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What was the liquid in the bowls Aisha drank when Gene "bought" her that apology meal? I.E., "What's with Ctarl Ctarl biology and ingesting massive amounts of water?"
Aisha referred to her problem (in English) as specifically expending too many calories. However, the two enormous bowls she drank looked like and sounded like soup, of the mostly-water type (perhaps some sort of miso-with-delicious-red-stuff soup). If calories really were her problem, wouldn't she have preferred to eat something with a higher caloric content and less impossible-to-break-down water, like roux or blood gravy, and take in the water that she needed in a separate, more customizable way, such as in smaller bowls of soup and tea? Did the japanese version just say she was hungry and not even mention calories? Was it mentioned very briefly on the show or in the supplementary material what the liquid was? Do Ctarl Ctarl simply have a biological mechanism that can absorb water really well and store it for later dispersal into their body systems? Am I over-thinking this? note 
  • She did have enough soup to feed four people- eight, counting the second bowl. And, there's ten or so smaller bowls surrounding her; those could have been different meals, like the rest of the group were having.
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  • Before she starts on the soup, she has a whole plate of beef and a whole plate of fish, and there's a mountain of plates and bowls around her.
  • One possibility is that it's some kind of nutrient broth. Something that's specifically designed to get calories and other nutrients into a person quickly and easily. May be similar to water more as a convenience (something made more as an emergency ration or athletic suppliment more than as a mainstay or delicacy)


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