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  • Acceptable Targets: Liberal-leaning politicians and journalists are portrayed as sleazy, self-serving creeps who have it out for the JSDF for petty and opportunistic reasons instead of the real life reason of civilian oversight (which is treated as a cover for their real nefarious reasons). Written media expands on this to having them willingly assisting China's agenda at the expense of their own nation and the people beyond the Gate.
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  • Adult Fear: Especially present in the anime's first episode, where the show makes no attempt to hide the fact that there were children in front of the Gate when it opened.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Zorzal really playing Obfuscating Stupidity? Or is he really just very stupid/brave? The common assessment (later stated by Diabo) is that it's more or less Becoming the Mask. Zorzal has played an idiotic asshole playboy for so long and so convincingly that he forgot that he technically isn't stupid. Later we learn that Tyuule engineered this shift into Becoming the Mask as part of her plan to destroy the royal family and Zorzal specifically for their destruction of her nation.
  • Anvilicious:
    • The Japanese right-wing nationalism of the author can be off-putting for some, especially foreigners. The publisher specifically asked the author to tone it down for official publication (the novel being Web Original), but it still shows.
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    • A positive anvil dropped is the emphasis on modern military ethics in the form of humane treatment of captured soldiers and civilians and targeted strikes, proportional use of force, and labeled defense zones when military force is authorized.
    • Another positive one strikes both sides, Otaku don't just have to be fat lazy slobs, given the chance they can be extremely productive members of society even if their paychecks are simply used to support their hobby. They however have to put the work in.
  • Author Tract: And then some. Any group that runs counter to the author's political stance, whether they be foreign governments or even people in Japan who lean towards the left, are portrayed as selfish, malicious, scheming, or all of the above.
  • Broken Base:
    • The anime adaption of the series has become this to the fans due to its heavy emphasis on Lighter and Softer, rendering it more family-friendly. Most of the gore and sex in the books and manga is omitted or just placed under "faintly implied" (Rory hitting people with their axe typically smacks them off screen instead of visibly dismembering them, for example) until episode 10 with the Hakone shootout, and even then it is still downplayed. Some enjoy this since it makes the series more accessible while others dislike it for differing from the manga. The lack of gore in battles also serve to engage a wider audience but is treated by some to fail to fully depict what it means to be in a war. Others enjoy it more for the changes it makes, such as expanding on the Ginza incident and the battles around Alnus, giving clarification to events only hinted at before.
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    • The Cultural Posturing of the Japanese can get to eye-rolling levels with the way the story touts the invasion of the new world as completely benevolent and controlled. Potential obstacles such as language and culture are easily avoided by the tolerant, understanding Japanese soldiers, and there are elements of the White Man's Burden (except replace "white" with Japanese) as Japan has a much more advanced and moral society, with soldiers constantly explaining why their culture is better, and local civilians beyond the gate wishing their society was like Japan.
      • The portrayal of other countries outside of Japan is also less than flattering. Only three are shown, Russia, China, and the US, and all come off badly. Later a group of western military officers visits across the Gate, largely to be portrayed as buffoonish and opportunistic (never mind that Japan is denying them so much as a map of the Special Region).
  • Catharsis Factor:
    • Watching hordes of medieval armies that regularly commit war atrocities getting mowed down by the hundreds in graphic fashion is certain to put a bit of glee on some people's faces.
    • A more specific moment is when Shino gives the slimy and unlikable bastard Zorzal a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that leaves his face a bloody paste and him begging for mercy. Many consider it to be the most satisfying moment in the series.
  • Complete Monster: Zorzal El Caesar, Crown Prince of the Empire, embodies the worst traits of his culture. Introduced violently raping the demi-human Queen Tyuule of the warrior rabbits, it is revealed Zorzal led the conquest and massacre of her people. When Tyuule pledged herself to be his slave to spare them, Zorzal accepted before having her people butchered anyways while lying to them how she sold them out to save her own life. Zorzal leads a raid on Ginza that takes Japanese people as slaves, keeping a young woman named Noriko as a Sex Slave which infuriates the JSDF enough into brutalizing him while not even his own father twitches a finger to protect him. With an insatiable ego, Zorzal even furiously threatens to destroy Japan and thinks how he will murder his own family and people for not acknowledging his greatness. In the light novel, he boasts about how he not only betrayed his word regarding the Warrior Bunnies, but even admits that he wanted Tyuule discover this, hoping to drive her into a rage where she'd attack him so he could have the pleasure of beating her down. When he finds out that she's far too smart for that and tried to lead him into a trap of his own making, he flies into a rage and beat several of his slaves to death, including his sex slaves, and plans to punish Tyuule for it, by having her gang-raped.
  • Cultural Posturing: Japanese culture and society is generally portrayed as all around superior to those that exist on both sides of the Gate, with many characters beyond expressing their desire to have a society like Japan.
    • A particularly pretentious example occurs in an omake, where the Japanese characters introduce baseball to the Gate-world as if it were a Japanese sport, instead of an import from the United States.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male: A staple of the genre, but still... Despite the rape and attempted rape of women being portrayed as horrifying throughout the series, when a super strong invulnerable demigoddess driven supernaturally mad with lust pins Itami down against his protests, it's played for laughs/titillation.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Rory is extremely popular among fans of the series. To note, episode 3 of the second season had many fans excited more by the fact that Rory had plenty of screen time than by Itami going off to face the Flame Dragon.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Zorzal in anime.
  • Fanfic Fuel: The entire premise has given fans many ideas.
  • Fandom-Specific Plot: As said above, most fanfic writers would make fanfiction of different ideas for the series like:
    • What would happen if it was another nation that was attacked by the Empire instead of Japan?
    • What if Japan and the US (and possibly other nations) went into the Gate together rather than only Japan?
    • What if the Gate opened during a different time period (eg. During World War 1 or 2) or into a different universe?
  • Fix Fic: Many foreign fanfic writers put off by the author's right-wing and overtly Japan-centric nationalistic views have made fanfics portraying a united expeditionary force made of several different nationalities.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With the Civilization series. Go to nearly any Gate video on YouTube and you will inevitably find people in the comments section making jokes about how Gate is basically just a classic one-sided game of Civ.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • At the time the novels were first released (mid 2000s), the idea of sending the JSDF to foreign lands to fight was absurd due to Article 9 of Japan's Constitution forbidding war (later interpreted as offensive war so that the US wasn't the sole military defense force). However, in 2015, the same year the anime began airing, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pushed and passed legislation to allow Japanese troops to fight overseas.
    • The Crunchyroll simulcast of the first episode took pains to edit out the flag of the rising sun for fear of offending other Asian countries. Around the same time this was happening, America was having a similar controversy over the Confederate Battle Flag after the murder of 9 black churchgoers by a white man trying to start a race war in June 2015.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • While escaping from government spies through the subway, Itami mentions how he looks like a manager from a shady talent agency. Then comes the spin off manga Gate: Featuring the Starry Heavens which has Itami taking on the role of an idol manager for Lelei, Tuka and Rory who become an idol group to facilitate positive relations between the worlds.
    • Because the large-dot camo pattern on the current JSDF uniforms is a real pain to animate, when the story got adapted to anime, the team introduced the new (and fictional) Type 4 uniform, loosely based on the US ECWCS battledress and colored almost solid green, to ease the work of animators. This, understandably, has led to the JSDF being called "green men" in-story. What they didn't expect, was Russia introducing the new and real VKBO uniform, also loosely based on the ECWCS, and with a very fine camo pattern that also looked (almost) solid green, ending up almost identical to the Type 4 uniform in the series. And then this uniform caused Russian soldiers to also be called "green men" during the Crimean Crisis.
  • Ho Yay:
    • In orders of knights, relations between men and women are forbidden. This makes sense; if you're worrying about children or being pregnant, you can't devote all your energy to fighting. However, everyone has an... ahem... itch to scratch still, so male-on-male and female-on-female relations are acceptable by their standards. This isn't directly seen, but is stated by Bozes and Piña.
    • People have mistaken Itami for this when he gets a little friendly with his male friends in the anime.
    • The Imperial princess gropes one of her (female) bodyguards, claiming that she was "checking to see if you were a boy." This line was cut from the anime because of Adaptational Attractiveness making said soldier (Hamilton) curvier than her manga version.
    • Tuka is canonically a lesbian. One scene has Rory tease Tuka after she notices her stealing glances at Kurokawa, inquiring if Kurokawa was Tuka's type. In the manga, her eyes are glued to Kuribayashi's chest.
    • The ending scene for the second cour has two particular images of the same-sex having some "intimate touching" among the cast. On the other hand, comparing breast sizes in a bath (which is what Kuribayashi seems to attempt there) is a common girl bonding ritual in Japan. With Kurata, though, it's probably just continuing the Running Gag of Itami being Mistaken for Gay.
    • Mari Kurokawa's interactions with the prostitute Misery.
  • Internet Backdraft:
    • The portrayal of America and its interests, actions, and people, is a topic of hot debate whenever they come up, generally focused on their portrayal during the Battle of Hakone (where an American CIA black ops team is focused on as the US, Russia, and China attempt to bloodily kidnap diplomats visiting from across the Gate).
    • On a related note, the issues discussed above tend to lead to debate of Japanese and American historical conduct during wartime, particularly during World War 2.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Many people who get into the show don't even seem to care about the actual plot and are instead more interested in the spectacle of a medieval army being mowed down by modern weaponry.
  • Moe: Youji's subordinates assume he saves Tuka because vulnerable elf-girls are moe. His ex-wife later says he's attracted to Lelei because she triggers his "protective instincts".
  • Moral Event Horizon: Zorzal had already crossed it long before the story began when he forced warrior rabbit Queen Tyuule to be his Sex Slave on the condition he would spare her people, only to massacre and enslave them anyway all the while having Tyuule as The Scapegoat. However, if that's not enough, he surely crossed it with the Ginza raid. And he continues to go downhill from there, committing one worse act after another.
  • Space Whale Aesop: Support the JSDF and don't cut their budget... because if a gateway to another world opens up in the middle of Tokyo we'll need them to handle it.


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