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Funny / How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?

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Both Manga and Anime

  • While at Akemi's mansion since most training facilities are closed, Hibiki and co. decide to do home exercises. Akemi brings out a large dictionary authored by the muscular Ozu Toshio, whose photo creeps Hibiki out. (see below for additional stuffs added in the anime.)
    • Hibiki then attempts weighted dips on two of Akemi's antique chairs while carrying a bag filled with books as weight.
    Hibiki: Okay, here goes! .. One!
    *both chairs break*
    Narration: When doing dips, make sure your chairs are strong enough to handle them.
  • The various dramatic expressions and sudden Art Shifts make for excellent reaction image fodder.
  • When Akemi suggests a bodybuilder's diet to balance Hibiki's eating habits and make her lose weight, all Hibiki can picture is a muscular man chomping at a large steak and drinking a large pint of protein shake, all while screaming on top of his lungs with Glowing Eyes of Doom.
    Akemi: ... This is what you're imagining? Why do you have him screaming while he's eating?


  • The English dub is FULL of brilliant lines, with the writers and the voice actors both having fun adapting the original dialog.
    Narrator: This is Hibiki Sakura. Like many girls her age, she turns to her refrigerator in times of stress and anxiety.
    Hibiki: (on bench presses) There's no reason any human needs to hold that much above their head! If a boulder falls on top of me, I'm letting it win!
    Narrator: Who says money can't buy motivation. Not this girl (Hibiki).
    • Hibiki's constant Lampshade Hanging at the sexualized nature of most of the infotainment sections for exercises.
    You're clearly more interested in entertaining horndog viewers than helping us succeed!
    • Hibiki's Lampshade Hanging regarding one of Gina's quotes, which she gets it from a certain famous Russian leader, complete with a screenshot of it:
    That's not an original saying. And why disrespecting bears with this screenshot?!
    • When both Satomi and Rumika met each other wearing a school uniform during their time at the theme park, the English Narrator manages to say something after both decides to forget this ever happened:
    Narrator: Oh, there's no 'probably' about that.
  • Much like the above, some of the lines are pretty funny in both Japanese and English language. Notable mentions are:
    • When Hibiki brings up her mom, which accidentally triggers Satomi's age:
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    • When one of the teachers tell her that they have a chance on the relay race since it worth 5 trillion points...
      Japanese Hibiki: WHY'S THE SCORING SO UNBALANCED?!
    • When Machio tells Hibiki that the arm wrestling competition for the female division ends up being the finals due to only two people participant:
      Japanese Hibiki: You only have three people max?! Do you ever try to advertise this?!
      English Hibiki: You only have three people signed up?! You should fire your entire marketing team.
    • After Hibiki learns that Gina's staying at her home:
      Japanese Narrator: Gina's homestay with Hibiki begins.
      English Narrator: I don't... know how to... respond all that....
    • During the idol audition, when Director Kutaro Deire ask Satomi why she's wearing a Kendo mask:
      Japanese Satomi: Hello. My current name is "F*ck the Budo."
      English Satomi:' Oh hello. My name is "None-Of-Your-F***g-Business."
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  • The dips section is expanded upon when Hibiki and her friends try listening to a Blu-Ray training video. Turns out the instructor in the video is the super campy Ozu Toshio from Kengan Ashura, and he proceeds to explain home exercises in an extravagant fashion; we are also treated to a bunch of bodybuilders doing chair dips in sync, and Hibiki even ends up recognizing Machio among them. By the end of the video, Hibiki comments that she can't stomach watching any more of it.
  • The English Narrator saying in a very Russian accent in one of Gina's interview.

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