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  • Youji Itami's reaction to the Ginza Incident:
    Itami: Shit! At this rate, Summer Comiket will be interrupted!
  • How Itami's Recon Team found dropping a bucket into a well onto her head.
  • Youji Itami: Considered an otaku and a slacker, yet is Second Lieutenant, holds the Ranger Badge, and to top it off is in the Special Forces Group, much to Shino's chagrin.
    Shino: [while weeping] How can that dirty otaku be a ranger...and on top of that, he's also in special forces? This can't be right. There must be something wrong with this world.
  • Rory squirming on Itami's lap when she jumps in his vehicle, and his commentary indicating where she's putting her hands.
  • Third Recon's reaction to a squad member performing standard safety procedure (checking backblast) with a Panzerfaust...against a flame dragon.
    Third Recon: You retard! Just shoot!
    • And then there is the Gate World locals comparing the Panzerfaust (ahem, "Rod of Steel") to a man's ''thing'' and also thinking the attack was a magic spell called [Backblast clear].
  • When Third Recon tries to get Rory's age for a roll call of the local refugees, they ask Lelei if she can get her age, but she refuses by responding in broken Japanese:
    Lelei: Too scary, can't ask.
  • Piña Co Lada's name for obvious reasons. One translation even adds "Yes, really" in the corner.
  • During the Battle of Italica, Piña sleeps after defending the city and calls a servant to wake her up if anything happens. The servant then says that if she must wake her up, she'll dump water onto her. A few pages later, the servant does exactly that.
  • Piña's attempt at making allies at Italica with the JSDF by opening the doors...and knocks out Itami doing so.
    • After that, Tuka chews Piña out for not checking if there was someone behind the door. Piña, the royal princess, is incapable of even talking back at the elf.
  • The reactions to Rory's "orgasmic" situation in Italica is telling.
    Soldier 1: Shit, I'm hard!
    Soldier 2: Me too.
  • The Japanese riding to a Helicopter Gunship Rescue of Italica? Not funny. Having the 'copters outfitted with speakers so that they can play "Ride of the Valkyries" as they go into battle? Amusing. The fact that every single one of them is wearing a shit-eating grin, knowing what they're referencing and quoting it too? Hilarious.
  • Right after the JSDF reinforcements have finished mopping up he bandits at Italica, Itami is seen still having Rory in a Bridal Carry... And unbeknownst to him, his left hand grabbing Rory's left breast. Itami is seen with a black eye the following chapter.
  • Having put diplomatic negotiations in severe jeopardy by capturing and beating up Itami (who they still thought was the enemy at the time), Bozes is ordered to sleep with him in hopes of getting him to forget the incident. So when she opens the door to his room while wearing a thin nightgown after psyching herself up to find him having a tea party with his men, the maids and the apostle of the god of death, she... goes up and slaps him. Itami's face at the end of the chapter ends up looking like a war zone by itself.
    • In universe, while planning Itami's rescue from Italica, the 3rd Recon Group informs their Special Area trio that Itami holds a Ranger badge, making him a distinguished warrior. All three of them find the notion hilarious.
  • When the head matron of Clan Formal tells Itami that the four maids in his room are there to fulfill his every wish.
    Itami: E-every wish, eh? [cue pervy grin]
  • Kurata and Persia's Meet Cute moment in the mansion. He's just met his dream girl (a catgirl meido), and how does he introduce himself? By standing at attention, saluting, and yelling out what sounds like his dating website profile at her. Fortunately, Persia smiles and giggles, and Kurata positively swoons in delight at her reaction.
  • Piña's predicament is somewhat hilarious. Her forces have just roughed up Itami, thus violating their treaty made earlier that same day. She tries to get Bozes to apologize by sleeping with Itami, and that doesn't go well. So now, she's utterly desperate to apologize to Itami and his superiors for the incident, believing they would use it as an excuse for war. Itami, for his part, knows what she's thinking, but doesn't want to deal with it, and bolts as soon as he's back at Alnus. Yanagida, on the other hand, finds the account of Itami being roughed up to be hilarious, comparing the results to a lover's quarrel.
  • Everything about Shino's reaction to Itami's...achievements. She had a brief, stunned denial of truth moment when Kurata says Itami has a Ranger badge, but when Komakado reveals that Itami is also in Special Forces, Shino falls into a Heroic BSoD mode and adamantly refuses to believe reality is true, all within earshot of Itami.
  • During the hearing, the otherworlders are asked their age. After flooring the representatives with Rory and Tuka's Really 700 Years Old, they all look to Lelei... who says she's fifteen. Cue sighs of relief.
    • Rory also flat out asks if the representative leading the questioning is an idiot, and demeaning her as a "little girl".
  • Komakado breaking his back trying to lift Rory's extremely heavy halberd.
  • Everyone's reaction to the fact that Itami was once married.
  • Tomita picking up one of Risa's homemade doujins and she tells him they're for women only. Realizing what kind of genre these women like, Tomita makes a face as if he stepped on a landmine.
  • Piña's obsession over Japan's "Fine Arts"
  • Japan's Ministry of Defense conducting an air recon over Sankai Resort Hot Bath to aid the JSDF SF stationed there, where the female cast are currently bathing and the operator requests to put visual on screen.
    Minister Kanou: Permis...Maybe not
    Mission Control: Minister, Lt. Col., that's sexual harassment.
  • Piña explaining her case of voyeurs in her world, where the women are the ones sneaking a peek while the men try to stop them.
  • It gets bloody real fast, but: special forces from 3 different countries accidentally walk into each other at the inn, and their reaction.
  • Two random men separately think Yao Haa Dushi is a prostitute. She kicks the first guy's ass. With the second guy, she looks at his crotch and says his equipment is so small she doesn't think they can do it. The man runs away crying, and all the bystanders feel sorry for him.
    Victimized Teeny Weenie: [while running away crying] Even the prostitutes of the Imperial Capital turned a blind eye on me!
    Bystander: Someone's got to pity him.
    Yao: ...Sorry.
  • Something about everyone in the empire panicking and in terror from a magnitude 3 or 4 earthquake, even Piña. Then when she looks up she sees Itami and Sugawara treating it like a minor inconvenience.
  • After Itami saves an abducted Japanese slave from the imperial palace and escaping it. Sugawara and Itami stop and engage in a silent moment...then realizing that what they just done pretty much put all their efforts for a peaceful negotiation with the Empire to naught and their reaction to it is priceless.
    Sugawara: H-How do I report this?
  • After Shino beats the shit out of Zorzal for keeping a Japanese woman as a slave, he claims to his peers that he stumbled and fell down the stairs. Nobody buys it for a second.
  • Itami's revenge on Yanagida for cutting his pay? Having him treat the entire Third Recon Team for dinner.
  • In Chapter 41, two fighter jets go assess the power of the fire dragon in the Elbe Kingdom. One pilot decides to play chicken with the dragon, going at it in full speed. Smash Cut into back at the JSDF base with the maintenance leader giving the best "really?" face to the pilots, whose plane got burnt to a crisp (though fairly intact to make a landing at least).
    • Their defense is even better, the pilot claimed that the dragon cheated by breathing fire and was not manly at all. The maintenance leader just chews them out because 1. It's a flying lizard; 2. Who says that its even a male?!
      • Hilariously, in later chapters, it is revealed that the dragon ISN'T a male after all. Because it made its own nesting area.
  • Howdy.
  • Chapter 46, it's Itami, Rory, Tuka, Lelei, and Yao against Giselle and her two flame dragon pets. Itami's course of action for this encounter? RUN LIKE HELL. Giselle and her pets just stare in confusion with a big "WHAT".
    • The dragons even turn and look at Giselle as if to ask "Uh... boss, what do we do now? 'Cause we got NOTHING."
    • While Giselle is taunting Itami, she accidentally bites her own tongue.
  • When Itami was punished by Major Higaki for bailing out his original task to kill the Flame Dragon, all the sudden General Hazama enters to awards Itami a special medal for saving a kidnapped Japanese citizen and a number of presents, awards, certificates from most of the countries for killing the Flame Dragon. Due to the number of awards he received, Itami was reassigned to Special Region Resource Investigator until his suspension is finish to not make them look bad. Once they leave, the whole Recon Team in the room look at him in jealously for his achievement and with him saying "Ah, sorry about that.", everyone starts throwing documents at him in anger yelling "YOU MORON!!"
  • Rory reveals that she wants to become the Goddess of Love. Everyone is stunned silent and embarrassed by that.
  • Sugawara being approached by Sherry, young daughter of a minor nobleman and being asked to marry and make her a proper woman in a few years. Cue fellow Japanese representatives giving poor Sugawara stern looks about him corrupting a minor.
  • Itami and co. visit a Cat Folk village, with two grim-faced villagers at the front doing their best to look intimidating. Even while wearing a "Necombat" T-shirt and something that best resembles a frilly apron. Doubly hilarious if one knows that by some indication the tiger-striped guy in the apron is apparently Persia's dad.
  • One of the side chapters features the unforeseen effects of modern shampoo on the Beast Men: the girls are refusing to leave their rooms because their fur is falling out (a reaction that caused the Japanese medics investigating to come in full biohazard gear). Wolf, on the other hand, is now fluffiness incarnate.
  • The Pied Piper assassin strikes, leaping in the middle of a packed conference to kill Lelei. Unfortunately for her, it's a wizard conference. She gets pelted with dozens of projectiles, magical and otherwise, in midair. Lelei doesn't even bat an eyelid as the killer ungracefully slams against the wall.
  • In one of the omake chapters, as Itami and his group return from the conference, they choose to take a path that turns out to have been demolished by the recent earthquakes. While Lelei can control a few rocks to clear the path, she needs to rest so she can allow the jeep to move to the other side of the fissure, so they make camp at the site. That night, Rory, still massively turned on by the bloodshed still ongoing at the capital, sneaks up to Itami's sleeping bag and tries again to have her way with him. A panicking Itami reasons out she needs an outlet for the extra energy... so he has her carry the jeep to the other side of the gap. Over her head.

  • Episode 1:
    • The time when Itami got himself into a game, surrounded by monsters. Then he found out he can't move...because he's out of energy in-game and needs to pay to get more. Cue him getting the shit beaten out of him by monsters and a big ample "GAME OVER" sign appears.
    • Itami hitting a pillar with a sign "Watch where you walk."
    • When Itami receives his commendation and promotion:
    Narrator: And that is how Itami was promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant...he just ended up as one.
  • Episode 2, Itami and Kurata decides to sing the opening of one of the anime they watch. However, the radio is left on, cue a very annoyed Kuribayashi wondering just what the hell is wrong with their commander.
  • Episode 3:
    • Rory is told that the 3rd Recon's truck is more comfortable than a wagon. She decides to see this for yourself, by planting herself in Itami's lap. Then she proceeds to "play with his rifle" which elicits Kurata's comical envy.
    • "Fighting giant monsters is a Defense Force tradition!" (We even have a trope page for it)
  • Episode 4, Kurokawa and Kuribayashi tries to get Itami's attention by calling "Captain!" However Itami is a lieutenant so he pays no attention. Kuribayashi then settles it with a kick to his hamstrings, which he responds painfully.
    • Said misunderstanding is a problem of the translation. They were calling Itami "taichou" (not a military rank, simply an address for a commanding officer). They were basically screaming "Sir!". What does Itami do? Continue reading his web novel and after even he noticed them, he simply calls over his Commanding Officer because he isn't used to his promotion.
  • In Episode 6, with the conclusion of the Battle of Italica, Itami carried Rory out of a Cobra's killzone via Bridal Carry and when the dust settles, Rory realizes one of Itami's hands isn't where it's supposed to be. Rory calls for Itami's attention, then smiles at him. He smiles back. Rory punches Itami in the eye.
  • Episode 8. The subway reminds the otherworlders of the underworld and Rory clings to Itami because its ruler once tried to force her into a marriage. She explains this as Boyfriend Bluff and Itami's otaku side comes out in full force. He coaches her to act like a tsundere in such a situation instead, complete with an Imagine Spot where Rory speaks with his voice.
  • Episode 9
    • Itami and Tomita are in the male hot springs. Itami then gets a little too intimate unintentionally...
    Itami: This is bliss.
    Tomita: Yes.
    Itami: We're all alone here, huh?
    Tomita: I'm into women!
    Itami: Don't get the wrong idea!
    • A Running Gag developed between Bozes and Piña, where Piña would note some item in Japan that amazed her and say, "Who knew there was something like this in this world?" and Bozes would remind her, "Princess, we're in a different world."
  • Episode 10
    • Piña asks Itami why the contingent are getting tailed. After a long silence, all he has to say is:
    Itami: I don't know.
    *Everyone says "What the heck?!" in shock and disbelief, the van seems to jump in reaction as well. Shino then aims an MP7 at Itami*
    Itami: [with gun to his face] Wait! Wait! Wait! We can work this out!
    Kuribayashi: Quit screwing around, or I'll shoot.
    Tomita: Hey, are you still drunk?
    Kuribayashi: No!
  • Episode 12:
    • The Overly Long Gag on Yao's Mistaken for Prostitute trope.
    • When one man asks if Yao wants to spend a night with him, Yao remarks that she's not sure that "he's got the proper equipment". The thing is its not just the man who asked that grabs his crotch after that, but two bystanders in the background also does so.
    • Itami and his group makes it to a rendezvous point to meet with Hamilton, but finds out Pina is there too. But she's not there just to greet them, she's also there to pick up a Boys' Love "package" from Bozes.
      • Then it turns out the Boys' Love book was just a bonus, inside had hidden intel on Itami's military career. Though she forgot about it when explaining the Hamilton.
    Hamilton: Princess, why did you come all the way out here?
    Pina: For this. (Shows her the Boys' Love book cover she got from Itami)
    Hamilton: Uhh...
    Pina: Uh, N-no! I mean in here! (Refers to intel inside book).
  • Episode 13
    • Everyone, even Tomita, cracking up and calling Itami a dork when he shows up in Empire attire.
    • Piña completely freaking out after hearing the amount of money Japan wants the Empire to pay it to made amends: 500 million Suwani.
    • The Running Gag returns from the previous cour with this statement.
      Tomita: [in the Imperial capital] It feels like a different world.
      Kuribayashi: Of course it does. This is a different world.
    • Kurokawa talks with a prostitute about things that have happened since the JSDF set up in the city. During the discussion, the whore complains about none of the JSDF troopers patronizing them. Kurokawa says nothing, but lying on the desk behind her is a rather thick document titled "A Report on Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the Special Region".
  • Episode 14
    • When Itami snapped against Zorzal and punched him. He stands there saying "You bastard!" while Kuribayashi comes up from behind and tackles him out of the way towards Noriko.
  • Episode 15
    • Yanagida flipping his shit when he finds out Itami abandoned his mission to help Tuka with her issue. Though he probably saw it coming after goading Itami many times, but he never expected him to switch midway in another mission.
    Yanagida: You abandoned your mission so you can go with one girl to kill the dragon? What excuse am I supposed to come up with to send just you?!
  • Episode 16
    • Yanagida curses Itami and hopes that it rains on him. One transition later...
    Itami: It's raining.
  • Episode 17
    • When Rory tells Giselle that a human was able to defeat the flame dragon, Giselle asks who. Everyone just points to Itami.
    • Giselle's Oh, Crap! moment when the JSDF took out her pets and Rory is hunting after her, she promptly leaves the scene.
  • Episode 18
    • Sherry following Sugawara like a puppy dog.
  • Episode 19
    • When Arpeggio contemplates on how she could do better in life, she figure she could be a housewife instead. Jumping right into the questions.
    Arpeggio: So what's Itami like?
    Itami: [Spit Take]
    • And during his coughing fit, Tuka calls him "dad" again while Arpeggio takes copious notes on Itami.
      Arpeggio: [referring to Itami] An elite noble with an elven child...huh? An elven child?
      Leilei: You can ignore that.
    • Then on the debate on whether Itami is single or not, Leilei claims he isn't...because they completed the Ceremony of Three Nightsnote . Of course, since Itami had no idea about this tradition and is surrounded by the girls who want a piece of him, they start staking claims on their man, with Tuka stating to have slept with Itami for many more days than Leilei, and Rory menacing Itami Yandere-like stare on how he manages to do such things with the other two...but never touched her at all.
    • Notice Tuka's face after the reveal. Who knew the dignified elven race could pout like that.
    • Better yet, pay attention to the color of Rory's lips. They turned dark purple between one take and the next, meaning she's really, really pissed.
    • The fact that it was technically Itami who initiated the Ceremony of Three Nights with Leilei all the way back in Episode 7. The two of them were dead tired after a day of chores at the Alnus base, and Itami found it too much of a bother to grab a vehicle and drive the already sleeping girl back to the refugee camp. Instead, he simply carried her to a nearby lodging room and put her to bed, right before falling asleep himself with his head and arms resting beside her on top of the bed cover.
  • Leilei proves to be much better off than her sister Arpeggio. She's about to become a master, she's rich and famous, and she's got Itami. Arpeggio enters a Heroic BSoD where she claims she must do what any elder sister must do to maintain their relationship as sisters...and promptly slams her bowl of soup onto Leilei, staining her orange.
    • The reaction from the cast is also funny, especially since the whole scene is played out in slow-motion for at least a minute straight with lots of Repeat Cut. Mimoza's reaction probably takes the cake though.
      Mimoza: Oh my! Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my...
    • After the soup fiasco, Leilei and Arpeggio enters a Wizard Duel with each other. Then we hear this gem from Rory.
    Rory: The 13th battle between the Leilei sisters will now begin! Permitted in the name of myself, Rory Mercury! The rules are as follows: no lethal blows. Nothing that would scar the face. As long as you obey these rules, you can destroy the house, destroy the city, or destroy the world!
    • The conclusion of the Wizard Duel had the two sisters slammed around the neighborhood, destroying houses. When one family came back in the aftermath of the destruction, their house has a huge hole in it with only a basket of fruit and an engraving saying "Sorry!".
      Little kid: Mommy, where's our house?
    • Zorzal is last seen in the episode eating a hamburger and praising it.
  • Episode 20
    • Itami is seen using the old "stick" method of deciding which of the two directions to go.
    Leilei: I can't imagine we'll find any resources like this.
  • Episode 21
    • During a tour by the JSDF to foreign military observers, they come across a well-detailed map of the entire empire in the PX shop. The owner says its 380,000 yennote . One of the general proceed to buy it with credit, only to be instantly challenged by the JSDF officer with plain cold cash, allowing her to buy the map. The reason she afforded this astronomical price? She pretty much made every JSDF personnel present to empty their wallets to rack the cash. Their seen behind her semi-triumphant face crying with their wallets upside down.
  • Episode 24.
    • Itami skips Piña's coronation to try to attend Comiket again. He doesn't even manage to reach the door before he finds out that his superior officer has sent Tuka, Lelei and Rory over and arranged to have Itami watch over them. The kicker is that the three of them are so insanely popular that they draw a massive crowd, and a police officer comes along... to apparently arrest Itami, and Risa (who is presumably selling doujin there) sees them in the back of the police car, yells "What did you do this time?!" while a crying Itami goes "I just wanted to buy doujin!" as the police car manages to drive away, somehow being able to hold Rory's insanely heavy halberd.


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