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Kakeru is your average high school student... that is until he found a astral projection of Ayano in his room one summer's day. Next thing he knew, he was fighting alongside a group of psychics and fulfilling his dream of adventure. It is revealed in volume 2 that he has psychic powers deep within himself; however, they should never be released. He is categorized under 'Chronodiver'.


Joi is the leader of the psychics and a genius at that. It is he who manages to get everyone to escape from the Greenhouse and recruit Kakeru into the gang. He is capable of seeing into the future.


Ayano is the only female member of the group of psychics. She is capable of astral projection and possession; unfortunately, if she doesn't concentrate hard enough, her astral projection will appear naked.


Kaito is the fiery member of the group, and is capable of setting things on fire/melting them. He is regarded as a 'fire starter' for this reason. He seems to have a strong rivalry with Sho.

Xiao Long

Xiao Long is capable of healing and Qigong; he is seen as the most adorable member of the group, although his past isn't very pleasant.



The nurse at Kakeru's school; it is she who helps Joi recover and helps take down the Greenhouse troops in volume 2 with the others. Such a shame that she works for an organization that kills psychics and rivals against the Greenhouse.


The Greenhouse

The [1] that captures physics and performs horrible experiments on them. They are pursuing our protagonists and have managed to breed psychics to help them: Sho and Maya.


Ikushima is one of the members of The Greenhouse and is the one leading the troops in pursuit of the main characters. He seems particularly interested in Joi.


  • Bishōnen
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: His long hair is the only trait that makes it hard to discern his gender at first.
  • Knife Nut: Uses this in conjunction with his teleportation powers.
  • Teleport Spam: In his first appearance, it was noted he was actually using teleportation powers repeatedly to stay in one spot in the air, giving the illusion he used psychokinesis.





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