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  • There's Kougami and Ginoza since these two used to be partners when the former was an Inspector.
  • Kogami and Makishima. Though they hate each other, they also relate to each other and find that their conflict gives them both meaning. Indeed, when Shinya kills Makishima, he is reduced to leaving Japan and reading Swann's Way, a book all about wanting the past and hallucinating someone dead and close to you. He also actually hallucinates Makishima, both before Makishima's actual death and during the sequel movies.
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  • On the villain side, you got Makishima and Choe or Makishima and Touma. The latter really has something to do with prequel novel.
  • You also got Kougami and Sasayama as shown in the Monster With No Name Drama CD where Kougami doesn't want Sasayama to quit his post. It's no wonder that Kougami is upset about his Enforcer's death.
  • Shion says to Kougami, "You know... should I have slept with you at least once?" to which he responds, "Who knows... although I don't think we're each other's type." with her conceding, "I guess you're right."
  • The second episode has an instance where we see Yayoi walk out of a room while adjusting her clothes. Meanwhile, inside the room, we see Shion putting on her stockings while laying on a couch before sitting up and lighting a cigarette. Hmm... Following this is Shion commenting that Akane is cuter than she expected.
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  • Episode 6 has a lot of this. First we have a scene where Shion and Akane are discussing a particularly gruesome murder case while Yayoi is eating her lunch in the same room. Akane apologizes to Yayoi, thinking that the subject matter might have made her loose her appetite, but Shion remarks that plastinated bodies won’t faze her at all, "since she’s into more violent and passionate stuff". Yeah. Also, several scenes in this episode (and the couple of following episodes) take place in an all-girls school, which means there is even more Les Yay to behold, but with a... twist. See Fan Disservice on the main page.
  • Episode 12 has Yayoi (notice a pattern here?), sharing some very romantic, tender moments with a singer named Rina, complete with Yayoi looking at her longingly while the Gaussian Girl effect comes into full play.
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  • Episode 22 finally cements this by explicitly showing Shion and Yayoi naked and in bed with each other. Same for episode 7 in season 2.
  • In Episode 1 of Season 2, Yayoi saves Mika from an oncoming truck. After they escape they hold each other and look into each other's eyes a little longer than someone normally would.
  • Yayoi is the only Enforcer Mika will respect and listen to. Indeed, when Yayoi speaks, Mika is reduced to blushing and stuttering.
    • This is probably because Yayoi comforted Mika back in Season 1 when her best friend and potential lover was killed.
  • In Episode 7, Mika wanted to ask Yayoi for help on her assignment...but when she entered the office to ask, Yayoi wasn't there, and Mika was thoroughly dejected to have to ask Sho for help instead.

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