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I know it's necessary to set up the plot, but still, why didn't Haruhi's scholarship include a free uniform?
  • Scholarships can be for tuition only, not covering the costs of uniform organization books.
  • Or her uniform was damaged before the semester started and not replaced, like her original hairstyle.
    • Most scholarships are for tuition only. It's also possible (given how early it was in the school year) that Haruhi simply hadn't had a chance to get a uniform, since it's implied that they are individually tailored and likely only available at the school itself.
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  • Fridge Logic implies that the uniform is not mandatory, otherwise Haruhi would have already been in trouble on her first day.

Why in world does the Funimation site give every episode a TV-14 rating? It may have moments of slightly mature content, but the show's almost always tamer than the average episode of The Simpsons and those are almost always TV-PG.
  • The Simpsons has a family household and the neighborhood around it as the show's setting, not a high school with a club that basically advocates female pleasures.
    • "female pleasures" basically comes down to at most Squeeing at mildly suggestive things, while The Simpsons maintains its rating even in episodes with characters explicitly having sex with each other.
    • I'd hardly call Hikaru and Kaoru's act a "mildly suggestive thing".
    • Still hardly deserving of TV-14, especially considering it is an act. I suppose they'd rather just overrate it than deal with the trouble of accusation of an underrating, since most of their audience doesn't really care about those.
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  • Because raters have every incentive to be conservative with their ratings, since only a few fans complain if they think something is overrated but moral guardians raise holy hell if they find something underrated.
  • Probably because this show is more queer than your average episode of The Simpsons. Queer things often get more censored than similarly graphic straight things. Stupid guardians.
  • Before anyone careers any further down this alley of conspiracy and paranoia and crashes into the Epilectic Trees
    • Media companies don't set their own ratings.
    • Ratings are always set for the series as whole, not individual episodes.
    • Creators are at the mercy of whomever is on the ratings board when they submit their shows for rating, for good or ill.
    • All Anime Is Naughty Tentacles, Don'cha know?
    • You Should Know This Already
    • Three words: the merit scene.

I know Haruhi is supposed to be some combination of The Stoic, a Deadpan Snarker, and The Snark Knight, but it went too far in chapter seven of the manga. The Zuka Club used her just so they could humiliate her friends and her father (which they didn't know about but still did anyway) and record the entire thing, and she didn't care at all. I mean, get pissed, look indignant, throw a punch, something. Most people don't like being used to embarrass their friends and family.

How come Haruhi had to crossdress to join the club? It might've been a great opportunity for it to rise on a new level. "Ouran High School Host Club - we serve men and lesbians now!"
  • Possibly because the Guests wouldn't like men they don't... ahem... 'know' sitting in the same room as they are while having a session - or maybe because it never quite occurred to the host club that they could do such a thing.
  • Because the hostess club had a monopoly on male customers, and it probably "wouldn't do" to cater to such prurient things as sexual interests of any sort, the club is only there so that the ladies of the school can have a pleasant time enjoying the company of the hosts (Or so Tamaki would say. I wish I were kidding).
  • Rule of Funny. Also, I think that the Haruhi's androgyny, is an Affectionate Parody (among many others) of the somewhat (ahem) feminine look that bishounen males have in Shōjo manga/anime. It's also possible that there's a play on the standard character design in use; the idea that a group of guys couldn't tell that Haruhi was a pretty girl who regularly had boys fawning over her simply because she wore a sweater instead of a dress is itself ridiculous.
    • It wasn't just the sweater though. She was wearing thick glasses, looked generally disheveled, her hair was unkempt and cut short, and - no doubt thanks to her father - didn't exactly act or talk like girls normally do. Besides, aside from Tamaki the club members did catch on quickly about her true gender.
      • Haruhi got bubblegum in her hair and the haircut was an emergency (and probably self-inflicted) solution. (that's canon) The glasses were another emergency solution after she lost a contact on the first day of school (also canon) As for the sweater... Maybe it was laundry day? Haruhi is the only one without a maid, remember, and she probably has to do all of her washing at a Laundromat, too.
      • Well, Tamaki was the last of the club members to catch on that she was a girl, and all the others seemed to be playing along with Haruhi's pretence because they were waiting for him to figure it out (they weren't going to tell him; that wouldn't have been funny). By the time he'd twigged, Haruhi had found that she rather liked dressing as a boy — and besides, do you think Tamaki would let his "beloved daughter" serve as a hostess to men, especially men he didn't know?
    • But Haruhi never did pretend to be a boy... the subject simply never came up, and they never addressed her with gender-specific pronouns. And it doesn't appear that Haruhi likes dressing as a boy so much as she doesn't particularly care either way; gender-neutral is as close as she comes to dressing as a boy on the weekends and the only clothes she ever complains about - male or female - are the high heels she wears in Episode 2. She even wears the St. Lobelia uniform without complaint or hesitation. I think her true intent is challenging the Host Club's preconceived notions about gender and their "Beauty is Everything" beliefs with her "It's what's inside you that counts" philosophy.
  • You have to remember that she wasn't crossdressing on purpose- she just wore what she felt like and didn't care how it looked. And she was only there to work for them and pay for the vase; they hadn't planned on making her a club member until they saw how nicely she cleans up. They eventually just made her host without everybody realizing she was a girl, then when they figured it out, they just didn't get rid of her. It's really less "Dress as a man so you can work for us" and more "Work for us to pay off your debt- oh, you're a girl? Well you still need to pay off the debt."
  • Also, she can get alot more business and pay off her dept alot faster as a boy than as girl that hosts lesbians. Roughly 1 in 10 people are gay, and that includes both genders, so only 1 in 20 girls would be lesbians as apposed to all the straight girls who would be attracted to Haruhi as a boy.
How could anyone have possibly won the "Which One's Hikaru Game"?
Even if you could tell one apart from the other, there would still be no way to tell which one is Hikaru because they're always hiding which one is which and you can't tell what someone's name is just by looking at them. It's like if you have two boxes and have to guess which ones has something in it when they're both always closed. Or like forgetting which relative has which name even if you remember their face. Even if they look completely different, you'd still only have a 50% chance on the first try because what it looks like doesn't give you an indication as to what's inside/what their names are unless you've been informed before what the correct option is like.

  • I always thought the "Which One's Hikaru Game" was just something the twins would do now and then because they were bored. No one was ever supposed to win. That's why they were so affected when they found out Haruhi could tell them apart.
    • It's made fairly clear in the series itself that, yes, the entire point of the "Which One's Hikaru Game" is that the twins don't intend for anyone to ever be able to win it. It's a way of keeping themselves closed off from others and a reaction to the way that many people treat them as though they're interchangeable. Well, that and they're kind of jerkasses. Tamaki makes some fairly insightful observations on the subject during the flashback to his recruitment of the twins into the Host Club.
  • It's not so much the getting it right as it is the knowing there's a difference. The twins lie when Haruhi guesses correctly, which is probably what they always do. Haruhi is the only person who calls them on the lie by pointing out how she knew. Everyone else just accepts being wrong.
    • It's my opinion that it's very possible to tell on repeat viewings - Hikaru tends to speak first and be slightly more bold, while Kaoru tends to be the one immediately agreeing - but if that's the case, then in at least a third of the shown cases, they boldly lie about which is which.
    • Word of God: Hikaru stands on the right because he usually talks first (and so that their hair is like a set of pulled curtains, but they change their hairstyles back and forth so that doesn't help any), which goes with Hikaru being the bold one and Kaoru being the cunning one. This difference is most easily seen in a scene about nine or ten volumes into the series, where Hikaru goes up to Haruhi and asks about something, and Kaoru (off ahead and to the side, close enough to hear but far enough not to be included) realizes that Haruhi was lying to protect the Hitachiin brothers' feelings. (For some reason, I can still identify them most easily at least 80% of the time or more, not including instances where they were not identified by name in the scene, by reading a couple of their speech bubbles and making an intuitive guess instead of trying to remember whose hair is combed which way today or who is wearing which shirt. Maybe Tamaki's method of winning "Which One's Hikaru" really does work once you get to know the two characters?)
      • In the Anime, you can tell by listening carefully to their voices. One is slightly higher/lower than the other. Or because one of them's Watanuki and the other's that pervy Jewish kid...

If Haruhi's gender was exposed, would all their customers demand their money back for the books and things? Would she be run out of town on a rail?
  • With the way the customers react to all the Ho Yay, probably not.
    • But Het Is Ew, so at least some customers might initially protest, leave the club in shame, or both.
      • They're cool with Ho Yay among the boys. They might not be happy with themselves being roped in.
  • I imagine they would have some serious questions regarding their own sexuality
  • Come on, now. Can you see Kyoya ever giving a refund under any circumstances? I don't think he'd give them their money back if the stuff he'd sold them infected them all with swine flu...
    • Well, it's not like anything was sold to anyone under false pretenses. Note that not once does Haruhi ever claim to be a boy or deny that she's a girl. She may wear a boy's uniform but she has never actually lied on screen to anyone about her true gender. It's not her fault if they can't figure it out.
    • In the final episode of the anime, Haruhi is dancing publicly with the host club in a dress that would obviously show her cleavage or at least some feminine feature. And nobody seems to notice or care, or maybe they're all just...a little slow.
      • It's noted fairly early on that Haruhi is rather flat-chested, so there wouldn't really be much of a cleavage to show.
    • At the end of the manga, everyone discovers. The customers decide that next time they see Haruhi, they would ask her about crossdressing; they weren't really angry, just surprised.
    • For all it's faults of being vain and superficial, nearly everyone at Ouran is incredibly accepting of nearly everyone and everything, ESPECIALLY the girls. You couldn't find warmer and kinder people anywhere. Renge is the possible exception but she's more just insensitive due to being an Otaku who thinks of things from a more "exciting" angle than from a "realistic" one. She's still pretty accepting of things most people in real life these days aren't.

Does Tamaki's dad know that Haruhi's a girl? In the anime he (somewhat creepily) offers Haruhi a rose in full view of all the parents. Is the heat off now that he's divorced?
  • I assumed that he knew because he saw her application to get in. The scholarship does come from him (or at least his family) after all. The episode "Haruhi in Wonderland", while it is a dream, does imply that Tamaki's dad had met both her and her father back when she had long hair.
  • Maybe it's the Everybody Knew Already. I mean, come on. The entire school couldn't be that dense. Maybe the students really think she's a boy, but the faculty either plays along or just ignores the crazy stuff, thinking it's just some weird game the students play.
  • Of course he knows she's a girl. Haruhi did not enter Ouran under false pretenses. It's explicitly stated in the Manga that he knows exactly who she is and who her mother was. He's just open minded. Apparently she's covered under Ain't No Rule

Isn't Fuyumi upset at all about being passed by her father? It's not unheard of in the Ouran-verse to a have a matriarch e.g. Tamaki's grandma.
  • Tamaki's grandma probably married into the Suou family.
  • In the manga, she is married and already moved out of the house.
  • Maybe she just isn't interested in being the heir.
    • It's probably this. Also, at least in the English dub of the anime, Fuyumi cites herself as the third child ("Our older brothers" is what she says to Kyouya, and since she's older than he is, that makes her the third child, not one of Kyouya's brothers). Fuyumi has probably not only never really cared to be the heir with two older brothers to compete for it, but when Kyouya showed interest in taking over the company, probably gave up any sort of desire she may have had for the company in Kyouya's favour, believing that Kyouya would succeed above the rest. Fuyumi doesn't seem the sort to be able to manage a company, if her inability to pack Kyouya's dresser is any indication of her ability to organise.
      • she may be doing that deliberately to jerk his chain. She's certainly trying to gethim to lighten up a little.

Renge aparently is constantly listening to everything the club members ever say and do based on her ability to pop up on the podeium on a whim. How can she not know Haruhi's gender?
  • Well for one thing, she's dumb as all hell. She's also at least slightly unhinged.
  • Perhaps she does know, but is Genre Savvy enough to know that The Reveal must come very early or at the very end. By the time Renge arrives, the opportunity for an early reveal has already past. Revealing it before the end would just cause the story to Jump the Shark, and Renge is having far too much fun to end things now.

Eclair takes her opera glasses with her into the shower? That was just two shots out of the last episode, but it almost qualifies as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.
  • I get the feeling it was meant as fanservice.
  • I wear my glasses in the shower, because I've had them for six years and wouldn't be able to find the shampoo otherwise. Sure, Eclair's opera glass is stupid and inefficient, but she might need it. Just because we see her not wearing them at one point in the finale doesn't mean she can see without.
  • Eclair's opera glasses were blatant symbolism to the prejudiced and highhanded way she viewed the world around her. Losing them in the last episode simply meant she was shedding that ideal.

Isn't Haruhi a girl's name? So wouldn't everyone just be able to tell her gender from hearing her name?
  • Japanese names are at least a little bit more gender neutral than English names, and there are cases of men having women's names even though it's unusual, so everyone may have just said "Oh, I wonder why his parents gave him a girl's name" and gave it a pass. Though why no one asks her about it is pushing suspension of disbelief a bit.
    • It's not the least bit surprising nobody questioned her name. Disregarding names that were at one time almost exclusively given to men ("Shannon") and names that are seen as gender neutral ("Cameron"), I've personally encountered plenty of "male" names given to females; Tyler, Taylor, Alex, Jordan, Blake, Adrian, Chris, Drew, Bryce, Devon, Max... While I listed recent American/modern Western European naming trends, anyone who is even a cursory anime fan knows that Japanese naming conventions in terms of gender are similar to the modern West. On a side-note, I've noticed that it's much more rare to give a male a feminine name than it is to give a girl a masculine name.
    • Gender Blender Names are not uncommon in Japan because many Japanese names can be aurally neutral but visually gendered thanks to the language's relatively limited number of syllables and Alternate Character Reading. Since nany common sounds can be represented by at least a dozen Kanji, some gendered, others not, so two names that sound the same when spoken can look quite different in writing.

How much hosting has Kyouya actually done?
  • Not much, we've only seen snippets of times he does host. My theory is that he simply hosts when he feels like it and plots/plans/markets the rest of the time. Plus, someone has to do accounting and stuff - why not Kyouya, who (unless indicated otherwise) wants to?
Okay, there's enough manga for two more seasons, so why the HELL aren't they in production?
  • Seconded. Like, a thousand times.
    • Probably because the original anime had somewhat of a definitive ending and the production company doesn't have the budget/doesn't want to allocate the budget to a series that is not the hottest new thing/some other reason that has something to do with 'we think just one season is fine'. The fans think otherwise, but for now we'll just have to deal. :(
  • There are two reasons for a Shoujo manga to be turned into an anime. The first is to advertise the manga. And the second is to give fans of the manga attractive male characters (And attractive female characters depending on which manga it is) that are in color and move which is much better than black and white still pictures.

Is Renge part Japanese?
Her last name. Or is it the all too familiar "Screw the foreign last names!" rule that appears when authors can't think, or care for, finding names in languages they don't know?
  • I think she is Japanese. Didn't she say when she was introduced that she only lived in France since she was ten?

Why does everyone on this site say that Haruhi is cute?
I mean yes, she is cute, WHEN SHE ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE A GIRL which happens a grand total of THREE times during the anime (I haven't read the manga yet) and two of those I didn't like the way her hair looked. The rest of the time she looks a lot like the main character in a Shounen action anime.
  • A lot of people would argue that she looks cute with her short hair; I mean come on, those eyes are ADORABLE (This coming from a girl)!!
  • Not everyone is straight, a girl, and/or always likes girls who specifically adhere to a certain look. She often looks like a cute girl in boys clothes.
  • Would you rather have us saying that she is manly? Yeah, thought so. But seriously, compared to other males (and yes, we know she is not a male) she is cute.

What the heck is up with Tamaki in ep 8?
When Haruhi is eating crab, Tamaki gets scared....for no good reason as far as I can tell. That scene manga makes a lot more sense, so why change it?
  • I didn't think he was acting scared... I think he was just irritated/frustrated that Haruhi was purposely not acknowledging him at all.
  • More than that. People usually can't eat well if they're upset, so Haruhi eating a full meal was just another indication that nothing that had happened that day fazed her, even when the boys were clearly worried and wished that she'd thought to rely on them. The crab cracking is an audio reminder that she doesn't feel scared, worried, or even the least bit guilty that everyone else had been so scared for her – and justifiably scared, considering that she can't swim, and if Tamaki and the twins hadn't shown up she'd have been in real trouble. Tamaki's angry that Haruhi isn't treating it as the near-death experience it was when she scared everyone else half to death.

Has anyone ever notice how Tamaki hardly ever swears? Sure he got a "jackass" and "bastard" in there, but other than that, he's got a pretty clean mouth.
  • Why does this bug you? It makes sense for his character. He's polite. Also, his dub voice actor doesn't like to swear in his roles and will try to find a way around it unless it's absolutely necessary for the story.
    • It doesn't bug me, it's just something I noticed. But, if what you're saying is true, and Vic doesn't like swearing unless he has to, then why didn't he use alternative words. For "Oh, there's a reason. A damn good reason" he could've said "darn" or something. And for "You bastard...!" he could've said the original line "Kyouya!"
      • While the 'Jackass' comment was a bit jarring (yet still hilarious), the "You bastard..." line is actually sort of justified considering the situation. Tamaki just walked in on Haruhi, the girl he's in love with, and a half naked Kyoya standing next to a bed together. He probably jumped to conclusions (this IS Tamaki after all) and became angry thinking Haruhi was about to be assaulted and by his best friend even. We all know that's not the case, but I digress. We already know Tamaki'd have no qualms against beating up anyone who hurt Haruhi, so swearing at the 'assailant' shouldn't be too out there.
      • The "bastard" translation is more accurate to the sentiment, even if Tamaki doesn't swear directly. It's not rude in English to address someone directly, and it's stranger to address a peer by something other than their first name than it is to use their name. In Japanese, being more direct and so casual carries a lot more connotations, so Tamaki was intentionally doing away with any semblance of being polite when he said that – so in English, you can't simply have 'not polite,' it has to be changed to 'actively rude.'

What is wrong with the clubs at this school?
Ok, I get: They are rich, so they are eccentric. They are japanese, so they come up with weird ideas. Tamaki's father is the principal, so he won`t prohibit his own sons club.But what about the other parents? Doesn`t it bug them that there is a HOST CLUB at Ouran? Ok, it`s a pretty tame one, but if my child (especially if I had a daughter) told me that there`s a host club at her school I would definitely get upset.Considering that many of the families which send their children to Ouran are in the ascendant, it doesn`t seem wise to upset them.And even if I was convinced that there`s nothing going on at this "Host Club", I would finally get enraged as soon as I found out that there`s a BLACK MAGIC CLUB, too.
  • Well,In episode 25,one of Tamaki's client's mother had stated her disapproval of the club. Cue Tamaki going all 'Oh my, what a pretty lady' on her and she soon swoons over Tamaki like her daughter does. Who's to say Tamaki((althouhg ever word that comes out his mouth is genuine.))Hasn't done this before to all the Host Club Client's parents((More likely the mothers,than the fathers though.))
  • OP, you would be enraged at a club that consists of only a handful of members (only two named in the manga), the leader of which walks around the school with a puppet and suffers from severe photophobia? I'm pretty sure any parent who was worried about the Black Magic Club would only need to attend a meeting to see that they aren't exactly a threat to the well being of the other students. High schools and colleges have silly clubs all the time- real-life-Quidditch teams and Dungeons&Dragons clubs are both common enough. I fail to see the real issue with kids acting gothy and pretending they can do magic (when, obviously, they can't). Add to that the fact that the very rich tend to be less than concerned with actual parenting- they might worry about their kids grades, but it's unlikely they would talk to them enough that such a random and over all unimportant club would come up in conversation. Plus, there's the fact that Nekozawa himself seems to be fairly flush. If ever he received a complaint, I'm guessing he would just donate a new wing to the school.
  • From what I've seen, the Host Club in Ouran isn't that different from a real one. The only difference I'm aware of is the fact that real host clubs involve fancy imported alcohol and live performances. The Ouran students are underage so they can't have alcohol and they're on a school budget (and Kyoya's probably really cheap) so they can't afford live performances. From what I've read about real host clubs, they sound more like cabarets than anything more...shocking like how everyone tends to react when they hear "host club".
    • Pretty much that. Unless you are someone who goes off the tangent and reaches for possible sexual connections to any names, it's easy to see "Host" in the club's name as "someone who supervises social gatherings and makes sure the guests are not bored", which means the club might have as well been named "Social Interactions and Event Organizing Club". And why is it not called that but "Host Club" instead is simple: for one, it's too long a name when "Host Club" suffices, for two they assume people on their social level would know the meaning of the word or at least would ask before jumping to conclusions, and for three they are in Japan where some culture-based inaccurate implications and false assumptions (like the one that "host" equals "male prostitute") present where you are are not present.
      Oh, by the way. Have you ever gone to a party and asked a friend of yours to accompany you so that you would not have to go there alone? Congratulations, that friend of yours was a "host" in the same way people in this "Host Club" are.

Haruhi's Hair
  • What is with Haruhi's hair? We have seen it long on at least three occasions I can think off (The dance party, her date with Hikaru, the final episode.) And at least one of those times she was wearing a wig. But the other times the sudden growth in hair is unexplained!
    • Hair extensions, duh!
      • Or a wig.
    • Most definitely a wig. And Kyouya knows she is a girl, I have no doubt this guy would keep a wig (or a dozen) on hand just for situations of this sort.

What's with the new school uniforms they tried to introduce?
  • I believe it was in the Halloween episode. Renge does a dramatic entrance and then starts going on about how the girls at Ouran will be changing from the big, yellow, Pimped-Out Dress uniform to a more normal, pink school girl uniform. And then... we never see that uniform again. As far as I can remember, the other girls never wore the new uniforms. So, what was up with Renge introducing them? Did they plan on using them if Ouran got a second season or something?
    • She was just cosplaying.
      • Are you sure? Because I could have sworn I remember her saying something about it being the new girls' uniform for Ouran when she was talking.
      • Having just watched the episode, I can confirm it was cosplay for the new installment of the video game she's obsessed with (Uki Doki something or other).
Why didn't Hunny-sempai just go to the dentist
In the episode, "Hunny's three bitter days" everything could have been averted if he had just scheduled a dentist appointment after he realized he had a cavity.

Why did Haruhi never get a passport?
Seeing as the twins offered to take her to Bali but couldn't because of a lack of a passport, why did she never get one? Is there some restriction on international travel in Japan?
  • I think the implication was that she had never had the need for a passport before and it would take her too long to get one for the Bali trip. She probably never had the means, need or desire to travel internationally before (and then wouldn't need to get a passport), which isn't really all that uncommon. Why waste money and time on getting a passport if you aren't going to use it in the immediate future?
  • She does eventually in the manga, considering she studies abroad in Boston. But given her dislike of being pulled along on strange schemes when all she really wants is a fun day at the beach anyway, why enable them to get even crazier?

Why was Haruhi's reaction to the twins for the infamous cookie scene so bland? I figured she would be more annoyed with them licking her face...
  • Either Rule of Funny or the fact that Haruhi doesn't really get the implications behind it. In addition, it's the twins. For the most part, with the twins, Haruhi just sort of takes it. If it were Tamaki that did it, she'd probably hit him or something. As it was Kaoru, it was different. You forget, I guess, that Haruhi spends around 7-9 hours of her days with the two; she's used to their antics.
  • Well, as the video itself shows, Haruhi's reaction was along the lines of "(I know you are crazy but) can you please not do that?". And really, had you known someone who was doing crazy things on a daily basis, you'd just tell them to stop doing that without getting angry about it because you'd know there is no point—had they cared about you getting angry about it they would not have done it in the first place. I know someone who behaves like that normally (though that person doesn't eat cookies from people's faces), and whenever they are involved in something really crazy the people just blandly tell them to stop, and if anyone else does the same they do show anger instead.
  • Haruhi seems to think of herself as a third sibling to the twins more than anything else, and siblings (unfortunately...) manage to lick each other pretty often as a means of fighting or teasing. I'm more surprised her reaction wasn't just "ew, gross, get off" and leaving it there.

Am I the only one who was bothered by that scene where Kyoya pretended he was going to rape Haruhi just to prove a point?
I mean, really, there are other ways...
  • Yeah, that part freaked me out and made me not like his character for the rest of the series.
  • He did specifically that because that was exactly what the men who came onto the beach were pretty clearly planning to do. He didn't see the men saying what they were saying, but he likely heard enough from the three girls to guess what the men's intentions were. Kyouya was trying to show Haruhi where she'd have ended up in that situation had she been clearly female to the two men, and possibly trying to put her in the other girls' shoes. Not the best method, but he also knows that words just don't get through to Haruhi, and he discovered that actions didn't really make the point come across well, either, since it was him doing it. So no, it doesn't bother me. It may have been tactless, but I also think the scene was there to prove that Kyouya really doesn't understand people on a level outside statistics and numbers and words. He doesn't really grasp people as individuals. He just understands the broad category of people and how he expects them to act.
  • In my opinion, that scene was Kyoya buying into the twins' game of finding Haruhi's fears. He's known to play into the host club antics when he feels like it – see dressing in drag, literally any of the times he wears costumes or goes along with Tamaki's schemes – and he backs off pretty much as soon as she realizes she's not scared. Remember, it's Haruhi who suggests Kyoya is trying to drill in Tamaki's lesson, but he himself reminds her fifteen seconds earlier that he wasn't really worried. Was it tactless? Yes, but every now and then we as an audience see Kyoya play into his worst impulses. It probably just began as an "I wonder..." and he went from there.

Haruhi's haircut
If only the bottom part had gum on it why did she cut it so short?
  • She figured "might as well take it all off" because like she said, it felt more convenient?
  • Because she just felt like it. There was something which made her change her haircut, and she just chose this particular one. People do that on occasions in real life too. And if that is not enough for you, the above answer.
  • "To avoid it happening again" was always my assumption.
  • She was already transitioning schools, so it may have just been a good time to try out shorter hair if she wanted it. That way if she hated it she could grow it back out, but she wouldn't have everyone saying "oh, wow, your pretty hair is all gone!" as tends to happen with long-haired girls who cut it short for any reason at all.

The teachers
Why don't the teachers mind Haruhi crossdressing? Doesn't it go against the uniform code? Also do they never refer to her as a girl around her classmates?
  • Either the teachers didn't know she was a girl either, or, as it is in Japan, you can refer to a person without referring to their gender, implying they were aware of her little lie and just went along with it. Though, neither scenario sounds very plausible (teachers not knowing the gender of their students or every one of them being acceptable of a student scamming the rest of the school), so it probably boils down to Rule of Funny.
  • Is there even a dress code in this school? We didn't see them do anything when Haruhi came to school in a sweater and all that. So if there are no rules against that, I doubt they would think to make a rule against dressing in an opposite-sex uniform. Alternatively, the teachers were given instructions not to do anything about Haruhi's choice of clothing for as long as she still dressed decently, due to her having a scholarship and thus possibly not having enough money to get herself a uniform, and this was in effect even after she got a male uniform. Alternatively to that even, since Tamaki's father has the say in the academy and Tamaki told them to bring the uniform (that would have to get noted somewhere, right?), nobody could do anything about it even if they wanted and thus they don't bother.
  • This is actually explained pretty early on. The numbers are mixed, so the boys and the girls are just listed alphabetically in one list. Likely the genders aren't listed, because Hikaru and Kaoru cite this as one of the ways they can keep Haruhi's gender a secret.

How did everyone but Tamaki know Haruhi's gender
How does Haruhi sort of thinking a plushie is cute mean she's a girl? Same with her daintiness and the other scenes.
  • Kyouya knows right away because, well, he's Kyouya, he knows everything (I believe he says he did a background check on her). With the others, it's not made exactly clear what makes them realize, but it seems like they all briefly notice a girly demeanor in her; Mori lifts her up and gets a good look at her face that way (or, as someone else guessed, he noticed her hint of breasts when he lifted her). Honey may also have got a good look at her face when she bends down to look at his plushie, along with her brief blushy reaction. The twins possibly figured a guy wouldn't be so embarrassed in a dressing room that he'd violently throw them out like that, or, similarly to Mori, they got a brief glance of her exposed body before she threw them out. Tamaki being the last to realize, and only when he gets a literal proof by reading her ID card (or walks in on her changing in the anime) is simply explained by him being a Genius Ditz.
  • Seconding the above, re: Honey. It wasn't the blush, it was how closely Honey was suddenly looking at her. Mori also probably had an inkling based on how Haruhi called for help – boys are more inclined to wrestle it out than to call someone else to save them.

Tamaki's half-french right? So...

Not that it's a big deal, but you'd have to wonder why Tamaki never took advantage of the fact that he's half-french to slip some foreign words into his vocabulary once in while. With french being called the "most romantic language", it'd probably have made him even more popular with his customers.

  • A Japanese teenager who hasn't taken a European language class probably wouldn't understand any French because Japanese and French are from completely different language families.
  • It's the sound of the language itself that is considered romantic, actually understanding the words is usually not required for the effect. Then again, when I think about it, French might not be considered "the romantic language" in Japan as it is in the western world. I don't believe it's because the author didn't know how to look up French words, since she did later for Tamaki's mother.
  • I'm not certain if this is the reason in this case, but I will tell you a possible reason. Many people who have mixed nationalities and thus have two native languages are very careful not to mix them, much more so than people who just learned one of those as their second language. They were brought up with two languages equal but distinct, so they would naturally be less inclined to insert single words or sentences out of place just to sound cool, because they were taught that it is an improper thing to do. I am one such person, and while I can't say how others feel and think, I can say that I find the use of foreign words alongside native ones in a mix-and-match manner to be really annoying, and because of that I refuse to do it even if it might have benefits; assuming Tamaki is not completely different, there is a chance his reason is the same.
  • In "And so Kyoya met him!" he uses the phrase "Mon Ami" several times when he's excited.
    • Right, but that was right after transferring – he had conversational Japanese, but Kyoya notes he's not fluent, so in moments of high emotion he'd be more inclined to rely on French than after a year or two living in Japan.
  • Keeping in mind that his succession is somewhat in question as he was forced to live away from the main mansion by his grandmother, he has probably learned to downplay any use of French language or mannerisms.
  • Speaking French also pushes students towards his backstory. Admittedly, they already know, but he doesn't know that and he's not going to go around advertising the fact that he's illegitimate.

Why are Hikaru and Kaoru dressed as girls?
This maybe explained in the manga or something, but in "The door the twins opened" there is the scene where they are small children at a party and they are dressed in frilly pink and blue dresses. Why?
  • They probably just wanted to mess with people or something.
  • It's indicated that at the time their mother was designing a children's line and used them as living mannequins for both genders' lines.
  • I always figured it was to make them look like little old fashioned dolls, as well as their mother using them as mannequins.

If the Zuka Club hates men so much, why did they put on a play where the woman is as effectual as Princess Aurora?
Repeatedly you hear from the three primary Zuka Club members that men are just slime, inferior, scum, wastes of space, stupid, pigs, etc etc, but they put on a play where the woman's job is to sing a song and call out to her lover. Mihara and Benio both say the character doesn't speak much and is "more symbollic than anything", and it's clear Lord Frederick is the main character. The girl is no more than a Living Prop from the sound of it. If they really, really think men are that bad, why are there even male characters in their plays? In fact, the entire school seems remarkably full of misandry, so why were the Host Club and Haruhi's dad even allowed on campus?
  • Speaking as someone from a women's college, realistically they can't deny men the ability to visit campus regardless of the student's opinions because Lobelia probably has male faculty and staff and visiting parents/siblings. Also, the Zuka Club's more vocal members are the only ones we see with extreme misandric views, and they're explicitly supposed to be a crass parody of militant lesbians, so the straight girls at the school also probably are more excited about the men on campus than anything else. Finally, a woman played Lord Frederick as well – a play like that where women play all the roles is considered fairly subversive on that kind of campus even if the source content is pretty misogynistic.

Word of God has stated that, if the first chapter was 10 pages shorter, then Kyoya would have been cut entirely.
What kind of story would that have been with only Haruhi as the the sane one?

Why does Fuyumi Ohtori use "-san" on her younger brother, Kyoya?
Is it normal for some older siblings address younger siblings this way, or are we meant to think of it as strange and overly formal?


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