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Funny / Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding

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  • Kakashi gleefully abuses his authority as the Sixth Hokage to assign each of Naruto and Hinata's close friends a very important mission: every one of them has to find a suitable wedding present. He adds that they must treat this as a top-secret mission; not one word should reach the ears of the happy couple.
  • Lee and Guy do their usual routine (running around the village, hugging each other and crying at the top of their lungs) trying to to find the perfect gift. The idea they come up with? Dumbbells! What else can prepare two young ones for the tough married life they're about to enter? Household chores, raising children: they're gonna need to train!
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  • Lee later runs all around the village in a dress and wearing makeup, trying to confirm that his gift is indeed well-suited for Hinata. After Tenten sees him like this and hears about his gift, she decides that she can go on with her original plan to offer them some rare kunai without any hesitation.
  • Shikamaru and Choji are eating in Yakiniku-Q while trying to come up with ideas. Well, Shikamaru is thinking and Choji is eating. Choji reveals he has already gotten them a gift: a free meal at one of the most high-class, expensive restaurants of Konoha. Shikamaru is surprised by his thoughtfulness, as this is a great gift. Then, Choji adds that it's a meal for three: he intends to tag along and sit at a different table while they have their romantic dinner. Shikamaru, too shocked to protest properly, decides to lecture him about it later.
  • Eventually, Shikamaru comes up with a great gift as well: a paid honeymoon to a hot-spring. But, he wants to ask a woman's opinion before making any arrangements. The two of them run into Temari as they walk around Konoha and Choji points out that Shikamaru should ask her. Shikamaru doesn't think that's a good idea, as Temari is not the girly-girl type; Ino's advice would be better.
    • Shikamaru fails to properly explain what he wants, so he ends up asking Temari to "help [him] pick a suitable place for a honey-moon", assuring her that "asking [her] opinion is for the best". Naturally, Temari gets the wrong idea. So, the short trip to Konoha's hot-spring turns into an accidental Digging Yourself Deeper situation for Shikamaru, who thinks that Temari is mad at him for asking her to do something so trivial, while Temari is getting more and more embarrassed, thinking he's planning to propose.
    • Choji leaves them alone, saying that he has to find some dessert... after having just eaten a ton of ice-cream. Shikamaru is really not amused with his best friend.
    • Just the way Shikamaru acts around Temari: it's as if his brain has stopped functioning completely.
    • When the misunderstanding is resolved, Temari smiles warmly at him and vents her frustration at the surrounding area by creating powerful gusts of Wind for hours, scaring everyone in the vicinity.
      • In the anime version of this story, Temari beat Shikamaru up with her wind.
  • Sakura finds a perfect portrait frame and reaches out to grab it... only to find that Ino had the exact same idea. The ensuing argument gets them both kicked out of the store. They decide they're going to settle their rivalry once and for all with a cooking contest and rope the -initially- unwilling Choji to be the judge.
    • Choji ate their food and promptly fainted from a sugar overdose.
  • Sai decides to give a personally painted artwork for Hinata and Naruto's wedding, spendings days working on it. However he got too enthusiastic painting his bird and somehow added chakra into his art making it fly away and leaving him with a blank scroll.
  • Kiba gets really fired up with the thought of getting Hinata and Naruto the perfect wedding gift... before admitting he has absolutely no idea what that would be.
  • Shino gets depressed when Mirai calls him "uncle" instead of "big brother" like Kiba and Shikamaru. It bothers him so much he ends up asking Kiba if he really looks like an old man. Kiba reassures him he does not, and is actually handsome, but is not as handsome as Kiba and Akamaru.
  • Lee and Guy arrive at the wedding with the dumbbells in tow; the other guests think they're just being their usual selves even now. Tenten decides to try and keep them under control for the ceremony.
  • Once again, Kakashi ropes Yamato into doing all the chores for the wedding preparation; Tsunade oversees him and offers suggestions.
    • In the anime adaptation, Yamato ended up following Orochimaru in disguise while Orochimaru does random things all over Kanoha.
  • In the anime adaptation, Gaara's brother Kankuro and Killer B tries to one-up each other with ridiculous wedding gift ideas.
    • Also in the anime adaptation, Iruka burst into tears and apologized on Naruto's behalf when he ran into Hinata, who is sad that her wedding is causing a giant headache for Kakashi. He just assumed that Naruto did something wrong.

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