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Funny / Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

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  • Episode 4:
    • Tsurugi sends Sasami on a series of perverted errands to film her reactions. Kagami was supposed to film it but thinks it's really disgusting and goes off doing other things.
    • Sasami's dad lays a trap for her by orchestrating an idol-consert. With himself as the idol singer.
    • Tama helps Aliens escape from the government. Nobody else seems to be bothered by this.
    • Sasami's third arm is purged from her body and gets turned into a rabbit. Kagami gets to adopt the rabbit.
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  • Episode 9, we see a flashback of Sasami's parents before they married. Sasami's mother is chasing her father, till she corner him. He prepares for the worst. She says she loves him and turns bright red. And in embarrassment attacks him.

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