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Character sheet for Psycho-Pass.

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Division 1

    Akane Tsunemori 

Inspector Akane Tsunemori

Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa (Japanese), Kate Oxley (English)

Do you know the most demeaning thing you can do to the law that we should respect? Creating and administering a law that is unworthy of protection.

The Supporting Protagonist of Season 1 (and Protagonist proper of Season 2) and female lead of the series, Akane is a rookie Inspector assigned to Unit 1. A well-meaning, idealistic young detective, she works well with the Enforcers but often clashes with her more uptight colleague, Ginoza.

  • All-Loving Hero: As much as an Urobutcher protagonist can be. She tries to talk down latent criminals instead of exploding them on the spot, and puts a great deal of faith in her Enforcers. She even tries to spare both Kougami and Makishima from being judged by the Sibyl System, even though the former is a fugitive and "untamed wolf" and the latter a serial murderer who swiped a razor across her best friend's throat.
  • Badass Adorable: Grows into this.
  • Badass Bookworm: Really smart and athletic but suffers from Naive But Skilled. However, once she is determined to take down Makishima, she knocks him out and arrests him and on the movie She fights Kougami and gains the upper hand despite being ambushed.
  • Benevolent Boss: Against Ginoza's wishes, she insists on treating the Enforcers as equals.
  • Big Damn Heroes: When Makishima is preparing to kill Kogami, guess who shows up with a helmet in her hand to save him?
  • Born Winner: Through some unexplained fluke, she has an abnormally low and stable psycho pass. She doesn't have to put any effort into maintaining her mental health and even when stressed out her coefficient stays well within healthy limits. That's a big deal in this society because, combined with her intelligence, she's free to make her own choices in life.
  • Brainy Brunette: She had top marks in all her exams and was stated to be the only one with a perfect score to enter the Public Safety Bureau.
  • Break the Cutie:
    • Makishima kills her friend Yuki right in front of her as "punishment" for her inability to kill him without relying on the Sibyl System's judgement. She is seen quivering in terror right after that.
    • The whole series serves as a downplayed one for her. By the end, she has lost faith in the Sibyl System and is more cynical but still cares for and believes in people.
    • When Kasei reported to her the death of her grandmother, which includes showing the picture of her corpse, Akane looked horrified upon seeing it. And when she's alone in the office, she screams in anguish until Kogami shows up in her consciousness.
      • ... but the brokenness never really lasts with her.
  • Broken Pedestal: Upon learning what the Sibyl System is, Akane saw how flawed they are and believed that one day, someone will pull the plug off. In fact, she let Kamui judge them, removing several of their brains with high crime coefficients. In the movie, the pedestal is broken further when she learned that the system manipulated everybody and had the real Chairman Han killed in order to control SEAUn].
  • Character Development: After dealing with Makishima and her confrontation with Sibyl System in Season 1, she becomes a more experienced and battle-driven veteran of the bureau.
  • Cool Big Sis: Hinakawa considers her this.
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: She did not really know what to do with her life, and her marks were great so they allowed her to pick any job she wanted. Because she was the only one to get a perfect score to join the Public Safety Bureau, she deduced that there was something there only she could do.
  • The Determinator: As Shusei puts it:
    She might have a cute face, but that girl's got serious guts.
  • Deuteragonist: Arguably shares equal plot focus and character development with Kōgami in Season 1.
  • Digital Avatar: 'Lemonade Candy', a moeblob/jellyfish version of herself.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: First thing she notices about Shion Karanomori is her rack.
  • Eating the Eye Candy: In the episode 7, she took a really good look at Kougami's abs. The same with Tougane during their talk in the gym in Ep. 2.2.
  • The Heart: She is willing to go against the supposedly-infallible judgement of the Dominators.
  • Heroic BSoD: After failing to save Yuki, she turns into a shaking wreck who can't stop thinking about it.
  • Heroic Willpower: She can take psychological shocks on the chin that would drive others screaming into latent criminality without flinching.
  • I Have This Friend...: Her inability to understand Shinya drives her to seek advice online from Talisman in Episode 4, but the rules of the Talisman chat are that "we do not talk about ourselves here, only others," encouraging this trope instead.
  • I Let Gwen Stacy Die: How she feels after witnessing Makishima kill Yuki.
  • Incompletely Trained: On Akane's first day on the job, Ginoza tells her that he can't treat her like a newcomer (since they are understaffed), so she must learn a lot on the job.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: No matter what happens, Akane sticks to her principles, and her Criminality Coefficient never rises above 30 or so. Nearly subverted at the end of season 2, when Sakuya Tōgane gloats about how he killed her grandmother. Akane almost snaps, having her CC jumping to over 80, before being calmed down by Kamui.
  • It's Personal: The Makishima case after Yuki's death.
  • Kid with the Leash: Her job as an Inspector is to supervise the Enforcers and make sure they never go too far.
  • Kirk Summation: She gives such a speech to Ginoza after constantly being berated by and demeaned by him, effectively preventing him from doing so again for the most part.
  • Lethal Chef: In the drama CD, Ginoza and Kagari struggle to eat her cooking and the only one who seems to be unaffected and even likes her cooking is Kogami.
  • Madness Mantra: "I let Yuki die without doing anything...I let Yuki die without doing anything..."
  • Meaningful Name: The kanji for Tsunemori (常守) roughly translate to "the usual state of things" and "babysitter or protector." Her job as an inspector is to maintain order and despite misgivings with the Sibyl System, she decides to work within it rather than against it.
  • Naive But Skilled: Suffers from this a lot early on, as she is intelligent and athletic but very naive. She grows out of it.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Tsunemori is brought onto her first case with little knowledge of what to do, so other characters have to explain everything to her.
  • Only Sane Woman: Akane seemed be to the only character who remained level-headed and stable throughout the series. In comparison to the other Inspectors who are afraid of getting demoted to latent criminals, cynical of their work or too rigid to follow the Sibyl System, she managed to keep her sanity in check. She also one of the two living people who knew what the Sibyl System is and how sociopathic they are while the other (Mika) just accepted them for what they are and moved on.
  • The Pollyanna: Recovers rather quickly after her Break the Cutie moment, and when she decides to relive it to get the recording of Shogo's face, her Crime Coefficient actually goes down after she sees that it's successful.
  • The Profiler: After understudying for Kogami and Saito, she becomes an ace profiler in her own right.
  • Puppy-Dog Eyes: Has noticeably larger oculars than anyone else in the series, which may serve to underscore her initial naievete and Wide-Eyed Idealist character(see below).
  • Rousseau Was Right: Akane seemed to have this belief. She's an idealist and believed that people can change better and recover from their trauma which explains her actions of stopping Shinya from firing the rape victim with a Lethal Eliminator mode in the first episode of Seasons 1 and telling the bomber that he's not worthless in the first episode of Season 2. However, in confronting sociopaths like Makishima, she's conflicted until she decided to hand him over to Sibyl System. By the time she learns what the Sibyl System really is, she realized how flawed they are but she still believed that they can change which explains why in the movie, she convinced the system to have their puppet leader to step down and let the people decide. However, The Stinger revealed that the puppet leader won via reelection which is still debatable whether Akane's attempt to humanize the Sibyl System had an effect or not.
  • Supporting Protagonist: While the focus of the first season's plot is Kōgami and his determination in tracking down Makishima, the audience views the events through Akane and her induction into the PSB.
  • The Idealist: Always. It fluctuates a bit, but this is probably her most defining characteristic: when she does gain a cynical streak, it serves only to transform her from a Wide-Eyed Idealist to a rational idealist.
  • Thou Shall Not Kill: Due to her upbringing where direct lethal force is not allowed, she's aware that killing without the use of a Dominator would increase one's crime coefficient and later, believes that there are other ways to apprehend criminals unless she's allowed to use the Lethal Eliminator mode. But this bites back the dust in three occasions:Makishima tries to force her into breaking this rule by threatening Yuki's life which she failed. Later in episode 16, she tries to kill Makishima in revenge for Yuki's death and at Shinya's urging. She didn't again and apprehends Makishima instead who later, escapes. Then, she tries to stop Shinya, who went rogue, from going after Makishima to kill him. She failed again but she still sticks to her morals.
    • In the first episode of both seasons, she refuses to use Lethal Eliminator mode against someone who she thinks she can talk down. In the first episode, this is an innocent rape victim who has been driven temporarily insane by trauma, and whose Crime Coefficient is in the lethal range because of it. In the second, it's the episode's perp, someone who's declared war on society because the Sibyl System doesn't like his Psycho-Pass' tendency to occasionally cloud over.
    • In Season 2, she stops Togane from killing Kamui with a rifle when he's about to escape as it reminds her of Shinya. And then in episode 10, the Sibyl System offers her a Sadistic Choice to detonate the bombs to kill Kamui along with the lives of hostages who are in the subway trains. After having an internal dialogue with Shinya, she didn't do it and offers Kamui a way out of the subway so she can talk to him.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Compare Akane at the beginning to later in the series, when she knocks out Makishima in Episode 16 and even forces The Sibyl System into following her terms during Episode 20. Episode 20 shows even her detective skills have greatly increased. Yayoi even Lampshades this in Episode 21, where she points out that Akane now seems like a completely different person.
    • In season 2, Akane seems to have significantly hardened in the one year Time Skip. She starts off facing down killer robots all by herself, among other things.
    • In the movie, Akane is doing self-defense lessons herself.
  • Took a Level in Cynic: Downplayed, while she retains some of her idealism, she has become more cynical after leaning of the true nature of The Sibyl System.
    • This increased more in the movie after she found out that the Sibyl System used her to get rid of the defects in the military police and deployed more henious means (which is staging a foreign intervention and conspiring to have the real Chairman Han assassinated) to control the SEAUn which Akane regarded as criminal acts.
  • Took a Level in Idealism: At the end of the second season, she seems more The Idealist again, having convinced the Sybil System to improve upon its own morality and expressing a belief that collective judgment will transform society for the better.
    • Then, this reverts back into cynic once she found out that the Sibyl System have Chairman Han assassinated and be replaced with a body double so they can control the country.
  • Unwitting Pawn: The Sibyl System used her to expose the SEAUn Military Police's deception. which they already know, by tricking her into thinking that Kougami is responsible for sending the terrorists to Japan.
  • We Will Meet Again: In the After Stories radio drama which is set after the events of Episode 22, Akane received an untraceable call from Shinya, who contacts her for the last time. But Akane believes that there would be one day that they could meet again as normal humans instead of Inspector and Enforcer. They did meet again in the movie for only a short time.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist:
    • She doesn't believe in indiscriminately shooting people with high Crime Coefficients, especially civilians who were only caught into the frenzy by a latent criminal.
    • Also doubles as a literal version, considering her eyes are 25% larger than the rest of the cast's. Season 2 solicits show that the eyes have become a bit smaller, though.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: She manages to talk down the criminal in the second season premiere by convincing him that he is not worthless and he can provide a valuable contribution to society.

    Nobuchika Ginoza 

Inspector Nobuchika Ginoza

Voiced by: Kenji Nojima (Japanese), Josh Grelle (English)

They say that fools learn from their experiences, while the wise learn from history.

A very strict and professional Inspector in Unit 1, formerly partnered with ex-Inspector Shinya. As Akane's senior, he often berates her naivety and idealistic views on Enforcers. At the end of Season 1, he got demoted to Enforcer.

  • All of the Other Reindeer: In his school days he was picked on for having a latent criminal for a father. Kogami defending him from these bullies is what started their friendship.
  • Alone with the Psycho: In Season 2. It's actually retroactive. The second season revealed that his therapist was always Kirito Kamui under a holographic disguise, so the guy he was spilling his soul to in season 1 turned out to be the main antagonist of the second season.
  • Artificial Limbs: Considering he gets his left arm ripped off and in the epilogue, he has both arms as an Enforcer, it seems he has another similarity to his Dad now.
  • Big Brother Instinct: In Season 2, his growing concern for Akane's Psycho-Pass begins to look like this, especially in light of his personality becoming less harsh.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In the movie, he first frags Nicholas before he could kill Akane and Kougami and later arrived to Kougami's aid to defeat Desmond.
  • Bishōnen: Fair-featured and handsome in contrast to Kogami's muscular build.
  • Broken Pedestal: The New Edit shows that Ginoza used to look up to his father until he got demoted to Enforcer.
  • Butt-Monkey: A toned down version given the show's mostly realistic setting, but he's often the brunt of jokes, gets told off a lot, and even gets grabbed by the collar and tossed aside like a cat at one point. Urobuchi says he likes picking on Ginoza the most.
  • By-the-Book Cop: He believes wholly in the judgment cast by the Sibyl System, which puts him at odds with those who suggest deviations from it.
  • Character Development: After becoming an Enforcer, Ginoza is more openminded and is willingly to accept Akane's decision to deal with latent criminals.
  • The Comically Serious: Tends to be this in more light-hearted media outside of the main series, such as the audio dramas or Chimi Chara Psycho-Pass, where the cast is put in silly situations such as Kagari's cooking lessons.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The first movie of the Psycho-pass: Sinners of the System trilogy puts him as the main character together with Mika.
  • Death Glare: Almost his default expression, but gives a major one to Akane when she hits a sore spot by asking him about his relationship with Masaoka.
  • Defrosting Ice King: It's a hell of a slow thaw, but by the last episode he's more relaxed, smiles often, and is a lot warmer than he previously was.
    • It apparently sped up in the two years passed, as in the second season he's essentially a younger, more sarcastic Masaoka.
  • Demoted to Extra: In Season 2, most especially in the second half where he has less screentime.
  • Digital Avatar: A big coin with the writing LIVERTY on its heads side (which, incidentally, has a Victorian gentlemen face on it a la old POTUS faces on US coins).
  • Disappeared Dad: His father, Masaoka, became a latent criminal when Ginoza was nine, hence why he hates them so much.
  • Everyone Went to School Together: He and Shinya went to high school together and became best friends. When Ginoza told him his future plans on becoming an Inspector, Kougami quickly decided to also become an Inspector.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: In The Movie, he grows his hair out and pulls it back into a short ponytail.
  • Foil: His views on Enforcers clash with Akane's. While she considers them colleagues, Ginoza treats them like hunting dogs in fear of butting his own Psycho-Pass.
  • Generation Xerox: He is an Inspector descending into distrust of the justice system for which he works, which is reflected in his rapidly-rising Crime Coefficient. Masaoka suffered from more or less the same experience in the past, which is how he became an Enforcer, a fate his son eventually shares. Episode 21 hammers the point home: Masaoka's mechanical arm is his left, the same arm which Ginoza loses.
    • Season 2 shows that in the intervening two years Ginoza slid into his father's mindset (and role) even more completely.
  • The Glasses Gotta Go: He doesn't wear them anymore when he got demoted as an Enforcer. Akane lampshades this by asking if he wears them just for decorative purposes. He says he wore them because he disliked the look of his eyes. An emotional callback to his father's last words to him were how his eyes looked like his dad's when he was young.
  • Heroes Love Dogs: He's a dog lover and owns a Siberian husky named Dime. His test attributes reveal that he has a dog therapist's license, and he's allowed to keep his dog in the second season.
  • Heroic BSoD:
    • When Chief Kasei tries to make him shoot Shinya with a lethal Dominator.
    • When Masaoka dies, he is reduced to being able to do almost nothing but cry and eventually scream.
  • I Am Not My Father: Desperately tries not to repeat the same mistakes his father made — and fails.
  • I Am Not Pretty: He admits to Akane that he doesn't like how his face looks, particularly his eyes.
  • In-Series Nickname: His name is often shortened to "Gino" by the other members of Division 1, mostly Kougami and Kagari. Sasayama teasingly calls him "Gino-sensei".
  • Irony:
    • In the end, he becomes an Enforcer, despite starting out berating them and believing they were horrible people due to Sibyl's judgment (which he no longer believes in at the end). To add to that he becomes a nicer person. Yes, Ginoza doesnt start becoming a nice person until he is branded a criminal.
    • Despite belittling the enforcers as "hunting dogs," he's a dog lover and has an aptitude for dog therapy.
  • Jerkass: Towards the Enforcers, who he treats like dogs simply because they're Enforcers. But there are instances where he's civil with Shinya and Masaoka.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Ultimately. While he's far from a nice person in Season 1, he wants what's best for society and tries to help Akane keep her Psycho-Pass clear. And even if he has difficulty admitting it, he still cares for his father deep down, as seen by his reaction to Masaoka's death.
  • Kick the Dog: Chastises Akane for making what he deemed a poor decision on her very first day on the job and constantly demeans her in the workplace. He also blames her for Shinya's disappearance in episode 10, which she was already shaken about.
  • The Law of Conservation of Detail: He wears his glasses especially low on his nose and always seems to be looking above the frame rather than through the lens. While this may be seen as artistic liberty to show a character's eyes, no other character in the show who wears glasses wears them the same as he does. Becomes relevant in the very last episode.
  • Life-or-Limb Decision: To escape Makishima's trap in Episode 21, he loses his left arm.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Grows his hair out in the movie and ties it in a ponytail.
  • Married to the Job: He keeps a cold distance from most of his coworkers, even his dad, preferring to focus entirely on detective work.
  • Nerds Are Virgins: Word of God has confirmed him to be a "1000% virgin", focusing far too much on studying to join the MWPSB to ever get around to dating.
    • On the other hand he shamelessly flirts with Risa in Season 2.
  • Nom de Mom: According to the Psycho-pass Official Profiling Book, Nobuchika got his surname from his grandmother (Akiho Ginoza) who is his dad's guardian.
  • Non-Action Guy: While he often does the shooting, he's rarely seen running around and never fights or does anything remotely "macho." Justified, given that his job as an inspector means that he shouldn't get too involved in the action to keep his Crime Coefficient as clear as possible.
  • Non-Action Snarker: Occasionally.
  • No-Sell: In the second season's finale, he takes multiple crossbow bolts, but they don't harm him because they're hitting his bionic arm.
  • Not So Stoic: When Masaoka dies, he completely loses it and is reduced to crying and screaming. Once things settle down, he becomes more mellow, and smiles often with more of a relaxed facial expression than usual.
  • Perpetual Frowner: His stoic and serious expression rarely changes.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: Subverted, not because he isn't smart, but because he doesn't actually need them. He only wears them because he thinks they will keep his Psycho-Pass from clouding. He eventually gives them up.
  • Take Up My Sword: Season 2 has him wearing a brown trenchcoat and matching suit, with a glove to hide his artificial limb. He's just like his old man now.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Even Urobuchi admits as much.
  • Took a Level in Badass:
    • One Shotted a Drone with his robotic fist. He can also be seen training in Episode 4.
    • The movie showed how badass he is where he and Kougami went mano-a-mano with Desmond who has an artificial limb.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: In Season 2, he seems to be nicer when he became an Enforcer and even tells Mika to accept what is happening around her instead of ignoring it based on his own experience.
  • The Stoic: Zigzagged. He's prone to losing his cool from time to time, but ultimately tries to play this role as best as he can, usually succeeding.
  • Stoic Spectacles: Thin-rimmed, narrow glasses to compliment his stoic bishonen look.
  • We Used to Be Friends: His relationship with Shinya became this after the latter's demotion to Enforcer.
    Ginoza: I once lost a partner who made a mistake. I couldn't stop him.

    Mika Shimotsuki 

Inspector Mika Shimotsuki

Voiced by: Ayane Sakura (Japanese), Cherami Leigh (English)

It takes those who are capable to do what needs to be done.

One of the students of the Ousou Girls' Academy. Her close friend was murdered by Rikako. By the end of Season 1, she becomes an inspector and starts working under Akane.

  • Always Someone Better: It's clear that she's jealous of Akane for being an experienced Inspector and remaing at ease during stressful situation which made her hue clear.
  • Ambiguously Gay: In addition to saying there was something she never had the courage to say to her schoolmate, Kagami, she seems rather enamored with Yayoi in season 2.
  • Ascended Extra: She's just a minor character in the Rikako arc of Season 1 until she joins the main cast in Season 2 as Akane's new partner.
  • Bad Boss: With the exception of Yayoi, she treats the Enforcers like crap. Even Ginoza at his worst in Season 1 couldn't hold a candle to her.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Despite being mean to Enforcers, she doesn't hold any malice towards Yayoi since the latter comforted her when her best friend was murdered in Season 1. She also has a crush on her.
  • Blatant Lies: In episode 8 of season 2 she writes up a report and in it she portrays Akane as incompetent and unwilling to listen to the advice of others. Mika seems oblivious to the fact that all of these characteristics are a lot more consistent with herself.
  • Break the Cutie: When her friend was killed in Season 1.
    • After she learned the truth about the Sibyl System, she gradually accepts it without any moral struggle. Then, she learns Togane's plan to darken Akane's hue which slowly destroys her morality more.
  • Broken Smile: Learning about Sibyl's true nature seems to have done a number on her psyche, judging by her eyes. Even as she smiles and claps and praises Sibyl, her eyes are watery and wide, making her look like she's about to cry.
  • By-the-Book Cop: She's even more rigid than Season 1 Ginoza and solely believes to strictly follow Sibyl's judgment instead of one's own.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: She only appears in the Rikako arc. And at the end of the Season 1, she becomes one of the new inspectors of Unit 1.
  • Commander Contrarian: She firmly believes that the Sibyl System has absolute judgment and disagrees with Akane's assessment.
    Mika: Inspector Tsunemori, you're…wrong.
  • Conditioned to Accept Horror: As part of her Start of Darkness, the Sibyl System reveals themselves to Mika as a test whether she can be "an ideal citizen". After learning about the Awful Truth, she gradually accept that no matter how horrible it is, this is necessary. This explains her actions in the movie where she had overdone the Memory Scoop on the terrorist which caused him to kill himself in order to extract important information and kept Akane in the dark regarding the system's true plans despite how heinous they are.
  • Curiosity Is a Crapshoot: In episode 5, she spots Tougane discreetly pointing his Dominator at Akane, which is a huge violation of protocol. She reports this to Chief Kasei, but the chief doesn't consider it a big deal. So in response, she starts conducting her own investigation of Tougane and has discovered things about him that were definitely not meant to be known... and as of episode 7, Tougane's on to her.
    • In episode 8, she discovers a lot of damning information about the Tougane Foundation and Tougane himself, all of that tying to the true nature of the Sibyl System. She reports all of this directly to Chief Kasei, and knowing what Kasei is...
  • A Day in the Limelight: The first movie of the Psycho-pass: Sinners of the System trilogy puts her as the main character, together with Ginoza.
  • Demoted to Extra: In the movie since the Sibyl System only sent Akane to deal with Kougami.
  • Depending on the Writer: In Season 2, she complains how wrong Akane's methods and strategies are behind her back and doesn't even bother to tell it to her face. But in the movie, she had no objections to Akane's strategy in the beginning and has the guts to call her out for being dense to Sibyl's true plan.
  • Fatal Flaw:
    • Envy. She's jealous of Akane being more experienced than her and being favored by Chief Kasei. And instead of working with Akane on some very important information connected to Kamui's case which she just found or telling her about Togane's odd behavior, she does things on her own. She got herself in trouble on the wrong place at the wrong time.
    • Also, cowardice. She lacks the courage to either stand up to Sakuya or Chief Kasei, or to later disavow their methods. Instead, to save her own skin, she sells out her partner and becomes the "ideal member of society."
  • Foil: To Akane. Akane is hands-on, treats the enforcers with respect, is willing to go around the rules to actually do good work and is very effective. Mika doesn't seem to do anything, is extremely arrogant towards enforcers, rigid and never seems to do anything other than complain about Akane's methods. When learning about the truth about Sibyl, Akane lost her faith in them considering that her friend was killed by someone who has the same condition as them while Mika just accepts them without hesitation. Akane acknowledges her flaws and grows out of them, Mika does not and only gets worse as time goes on.
  • Foreshadowing: Her "detective's intuition" was hinted at as early as Season 1, when she was the only one of her classmates to see through Rikako's charm, even noticing that "her eyes can be so blank sometimes". Sadly, it doesn't do her a lot of good in Season 2.
  • He Knows Too Much: After Mika presents her report about Kamui and Togane, Kasei realized that she used the term for the criminally asymptomatic person, AA (a priori acquit) in her report which is supposed to be top secret. When Kasei is thinking on what do with Mika, Togane suggested to let her learn about the truth behind Sibyl after discovering that she might be criminally asymptomatic too.
  • Heroic BSoD: Seems to have one in episode 4 due to her belief in Sibyl and her desire to help people coming into conflict.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: She has absolute faith on the system and instead on relying her partner and teammates, she does things on her own and goes to the boss on her progress. Unfortunately, said boss happens to be part of the system who are not exactly trustworthy and then, she ended up in a terrible situation.
  • Jerkass: She's openly disrespectful to her superior and has a disparaging attitude towards her Enforcers. It does not get better over the course of the season. The movie shows that she's still disrespectful towards Akane.
  • Karma Houdini: Unless you count being threatened by Togane and the Sibyl System to be their pawn and realizing that her investigation led to Aoi Tsunemori's death, it seemed that she moved on and denied any responsibility for it. Of course, in the world of Psycho-pass, there's no Internal Affairs who would investigate on who is responsible of leaking the location of Akane's grandma and the Sibyl System covered everything up to prevent her from being reprimanded.
  • Know-Nothing Know-It-All: Is constantly telling others how to do their jobs (and not just the enforcers under her), as of episode 6 of season 2, she hasn't shown any competence whatsoever and basically doesn't know what she's going to do when bad things happened. However, episode 8 shows that she has good investigative skills except her jealousy on Akane clouded her judgment.
    Joushuu Kasei: She'll be eaten alive.
    Mika: There's no way that we can deal all of this!
  • Last Episode, New Character: Subverted. She had a minor role during Rikako's arc, but you'd be forgiven for not remembering her.
  • My Greatest Failure: Since she told Kagami to go to talk to Rikako, she felt partially responsible for her death.
    • Appears to be updated at the end of the second season: for all her hypocrisy and self-righteousness, it is ultimately revealed that Mika cannot bring herself to justify allowing Akane's grandmother to be tortured and killed just to save her own ass. When Yayoi (whom until then Mika seemed to have a crush on, perhaps making this particularly painful for her) says that if she ever finds out that person she'll "never forgive them", Mika simply replies that neither would she.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: Even though she knew the real truth about the Sibyl System and what kind of methods did they used, she slowly accepted it. This is shown in the movie that despite how terrible their methods are, she knew that it's for the benefit of the society.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Similarly to how Akane used to be at the beginning during her first job as an inspector. Apparently, she grows out of it at Season 2, reminding Akane that she can handle herself.
  • Never My Fault: So, she didn't read Hinakawa's report, the one that turned out to be vital to figuring out who Kamui was. Obviously, Hinakawa should have followed proper procedure and told her verbally.
    • She shows no competence as a commander and no effectiveness in enforcing the law, so what does she do, put in effort to become better at her job? Nope, she pins it all on Akane (twice) and Tougane (though he was indeed a threat).
    • This gets taken to a horrific new level when Sibyl has her investigate and find the location of Akane's grandmother Aoi, who is kidnapped and later murdered by Togane. She knows her investigation led to it, but still denies being responsible.
  • New Meat: She thinks that Akane treats her like a rookie despite working with the bureau for a year and a half.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Many innocent civilians die in episode 4, partly due to her inaction and strict adherence to the rules. If she had acted earlier, it's possible the situation wouldn't have ever escalated to the degree it did.
    • In addition, had she not tried to get Akane dismissed or suspended in her report to the Chief, she would have not only saved herself from being Sibyl's pawn, but also saved Aoi Tsunemori from being beaten to death by Togane.
  • Poor Communication Kills: If it weren't for her jealousy or paranoia, she could have told Akane about some very important things about Kamui's case and Togane's troubling behavior which could have prevented herself from being Sibyl's pawn and the death of Aoi Tsunemori.
  • Properly Paranoid: As it turns out, she was right to be worried about her Hue darkening by talking to Professor Saiga, as he has a long history of darkening people's Hues due to the nature of the subject matter he discusses with them. That is, if she was a normal person and not criminally asymptomatic.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: With her Childhood Friend Kagami.
  • The Resenter: She often undermines Akane's authority and questions what the Chief sees in her, despite Akane having more experience. She's also terrified of clouding her hue and resents Akane for the ease with which she keeps her own hue clear.
  • Start of Darkness: Season 2 sets her up to eventually become a loyal servant of Sibyl that follows their orders without question even after learning the Awful Truth. She proceeds to fulfill her role in the movie by following Kaisei's orders and knowing of the full extent of Sibyl's plan for SEAUn and their plan to get Akane out of the way.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: Her true reaction to helping Togane, but ultimately subverted since she still follows Sibyl and doesn't try to atone.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: In the movie, she had overdone the Memory Scoop on one of the terrorists just to find out more on the identities of the rebels on Sibyl's orders. Later on, she's fully aware of Sibyl's trick on Akane which would keep her from meddling their affairs with SEAUn unless it's a must and didn't told this or Sibyl's plans to anyone, including Akane, despite how despicable they are. Her page quote above proves that she's willing to do what needs to be done in order to get results.
  • Yes-Man: In the movie, she follows orders of Chief Kasei and by extension, the Sibyl System through and through.
  • Youthful Freckles: They emphasize how young and inexperienced she is in comparison to Akane or Ginoza, and how young and inexperienced she thinks she isn't.

Division 2

    Risa Aoyanagi 

Inspector Risa Aoyanagi

Voiced by: Masumi Asano (Japanese), Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)
I feel that this lid starts to come off when I'm holding a Dominator. Because it starts to, my rationality stops it. That rationality is what makes me an Inspector

An Inspector from Division 2.

  • Agent Scully: Blithely brushes aside Kitazawa's assertions that he had a friend who was helping him because there is absolutely no evidence or scan data of anyone assisting him with his crimes. While Akane is convinced this person exists, Risa dismisses it as "a ghost."
  • Apologetic Attacker: She whispers a brief "sorry" right before she vaporizes her rebellious Enforcer Ryougo Kouzuki in New Edit episode 9.
  • Ascended Extra: She appeared very briefly in episodes 17 and 18 of the first season, then had a special scene in the New Edit and eventually a larger role in the second season.
  • Beauty Mark: Below her left eye.
  • Bond One-Liner: She delivers one to Kitazawa before killing him.
    Kitazawa: Hey, tell me something, will you? What color am I?
    Risa: What color? Let's call it..."Raw Sewage Red."
  • Determinator: She took one whole of a beating in episodes 3 and 4, but would not stop fighting back against the criminal. It took a new model of Dominator, the Assault long-range model, to kill her.
  • Fan Disservice: She spends the entirety of episode 4 in her black bra and panties and handcuffed while the latent criminal at the mental care facility is terrorizing the other hostages, who have also been stripped to their underwear. Then she gets her head put through a light fixture and blood pours all over her face before being killed by a Dominator shot.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride. In the hostage crisis, the person who had the nail gun actually had the chance to shoot the villain, but Risa insisted that she should be the one to save everyone. Seeing as that person is a holographed Kamui, her flaw might have been part of his plan altogether.
  • Heroic Resolve: Knowing the hostages at the mental health facility are in danger is what gives her the strength to stand up again after being thrown through a light fixture and keep fighting.
  • Hollywood Mid-Life Crisis: Admits to having one to Ginoza in the second season — which, ironically, gives him a chance to flirt with her.
  • Knight Templar: When one of her Enforcers tried to escape during the chaos of the riots Makishima started, she hunted him down and killed him with no mercy, per Sibyl's policy. This was only implied during the original season 1, but the New Edit episode 9 explicitly shows her executing him.
  • Loophole Abuse: The plan to get Kougami out of Nona Tower was to have her swap out a Division 2 Enforcer with him so he could leave without technically breaking any rules. Too bad Chief Kasei was one step ahead of the game for all involved.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: Aoyonagi could have ended things earlier if she shot the villain in episode 4 with the Nail Gun. Heck, it didn't have to be lethal, it could just be to incapacitate the guy. But she insisted in using the Dominator and doing things right.
  • Your Head Asplode: Admits she enjoys doing this to others with the Dominator somewhat. Then it happens to her due to Kamui's manipulations.

    Mizue Shisui 

Inspector Mizue Shisui

Voiced by: Marina Inoue (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)
Click here to see a major spoiler 

Mizue Shisui is an inspector of Division 2 in Psycho Pass season 2. Her parents are both officials. She has quite a sense of inferiority about her relatively unstable Crime Coefficient.

  • Brainwashed: Due to the injection Kamui gave her in episode 1, made worse in episode 3. By the start of episode 5 she is fully Drinking the Kool-Aid.
  • Break Out the Museum Piece: She resorts to using a crossbow in the final episode.
  • By-the-Book Cop: Disapproves of Akane's tactics like letting two Enforcers go after the suspect without a supervising Inspector.
  • Determinator: In the finale, she has doped herself up on so many stimulants that multiple Paralyzer shots only stun her briefly. Sugo finally drops her when he hits her with a Paralyzer from the Assault Dominator.
  • The Dragon: To Kamui.
  • Evil Costume Switch: Now in a red leather outfit complete with red lipstick shown in the new trailer.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Going with her new red outfit seen in the new trailer for the season.
  • Eye Scream: Thanks to Kamui's work she is without her left eye.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Stunned by Kamui's ability to decrease her Crime Coefficient, she joins Kamui's side and promises to stay with him.
  • Fatal Flaw: Lust. Her desire to go by the rules not to mention keeping her Crime Coefficient clean drove her into accepting Kamui's ideas and perhaps even wanting to love him considering how hard she fought for him. In the end she is now a traitor locked up all by herself...
  • Monster Fangirl: Eventually. It's also strongly implied that she's attracted to him.
  • More Than Mind Control: By the time we get to episode 6, she's definitely with Kamui out of her own free will rather than any coercion on his part.
  • Rogue Agent: Betrays the bureau and personally murders several agency members when she joins Kamui's side.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Despite being abducted and mutilated by him, she becomes a fervent supporter of Kamui after he decreases her CC.
  • Sanity Slippage: In episode 10 she is completely obsessed with Kamui believing he will truly clear the entire world of its color. It's unsure if this is because of the medicine, Kamui's words to her before, or just her own desires for him.
  • Sole Survivor: Of Kamui's team, as even Kamui himself is killed.
  • Taking You with Me: Tried to blow herself up during the raid but she was stopped in time.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Thanks the corrupt politicians for fulfilling their roles but, in light of what occurred afterwards, she was really making use of this trope.


    Shinya Kōgami 

Enforcer Shinya Kōgami

Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki (Japanese), Robert McCollum (English)

Being a detective isn't about bringing someone down, but rather protecting someone.

The main character of the series, Shinya is an Enforcer in Unit 1. In the past, he used to be an Inspector, but after a certain unsolved case, his Psycho-Pass exceeded the acceptable level and he was demoted to Enforcer. While a skilled fighter who trains his body daily, where he truly shines is in figuring out how a criminal's mind and motives work.

  • Animal Motifs: All the Enforcers have a dog motif going on, but he's explicitly described as a wolf; a wild animal that's leashed but untamed, and is both vicious and relentless when tracking down prey.
  • Anti-Hero: Generally cynical but well-meaning but has a darker side that comes out on occasion, especially when fighting Makishima. That part of him tends to bump him up to a more vicious person temporarily.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Proficient in guns, hand-to-hand combat and always wearing the standard black Public Bureau suit. Back when he was an Inspector, his suits were specifically tailored.
  • Badass Normal: In the movie, he is more than able to hold his own against heavily augmented cyborg mercenaries in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work: He believes this is what makes him valuable to inspectors:
    Kogami: Inspectors can't play vigilante, but I can.
  • Bat Deduction: His profiling is always on the money, even if there's a significant number of facts not in evidence.
  • Blood Knight: He gets very excited when fighting criminals. Akane compares him to a carnivore that's cornered its prey.
  • Brutal Honesty: He never filters himself, which makes him come of as extremely cold, especially towards Akane who's sensitive and new to his behavior. The others just seem to pass this off, and she learns to do the same eventually.
  • Byronic Hero: Well-meaning, cynical, follows his own rules, emotional (at least for the standards of his society), cultured, likes violence, unpredictable to many? Check and check.
  • Cold Sniper: In the movie, he's introduced with the rebels as being their sniper.
  • Cultured Badass: Very much so, so much so to the point he can quote Ortega as a counterpoint to Makishima quoting Blaise Pascal.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Makes jokes with a completely straight face, making it difficult to tell when they're actually jokes
    Kagari: Hm? Your wounds are okay?
    Kogami: I told my doctor that I'd set fire to my room if he kept me there any longer.
    Kagari: That's the Ko we know and love!
    Kogami: I was kidding.
  • Death Glare: Shoots an extremely toxic look at Makishima when they first meet.
  • Decoy Protagonist: The promotional videos and general marketing seemed to make him out to be the protagonist, mostly ignoring Akane in favor of featuring him with Makishima in photos. While he's still the main character alongside Akane, he takes quite a backseat to her, who grows significantly more as a character and ultimately receives the most spotlight.
  • Determinator: Nothing stops him from trying to do what is right, not even getting shot by a nail gun or getting his skull cracked, or even discovering the Public Safety Bureau is very corrupt. In the latter case, it just inspires him to do what's right outside of the law.
  • Everyone Went to School Together: In the side materials, he and Ginoza went to the same high school and became best friends. When Ginoza told him his future plans on becoming an Inspector, Kougami quickly decided to also become an Inspector.
  • Expy: Has a lot of similarities to Spike, except much more stoic. Also, in the way he is described and the looks, one can't help but think of Amano's other character that's also a carnivore in combat, Hibari Kyoya. His character in The Movie is also quite reminiscent of Gen Urobuchi's take on Kiritsugu Emiya, being a wandering Japanese mercenary traveling through battlefield after battlefield to fight injustice.
  • Fingerless Gloves: Wears a pair while sparring with the training robot in Episode 7.
  • Foil: To Makishima, in everything from appearance to personality to even fighting style. However; they both are cultured, determined and like violence.
  • Genius Bruiser: He's trains his body almost everyday to keep it fighting fit, because he knows he can't always rely on the Dominators. His training shows, since he quite obviously has a lean and muscular body. He's also way smarter than he looks, able to deduce what the mind of the un-sub of the current case thinks faster than most Enforcers.
  • In-Series Nickname: Like Ginoza who is nicknamed "Gino", his name is often shortened to "Ko" by the other members of Division 1, mostly Kagari. Heck, he even called him "Ko-chan".
  • It's Personal: Everything that is connected to Makishima since the death of Sasayama and his demotion. This is also his reason why he left the bureau at the end of episode 18.
  • Invincible Hero: Not so much in combat, where he does tend to get seriously injured, but as far as detective work goes, his guessing ability is effectively always correct, sometimes accurately predicting rather outrageous scenarios.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He´s actually a Nice Guy, but he´s rude and somewhat sociopathic.
  • Hunk: See Mr. Fanservice
  • Knight In Sour Armor: Gruff as hell but actually means well in helping society. As seen in 2nd episode during his interactions with Akane in the hospital after she stun-gunned him into not killing the victim turned latent criminal, he actually wishes to be a real detective helping to make society a better place instead of just a 'hunting dog' of Sibyl System.
  • Made of Iron: Many examples, but most notably: survives from a massive kick to the head, by Makishima, which cracks his skull.
  • Mighty Glacier: Downplayed, but his fighting style has elements of this. He can run, but he often gets into a fighting stance and stays in one place while trying to hit his opponents until he walks or runs again. His fight against Makishima highlights this, with his opponent using much more agile and graceful moves to dodge around Shinya's punches and kicks and take him down.
  • Mr. Fanservice: He is featured in many, many shirtless scenes that show his nicely-shaped torso. It can't be accidental.
  • Not So Different: With Makishima, something he learns to use to help him figure out Makishima's motives and plans in Episode 19.
  • Only a Flesh Wound: Near fatal gun wounds? Never mind that, Tsunemori's in trouble!
  • Only I Can Kill Him: Towards Makishima. "It has to be me."
  • Perpetual Frowner: His default expression is this, though he smiles a few times. Contrasts to Makishima.
  • The Profiler: Given that he studied Social Psychology before and since he's now an Enforcer, he has a better understanding of the criminal mind.
  • Pūnct'uatìon Sh'akër: The proper way to spell his name is actually "Shin'ya".
  • Put on a Bus: Given his actions in the Season 1 finale, he's absent in Season 2. His only presence is in the opening credits and episodes 7 and 10, where he exists only in Akane's mind when discussing about Kamui's case and comforting her after being offered a Sadistic Choice by the Sibyl System. He returns with a vengeance in the movie.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: Quits the Public Safety Bureau when he finds out Chief Kasei wants to protect Makishima, who is responsible for numerous deaths, rather than arrest or kill Makishima. He even admits to Akane in his letter that this is the only way where he can go after Makishima.
  • Slasher Smile: While gleefully taunting a latent criminal in Episode 3.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Chain smoker extraordinaire.
  • Spirit Advisor: Metaphorically. Since he's on a bus in Season 2, he only appears in Akane's mind when she's dealing with difficult situations.
  • Start of Darkness: He was originally an Inspector, until during a particularly nasty case when he saw the mutilated corpse of Sasayama, a Enforcer who worked under him who was captured by the un-sub & killed. This caused his Psycho-Pass to exceed safe levels, which resulted in a subsequent demotion to Enforcer.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: In stark contrast to Makishima's white hair.
  • The Stoic:If it doesn't Involve Makishima, he rarely ever loses his cool.
  • Vigilante Man: Becomes this at the end of episode 18 since this is the only way where he could go after Makishima.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: At the end of the first season, Shinya must leave Japan or the Sibyl System will find him and execute him for killing Makishima.

    Tomomi Masaoka 

Enforcer Tomomi Masaoka

Voiced by: Kinryu Arimoto (Japanese), Jason Douglas (English)

Everything you've been taught is based on theories and logic. Soon, you'll come to realize how pointless they are.

The oldest Enforcer in Unit 1. A veteran in his job, he provides exposition and helps Akane learn the ropes in her newfound job. He serves as the voice of reason in most circumstances.

  • The Alcoholic: He's frequently seen carrying around an alcohol bottle and even uses it to light a flamethrower in Episode 5.
  • Artificial Limbs: Has a robotic left arm.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Like Shinya, he is very analytical when it comes to the workings of the criminal mind.
  • Badass Grandpa: Physically strong (enough to wrestle Makishima into submission and lift Ginoza by his shirt collar with one hand), focused while working and can detect people with elevated Psycho-Pass just by reading their body language. Masaoka was able to pin down and probably would have successfully captured Makishima had he not had to save Ginoza. Remember that Makishima is a much younger man and the same person who pretty much handed Shinya his ass.
  • Cool Old Guy: Kind and supportive of Akane, and very friendly when not on the job; Even on the job, he is generally a pretty decent guy.
  • Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You: He was (and still is) a latent criminal.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The second movie of the Psycho-pass: Sinners of the System trilogy puts him as the main character, investigating a case involving a rogue unmanned combat drone fired on the Ministry of Defense.
  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: In the arms of his son, Nobuchika.
  • Final Speech:
    I'm not fit to be called a detective. You are my son after all. Your eyes....look just the same as mine..when I was young.
  • Functional Addict: He is almost always drinking, yet keeps a clear and rational head at all times and is in near-perfect fighting condition for a man who should be past his physical prime.
  • Gender-Blender Name: The phonetic name of Tomomi is more commonly used as a girl's name; however, his particular way of writing it (智己) isn't particularly feminine, since it's neither in kana nor with the kanji 美 ("beauty") on the end.
  • Go Out with a Smile: Along with confessing his paternal feelings to Ginoza.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: In Episode 21, he dies protecting his son, Ginoza, from dynamite that Makishima tossed.
  • Hidden Supplies: From back when he was a normal police officer before the Sibyl System was implemented. He lets Shinya take them when the latter quits the bureau in order to hunt down Makishima.
  • How Dare You Die on Me!: He gets scolded by his own son for letting Makishima escape in order to save him.
  • In-Series Nickname: Kogami and Kagari call him "Pops", underlining his role as Team Dad.
  • I Want Grandkids: According to supplementary materials. Sadly, he doesn't live to see if Nobuchika makes him any.
  • Mentor Occupational Hazard: Being a mentor to his young teammates, he's not exempted from following this fate.
  • Nice Guy: A nice man who is supportive of his co-workers. He has never shown a hint of jerkassery.
  • Older Sidekick: Older than Akane and (so far other than Kogami) has been her most reliable Enforcer partner.
  • Older Than They Look: Looks no older than his mid-fifties, but is eventually revealed to already having been the officer with the Tokyo's old Metropolitan Police Department before the Sibyl System was established, which was about 50 years ago.
  • Papa Wolf: His final act was saving his son Ginoza from Makishima's bomb. Rest in peace, Pops.
  • The Profiler: See Awesomeness by Analysis. He shares this role with Shinya. In Episode 2, he mentions that this is the reason he was deemed a latent criminal: Being able to think like a criminal in this setting is essentially the same as being one.
  • Sadistic Choice: Faced with one in Episode 21 — don't let go of Makishima, who he has in a choke hold, and let the grenade blow up Ginoza, or save Ginoza but let Makishima escape. With seconds to make his decision, he chooses the latter at the cost of his own life.
  • Scars Are Forever: He has a small one running vertically across his lips.
  • Team Dad: Whether you're an Enforcer or an Inspector; he knows that when things go wrong between them, he has to remind them that there are more important things which need to be deal with. Bonus points for being Ginoza's actual father.

    Shūsei Kagari 

Enforcer Shūsei Kagari

Voiced by: Akira Ishida (Japanese), Scott Freeman (English)

Both you and I are trash who simply envy the happiness others have.

A happy-go-lucky and flirtatious young man, Shūsei has been diagnosed as a latent criminal since the age of 5. Contrary to the other characters who are very serious, he provides comic relief by, among other things, flirting with Akane.

  • All of the Other Reindeer: This explains his hatred of the Sibyl System and the privileged citizens of its society.
    Kagari: No matter where I went, I was treated like a murderous animal.
  • Anti-Hero: Less (if he is at all) concerned about civilians and more about taking down criminals.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Ironically, while Shūsei is the nicest and friendliest member of Unit 1, he is also the most anti-heroic member of the team.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: He is very easygoing and chatty, but his status as a latent criminal and Enforcer is proof enough that he is quite capable.
  • Big Eater: His meal with Akane has him eating quite a bit.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: While Akane managed to compose herself even after a few drinks, Shūsei is shown to get drunk easily.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Via a hacked dominator. The only real consolation is that the Dominator was using the setting normally reserved for destroying nonhuman foes. He's essentially disintegrated rather than gruesomely exploded.
  • Face Death with Dignity: As soon as the Chief fires the Dominator at him, he just smiles and calmly accepts his death.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Defied, Shūsei is offered this by Choe Gu-Sung and seems to consider it...then turns it down. However, he does want Choe to destroy the Sibyl System.
  • "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner/Famous Last Words
    Kagari: Oh, give me a break... This bites.
  • Friendly Enemies: While he makes it quite clear that he is not going to betray the rest of his Unit, becomes amiable with Choe.
  • Go Out with a Smile: He smiles as the Chief fires the Dominator at him.
  • He Knows Too Much: Sees inside the Sibyl System and is killed by the Chief of Police moments later.
  • Informed Attribute: Invoked and discussed. Since the age of five years old - younger than our society deems able to take responsibility for their choices - the Sibyl System branded him a Latent Criminal, and he has been treated as a wild and criminal danger to society ever since. However, he's never felt any inclination to commit any crimes - at least not unprovoked by his awful situation in life. So, naturally, he has lived his entire life in rejection from society, and the resulting sullen resentment towards the Sibyl system.
    • Further emphasized by the information that in the early days of the Sibyl System, it wasn't unheard of for entire families to be classified as Latent Criminals if just one of them actually was. Much like Masaoka, he's one of those who was essentially sacrificed during the transition into the Sibyl System.
  • Manchild: There are hints to this behavior whenever he's not on the job, such as having dinosaur figures near his desk, playing on a handheld gaming console, eating candy out of a jar, etc. Justified in that he grew up in a mental health facility where those things would have been denied to him, so he's only recently experiencing them to make up for a lost childhood.
  • Never Found the Body: Though this is due to that no one on the police force can actually enter the room where Shusei was shot in. It also doesn't help that Shusei was shot with the Dominator in Destroy Decompose mode - normally used on robots rather than comparatively squishy human bodies - rather than the normal Lethal Eliminator mode, so there wasn't much left of his body to find.
  • Nice Guy: Contrary to the other very stoic members of Unit 1, he's genuinely relaxed and friendly.
  • The Nicknamer: Likes shortening people's names, like "Gino" for Ginoza and "Ko-chan" for Kogami.
  • Nominal Hero: Downplayed as Shūsei is still pretty much a good guy. That said, he does hate the Sibyl System, and only works as an Enforcer as he has no other choice due to being a latent criminal. In addition, he is apathetic to the safety of the town's citizens and also doesn't mind the destruction of the Sibyl System. However, Shūsei makes it clear that he hates Makishima, just as much as Sibyl, for his manipulation of others and genuinely wants to kill him for his crimes.
    Kagari (to Choe Gu-Sung): Sibyl is a load of shit, but you guys reek just as badly.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: This is his only motivation to stop Shōgo Makishima.
  • Real Men Cook: He is a very good cook and even made a meal for Akane.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Besides the barrettes in his hair, he also prominently wears purple socks.
  • Sacrificial Lion: The first member of Unit 1 to die.
  • Shoo Out the Clowns: Once the riots start and society is at stake, he survives for a bit...then is killed by Kasei.
  • Sweet Tooth: He has a giant jar of jellybeans on his office desk.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Not exactly evil, but unlike the other Enforcers and Inspectors who try to improve society, he genuinely hates the Sibyl system and the society it has created. Also, he completely agrees with Choe Gu-Sung that the town's citizens deserved to die in the city riots for their mistreatment of latent criminals. Shūsei even went as far as allowing time for Choe to open and destroy the Sibyl System.
  • Verbal Tic: Uses a -ssu in the end of some of his lines. In later episodes, he seems to be using a lot of word contractions.

    Yayoi Kunizuka 

Enforcer Yayoi Kunizuka

Voiced by: Shizuka Ito (Japanese), Lindsay Seidel (English)

I will become an enforcer.

A former guitarist who was recruited by Kōgami before Sasayama's death. She seems to spend time with Shion Karanomori.

  • A Day In The Lime Light: Episode 12 is essentially a Whole Episode Flashback centered around how she became a latent criminal and joined the bureau.
  • Affectionate Gesture to the Head: She pats Mika's head as a way to comfort her after the incident which killed Aoyanagi.
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Stoic, detached and a popular former musician.
  • Ambiguously Lesbian: Yayoi has quite a lot of subtext throughout the show, but for the most part it is just limited to implications. But then it becomes not so ambiguous in episode 22, when she is seen naked getting dressed while talking to an equally nude Shion on a bed. Further supported by the About A Girl novel, which explicitly confirms that she and Rina Takizaki were once lovers.
  • Autopsy Snack Time: She continues eating her noodles while looking at pictures of an exceptionally gruesome murder case.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Quite capable and drawn in this aesthetic.
  • Cool Big Sis: To Mika, sort of. Regardless of positions, she is the only Enforcer who Mika is willing to talk to since she's the one who comforted her when her best friend was killed by Rikako in Season 1. Except Yayoi and Mika don't had the same dynamic that Akane had with Masaoka and Shinya. Yayoi doesn't seemed to have influence on Mika's character, considering that the latter is acting like a hotshot by the time the viewers saw her in Season 2.
  • Heartbroken Badass: Implied in Episode 12, since someone she was very close to, turned out to not just rebel against the Sibyl System in music but also through usage of Molotov Cocktails and was implicated in burning down areas and murders. Yayoi tried to use the Dominator on this person but it didn't work as at the time, she was not an Enforcer. These events left her visibly saddened and traumatized for the only time in the series so far until she decided to become an Enforcer.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Plastinated bodies do not faze her at all. Shion claims that she is into "more violent and passionate stuff".
  • Out OF Focus: Regardless that she's the only character who has a backstory episode, Yayoi doesn't do much in both seasons, most especially Season 2. While she did get into some meaningful conversations with Akane, Shion and Mika, she's just on the sidelines. It's even worse in the movie where she barely had lines.
  • The Stoic: She is always calm and collected, brushing off even gruesome crimes.
  • Ship Tease: With Shion. Later confirmed that they are sexual partners.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: In episode 2 she seems cold at first as she ignored Akane's greeting but then she also smacked Kagari for teasing the girl and even let Akane borrow her tablet. She also acts compassionate towards a civilian when the latter sees the body of her dead friend.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: At the end of Season 2, Yayoi found out someone within the bureau leaked information about Aoi Tsunemori's location which resulted to her death. She hopes that the one responsible for the leak will pay for it. The irony is that she happens to be talking to Mika, who is responsible for it though she denies it. Despite that she doesn't know it yet, the way Yayoi says it really sends some chills to Mika.

    Mitsuru Sasayama 

Enforcer Mitsuru Sasayama

Voiced by: Shintaro Asanuma (Japanese), Jonathan Brooks (English)

A former Enforcer who was under Inspector Shinya's supervision while he was still alive. Three years before the start of the series, he was involved in the unsolved "Specimen Case" where he found a lead concerning the gruesome death of the victims. However, this eventually led to his death.

  • Abusive Parents: In the prequel novel, Sasayama's father was very abusive to him and his sister, whom he also raped. One time, he thought that he killed him in self-defense and turned himself to the police. He became an Enforcer after that.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He was very protective to the would-be victim, Tohko Kirino, who reminded him of his sister in the prequel novel.
  • Blood Knight: He doesn't mind shooting latent criminals down and seems to enjoy it.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: He was described as a womanizer who constantly harassed his female co-workers and had a short temper, but he nearly killed a guy after seeing him on top of the girl he kidnapped.
  • Cowboy Cop: He would really go against standard procedure in dealing suspicious people despite Shinya's order on not to do something stupid. In the New Edit, this leads to his death.
  • Fatal Flaw: His recklessness and obsession to take down Touma and Makishima got himself killed by them.
  • Hot-Blooded: Very reckless as Shinya described where he's the one who started the panic in the club which also results into a large fire in the area.
  • Posthumous Character: He died before the start of the series.
  • Precious Photo: Shinya has a picture of him as a reminder for his revenge.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: His death is the cause of Shinya's demotion to Enforcer, and why he's so determined to hunt down Makishima.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Like his buddy Shinya.
  • Stuffed into the Fridge: He ended up a victim of plastination, with his corpse being particularly gruesome and twisted. Shinya found his body first and did not take it very well.

    Sakuya Tōgane 

Enforcer Sakuya Tōgane

Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese), Christopher Sabat (English)

After all I'm my mother's child... that is, a child of Sibyl. My will is society's will. My eyes are society's eyes.

Sakuya Tougane is one of main characters of Psycho-Pass Season 2 who joins Akane's team. He used to be a therapist whose family worked in pharmaceuticals.

  • Ambiguously Evil: This becomes apparent about midway through the second season, though the opening also drops hints that he might not be what he seems. Apparently, it seems he's very interested in Akane's Psycho-Pass with the intent of darkening it and is aware that Mika's watching him. Becomes pretty clear once we find out he reports directly to Sibyl and is now planning to kill Akane along with Kamui.
  • Badass Baritone: Thanks to Christopher Sabat.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Sharper dressed than most characters in the show.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He's polite and friendly, but he also has the highest Crime Coefficient ever recorded in Sibyl's history. In Episode 7, a line of text briefly shown on his personnel file reveals that at the age of 10, his Coefficient was 769. He's also Sibyl's personal assassin.
  • The Corrupter: Wants to do this to Akane, obsessing over "painting her black".
    • Has a habit of doing this to all Inspectors he's assigned to, making them a target for Lethal Eliminator and executing them. His personnel file mentions five instances of this happening and it's not even a full record.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Even more than Kougami, if that's at all possible.
  • Enfant Terrible: He's a test tube baby designed from the ground up to be criminally asymptomatic, but backfired, causing him to have a high coefficient.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Everything he does is for his twisted love of his mother.
  • Foil: To Kamui. Whereas Kamui clears people's Hues, Tougane darkens them. While Kamui is trying to destroy the Tougane Foundation along with the Sibyl System because they caused the plane crash that destroyed his life, Tougane is devoted to protecting both as they quite literally created his life.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: He is a Designer Baby that was meant to artificially create a criminally asymptomatic person. But instead of having a pure Psycho-Pass, the experiment backfired and resulted in him having an incredibly high Crime Coefficient.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: He wants to corrupt Akane, so something's definitely up. Turns out he was planted in Akane's team in order to "take care of her" for the system.
  • Hunk: Just as his prototype, again giving Akane a chance of Eating the Eye Candy.
  • If I Can't Have You...: He loves his mother so much that as a child he killed her to prevent her from leaving him, directly causing his crime coefficient to rise.
  • Kick the Dog: Quite literally. Well, more like kill the dog. Twice.
    • He also manhandled Mika when she was terrified and is generally quite cruel towards her. And in episode nine, he killed Akane's Grandmother in The Stinger in an attempt to corrupt Akane.
  • Life-or-Limb Decision: In order to hunt down Kirito Kamui, he cuts off his hand due to being handcuffed to a pole.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Togane intends to provoke Akane into killing Kamui, thus eliminating two threats to the Sibyl System.
  • Meaningful Name: The syllables of his first name, Sa-ku-ya, respectively match the numbers 3, 9, and 8 in Japanese. Together, they form the experiment number his mother gave to him as a child.
  • Momma's Boy: Is really devoted to his mother, Misako Tougane, who is part of the Sibyl System. And in the final episode, he's horrified when he learned that she was killed by Kamui.
  • Mutual Kill: With Kirito Kamui, though he survives for a while afterwards as only his arm is blown off. Of course, he still bleeds out and dies soon after.
  • Non-Idle Rich: Is supposedly a heir to a large pharmaceutical company, but got his degree and practiced independently as a psychologist before showing an actionable Crime Coefficient.
  • Passing the Torch: He is rather accepting of his death, after he sees that Mika is just as much of a slave to the system as he is and will do whatever it takes to protect Sibyl.
  • Properly Paranoid: He keeps a hidden camera recording everything in his own room. Just in case some Inspector decides to go through his belongings on a whim.
  • Psycho Psychologist: Received his therapist license after his high criminal coefficient was discovered.
  • Stalker Shrine: Has a downplayed one to Akane in his room. Hidden in his room is a LOT of pictures of Akane. The strangest thing is these pictures have circles around her eyes, ears, and mouth.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Of Kougami, naturally. The opening even shows some parallels between them. This is likely intentionally invoked by him.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: To the point of sarcastically telling off Mika at any possible opportunity (he apparently takes offense at her "seen-it-all" haughtiness and fanatical attitude).
  • Villainous Breakdown: He goes completely off the deep end when Akane refuses to succumb to his corruption, let him kill Kamui, or prevent Kamui from judging Sybil.
  • Waistcoat of Style: Wears one under his jacket.
  • You Are Number 6: His name literally means "398", the number assigned to him by his mother, reflecting how he was born as her experiment to create a criminally asymptomatic person.

    Sho Hinakawa 

Enforcer Sho Hinakawa

Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese), Zach Bolton (English)

Sho Hinakawa is one of main characters of Psycho Pass 2 who joined Akane's team. Formerly a holo-tech designer, he still uses his skills to help out the team.

  • Adorkable: Shy, stuttery, and possibly the most innocent of the Enforcers. Shion even called him cute after reading up about his past.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Was able to detect a lapse in the rendering of Kamui's holographic disguise while at the medical facility.
  • Demoted to Extra: In the movie since the Sibyl System only sent Akane to deal with Kougami. And like Yayoi and Teppei, he barely had lines.
  • The Eeyore: Being a Perpetual Frowner aside, he's revealed to have suffered from severe depression.
  • Functional Addict: Similar to Masaoka with his alcohol, his dependence on drugs doesn't seem to hinder his skill as an Enforcer. He once empties an entire bottle of assorted medicines into his rice bowl while still working.
  • Messy Hair: A dark reddish mop that hides his left eye.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: His hair covers one of his eyes, and most of his face for that matter.
  • The Quiet One: He doesn't speak much and tends to give very short answers.
  • Shrinking Violet: Justified in that he's been suffering from severe depression for a long time. Also Subverted in that while he does suffer from depression, he does speak up for himself when he needs to and doesn't let it hinder him in his duties.

    Teppei Sugo 

Enforcer Teppei Sugo

Voiced by: Hiroki Tochi (Japanese), Mike McFarland (English)

An Enforcer who worked under Division 2 Inspector Risa Aoyanagi. After Aoyanagi's death, he is reassigned to Division 1 under Akane's command. He used to worked in a military drone construction facility and is a former drone pilot.

  • Chekhov's Skill: After we learn his background in drone construction, it becomes crucial in the next episode when the military drones are hacked and run amok throughout the base. He knows their weapons & limitations and comes up with the plan to destroy them.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The second movie of the Psycho-pass: Sinners of the System trilogy puts him as the main character, together with Masaoka where he used to be a former drone pilot.
  • Demoted to Extra: In the movie since the Sibyl System only sent Akane to deal with Kougami. And like Yayoi and Hinakawa, he barely had lines.
  • I Let Gwen Stacy Die: He blames himself for killing Aoyanagi without knowing that it's really her. He tries to apologize to Ginoza about it but Ginoza tells him that he was just following protocol... right before he then says not to come anywhere near him for a while.
  • My Greatest Second Chance: In the finale, he uses the Assault Dominator again... except this time he non-lethally paralyzes Inspector Shisui and saves Ginoza's life.
  • Retcon: The second season reveals that he used to be a military drone construction worker prior to his descent as a latent criminal and Enforcer. However, the Sinners of the System trilogy show that he's actually an accomplished drone pilot of the Defense Army's 15th Integrated Task Force.
  • Survivor Guilt: Strongly implied to be suffering from this after episode 4.
  • Unfriendly Fire: He's the one killed Aoyanagi with the Assault Dominator, not knowing the person with the 300+ Crime Coefficient was his own boss.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: While not really his home, it's clear that his coworkers at the drone facility didn't know he'd become an Enforcer for the Public Safety Bureau since he left the factory, and he is not comfortable making small talk with men who were once his friends.

Public Safety Bureau Support Personnel

    Shion Karanomori 

Shion Karanomori

Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese), Lydia Mackay (English)

A latent criminal employed by the Public Safety Bureau's Analysis division. She provides backup in most of Unit 1's cases by analyzing data, samples and evidence. It is hinted she is close to Yayoi.

  • Bi the Way: Confirmed by Word of God, as well as in supplemental material. She also flirts with both Yayoi and Shinya. The Psycho-Pass Profiling Book indicates she likes older men and cute women.
  • Could Say It, But...: Variation, she tells Shinya in Episode 18 that he shouldn't take Makishima's helmet and that he was taken off the Makishima case. Shion says this as she turns off the security features guarding the helmet and then adds that maybe she isn't sure that he was taken off any case.
  • Depraved Bisexual: Depraved due to her Latent Criminal status, and bisexual evident in both her apparent willingness to sleep with Shinya and her actual sex with Yayoi.
  • Expy: Perhaps not intentionally, but she shares many similarities with another sexy blonde from Criminal Minds who also happens to be a flirtatious technical analyst. Her relationship towards Shinya even mimics Garcia's relationship to the resident Genius Bruiser, and they've both been called the "Goddess of Information."
  • Hackette: Also performs hacking duties for the Bureau when needed, such as in the second season when she had to break into the Ministry of National Defense's servers.
  • The Lab Rat: She's in charge of analyzing evidence and never goes out in the field since she's also a latent criminal who isn't allowed to leave the MWPSB headquarters without the consent from those in charge.
  • Lady in Red: Wears a red and black dress under her white lab coat.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: The only thing she had to say to Shinya before he left? "Wait, I haven´t slept with you, have I?
  • Mission Control: Asides from analyzing evidence, she relays information to the team when they need help in tracking down the suspect.
  • Ms. Fanservice:
    • First time we saw her onscreen, she's putting her pantyhose back on. In episode 6, she's betting her bra. Ookay...
    • There's a scene of her discussing the fate of her former teammates with Yayoi in episode 22, after having sex with both of them naked. Happens again in season 2's episode 7.
  • Ship Tease:
    • With Yayoi. Later confirmed that they are sexual partners.
    • Brief one with Shinya in Episode 18.
  • Smoking Hot Sex: In Episode 22, while in bed with Yayoi.
  • Smoking Is Cool: She's very fond of smoking. You rarely see her without a cigarette on her hand or mouth.

    Jyoji Saiga 

Jyoji Saiga

Voiced by: Kazuhiro Yamaji (Japanese), Michael Federico (English)
There are times when you can't solve the problem by following the manual.

A former professor in criminology and social psychology who is also an expert in criminal profiling. Shinya Kougami is one of his former students. He lives secluded from society and dislikes the Sibyl System. In Season 2, he's now part of the Public Safety Bureau as an analyst.

  • Brutal Honesty: He doesn't sugarcoat things and is quick to point out that there are situations don't need to be resolved systematically.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Appears early on to help Shinya and Akane with their investigations, and again to help Shinya deduce Makishima's plans on how to make the Sibyl System obsolete after Makishima's first attempt to destroy the Sibyl System failed. In Season 2, he's recruited by Akane into the Public Safety Bureau as an analyst.
  • Cool Teacher: He's friendly to Shinya and is willing to teach Akane in a crash course on profiling.
  • Foreshadowing: Both the script and the camera place a huge deal of attention, during his interactions with Kougami in episode 20, to the fact that he grows his own real food rather than relying on processed hyper-oats like most Japanese. Incidentally, by the end of the episode he and Kougami correctly conclude that Makishima's master plan involves destabilizing Japanese society by sabotaging the hyper-oat crops that everyone depends on.
  • It's All My Fault: A minor one. He thinks it's his fault that Shinya went rogue and left Japan after killing Makishima which is why he turns himself in to the bureau. When Akane asked for his help for the Kamui case, he's a little hesitant at first until Akane reminded him that he helped her become a better detective.
  • Luxury Prison Suite: His cell in the isolation facility, as shown in Season 2 after he turned himself in. It even has a coffee maker.
  • Must Have Caffeine: You could frequently see him brewing and drinking coffee in most of his scenes.
  • Nice Guy: Though he has a sour expression often, he is always willing to help Shinya and gives his advice to anyone who comes to him. Same with Akane in the second season.
  • The Professor: Before the Sibyl System was established. But now, he's out of the job.
  • The Profiler: He used to be one before he took up teaching.
  • Sherlock Scan: He can do this Up to Eleven. One look at Akane, a person he'd never met before, and he could tell everything about her from her relationships to her inability to swim. In season 2, it's also how he identifies that Representative Masuda is an imposter.
  • Supreme Chef: While the extent of his skills is never outright confirmed, the mere fact that he insists on doing all of his own cooking from real ingredients he grows by himself appears to make him quite exceptional by 2110's standards.
  • Undying Loyalty: Despite that Shinya is just his former student, he knows that telling him how to find and understand Makishima will make it so that if he ever gets scanned by the Sibyl System again, he will either be jailed or killed. He helps Shinya anyways, and ends up jailed for it in season 2.

    Joushuu Kasei Warning: Walking Spoiler 

Director Joushuu Kasei

Voiced by: Yoshiko Sakakibara (Japanese), Linda Leonard (English)

The Director of the Public Safety Bureau who fully believes in the Sibyl System but still trusts the Enforcers and Inspectors to enforce the law. As Makishima becomes more and more of a threat, she gets more involved and leads the Enforcers and Inspectors to stop Makishima's plan. She also allows the Enforcers and Inspectors to use whatever means necessary to stop Makishima, seeing the threat he is becoming to society, as long as society is still standing.

In the second season, we find out that the Kasei body is modeled after an aged-up version of Misako Tougane, the first brain integrated into Sibyl.

  • Bad Boss: More than willing to let Ginoza take the blame for Kagari's disappearance...which arguably she/the Sibyl System killed.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Appears in a few scenes to establish her position as the head of the Public Safety Bureau, then kills Choe and Shusei and is revealed to be a cyborg that shares similarities with the Dominator in terms of design motifs inside her cyborg body.
  • Guile Hero: Quickly creates a counter-plan to Makishima's fake master plan. Her actions, combined with Shinya and Akane's action defeat Makishima anyways. Turns out she's not such a hero after all.
  • He Knows Too Much: Kills Shusei as soon as he sees inside the Sibyl System.
  • Hollywood Cyborg: With an inside similar to the Dominators, in terms of design.
  • Iron Lady: Literally and figuratively.
  • Mouth of Sauron: While she's the director, she speaks in behalf of the Sibyl System when meeting people or we could say, she's literally a mouthpiece of the system depending on whose brain is residing in her body.
  • Mutual Kill: Subverts this to Shusei's surprise, when her being a cyborg allows her to survive a point-blank shot (though her flesh comes off) and kill Choe with the Dominator.
  • Neutral Female: Prefers to lead and give her employees support and tactical advice. Justified due to her age. Or maybe not, considering she is a cyborg capable of surviving Makishima's goons and a direct shot to her face.
  • No-Sell: She brushes off all of Mika's concerns with Akane and reflects that Mika's own faults will probably end up getting her killed.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Subverted, kills Shusei and has the audacity to blame Ginoza.
  • Robotic Reveal: And a brutal one at that, see Mutual Kill.
  • Screw the Rules, I Make Them!: She provides the only time in the series where a Dominator's trigger is unlocked and fired without registering the target's data when she kills Choe Gu-sung in Nona Tower's secret basement. Then when pointed at Kagari, the Dominator is overridden to change into Decomposer Mode when Kagari's CC should only be enough to warrant Paralyzer Mode. This almost happens again in episode 18 when she forcibly changes Ginoza's Dominator into Eliminator Mode to make him kill Kougami, but fortunately Akane paralyzes Kougami first before that can happen.
  • Sharing a Body: The external "face" of the Sibyl System, she can be controlled by different brains/personalities that take turns inhabiting her.
  • Spanner in the Works: If Joushuu had not shown up to kill Choe and Shusei, Makishima's plan to create societal breakdown and destroy the Sibyl System would probably have worked.
  • Talking to Themself: There are several instances where she is alone in her office, but talking as if she is in a conversation. That means she's plugged into the interface in her chair and is consulting with the other brains in the Sibyl System.
  • Truly Single Parent: Misako Tougane, now a member of the Sibyl System, artificially created her son Sakuya Tougane.
  • Walking Spoiler: See the spoiler tags?
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: This trait is shown when she talks about how the Sibyl System is not perfect, but steps "must" be taken to make people think it is perfect to keep order. She also seems to think that the truth must be hidden from people.Which probably ties into why she killed Shusei as soon as he saw what the Sibyl System really is.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Tries this on Shinya, but is thwarted by Akane.
  • Younger Than They Look: Depends on which brain is using the body.


Season 1

    Shōgo Makishima 

Shōgo Makishima

Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese), Alex Organ (English)

I want to see the splendor of people's souls. I want to check and see if it really is precious. However, when humans base their lives around Sibyl’s, without ever consulting their own wills, do they really hold any value?

The main antagonist of the first season. A gifted individual with natural charisma at manipulating people and bringing their darkest urges to light, he serves as the mastermind behind many of the cases the Public Safety Bureau has to solve.

  • Above Good and Evil: How he views his actions. He questions whether Sibyl's judgement can truly tell good and evil apart.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: Shinya comes to believe that Makishima being criminally asymptomatic separated him from society, leading to Makishima not caring what he does to society.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Shinya, due to being involved with the case that killed Sasayama three years ago. Makishima also arguably becomes this to Akane, when he murders Yuki in front of Akane.
  • Badass Bookworm: One of the smartest characters in the series, if not THE smartest. He´s also a flippin´ ninja.
  • Badass Longcoat: At the end of Episode 20, he has one.
  • Badass Normal: No fancy guns or weapons, no particularly high-tech equipment and no incredibly huge database to go through, just a genius sociopath and his old-fashioned razor blade.
  • Big Bad: The mastermind behind many, many murders.
  • Bishōnen: He is very handsome as well as very deadly.
  • Blood Knight: Not only is he not actually an Non-Action Big Bad, he just doesn't like fighting since most people "bore" him and are no challenge. He fights Shinya and barely wins, but is shown to be loving the fight and sad it ended too quickly.
  • Byronic Hero: An Evil Counterpart to Shinya. The villain status makes him somewhat of a deconstruction, showing that when you put such character in a society which literally denies him right to exist, except as a brain in a jar, his go-to solution would be attempt to destroy said society, killing everyone who get in the way.
  • Contemplate Our Navels: Makishima is really fond of having philosophical and literary discussions when he monologues or is with someone else. The New Edit ramps it up.
  • The Corrupter: Provides tools and advice to others just to bring out their darkest instincts.
  • Cultured Badass: Well acquainted with literature, music and philosophy as well as ass-kicking. He even used a book to help him take down Touma.
  • Cursed with Awesome: When Kougami and Prof. Saiga are brainstorming together and trying to get a handle on Makishima's personality, Kougami speculates that the turning point in Makishima's life was when he realized he was criminally asymptomatic. But while most people would think this was great, Makishima would have seen this as a constant reminder of how isolated he is from society.
  • Dark Messiah: Has committed a number of terrible murders in order to provide awareness for people to live like human beings.
  • Defiant to the End: Doesn't beg for his life in his last moments and just mocks Kogami over the fact that he'll find someone like him to replace.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Has the biggest smile when he is about to destroy all of Japan's food, ruin the Sibyl System and cause societal breakdown.
  • Evil Counterpart:
    • To Shinya. Although they are foils, they have many similarities. Shinya is a Genius Bruiser Blood Knight while Shogo is a Badass Bookworm Blood Knight, and both are very cultured and have talents for planning, even if the planning is improvised. It gets Lampshaded and invoked in episode 19.
    • He could also be considered this to Akane: Both of them have unusually low Crime Coefficients and have their issues with the Sibyl System.
  • Evil Laugh: After killing Masaoka, he has the nerve to smile while looking at Ginoza grieving and then outright laughs at Shinya's disapproval of Makishima.
  • Evil Mentor: To Kozaburo Toma and Rikako Oryo, as he facilitated and encouraged the murders they committed. He even says it himself during his last message to Rikako, when Senguji is hunting her down.
  • Evil vs. Evil: With the Sibyl System. Which of them is the Lighter Shade of Black has yet to be shown.
  • Expy: Of Johan Liebert. Based on looks, he resembles the anti-social Hayato Gokudera from Katekyō Hitman Reborn!! by Akira Amano, Makishima's character designer. However, if you also consider his obvious society-destroying designs and mind games, he's also pretty close to Byakuran of the same anime. (Heck, there's even a doujin portraying his as Byakuran and Mukuro's child)
  • Face Death with Dignity: Realizing that his plan failed and that he's bleeding very badly, Makishima accepts his fate as Shinya executes him with his pistol.
  • Famous Last Words:
    "Say, what do you think Kogami...after this will you be able to find a replacement for me?"
  • Far East Asian Terrorists: He's considered as one by the Sibyl System in the 1st season until they asked him to join him due being asymptomatic.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Can go from nice and charming to violent and sociopathic, in no time at all.
  • Foil: Set up as Shinya's foil, evident even in their contrasting appearances. Shinya has fairly normal but obviously muscular looks while Makishima is white-haired, thin and with golden eyes. Shinya is a BloodKnight, Makishima prefers to not fight if needed; Shinya wants to improve society but (mostly) follows the laws that the Sibyl System has created, Makishima is an Übermensch whose actions are dangerous for society and does not care for the Sibyl System's laws, etc. Even their fighting styles are downplayed foils.
  • Feet-First Introduction: In the New Edit of episode 1, the first thing we see Makishima is a close-up of his shoe tapping on the stairway while narrating.
  • Fragile Speedster: Makishima is fast and strong enough to fight and defeat an admittedly-wounded Shinya, in addition to previously quickly and easily taking down three armed thugs, but Akane knocks him out with a single surprise helmet-strike to the back of the head.
  • Genre Savvy: Really loves dystopian fiction and social satire. He readily finds parallels and distinctions between the world around him and the works of George Orwell, William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, and Jonathan Swift. An official character book reveals that his favorite books are Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and Foucault's Discipline and Punishment, which opened his eyes to the true nature of the Sibyl System.
  • Gold and White Are Divine: White hair, golden eyes and a completely pure Crime Coefficient. Overlaps heavily with Light Is Not Good because he's a mass-murdering psychopath whose impossibly low CC renders him immune to Sibyl's judgement, so they decide that the only other option is to add him to their ranks. Kougami makes sure that doesn't happen.
  • Go Out with a Smile: True to his character, he seems almost happy that Kougami is the one to execute him, and dies with a gentle smirk on his face.
  • Hannibal Lecture: Fond of giving these to people he's lost interest in. Long winded lectures of why they failed to keep his interest and tearing down the concept behind the Sibyl system are his favourites.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Gets taken down by Akane with one of his own helmets. Akane then promptly arrests him.
  • Knife Nut: Kills a lot of people with a straight razor.
  • La Résistance: He works to bring the Sibyl system down behind the scenes because he believes it's bringing society into stagnation.
  • Leitmotif: An Ethereal Choir backed by a One-Woman Wail.
  • Light Is Not Good: Dresses all in white, has platinum hair and looks quite angelic. Don't let it fool you for a second.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Since he doesn't jump into the action himself, he relies on his evangelist-like talents to convince people. Very fond of using others' weaknesses to turn them into killers and eventually discarding them when they bore him.
  • Motive Rant: Has one in Episode 21 before him and Shinya get ready to have a knife fight.
  • Mugging the Monster: Three thugs in Episode 14 decide Makishima will be easy pickings for them. They are wrong. VERY wrong.
  • Mysterious Past: There is almost nothing known about his past. Even the "Official Profiling" databook indicates that his age, birthplace, and educational and occupational history are all unknown. The closest we ever get is when Kougami and Saiga theorize about what made him turn to crime.
  • Non-Action Big Bad: Subverted, he may not like to fight but he certainly knows how to. Though he will like to fight if he feels he'll get a challenge from someone.
  • Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist: Makishima claims that Sibyl is detrimental to humanity and that all humans should be able to decide and feel for themselves. While he does make a point about the former, his idea for the latter involves corrupting people into giving into their darkest desires and become serial killers for his amusements and has no problem offing these people off when they are no longer amusing him. In short while the ideologies Makishima and the Sybil System share are polar opposites he proves to be just as bad, if not WORSE than the Sybil System.
  • Perpetual Smiler: In contrast to the usually frowning Shinya.
  • Pretty Little Headshots: How he dies from Shinya using Masaoka's revolver.
  • Psychotic Smirk: Gets this expression when he is having a fight he enjoys or has just done something truly terrible. His biggest smirk is after killing Masaoka in front of Ginoza.
  • Pure Is Not Good: The Sibyl System doesn't recognize him as an unstable person, to the point where his Psycho-Pass slowly drops to 0 while he is killing someone.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized: His actions to oppose the Sibyl system include really gruesome murders.
  • Shut Up, Kirk!: Does this to Shinya's accusations of his motivations in Episode 21.
  • The Sociopath: Shows very little empathy towards those who suffer or die as a result of his machinations.
  • The Übermensch: Values the free will of humanity and 'tests' people to act in accordance to their true will and desires, and holds the Psycho-Pass system and what it has done to Japan as his Last Man. Like the Trope Namer in Nietzsche's writings, he is literally impossible to judge by the 'slave morality' imposed by Sibyl.
  • Villain Has a Point: What makes him so appealing is that his criticisms of the Sibyl System is actually spot on.
  • Villainous Friendship: With Choe. When Makishima sees video footage of Choe's death, he is shown to be momentarily disturbed; a huge contrast to how Makishima normally reacts to death. Is also on an amiable basis with Senguji.
  • Weapon of Choice: His straight razor.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: While the rest of the cast has fairly realistic colors, Makishima has white hair and sinister golden eyes.
  • Wicked Cultured: Very refined and always seen with a book. He quotes Shakespeare, and discusses societal issues and philosophy with Senguji.
  • Worthy Opponent: Sees Shinya more and more as one as the series goes on. The last episode has Makishima and Shinya knife fight, and Makishima seems to appreciate and admire Shinya, so much that he might even see Shinya as a kindred spirit or even a warped version of a friend. Makishima's last words have him wondering if Shinya will ever find someone who could replace him, just before Shinya shoots him.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He won't just hit one; he'll kill one. Slashing Yuki's throat, for instance.
  • Yellow Eyes of Sneakiness: A talented Serial Killer and manipulator, with the yellow-golden eyes to match.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Or rather, 'you have outlived your entertainment value'. He abandoned people he had turned into murderers twice. If you're not entertaining anymore, you are most likely dead.

    Choe Gu-Sung 

Choe Gu-Sung

Voiced by: Yasunori Masutani (Japanese), David Wald (English)
When you know there is something behind the curtain, you just got to look.

A Korean immigrant hacker who has known Makishima for years and is instrumental in advancing his plans.

Season 2

    Kirito Kamui 

Kirito Kamui

Voiced by: Ryohei Kimura (Japanese), Clifford Chapin (English)

"The fact that something is false does not invalidate its existence. You all failed to recognize that."

The main antagonist of season 2. He believes that latent criminals can be still be saved.

  • Affably Evil: Although Kamui seems obsessed with making peoples' hues clear and still allowing them to do whatever they want (even crime), he can be quite friendly to people even when removing one of their eyes and forcibly drugging them, as he did to Inspector Shisui, all while giving her life advice.
  • Alliterative Name: Kirito Kamui
  • Alone in a Crowd: This is depicted as we find out how he gradually became less and less recognized by Sibyl, to the point that nobody in society would ever acknowledge his existence.
  • Anti-True Sight: Somehow, he is completely invisible to the Sibyl System. It's because he's a Walking Transplant who has so many foreign organs implanted in him that the overload of clashing biometric data renders Sibyl unable to get any kind of read on him.
  • Anti-Villain: Brutal as his measures may be, Kamui does genuinely believe he's bettering society by forcing Sibyl to reevaluate it's criteria and thinks he's paving the way for a better future.
  • Ascended Extra: A rather unusual example. Kamui did in fact make a few appearances during the advents of Season 1, disguised as the minor character Riku Mukojima, Ginoza's therapist. He later goes on to becoming the Big Bad of Season 2.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: He got exactly what he wanted in the end: the Logic Bomb nature of his existence and death forced Sibyl to judge itself, causing them to execute some of their more 'unstable' members.
    • However, driving the Sibyl System 'less insane' had consequences: it made them more dangerous and powerful than before considering that they expanded their control outside Japan.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: For a guy who was sewn together from multiple bodies, he looks pretty fine, with only a few scars near his jaw line as far as we can tell. Averted though in the final episode where we see his appearance is really just another hologram. In reality, he looks pretty ugly with multiple different colored sections of skin clearly sewn together, so one can understand why he always uses a hologram.
  • Best Served Cold: Almost literally in episode 9. With the help of a friend of his who is an official in the Ministry of Transportation, he manages to gather all the politicians who covered up the Season of Hell in one place and has them served food that is actually human organs under a holo-disguise. This causes their Crime Coefficients to shoot up to triple digit levels as Kamui's followers then shoot them with Dominators.
  • Big Bad: Replacing Makishima for the second season, where he's now the one disrupting the status quo with his schemes.
  • Body Horror: There's a good reason why he wears holographic disguises.
  • Borrowed Biometric Bypass: He takes out Inspector Shisui's eye and replaces one of his own with it so he can use her Dominator. Later, he tasks Dr. Masuzaki with finding a way to equip the rest of his followers with Dominators, which Masuzaki does by creating some kind of glove that is keyed to Shisui's biometrics.
  • The Chessmaster: Kamui moves several pieces ahead of time such as prepping his followers by using the identities of those who died in the plane crash, kidnapping and convincing Shisui to join his side, tricking several members of PSB into vulnerable areas so he can steal the Dominators along with killing several people and causing chaos along the way. In the end, he outsmarts the friggin' Sibyl System and forced them to eliminate several of their members. Even Akane can't do anything to stop him and lets him do the deed considering that she saw the system flawed. Killing him with the Dominator is actually his death wish.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: Both Makishima and Kamui are against the Sybil System, but their ways and the problems they pose for the system are quite different. Where Makishima and his methods was centered around a theme of individualistic anarchy, Kamui's running theme was the idea of collectivised crime. This is also neatly reflected in their character designs; where Makishima has highly distinctive looks, Kamui is a very generic looking person, even with his scars and Mismatched Eyes. Finally, unlike Makishima, who employs people so long as they keep on entertaining him, Kamui appears to be genuinely concerned for their well-being.
  • The Corrupter: Unlike Makishima who attempts to show a person's darkest instincts regardless of increasing one's crime coefficient, Kamui is focused on lowering the crime coefficient to make the hues clear but at the same time, lets them commit crimes whatever they want.
  • The Cracker: A truly vicious one. In Episode 5, he links a whole fleet of military attack Drones to a portable video game. People think they're playing one of those harmless portable game wherein you shoot harmless chickens and pixels on a screen. In reality, they're unwittingly controlling military attack drones armed with miniguns who are shooting actual people. He does this to portable devices all over the city of Tokyo.
  • Dark Messiah: This man inspires followers to cult-like devotion, to the point where they are even willing to commit suicide just to protect him.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He can't stand the corrupt politicians who enabled the Season of Hell to occur, for what happened during said time and for what they've done to others.
  • Evil Counterpart: Is shaping up to be one to Tsunemori as he is showing signs of a Wide-Eyed Idealist believing that the Sibyl System is wrong in judging people.
  • Expy: Seems to be one to the Laughing Man. Both are black-haired young men who wear blue winter clothes and have the uncanny ability of not being well-registered by the cyberpunk system in control.
  • Far East Asian Terrorists: Is this for the second season.
  • The Ghost: Is this in-verse to Sibyl who is informed about his existence by Akane, but is not able to measure his CC and therefore cannot "see" him. They could measure his Crime Coefficient if they measured collective Psycho-Passes but that would mean they could be judged.
  • Go Out with a Smile: As he dies, he smiles to Akane.
  • Kill and Replace: One major facet of his plan involves killing high-ranking members of society, and inserting his men in their place after they have undergone numerous organ transplants and plastic surgery to resemble them, such as Representative Masuda.
  • Lima Syndrome: He becomes very close with Inspector Shisui after kidnapping her and taking her eye out, regularly holding her tight and apologizing for what he did to her.
  • Many Spirits Inside of One: Considers himself the amalgam of all the people whose organs were used to reconstruct his body. Unlike most examples of the trope, this is meant to be metaphorical and not literal.
  • Master of Disguise: He has 184 disguises to choose from.
  • Master of Illusion: He's an expert programmer when it comes to generating holograms. He was able to fool the entire CID in the first episode through the use of a holographic female hostage and holographic bombs. Hinakawa's analysis of the hostage's image reveals that it was based off of an 8-year old girl who died 15 years ago and aged up appropriately, wrapped in layers and layers of holo-fields that would fool even the most sophisticated scanners.
  • Meaningful Name: While his first name is practically guaranteed to bring to mind another popular anime character, his last name is the Ainu word for a divine being and is a very rare Japanese name. For an even bigger meaning, he uses an extremely unusual choice of kanji: Kamui is usually written as 神威 ("powerful god") but his last name is written as 鹿矛囲 ("deer surrounded by spears")... which is a perfect description of Japan's population ruled by Sibyl.
  • Mix-and-Match Man: The reason for his invisibility. He's got the parts of 184 other people grafted into him. As far as the Sybil system can measure, he's a massive group of people in one, and the Sybil System cannot measure a large collective, without allowing itself to be judged.
  • Mutual Kill: Dies blowing off Tougane's arm, which later kills Tougane.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Though he did get what he wanted in the end, it turns out that his "judgment" on the Sibyl System via forcing them to remove their defective brains made them more dangerous, more powerful and more manipulative than before as demonstrated in the movie where they tricked everyone in order to expand their control on SEA Un and possibly, the whole world.
  • Passing the Torch: Before he dies, he admits that he wants Akane to one day judge the Sibyl System and knows that someone will one day continue to do so.
  • Pet the Dog: Numerous instances. He ensured that Shisui was unconscious and sedated, and remained alive when he removed her eye. He lowered Inspector's Shisui's psycho-pass when her crime-coefficient was too high. He was able to rescue the elderly hostage taker from Episode 4 from eustress defficiency (a coma-like illness), and even offered to help the man escape from the surrounding inspectors. Compared to Makishima at least, Kamui is far more polite and considerate to his cohorts.
  • Psycho Psychologist: Very effective as a therapist and not unwilling to kill others if necessary.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: He's the sole survivor of a horrific plane crash, caused by the Sibyl System, that killed over 200 people, including all his classmates. His body was repaired by taking body parts from the other survivors, then grafting and implanting into his ruined body. The surgeries were very difficult and painful, and had almost non-existant chance of survival. Miraculously, he survived again. As his body gradually accepted the new body parts, the Sibyl System gradually lost its ability to scan him. As far as the Sibyl System is concerned, he's nothing more than a pile of corpses. When he tried to talk to people, they just ignored or dismissed him. He eventually became completely isolated from society. He eventually investigated what happened during the Season of Hell, and he discovered that the plane crash was caused by the Sibyl System. During that time, there was a replacement for the Sibyl System called Panopticon. When Panopticon was tested on traffic monitoring to see if it was ready, the Sibyl System used bribes and intimidation, as well as caused accidents, to cause the number of accidents to spike. The Sibyl System arranged for all those deaths in order to avoid being replaced. When he found out that all the horror and pain he suffered was due to the Sibyl System, he decided to take action against Sibyl. He acquired the skills and knowledge to lower other people's Hues, and started installing his followers into key positions of power, all to take down the Togane Foundation, and the Sibyl System.
  • The Shrink: Can reduce the crime coefficient of others to the point that they can be considered criminally asymptomatic. Also masqueraded as Ginoza's therapist.
  • Sole Survivor: He's the only survivor of a plane crash incident which killed 205 people. Apparently, he's using the identities of the deceased to have his followers impersonate them for his plan and to remain hidden from the Sibyl System.
  • Survivor Guilt: It is strongly implied that he suffers from this, and that his whole mission is to find justice for the other people who died on that fateful plane crash. His friend Koichi Kuwashima most definitely feels this, as in a twist of fate, he happened to be moving the week before the plane took off and missed his flight.
  • "Take That!" Kiss: Planted one on Inspector Shisui right after he paralyzed her with a hypodermic injection, then forced her hand up and made her pull the trigger on Enforcer Yamatoya.
  • Talking the Monster to Death: What his goal all along essentially was. In the ending, he forces the Sibyl System to acknowledge a major flaw in its methods (its inability to only judge individuals and not a collective), and the realization of this causes the Sibyl System to terminate a large number of its brains (which would almost certainly be the most violent criminals it integrated) in order to reduce its own Crime Coefficient to zero.
  • Undying Loyalty: He inspires this among his followers. These include Inspector Shisui, the doctor who operated on him as a child, and illegal immigrants he has recruited to take the place of certain individuals in society.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: He only wants revenge on Masako Togane and the Sibyl System for stitching him with several organs and body parts of the people who died in that plane crash which the system committed and covered up. He finally got what he wanted by killing Masako and forcing the system to judge itself via eliminating the brains with high Crime Coefficient. What he didn't anticipated is that the system is doing an internal clean-up to remove those brains that contributed to their weaknesses, leaving the real criminally asymptomatic ones (read: the sociopathic ones) in charge. Because of his actions, the system can focus on extending its control outside Japan and possibly the whole world by manipulating everyone including Akane in order to control SEAUn, getting the leader of the region assassinated once he realized what they really are and distracting Akane to chase Kougami which nearly got her killed. Too bad Kamui isn't alive to see what he had done.
  • Villain Has a Point: He is completely correct in his opinion of the flaws and failings of the Sibyl System. Of course, his methods for showing it are often horrific.
  • Villainous Rescue: He shows up at the end of episode 10 during Tougane and Akane's confrontation, then in the finale, when Tougane is doing his hardest to darken Akane's Hue, he terminates Tougane at the cost of his own life.
  • Walking Techbane: The insanely high number of foreign organs in his body cause his Psycho-Pass readings to register so far beyond the margins of error Sibyl is supposed to recognize that it ends up not registering at all.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Kamui is willing to kill innocents and corrupt whoever he needs but at the end of the day, all he's hoping to do is force Sibyl to improve so it will be a better ruling system for humanity.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: He was the pharmacist being attacked by the old man at the mental care facility. He and his accomplice were clearly waiting for Aoyanagi to show up before staging the attack.
  • Xanatos Gambit: The Sibyl System is either forced to admit it can't judge Kamui, indicating that it isn't fit to rule, or it forgoes the inability to be judged in order to eliminate him, rendering it susceptible to society's laws (i.e. judgment due to the crimes committed by the brains compromising it).
    • And it works, forcing the Sibyl System to allow numerous of its members to die.

Latent Criminals

    Season 1 

Nobuo Okura

Voiced by: Shouto Kashi (Japanese), Ian Sinclair (English)

The perp in the first episode, which also happened to be the Akane's first day on the job. A harried office drone with permanently butted Psycho Pass, he was frequently harrassed and bullied for his high Crime Coefficient until he finally snapped and kidnapped a woman from the street.

  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Wears glasses and is a latent criminal.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Meets his end when his entire body minus his legs is blown up by the Dominator shot.
  • Then Let Me Be Evil: See Tragic Villain. He specifically mentions that since he was scanned with a high enough Psycho Pass, his life is basically ruined at this point, so he might as well beat and rape his hostage.
  • Tragic Villain: In a disturbing way, he shows that if the Sibyl System didn't exist, a lot of problems could have been avoided. He most likely wouldn't have snapped and committed horrible crimes if he wasn't constantly bothered about his Psycho-Pass rating for years. Unfortunately, he decides that if everyone believes he is a criminal, then he will fulfill their expectations... and goes too far to prove everyone right.
  • Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: The only villain to be shown raping anyone onscreen so far. Also the only named character to get gibbed for a few episodes. Rest in pieces, asshole.
  • Villain of the Week: Number 1, as he appeared in Episode 1. He is also the only villain in the entire show to have absolutely no connection to the Big Bad.

Masatake Mido

Voiced by: Takahiro Mizushima (Japanese), Eric Vale (English)

Some people just take the 'Net life too seriously, and Mido definitely was one of them. A big fan of countercultural 'Net personalities, he took upon himself to preserve the "purity" of their mission, lest they "sell out".

  • Determinator: Will do anything to interact with the online avatars he enjoys, even running away from police while he has only one arm, since the other was exploded by a Dominator.
  • Empty Shell: Makishima believes Mido relies so much on other peoples' online identities because Mido doesn't know or have his own identity. Mido doesn't really have a good response against this accusation.
  • Internet Mimic: He pretended to be both Talisman and Spooky Boogy after killing both their original owners. The avatars and their Commu-Fields became more popular while he was impersonating their owners.
  • Loony Fan: Believes that he is setting his victims' avatars free by killing them.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: He gets shot THREE times by the lethal Dominator.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Once Makishima has no interest in him anymore, he leaves him at the mercy of the Enforcers.

Rikako Ōryō

Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese), Brina Palencia (English)

A student in one of the nowadays rare Girls School where the rich and powerful send their daughters to protect them from the ouside world and keep their Psycho Passes clear. A daughter of the once famous surrealist painter, who gradually lost the will to livenote  and was hospitalized till his death, she wanted to preserve his legacy by building the sculptures inspired by his paintings.

  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: She has long, black hair, pale skin and looks imposing compared to her classmates, befitting the traditional ideal of beauty present in the trope. She is also shown to be aloof and popular at school because of the proper lady image she puts forward.
  • Asshole Victim: She gets chased by mechanical dogs in an underground complex, steps on a bear trap, gets her hand sliced up by one of said mechanical dogs, and then gets shot point blank in the face with a shotgun. But after everything she has done, its hard to feel too bad.
  • Ax-Crazy: Her idea of honouring her father's work is to butcher people and turn them into deranged sculptures.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: She treats her schoolmates politely and even comforts one of her soon-to-be victims...but it's just a ruse to get close to them and turn them into one of her "artworks".
  • Boom, Headshot!: She meets her death by Senguji firing a gun point-blank in her face.
  • Broken Ace: Beautiful, charming, intelligent and talented, she has it all. Underneath that though, she's a psychotic Serial Killer who brutally murders her victims and turns them into grotesque human sculptures.
  • Club President: She's the president of the Art Club.
  • Cool Big Sis: Acts this way toward her classmates, personally inviting two girls to her art club and comforting Yoshika about her problems with her stepfather. It's a ruse to lure them in so she can murder them and deform their bodies into grotesque art pieces.
  • Daddy's Girl: Her love of art comes from her father's work. The twisted lengths she'll go to in order to create it, however, are an extremely warped and terrifying extension of this trope.
  • Dissonant Serenity: She keeps her calm and graceful composure even when she's talking to a corpse in her bed or when about to work on her "art".
  • Dramatic Irony: Her father made gruesome paintings to teach others how cruel violence can be according to Makishima, but was genuinely a good man. Let's just say, Rikako does not make art with this in mind.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: She has long black hair and skin pale as a ghost. She's also a Serial Killer who turns her victims into morbid horror-sexual sculptures.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Because she is refined, dignified and elegant, her schoolmates admire her and even fall for her.
  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: A beautiful, intelligent and well-read teenage girl who just happens to be a Serial Killer, Psycho Lesbian, and Mad Artist. In that order.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Despite being wounded by a bear-trap, having her hand sliced open and facing the end of a shotgun, her last act is to defiantly tell Senguji that he will eventually meet a fate like hers.
  • Fatal Flaw: Her lack of imagination, shown in the fact that her art and M.O. are influenced wholesale by her father, Titus Andronicus and Makishima. Ultimately this is what allows Kogami to get a lead on her and Makishima to lose interest in her
  • Famous Last Words: You too will be discarded when Mr. Makishima gets bored of you.
  • Hime Cut: A pristine version. It compliments her appearance as a perfect high-class lady.
  • I Love the Dead: In one scene, she's talking to someone she has in her bed...and then she pulls back the cover to reveal that her bedmate is already dead.
  • Ironic Hell: She is an artist above all, using living bodies as materials for her sculptures. In the end, Senguji makes smoking pipes out of her bones.
  • Loony Fan: She holds her father's art in very high regard and took it upon herself to continue making art like him only now with actual people.
  • Mad Artist: Her paintings and sculptures, inspired by the work of her late father, depict female bodies in rather gruesome and uncanny positions and shapes. This reflects on Rikako herself who is rather...unhinged.
  • Mercy Kill: Zig-Zagged, her targets are vulnerable girls whose Hues are at risk of becoming cloudy and is heavily implied to give them a relatively painless death. However, this is a result of her wanting to recreate Lavinia's death from Titus Andronicus, rather than any concern for the individual in question.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: She loves her father's gruesome art and wants to continue making art like him, only with actual people.
  • Off with Her Head!: Courtesy of a rifle to the face, at close range.
  • Parental Abandonment: Her mother is nowhere to be found and her father was hospitalized until his death.
  • Psycho Lesbian: Heavily implied that she seduces her female schoolmates before killing them.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair is long enough to reach down to her hips.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: She has long black hair and really pale skin and she's popular among the girls of her school for her beauty.
  • Revenge: In a way, Rikako wanted this for what society and the Sibyl System had done to her Dad. By the Sibyl System taking away her father's ability to make art, he lost the will to live. Makishima believes Rikako makes "real" versions of her father's violent art as a way to "get back" at society. Considering the only person Rikako has any respect for is her father, and how Rikako tells Makishima about how she despises her society and the Sibyl System...
  • School Idol: She's very popular at her school because of her looks and intelligence.
  • Serial Killer: Her on-screen kill count is the highest in the show. Her M.O. is always the same: lure in or kidnap girls from her school, kill them, and plastinate them into weird, contorted "art pieces" and display them for the world to see.
  • The Sociopath: She hides her emotionless nature behind a polite and friendly facade, manipulates her victims by pretending to care about them before murdering them in gruesome ways, and she wants to attract as much attention as possible with her "art".
    Shimotsuki: Her eyes...are sometimes blank.
  • Teens Are Monsters: Made especially clear by the fact that she has the highest Psycho-Pass rating displayed in the entire series to date, well over 400.
  • Uncanny Valley Girl: She's beautiful, charming, popular, admired by her schoolmates for her looks and seems the perfect girl in every aspect. Except she's secretly a Serial Killer who turns her victims into grotesque human sculptures.
  • The Vamp: She uses her charm and beauty to seduce her victims.
  • Villainous Breakdown: She suffers this after Makishima grows bored of her and leaves her to die.
  • Wicked Cultured: Like Makishima, she displays an interest in Shakespeare's tragedies, particularly Titus Andronicus, which she uses as an influence.

Senguji Toyohisa

Voiced by: Katsumi Chou (Japanese), Charlie Campbell (English)

Rich and cultured industrialist behind the influential company producing bionic limbs and stuff, he's a complete cyborg and advocates the cyborgization as a way to the better world (and immortality). Unfortunately, his company still haven't perfected the way out of The Fog of Ages, so he's fighting it for now by hunting people for fun.

  • Ax-Crazy: When you hunt people in order to feel alive, you might not be right in the head either.
  • Creepy Souvenir: Uses Rikako's bones to make smoking pipes.
  • Cultured Badass: Enjoys having intellectual discussions with Makishima and is able to fight toe-to-toe with Kogami in a gun fight.
  • Cyborg: His body is completely robotic except his brain and spinal column.
  • Death by Irony: Kills people for Makishima, ends up (indirectly) killed by him.
  • Evil Old Folks
  • Expy: Of Yagyu Jouansai from Nitroplus' visual novel Full Metal Daemon Muramasa, when he is wearing goggles. His hobby of making human part souvenirs is modeled after another antagonist in the same VN, the monk Doushin.
  • The Fog of Ages: Senility is the only affect of aging relevant to his cyborg body (they've been unable to keep brains working past 150), and he hopes that the science would make it irrelevant by the full brain digitization — a technology he's lavishly funding. For now he tries to stave it of by Hunting the Most Dangerous Game.
  • Foreign Culture Fetish: Dresses and lives in a fashion to akin to that of an english gentleman from the Victorian/Edwardian period.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: When he's shot in the back with the dominator most of his back seems to explode leaving just the front half of his body, with his creepy face intact.
  • Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: His M.O. Is supplied 'prey' by Makishima..
  • Graceful Loser: Smiles even when he is just about to be exploded by Shinya's Dominator.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Kills Rikako.
  • Leitmotif: Beethoven's 9th Symphony, Fourth Movement.
  • Right Hand Robot Attack Dog
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!/Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: Openly despises the Sibyl System and calls himself "a player" for whom it doesn't count.
  • Serial Killer: When the team find his hunting ground they come to the conclusion that he has "hunted" dozens of people
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Because of the cybernetics making up his face, he is prone to this.
  • Uncanny Valley: His cybernetic body isn't as advanced as Chief Kasei's, so while it looks realistic in a still photograph actually interacting with him reveals a disturbing lack of body language, blinking, and breathing motions.
  • Verbal Tic: Has a habit of metaphorically referring to his victims to the type game animal he thinks they are most similar to. Something that Makishima briefly teases him about.
  • Villainous Friendship: Is on amiable terms with Makishima, who he often hosts at his manor.
  • Weapon of Choice: A double-barrelled hunting shotgun.
  • Wicked Cultured: Of course, given that he's rich, mentions Plato in his interview and discusses societal issues and philosophy with Makishima.
  • Worthy Opponent: How he ultimately comes to view his hunt of Kogami, even as he is about to be killed by the Dominator.

Tōma Kōzaburō

Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura (Drama CD)
There's a limit to the amount of pleasure a person can obtain. But pleasure brought out by intellect is infinite.

Touma was a criminal in the backstory who killed many and turned their corpses to plastic, to make "art". He eventually managed to kill Sasayama before being caught. After Touma was captured, he disappeared. Touma was at least friends with Makishima at some point in the past.

  • Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence: Believes this has happened to him, since he is a part of the Sibyl System.
  • Ax-Crazy: Even as Kasei, he has this trait.
  • A God Am I: Believes this once he has become part of the Sibyl System.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: In the prequel novel, Touma's childhood wasn't really a happy one. He never met his dad and his mom resorted into drugs to clear her hue. She never lets him and his twin sister out of the house until she overdosed. His sister started stealing and killing people and even has a disturbing affection to her brother. But Touma strangled her to death and stuffed her in the freezer where he could talk to her everyday until he was found by a charity group.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Goes from a teacher to a Serial Killer to part of the Sibyl System.
  • The Ghost: Never has a physical appearance in the story, until we find out that Touma's brain is in the Police Chief's body in Episode 17.
  • Hobbes Was Right: Believes that humans need leaders more intelligent than they are.
  • Irony: A serial killer masquerading as the Director of Public Safety Bureau. Yeah, doesn't need much more explanation.
  • Mad Artist: Formerly.

    Season 2 

Akira Kitazawa

Voiced by: Takuya Sato (Japanese), Duncan Brannan (English)

A demolition site supervisor. He could have become an elite member of society because of his high intelligence, but the Sibyl System decided that his irregular temperament butted his Hue too frequently and that his current job suited him better. His disillusionment over his life being chosen for him has led him to denounce the System through terrorist bombings.

  • Chekhov's Gun: He mentioned he had other bombs ready to explode in episode 2, but he got eliminated before he could detonate them. These bombs reappear in episode 10, when Division 3 attempts to use them to destroy the hijacked subways. Unfortunately for them, Kitazawa had already provided Kamui with the detonation codes and the bombs fail to explode.
  • Far East Asian Terrorists: Becomes one after he got disillusioned over how the Sibyl System affected his life.
  • Hope Spot: Akane's words of encouragement to him allow him to be taken in alive and perhaps to give him a second lease on life. Then his Coefficient somehow drops like a rock while in custody, which clears him to be transferred out of prison, and he uses the opportunity to try to escape and continue his crimes, this time lethally.
  • Mad Bomber: While he might not enjoy it he does seem mad enough to use a bomb on himself. It gets worse in episode 2.
  • Never Hurt an Innocent: His intention is to inspire the populace to revolt against Sibyl. To that end, he ensures that his publicly placed bombs will not harm anyone and will only raise Area Stress levels. However, he has no qualms against killing members of the Public Security Bureau, since they are the arms of Sibyl. Subverted in the second episode when the bomb he detonates does kill almost a dozen people.
  • Starter Villain: For season 2.
  • Taking You with Me: When cornered on a rooftop, he reveals that he has bombs strapped to his chest and will press the detonator. Fortunately, the situation is able to be defused.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Considering the nature of the Sibyl System...


    Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness Characters 

Nadeshiko Kugatachi

Voiced by: Aya Endo

A 25-year old MWPSB Investigator with a case of amnesia. Her lost memories may have something to do with a mysterious teenager named Alpha.

  • Emotionless Girl: She emotes very little and has very downplayed reactions to even the most shocking events. Kagari wonders early on if she's supposed to be some kind of human equivalent of a Drone and jokes that she must have been built in a lab. Yayoi gets a bit offended on her behalf.
  • Identity Amnesia: Prior to the game, she has a case of amnesia. The only thing she knows is her name.
  • Meaningful Name: Nadeshiko, considering who is voicing her.

Takuma Tsurugi

Voiced by: Shin-ichiro Miki

A 25-year old MWPSB Enforcer, he loves to chase down women and sees himself as a womanizer.

  • The Casanova: Game information reveals that he sees himself as one in the force.


Voiced by: Yuuki Kaji

A 15-year old teenager who has mysterious ties to Nadeshiko, pertaining with her lost memory.

  • A God Am I: He turns into this near the end of the game when he believes he will bring happiness to everyone whether they want it or not.
  • Big Bad: Of the game.
  • The Corrupter: He's responsible for corrupting every criminal in this case.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: His cyborg form is this.
  • Unknown Character: In the Happiness Without Choice game. Not much is given, but game information reveals that he's in the island the team travels onto and his backstory is the key to the game's plot.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: His idea of happiness is to keep everyone's Hues down by pumping them full of a mix of stress relief drugs called Heaven's Gate.

    The Movie characters 

Nicholas Wong

Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese), Jason Liebrecht (English)

The Colonel of the regiment of military policeman which defends the order of the Shambala Fort.

Desmond Rutaganda

Voiced by: Unshou Ishizuka (Japanese), Major Attaway (English)

A mercenary who works for Nicholas.

  • Artificial Limbs: His right arm and left leg are mechanical.
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: He should have kept his fat mouth shut when he told Akane that Chairman Han was dead and had a body double, which gave her a clue that the Sibyl System was up to something.
  • Cultured Badass: He's well read and even owns high-class paper books, a rarity in the era of the Sibyl System.
  • Cyborg: Along with most of his subordinates.
  • Evil Gloating: He boasts to Akane that the Sibyl System had he and Wong's backs and she can't get support from Chairman Han because the real one is dead. Too bad he's stupid enough not to realize that the system don't give a shit about them once their jobs are done.
  • Expy: He's sort of like the dark-skinned version of Jaron Namir of the Tyrants. One suspects it might even be deliberate, considering that both Jaron and Desmond also have a female assassin specialized in stealth who has a Slavic name (Yulia for Desmond, Yelena Federova for Jaron).
  • Genius Bruiser: Like Makishima, Choe and Rikako before him, he's an avid reader, with a strong interest in post-colonialist literature. He is also a cyborg mercenary, an expert shot and a robust wrestler.
  • Irony: He quotes Frantz Fanon, an anti-capitalist and anti-colonialist philosopher, yet he is a profit-driven mercenary killing rebels in service of a neo-colonialist puppet government. Kougami and his followers embody Fanon's principles far more that Rutaganda and his.
  • Rocket-Powered Weapon: His artificial limbs are able to emit a burst of ignition that allows him to hit much harder than normal.
  • Scary Black Man: He's has an artificial arm and leg and he nearly trashed Kougami like plywood.
  • Taking You with Me: Tries to kill Ginoza and Kogami after the former subdues him with a grenade, but Kougami breaks his neck before he could succeed.
  • We Can Rule Together: Offers Kougami a chance to join his mercenary group but he turns it down.

Yulya Hanchikova

A female bounty hunter who is a part of Rutaganda's band of mercenaries.

  • Artificial Limbs: Her right arm.
  • Boobs of Steel: Out of all of the mercenaries, she seems to be the most adapt in close quarter combat, and arguably has the largest bust of the entire female cast.
  • Cleavage Window: Has one on her combat outfit.

     Other (Spoilers!) 

The Sibyl System

Voiced by: Noriko Hidaka (Japanese), Stephanie Young (English)
The greatest happiness of the greatest number.

The system that monitors all data registered from Psycho-Passes. It turns out that they are composed the minds of criminally asymptomatic individuals.

  • A God Am I: Touma has this view of the Sibyl System and implies the others in it do as well.
  • A Million Is a Statistic: In episode 10 of Season 2, when Kamui has taken hostage of the passengers in the subway, the system offers Akane to detonate bombs in order to eliminate him. When Akane points out that detonating the bombs will also kill the hostages, they explain that it's a necessity to get rid of Kamui once for all before he kills more people.
  • Above Good and Evil: The Sibyl System also sees itself as above the common notions of morality, and, according to its own logic, this is what enables it to judge other people.
  • Awful Truth: The Sibyl System is composed of the minds of criminally asymptomatic individuals, turned into a Hive Mind that controls society via controlling the internet and everything that relies on it.
  • Big Brother Is Employing You; Well, if you're working under the Public Safety Bureau, you're working for the Sibyl System.
  • Big Brother Is Watching: They have the authority to scan a person's mental state, personality, and the probability that a person will commit crimes and judge them on the basis of that. They also have the means to suppress and regulate the media.
  • Brain in a Jar: All that is left are the brains of criminally asymptomatic individuals who are in control of Sibyl.
  • The Chessmaster: The Sibyl System revealed itself to Akane because it correctly deduced that she would not reveal its true nature to the world. Despite allowing Akane to pursue Makishima on her own terms, it still successfully used Akane's own ideals against her.
    • In Season 2, they're fully aware about Kamui and the threat he imposes. Though they never disable Shisui's authority on the Dominator after she went rogue, they still let Akane continue the investigation while observing her and Kamui in the shadows.
    • In the movie, they manipulate everyone in order to take over SEAUn. This includes the implications that they let the terrorists into Japan in order to distract Akane with Kougami, replacing the SEAUn with a cyborg after Nicholas and Desmond have him killed, and killing Nicholas and all his men once they were no longer useful.
  • Computer Voice: It has a female voice which is the same voice as the Dominator.
  • Cyborg: Cyborg bodies are used to let some members go into society to perform certain tasks. Chief Kasei's body is one of their often used bodies.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: Inverted, as being soulless monsters is why they were chosen to be cyborgs in the first place.
  • Everything Is Online: Including them, but they control everything through this trope.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Makishima versus them, this continues after they manage to arrest him since he denies joining them and escapes. Then Kamui in the second season, who is so dangerous they want him dead with no questions asked.
  • Evil Laugh: Combined with Kick the Dog, this is their response in the last episode to Akane's belief that humans will outgrow the Sibyl System and that humans always try to make the world better.
  • The Extremist Was Right: Regardless of their methods, Japan doesn't suffer as much war, terrorism, drug dealing, human trafficking, and other various organized crimes compared to the past, with the exception of individual crimes. Even Akane has to admit that they managed to keep the people safe and provided their essential needs. In the climax of the movie, they pointed out to Akane that if it weren't for them, the SEAUn would still be a wartorn country mired with violence, corruption, and discrimination.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride. Given how much they are proud of what they have done for the country, they failed to foresee the amount of violence created by Makishima. And not to mention, they failed to convince him to join their cause since Makishima is too Genre Savvy which also results in his escape. And related to the below, one reason why they refuse to disable the Dominators Kamui obtains in the second season.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: This system started off as an automated job placement database build in the mid-21st century to match candidates with occupations that would ideally suit their strengths. It still continues to do this, but it has expanded its responsibilities to the point where it now controls the entirety of Japanese society.
  • Gender Bender: Male brains using Joushuu Kasei's body. At any given time, it's impossible to tell what gender her brain is because she acts in a very androgynous manner.
  • Hive Mind: Though some get to have individuality when they go in Cyborg bodies and into society briefly.
  • Hobbes Was Right: They seemed to follow this, according to Touma. They believed that people are prone to commit criminal acts due to high levels of stress which is why they exist to regulate them to bring peace and order. In the movie, this is their reasoning for intervening the wartorn region of SEAUn and in fact, The Stinger reveals that their puppet double body of Chairman Han got reelected which further implies that they might be right all along.
  • Irony:
    • The vast majority of citizens were told that the Sibyl System's computers were superior to human thought for judgment. Yet, the Sibyl System is mainly made out of human brains.
    • The criminally asymptomatic individuals that make up the Hive Mind of the Sibyl System highly value their individuality and believe their unique personalities and philosophies, according to Touma. Touma also says that they believe their uniqueness makes them better than the average citizen, and therefore, more fit to rule society. Yet, for all their love of uniqueness, they don't see the irony of them becoming a Hive Mind...until Makishima sarcastically points this out to Touma.
  • Karma Houdini: Despite being outmaneuvered by Makishima and Kamui, they still remain standing and continue to rule Japan. Likewise, they got Mika wrapped under their finger as their new pawn and might not rely on Akane anytime soon. And since they’re expanding their control outside Japan, it might be difficult for the rebels to take them down because Kamui only helped them in getting rid of their defective brains.
  • Manipulative Bastard: In the movie. They tricked Akane into letting her think that Kougami had crossed the line by sending terrorists to Japan so they have her expose the Military Police's deception of hiding latent criminals with high crime coefficients which they're already aware of because they hired them in the first place.
  • Master Computer: What it essentially is. But it's much more than just a computer.
  • Mole in Charge: They use cyborg bodies of Chief Kasei to do this to the protagonists in Unit 1.
  • The Needs of the Many: Their philosophical belief is that individual sacrifices needed to be made in order to achieve a perfect and happy society.
    • Eventually, they are forced to accept that they are also subject to this philosophy, and in response to their own psychotic actions during Season 2, take neural pruning to another level. It's all to sustain the perfection of the system that keeps everything running, after all.
  • Not So Different: Highly value their own "individuality", prideful, criminally asymptomatic, sociopathic, brilliant at manipulation, understanding of society and its effects on people...are we talking about Makishima or the Sibyl System? The only major difference between them is their ideologies, with the Sibyl System valuing order at any cost to others and Makishima valuing freedom at any cost to others, ultimately landing him in the chaos territory.
    • To a lesser degree, Kiroto Kamui is similar to them. Both are composed of a Hive Mind (at least Kamui views himself as one composed of the wishes of those who died due to Sibyl forcing a plane crash to save face), both go to extremes for their philosophies about judging others, both can't be judged by others until Kamui forces the Sibyl System to judge collectives like Kamui and the Sibyl System.
  • Principles Zealot: The major reason why they refuse to revoke Shisui's authorization to use a Dominator, even though it would cripple Kamui's plans if they did. If they do such a thing, it would be the same as admitting that their system is flawed and can be compromised, and this is something that Sibyl absolutely cannot allow anyone to think. As Kasei said in first season, it does not matter if Sibyl is perfect; what matters is that everyone thinks it is.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Despite that the correct spelling of the system is Sibyl as seen in its logo (see the page image), most fans would still spell it as Sybil. It doesn't help that there are even instances in the official Funimation subtitles that spell it like that.
  • Screw the Rules, I Make Them!:
    • There are several occasions where they override the Dominators to change their setting, even if the target's true Crime Coefficient does not warrant the use of that setting.
    • Since they can't judge Kamui, they want him murdered extrajudicially to avoid having to create a collective Psycho-Pass.
  • Shadow Dictator: Most people think the Sibyl System is an unbiased computer. The "unbiased" part is wrong, and the computer part is only partially right; as most don't know about the criminally asymptomatic brains controlling the Sibyl System and by extension, society.
  • The Sociopath: An entire hive mind of them, in fact Sibyl only selects criminally asymptomatic individuals, as in people who can commit brutality without raising their emotional criminality coefficient, as members.
  • Too Dumb to Live: They finally manage to capture Makishima and put him under their custody. However, they don't bother restraining him or even have guards nearby in case he gets violent. Once Makishima realizes there's no serious security measures keeping him from escaping, he manages to escape Sibyl's custody in a matter of seconds, killing Touma in the process.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Though the movie seemed to elevate them into this status, the Sibyl System is already known by the viewers to be manipulative. Justified that none of the movie antagonists have the same level of intelligence or charisma that Makishima and Kamui both possessed. Likewise, their critics, such as Kougami and Akane, have no idea of their true plans until the end.
  • Totalitarian Utilitarian: The philosophy they claim to cling to. Their stated desire is the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest amount of people. Their actual results tend to vary.
  • We Can Rule Together: They try to convince Makishima to join their cause. He's not interested: he might be a villain himself, but it doesn't necessarily mean that he has similar goals.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: On paper, they did bring order and peace in the country despite that they degraded society into losing their free will and becoming emotionally stagnant and their methods are very morally and ethically questionable just to prevent others from knowing the truth about them. However, they become irrational and petty when Kamui came into existence. But once he's out with a bang, they extended their influence outside Japan. They even claim that their objectives, no matter how heinous their methods are, are bring peace and order to the SEAUn and not primarily for power.
  • Wetware CPU: They are composed of brains kept in some form of liquid.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness:Does this to a lot of people but the most surprising time is when due to Kirito and Akane's manipulations, they are forced to do this to a minority of brains within their own system.

Misako Togane

Voiced by: Kazuo Komiya

Sakuya's mother who is a researcher and the founder of the Togane Foundation. She passed away prior to the events of the TV series. But she's actually criminally asymptomatic and her brain was one of the first ones (if not the first) to be integrated into the Sibyl System.

  • Evil Matriarch: While she does loved her son, she's a terrible mother. Her way of raising Sakuya resulted to being what he is at present as an adult.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride. She's so proud that all of her work is for the benefit of society. Until Kamui showed up and everything went downhill.
  • For Science!: Her experiments are considered unethical and yet, she keeps doing it for the benefit of society.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: She's responsible for her son's "troubling" behavior and was in charge of Kamui's surgery which caused him much grief and led him to his Start of Darkness and mission to overthrow the Sibyl System. In addition to that, the brain-removal technology she invented was what allowed Sibyl to become the Wetware CPU it currently is.
  • My Beloved Smother: Dear God, this woman forced her son to kill puppies when he was a kid just to see if he was criminally asymptomatic. And even when her son is all grown up, she expects him to be obedient.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Nice going, doc! Now your former patient is hellbent in rebelling against the system that you're part of and finding your weaknesses by forcing the system to judge you.
  • Posthumous Character: She died in 2099, years before the events of the TV series. It turns out that her brain was integrated into the Sibyl System.
  • This Cannot Be!: She's shocked that a criminally asymptomatic person like herself got judged by the very system she's a part of.
  • Villainous Breakdown: When Kamui's Dominator scanned her crime coefficient (which turned out to be 300) and shot her, she panicked and wondered how this could have happened before her head exploded.


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