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Day 1 — Night of the Murder

  • After a young Corteo explains to Luce that the flame from the candle won't hurt, the latter wants him to touch it. Despite his confident talk, Corteo chickens out.

Day 2 — Phantom of Falsehood

  • At Fio and Ronaldo's wedding, Vanno is clearly jealous about the whole thing and tries stuffing his face with pastries to deal with it.
  • What does Avilio do when he first meets Ronaldo? Insult him to his face, of course!
    Avilio: That's rich.
    Ronaldo: You sayin' something', pal?
    Avilio: Yeah, I find it funny when an ass struts around in a lion skin.

Day 4 — Losing to Win, and What Comes After

  • During breakfast Nero and Avilio are having pancakes, Nero remarks on Avilio drowning his food in syrup. Avilio then stuffs his face on one whole pancake. Nero's face shows his disgusted reaction.
  • After Nero shows off his juggling skills to a group of children, they eagerly turn to Avilio and ask what he can do. Avilio attempts to demur, but when goaded by Nero, he demonstrates his talent - as an expert pickpocket. First he swipes Nero's wallet, and then while Nero is protesting Avilio steals his belt, causing Nero to trip himself and inadvertently drop his trousers while Avilio passively gives the crowd a final word. The kids love it.
  • When attacked by hired hitman Goliath while at the bar, Nero takes advantage during a moment of distraction to give him a kick right where it hurts and escapes while the man attempts to recover but not before leaving a tip for his drinks.
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  • This episode is not kind to Goliath. Apart from getting splashed by puddles, getting spat on, harassed by a shady policeman, and when attempting to follow Nero and Avilio out of the bar he immediately gets hit by their vehicle.
    Nero: I see your practice paid off.
    Avilio: Yeah.
    Nero: Get us out of here.
    (Avilio tries to start the car but it stalls and dies. Cue Goliath getting up and throwing random bystanders. Both of them instantly book it while he's distracted.)

Day 8 — Behind the Curtain

Day 12 — Slipping Through the Dirty Sky

  • Despite the incredible sadness in this episode, there was one moment where Angelo drove the car he and Nero were in. He decides to Troll Nero by veering off and driving right for a tree, then pulling away before they could crash, his default expression never leaving his face. Nero is not amused.

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