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  • In episode 3, Konatsu's brother decides to quit the Choir Club and tells Konatsu that she can no longer blackmail him by threatening to reveal his porn stash to their mom since he has thrown it all out. Konatsu then wipes the smug smile off his face by revealing that she only way that knew about his porn stash in the first place was by asking their mom!
  • "I am no money! Thank you!" and every moments leading to it, and then later, "I don't... money..."
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  • When Sawa's father angrily calls the representative of an equestrian school he says, "You're talking to a monk, you know? I'll send you straight to hell!"
  • Wakana walking in on Wein and Taichi's...unique vocal exercise.
  • "Nishinohashi heroes! Market... RANGER!!" with pose and everything.
  • Taichi's artwork being apparently so godawful he's told once again never to draw again.
  • Sakai Household is basically family of trolls
    • Wakana once did prank by putting sliced bread in microwave and calling it breakfast to her father
    • Keisuke's retaliation was to make her say, "Please, dearest father" (Or in Japanese, "Onegai, Otou-sama")

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