Rights. That was why the UN allowed criminals such as Makishima and Kamui to hire foreigners, whom Sibyl cannot recognise, to help them destroy the system, because they know that Sibyl cannot recognise foreigners.
  • This might tie into the plot of the upcoming movie, which concerns Sibyl planning to Take Over the World, and a team of foreign operatives from the Southeast Asian nation Shamballa infiltrating Japan to destroy Sibyl.
    • Jossed in the movie. They're not operatives; they're actually rebels. It's implied that the Sibyl System let the terrorists in so they can distract Akane to go after Kougami, who doesn't want his rebel friends to go to Japan. Also, the SEAUn leader was in open arms when he welcomed Sibyl except he found out too late when he learned their true nature. Thus, the leader who Akane is talking to is a puppet made by Sibyl to take total control of the region.
  • It is entirely possible that when Japan (aka Sibyl) gets a representative in the UN, it will give them a Breaking Lecture about how even though the UN stands up for human rights, it failed to impose a form of international order, and ignored stricted peacekeeping efforts for the sake of maintaining human rights.
    • The Sinners of the System Case 3 movie revealed that the UN no longer exists. The remnants of the UN peacekeepers became a mercenary group in Asia led by Garcia, who is revealed to be the Big Bad in the movie.

Togane will be the true Big Bad of Season 2
He's a hidden-agenda villain with a long game plan to corrupt Akane. Something is definitely up.
  • Apparently, not. He's just a guy who loves his mommy so much that in the end, he failed and died.

The Sibyl System is nothing more than a weapon of the actual Big Bad of the series: the Togane Foundation
. Psycho-Pass 2 demonstrated that the technologies that sibyl were based on, such as brain extraction, and the unification of different brains using technology ala the doctor from Gulliver's Travels, were patented by the Togane Foundation. And in episode 8, Togane was revealed to be an agent of Sibyl, and his mother is a member of Sibyl itself. It is entirely possible that this mother is the de facto head of Sibyl itself, and Sibyl and its assimilation of sociopaths for processing power may be entirely an experiment in Japan by the Toganes to create the perfect weapon for world domination, and being a Mega-Corp, it is also possible that they have relocated their headquarters overseas thus avoiding the totalitarianism that the other Japanese had to deal with.

The Sibyl System will be forced to become benevolent, due to Kamui's actions.
Kamui is a collective Mind Hive of several children who died in the Season of Hell, and because Sibyl was only designed to judge individuals, that limitation rendered Kamui a ghost in the system. However, when Kamui accessed the Hive Mind of sociopath brains that composed the Sibyl system, he used its own logic of judgement against itself, and in order to defeat Kamui, Sibyl had to adapt to measuring collective Psycho-Passes... only that this also meant that Sibyl itself became the victim of its own judgement, forced to murder most of itself (e.g. the sociopath brains that supposedly committed far more sadistic crimes than what Makishima did) in order to steer clear from its own Judgement. Perhaps Kamui's antics condemned the Sibyl System into a self-imposed Restraining Bolt forcing it further and further into suppressing its inherent sociopathy and instead becoming a more benevolent entity (e.g. instead of murdering trauma patients for high Crime Coefficients, it may try to "teach them how to live happier").
  • Jossed. The Movie indicates that the Sibyl System is still utterly sociopathic, despite Kamui forcing it to judge itself.

Akane isn't criminally asymptomatic, she's the Buddha.
As well as Urobuchi has Madoka as his exploration of God (Kami/Shinto), Psycho-Pass is his dark exploration of the concept of Buddhism, the two main japanese religions. Akane reached Nirvana previously to the beginning of the narration or reached it subreptitiously during the first series.

If there's a Season 3, the villain's first casualty will be Nobuchika.

In both seasons, the Big Bad has killed someone important to Akane. In Season 1, it was Yuki Funehara. In Season 2, it was her grandmother. Who has been working with her the longest (other than Yayoi and Shion), has experience in the same position as her, is still alive, and still works at the PSB? Nobuchika. For bonus points, he will die protecting someone, possibly Akane — just like Tomomi.

Needless to say, without one of her colleagues whose experience is so valuable to her team, Akane will find herself in a precarious position indeed. This could be a great Character Development opportunity for both her and Nobuchika — his comes full circle when he learns to value people for who they are instead of how high/low their Crime Coefficients are, while she steps up to the plate as the veteran of Division 1.

Jouji Saiga is an older Tatsumi Saiga

After the collapse of Japan's economy, the Sybil System was created as a means to restore order, both by predicting and eliminating the rising criminal element attempting to fill the Roppongi Group's power vacuum, and by specifically targeting those with the potential to become Euphorics, who register with a particularly high Crime Coefficient even in low-stress situations. Sybil may have even been designed, originally, to detect the obsessive chemical imbalance that allows one to achieve Euphoric powers, but it proved to be useful for predicting criminal behavior in general. Jouji uses a false name and replacement eyes that can't channel his powers (his old ones burnt out, anyway). He lives far in the country because his Euphoric tendency keeps Sybil's eyes on him constantly, and because the landscape makes for excellent photography. He assists Shinya at great personal risk, because he reminds him so much of himself, at a younger age.

  • Regarding Kagura being missing? Most likely cause: relapse.
    • Alternately, a government hit, being that she's the only known source of the Euphoria Factor, even if it's dormant now.
      • Either way, he's bitter about it, and even if the former is true he may suspect the latter.
  • Euphorics are mostly extinct in Japan; having either fled or been killed/institutionalized. Intensive stress therapy may actually remove the potential to become a Euphoric.
    • Shusei Kagari was institutionalized because he was born with Euphoric potential, detected at five.

Ginoza is related to Itoshiki Nozomu
The features already fit pretty well (black hair, green eyes, glasses at first), and their personalities are similar. They are both pretty darn pessimistic, as in Ginoza towards the enforcers and Nozomu to well... everything in sight. It also wouldn't be a stretch to say that practically him and the whole class of 2-F would be immediately put in isolation or even executed for a clouded Psycho-Pass (looking at you, Chiri), as Ginoza also wound up succumbing to a clouded Psycho-Pass and became an enforcer just like his father.

The Sibyl System will eventually tire of Akane.
While this happened of a sort in Season 2, it's implied that that was more of a rogue decision by Misako Tougane and her son, as noted by the fact that the rest of the collective opted to judge her after Kamui challenged them. At the end of that season, Sibyl has more or less appointed Akane to serve as a kind of check and balance on their decisions. But considering their rapidly expanding power in the movie, especially now that their outpost at Shamballa Float is fully operational and their proxy Chairman Han is on track to win the election, the System may well decide that Akane's viewpoint will no longer be necessary after all. Also shown in the movie, Mika Shimotsuki has fully accepted her position as fully devoted to Sibyl, just as Sakuya Tougane predicted in his dying words, to the point where she didn't feel even the slightest shred of guilt at torturing a prisoner to death for them. All this seems to be leading up to Mika being the Foil to Akane, and that the two of them will eventually have a final showdown... especially if Akane ever finds out Mika was directly complicit in the murder of her grandmother.
  • Starting to look like this as of Season 3. Akane has been placed in an isolation cell similar to the one that Professor Saiga was confined in, and Mika has now been promoted to be the Chief of Division 1.

The Sibyl System didn't actually judge itself - it was lying to Akane the whole time.
Judging by The Movie, Sibyl System is even more efficient and ruthless after it "cleared its hue" by purging the psychotic brains. Furthermore, Sibyl System can't judge its brains individually even if it judges itself as a collective - they're criminally asymptomatic, remember. And third, it's not bound by Villains Never Lie and is perfectly capable of screwing the rules whenever it needs to. So my theory is, Sibyl wasn't actually clearing its hue. While it was conducting The Purge, it was getting rid of Misako Tougane and the other defective brains because they were holding it back, wasting energy on stupid projects like trying to paint Akane black and risking Sibyl's image by trying to bomb civilians, not fixing its Crime Coefficient. As a side benefit, this also threw Akane off their scent. They know Akane's not stupid, and if they had cleared themselves immediately after adopting the idea of group Psycho-Pass, she would have instantly smelled a rat; this way, her faith in the Sibyl System remains unshaken and she's still a useful agent.

Choe Gu-Sung is Criminally Asymptomatic like Makishima.
There are multiple points to this theory : 1) When he and Makishima go to the NONA Tower to destroy the Sibyl System, he didn't wear a helmet to mask his Crime Coefficient like their men. 2) In the Sibyl System Core, when Kasei shoots him with a Dominator, the weapon didn't register his Crime Coefficient at all. Likely because the Sibyl System wants him dead for discovering its secret and wanting to reveal it to the public no matter his Crime Coefficient. And so, it did override Kasei's Dominator normal controls to kill Choe Gu-Sung with 100% probability with the Lethal Eliminator mode, and it does the same with Kagari just after (but with the Destroy Decomposer mode this time). The overriding by the System is supported by the fact that Kagari's Dominator didn't work in the Tower's secret basement but Kasei's does.

Bifrost is actually a part of the Sibyl System
A bit of a stretch but it seems the Sibyl System in Season 3 is very lax when it comes to Bifrost and their foxes compared to the previous antagonists like Makishima and Kamui. Yes, they got rid of their defective brains but it's weird that they're not intimidated by this new system. So, it's possible that Bifrost is probably a backup or a test system in case the Sibyl system failed which is why some of the characters said that Bifrost rivals Sibyl and Sibyl probably takes account of humans doing the judgment. Though it seems that they're letting the PSB and MOFA fight Bifrost because they recognized that Bifrost is already corrupt with the likes of Kyoko, Azusawa, Enomiya etc. This also mean that..
  • Confirmed in the sense that Bifrost grew out of the Roundrobin debug AI and its programmers in the early days of Sibyl. It was born as a part of the system.

Shirogane is actually a cyborg of the Sibyl System
.It probably won't be a surprise if Shirogane is actually a cyborg just like Kasei because criminally asymptomatic are Sibyl's greatest secret and it's strange that he knows what a criminally asymptomatic is. The only living people who know about it outside the Sibyl System are Akane and Mika. Also, the way he had Kyoko enforced by the Roundrobin system is somehow similar to how Kasei enforced Kagari. It's also possible that he and Sibyl are weeding out the corrupt Bifrost members given how he's dismayed with Kyoko for breaking the rules. He's also suspicious of Homura probably because he has some hidden agenda.

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