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Funny / The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

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  • Makoto can almost never seem to time leap without combat rolling into something.
  • The first time Makoto found out her ability, she tries to test it by leaping off a window when her little sister came in. The poor girl thought her sister was attempting suicide and cries in fear, thinking it was because she ate Makoto's pudding...
  • Makoto's abuse of time-travel for her test. The entire class, including Chiaki and Kousuke, is visibly suspicious...
  • That scene in the beginning where one boy performs, for lack of a better term, a caber toss with another (larger) student acting as the caber. Onto Makoto.
    • Then she use that to hitch Kousuke and a female junior together by making him the target.
  • Makoto's attempts at hooking Kousuke with a junior ended up scaring the latter off.
  • Chiaki's sudden love confession to Makoto, and the latter's attempt(s) to time-dodge it.
    • The second time we see it, Makoto is visibly having doubt whether to hop on his bike.
    • "Let's talk about my sister!"


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