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  • Dooes and Valeria from episode 19, "Law and Lawlessness" friendship. It's clear despite the differing opinions on Gene and Outlaws like him, they still respect each other.
  • Jim and Hanmyo's first meeting in "Cats and Girls and Spaceships", even if the relationship ends on a Tear Jerker.
  • Near the end of the episode "Grave of the Dragon" (before Melfina's put out of commision). After Harry tries to seduce and kidnap Melfina again, he is rebuffed by Gene. As they are about to leave Gene asks Melfina if she wants to leave with him, and that he wont force her to choose. After a few tears Melfina chooses to stay with Gene.
  • Episode 26, Melfina asks Gene what his wish is and all he wants is for her to go back with him. Not to mention that kiss!
    • Aisha and Suzuka sneaking aboard the Outlaw Star after they supposedly parted ways with the crew.
  • Both of the ending themes "Hiru no Tsuki" and "Tsuki no le" count as this.
  • The very, very end of the series, with the whole crew reunited and setting off for new adventures, both because it's such a good send off and embodies the spirit of Outlaw Star, and because we won't get to see those adventures. The ending caption seals it.
    The adventure never ends_
    We'll set off on a journey
    Sometime Somewhere
    To the stars again
  • The Opening Theme song, as catchy as it is, features an "alternative" version only found on the remastered DVD versions. In it, after the three girls are featured in the brief montage, instead of posing seductively on the bed, instead it shows Aisha hugging Melfina warmly, Suzuka leaning comfortably on Melfina's shoulder and back, with Melfina herself smiling contently between the two women. All three give off a sisterly, family vibe towards one another. Check it out yourself. Around the 1:11 mark.

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