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  • When Allen, Chaoji, Lavi and Kanda walk in on Cross hitting on Lenalee.
  • Anytime Kanda and Allen argue.
    • One example is in the Drama CD where the following conversation takes place:
      Kanda: Gluttonous pig with no sense of taste.
      Allen: Narrow-minded soba idiot.
      Kanda: White-hair.
      Allen: Ponytail.
      Kanda: Cheater-gambler, King of Debts, WIMP.
      Allen: Soap-hair, Tattoo guy, STONE-HEAD.
  • Everyone's reactions to Road kissing Allen.
  • Anything involving Jerry.
  • Allen calling Kanda "Ba-Kanda", Ba-Kanda being a play on the word Baka and Kanda's name. See it here.
    • Chopped Hair Yu!
    • Baka Usagi!
    • Baka Lavi!
  • Lavi screaming "IM SO SORRY" over and over when Mahoja gets mad at him breaking a window.
  • Anytime Allen is called "Bean Sprout".
  • See some top 5 funny moments of the anime here.
    • "Shut the hell up! I'll cut all your hair off!"
  • Allen's hidden evil side whenever he cheats at poker.
  • Tyki suddenly head butting Allen.
  • Tyki's reaction to Allen's underwear joke.
  • Edgar Chang tries to give young Kanda The Talk. It goes as well as you expect it.
  • In chapter 208 Kanda returns after the traumatic experiences of the last arc. But as Leenale finds out firsthand he didn't change much.
    • In the same chapter, when he drinks the Crystal Innonence out of Lenalee´s hand.
      Kanda: I feel like... You've become quite ugly...
  • In chapter 209 Johnny is caught by some Crows after trying to leave the Black Order with his memories intact. A boot suddenly bursts through the window of another train. Turns out it was Kanda, who has now beaten the Crows to a pulp because "You can't be too careful with Crow." Not to mention the aura around Kanda when he says this looks suspiciously like Black Allen's poker aura.
  • In chapter 210 there's a scene where a random guy in a bar hits on Kanda thinking he's a girl. Kanda hits him in response.
    • Kanda being overwhelmed with the desire to slice a street clown, unaware it's actually a disguised Allen.
    • Allen's face when he thinks Kanda has discovered him.
    • Also, in chapter 210 there appears a random gangster who, according to his crony, "loves all beautiful things to a sick degree," and decides that Kanda is the most beautiful person he has ever seen and declares, "I'm going to kidnap him and bring him back home!" Kanda promptly beats him to a pulp.
  • Komui can be so funny sometimes. For example, when he repairs Allen's arm for the first time, he has this huge drill. And then he causually starts to drill Allen's arm while Allen is sitting there traumatized.
  • "I'm a clock!"
  • All of episode eighteen. This troper was laughing very hard the first time she saw it.
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  • Krory's first train ride was interesting, as was the poker game that followed it. Krory's first time in a town was hilarious as well!
  • This Noah family scene.
  • Speaking of, the twins in general. They're hilariously dumb half the time and major troll the other. It makes for some pretty weird humour.
  • During the rewinding town arc Allen is cornered by three level 2 Akuma who argue over how they should kill him. They decide that the best way to settle this matter would be a quick game of rock, paper, scissors. Allen then shoots them while they are distracted and they call him out on it afterwards.
    Akuma: "What the hell was that for, you bastard?!"
    Allen: "You expect me to just wait? I'll shoot you when I have a chance!"
  • When we first see Miranda after her training, she is in the process of making a dramatic and epic grand entrance... when she trips and falls.
    • Then she debuts her abilities with her Innocence—making a wreck of a boat just like it was back in its heyday—much to the shock of everyone. She thinks everyone is disgusted (when they're really in awe) and then jumps into the water thinking she failed.
    • And then later, when it's revealed that her powers only lasts as long as that Innocence is active—meaning that she has to have it on her for five days—she reveals that she can stay up for long periods of time due to how much she berates herself while everyone else looks in horror as she laughs at how she stayed up for a whole week calling herself useless.
  • In one of the filler episodes, Kanda gets pwned by a door.
  • The Zombie Arc was hilarious.
    • Especially when Allen seduces a robot!
    • Don't forget the sight of General Tiedoll wearing nothing but a towel!
    • There is some fridge hilarity as well: when Nurse bites Allen, there is a comment that she "doesn't normally bite people". Implication being that she has bit somebody before because they ran away from infirmary.
  • During the Alma Karma arc, in one of the flashbacks, Alma has a conversation about mayonnaise with a test-tube baby.
  • This little exchange from the manga chapter 44:
    Allen: Somehow, I feel like we’re being watched.…Maybe it’s a panda?
    Lavi: .…Allen, you think there are pandas everywhere just because we’re in China, don’t you?
  • General Cross shutting up a particularly dangerous bad guy. Also awesome.
  • Tiedoll telling Kanda to stop being an "anti-social humbug" and to "think out of the box more" counts.
  • The entire episode where Tiedoll's team explores a house with tricks and traps.
  • Allen cheating at poker. Cute though he is, that boy has a definite dark side...
  • Cyril once said that Tyki's beauty arouses him, with Tyki replying "You're giving me goosebumps."
  • The scene with Lavi blushing and giggling like a fangirl when Kanda finds out Lavi was messing with his hair.
  • The Lightning Glare occurs repeatedly between Allen, who can normally get along with anyone, and the notoriously grumpy Kanda. Even their golems get involved, with Timcanpy and Kanda's golem also engaging in a crackling glare contest of their own as they hover over their respective masters' heads. Until Timcanpy just goes ahead and eats Kanda's golem.
  • For all those with a sick sense of humor, all the Bloody Hilarious moments in the Alma-Kanda arc. A kid's arm falling out of nowhere shouldn't be that funny.
  • Anytime Timothy grabs someone's boobs. In one omake he does it to Lenalee to demonstrate that his Grand Theft Me power only works on those who don't have their guard up...while Komui is around.
  • Nea and Link in chapter 221. Particularly when Nea pretends to be Allen and just bursts into tears. It's pretty accurate give the situation, but it's still funny. Also when Link declares that he is to be the 14th's ally and Nea can order him to do whatever as Nea is very much creeped out by this declaration. From the way things are going it seems like pretty much any meeting between Nea and Allen's friends is going to be funny.
  • Inspector Galmar trying to get the Black Order to not bring Timothy with them so that he can protect him himself. His offer is met with a resounding "NOT HAPPENING" from all the other Exorcists, Timothy included. AND Emilia.
  • Any time that the Earl isn't shit-your-pants terrifying, he's usually this.

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