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Episode 1

  • The serious adult Hodgins suddenly presents Violet with not one but three animal dolls. When she tries to demur, he insists that no, she has to pick one right now: "Quick, the world is ending—!"
    • Her reason for picking the dog is hilarious, citing a quote from Gilbert's brother in that she's just like Gilbert's dog.
  • Violet changes into her CH postman uniform right in front of Benedict to his alarm... Then he still sneaked a look in anyway.
  • Hodgins on his way back from bank discovering some postman making delivery at night to his surprise. Then he saw the logo on mail cart...
  • "I am not on fire. You're not making any sense."
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  • It wasn't clear that the farmer who showed up for ghostwriting service at the end was smitten for the work he received or Cattleya.

Episode 2

  • Benedict trying to charm the ladies in CH Postal to lunch only for them to brush him off. Eventually he's left to eat with no one but an old male co-worker.
    Old man: I'll gladly share your noodles.
    (Tears of joy coming from Benedict)
    • A moment later he walks into Cattleya playfully hugging Hodgins (to the latter's ire) just to rub salt in the wound.
  • Claudia trying to evade Cattleya become much funnier if you know his backstory in the novel beforehand.
  • The train-wreck of a love letter Violet wrote for her client. Probably Black Comedy more than anything, though.

Episode 3

  • Violet comes back from her 'mission', having learned lessons in conveying thoughts in a letter... only to see Benedict and Cattleya going at it as usual.
    • God knows what compelled them to go from exchanging Death Glare to sitting down for a cup of tea together at the end.
      • When Violet sees them sitting drinking together, she notes they were arguing previously, which immediately causes them to start yelling at each other again.

Episode 4

  • Iris trying to avoid people talking about her arms by claiming it's because of overworking.

Episode 5

  • The first meeting with the client, where Princess Chalotte would not get out of her highness' bed despite Violet introducing herself twice. The maid Alberta sends a Death Glare at a manservant that was in the room the entire time, who just looks away.
    • Chalotte criticizes Violet for being utterly un-emotive. Violet's response is to stretch her own cheeks and deliberately makes funny face. It doesn't help.
    • I'm more worried about your future than mine!
  • The Prince and the Princess eventually resort to public flirting letters, sending two entire nations into collective diabetes overload. Most egregious one had to be when the Prince claims that he isn't a great man himself:
    Male soldier #1: What are you even doing?!
    Male soldier #2: If you're a man, be one and tell her to walk with you!

Episode 6

  • The way Leon destroys a loaf of bread as he invites Violet to watch the Alley Comet together.

Episode 7

  • Violet trying her hands at cooking after an off-hand request from the client. She goes shopping for ingredients and asks the shopkeeper what she needs to do with eggs after buying them... Cue dirty kitchen and a dismal look from Oscar.
  • The fact that Violet actually goes through with Oscar's request to walk on water.

Episode 8

  • The Major leaves Violet with the house maid. When the maid tries to guide her by the shoulder, Violet bites her.

Episode 9

Episode 10

  • When Ann first sees Violet, she takes her for a giant doll. She spend much of the episode thinking this, and the sight of Violet's mechanical hands only seems to confirm it. She even asks Violet what happens when she drinks tea. Violet, unphased, replies that it will be expelled then returned to the earth.
  • When bombards Violet with a flurry of requests - reading a story, playing with dolls, hunting for bugs - an unflappable Violet asks her to sort them "in order of priority".

Episode 13

  • When Cattlya reads what Hodgins wrote for Airplane Mail Festival out loud, the latter succumbs to the ground in defeat.
  • And Iris proclaiming out loud that her future self will become the best Auto-Memory Doll of the entire continent... Erica can't help but quietly snark.


  • Violet does research on behalf of a client to write a love letter that feels "modern" but when she can't find anything that speaks of modern in the office library, her reaction is to go stand in the corner.


  • Claudia's alcoholism raring its head during Violet's hospital stay:
    Violet: President Hodgins, you told me before that, in your early childhood, you would nestle with a stuffed toy that resembled this black cat one to deceive your own loneliness whenever you cried from not being cared for by your parents...
    Claudia: Did I... tell you even about that!?
    Violet: You once came here drunk on the way back from a business negotiation and talked about half of your life for nearly two hours.
    Now Hodgins wanted to cry for a different motive.
  • Leon the woman-hater's reaction to meeting Violet for the first time. And it just keeps rolling downhill from there...
    Shahar co-worker: Uwah, I feel like a parent watching my son grow up.
  • During prison visit in Chapter 5, volume 1 when Violet reached the underground jail cell her client is located:
    (Violet removes potential weapons from her luggage per staff's request)
    Prison Guard: Hey, what were the inspectors doing during her turn?
    (Violet removes more and more concealed weapons)
    Violet: ...The sole thing left is the fact that I myself am a living weapon, yet I cannot do my job if I am not allowed to pass, so is this all right?
    • The same chapter also had Violet provide us with a rather uncommon comparison:
      Violet: A lady or two does not truly qualify as 'heavy'. Compared to a tank, you are like a feather.
      Chaser: What kind of comparison is that?
  • Where did Hodgins finds the funding for CH Postal, while he's doing his time in the army at a time when there aren't even enough cigarettes to go around? He bet his entire fortune on his own side winning the Northeast-Southwest War.
  • What kind of a man requests an Auto Memory Doll on the battlefield? A drunk one.
  • From Chapter 11:
    Cattleya: You should try this.
    Violet: I am not hungry.
    Cattleya: Well, you have to. It's a mission!
    Violet: Do you really think I will go along with anything, so long as you say it's a mission?


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