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  • All-Star Cast: The Anime is full of well known Japanese voice actors.
  • Backed by the Pentagon: The JSDF capitalized on the anime adaptation of Gate by incorporating it into their recruitment posters. Furthermore, the JSDF also provided technical assistance to anime so they could get information on the equipment they use.
  • Casting Gag:
    • Youji Itami is voiced by Junichi Suwabe, who voiced Archer in Fate/Stay Night. As if the references to Fate/Stay Night in the series aren't numerous enough.
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    • In addition, Hiroki Yasumoto and Koji Yusa voice Tomita and Yanagida respectively. Suwabe, Yasumoto and Yusa voiced Grimmjow, Chad and Gin in Bleach.
    • Shino Kuribayashi is voiced by Maaya Uchida, who voiced Minori Koganuma from Outbreak Company, which follows a setting almost identical to Gate's, plus is still a tomboy JSDF girl that can kick some ass.
    • Piña Co Lada is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu. One of her previous roles, Asuna, is the lieutenant of the Knights of Blood, a guild in the game she is trapped in, as well as being daughter of a rich family. Piña leads the Rose-Order of Knights, and is a princess.
    • Not only is Rina Hidaka voicing Sherry in the second season, Sherry is also redesigned to resemble a character Hidaka voiced before.
    • Meanwhile, Rory's age and incessant clingy behavior towards Itami come off as this, considering that Risa Taneda voiced Ashigara, who in the animated adaptation is notorious for being a Christmas Cake. Extra points to both roles for sounding nearly the same.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • A reasonable example. The online version of the novels had very right-wing views by the author. When Alphapolis published the printed novels, they convinced the author to remove or tone down those views since Japanese right-wing politics are controversial and very sensitive in Japan.
    • Crunchyroll edited out the JGSDF flag in the 1st episode possibly due to avoid offending some viewers who might have mistaken it for the Imperial Japanese Army Rising Sun Flag.
  • No Export for You: Sekai Project has officially licensed and translated the manga in english but only for North American customers.
  • Playing Against Type: David Wald known for voicing badass characters like Duke Togo, as Itami.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: The cast included voice actors that were cast together in different roles in many popular anime throughout the years, such as:
  • Series Hiatus: After the first twelve episodes of Season 1 aired in 2015, the anime took a break and continued airing the next twelve episodes on January 2016.
  • The Wiki Rule: Has one.

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