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  • Aisha is a goldmine of these.
    • Gene blasting Aisha with his caster after she's been bragging so much.
    • Suzuka scooting out of the way just a moment before Aisha does a Spit Take.
    • Aisha naked and teasing Gene, making him fall into lava.
    • During episode 13, Aisha getting thrown out by Gene and Jim for offering a measly job. Happens to Suzuka at the end of the episode.
    • Aisha's home cooking.
    • Aisha simply destroying things.
    • This exchange in episode 5 "The Beast Girl, Ready to Pounce!":
    Aisha: This form here that can crush an entire human is usually kept in check for a reason. Its power is severely amplified by the phases of the planet's moon!
    Gene: Uh, Blue Heaven has no moon.
    Aisha: What? Huh... come to think of it, it doesn't.
    Gene: Idiot. Now run! (Gene, Jim and Melfina run away)
    Aisha: Hey! Come back here! (Notices she left her stuff on the ground, rushes to pick them up and resumes the chase) Hold it!
    • Aisha is a cat person, with very sensitive ears, and demands that Gene tell her about the Galactic Layline. He moves close to her ear and says to listen carefully.
    Gene: ...That's... (deep breath) EXACTLY WHAT THE HELL I'D LIKE TO KNOW!!!!!!!!
    • Pretty much every. SINGLE. TIME. That Dub!Aisha screams, which she does frequently. Lenore Zann is one of those people with an inherently funny scream. Of particular note is Aisha screaming in frustration during her first appearance commanding a Ctarl-Ctarl spaceship, which serves as an Establishing Character Moment.
  • The Kei Pirate who appears in episodes 8 and 9 is seemingly a very threatening nemesis, up until Suzuka personally steps in and wrecks his plans. And after pulling an I Surrender, Suckers and trying to shoot her, she blocks every single bullet casually with a wry smile. Cue the pirate making the definition of an Oh, Crap! face for several seconds as he processes just how absolutely and royally screwed he is.
  • The entire Hot Springs Episode (you know, the one Cartoon Network didn't find fit to air until only recently due to the copious nudity and innuendo) where an assassin from the Anten Seven poses as a tourist in order to try and kill Gene while Gene goes on a quest to find two rare Caster shells and get video footage of a sexy wizard. ALL OF IT.
  • When Gene wakes up and sees Melfina not sleeping, he goes down to comfort his own perverted way. Melfina fell asleep on Gene's shoulder, and as Gene's finger's slowly creep up Melfina's leg, Jim then comes and smacks Gene on the head with a frying pan. He then scolds Gene for being sleazy, AND THEN proceeds to cuddle with Melfina. This is made better when Melfina offered to sleep with Jim just a couple of episodes ago, and Jim was frantic to get away. Gene just got himself cock-blocked by an 11 year old.
  • Episode 6 "The Beautiful Assassin". When Gene first fights Suzuka, he makes her stumble by grabbing her sash. It comes off (Undoing her entire outfit in the process) and he proceeds to unabashedly sniff it, much to Suzuka's embarassment.
  • Episode 13 makes a big deal about unexpected and strange alien species, only for our heroes to encounter... A mind-controlling, evil alien cactus creature proclaiming itself to be A God Am I and observing other species by controlling a vendor to make crappy ice cream. Melfina of all people kills it by just slapping it over and then stomping it to death.
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  • Gene's entire combat style consists of blasting the hell out of whatever gets in his way. Funny part? He somehow packs a Hyperspace Arsenal of Standard FPS Guns in that trenchcoat of his; when Gene, Jim and Hilda are being chased by the Kei Pirates in the first episode, Gene keeps pulling out successively bigger guns in an attempt to kill his no effect, since the pirate chasing him is using magic to protect himself. Half the appeal of the show is watching a First-Person Shooter protagonist flail his way through the Science Fantasy setting.
  • "It's a dud!" This is doubly funny due to the way Gene is holding the gun when he says it.

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