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Sometimes, we get paid a surprise visit from the hero Ms. Joke and laugh ourselves silly. Enough to wonder if we didn't inadvertently fall victim to her Quirk. There's plenty of comedy in trying to be a hero, no matter how much her sour rival Eraser Head cares to disagree and tries to use his Quirk to erase it (maybe one day she'll get a laugh outta him, too).

WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments pages. All spoilers will be unmarked.

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    Entrance Exam Arc (Chapters 1-4, Episodes 1-4) 
  • Mt. Lady's absolutely shameless upstaging of Kamui Woods, followed by Kamui in despair as Mt. Lady cracks a weaselly grin.
  • Bakugo has the nerve to call some of his classmates as background characters (which is ironically true) and disses them for thinking they could ever compete with him, resulting in a chorus of well-deserved boos.
  • Hyperactive young Izuku ratcheting back and forth in his desk chair as his mother primes his favorite All Might video- the one of his debut.
  • Young Izuku getting pumped about his future as a hero, only to be told flatly by his doctor that he's never going to develop a Quirk. Tearjerking? Yes. Still funny because of how sudden and blunt the delivery was? Also yes.
  • Upon meeting All Might for the first time in person, Izuku happens to grab onto him as he takes off through the air. He's dragged along so fast his lips and eyelids are blubbering backward and upon taking one look at the city now incredibly far under them, he realizes if he lets go, he'll surely die. All-Might stops trying to get him to let go when he brings this up.
  • Right before the above, Izuku squees adorkably hard at meeting his lifelong idol, sweating bullets and hyperventilating before repeatedly bowing emphatically when he realizes that he has All Might's autograph.
    • In the English dub, he even goes so far as to declare it a family heirloom on the spot.
    Izuku: Holy crap! I gotta get an autograph! I got a pen around here somewhere! Please sign my notebook! [opens it to see the autograph] AHHH! HE ALREADY DID! [bowing emphatically] Ahh... Thank you so much! This will be an heirloom! A family treasure passed down for generations to come!
  • When All Might surprises Izuku with a visit to his neck of the woods, he tries to pass himself off in his heroic state- then All Might loses the constitution to maintain his musclebound form and suddenly deflates into his emaciated form with a gush of blood. Izuku starts shrieking with horror as soon as he does.
    • Then All Might drops the massive bombshell on him that he's chosen Izuku to inherit his Quirk. He goes from crying Tears of Joy to completely blank eyes... then his head lolls over to one side with a weak squawk of, "...Huh...?" It's as if at that particular moment, Izuku's mind just collapses into a state of total overload, like trying to properly register that his childhood idol just gave him the means to stop being Quirkless on top of everything else he's been through is a Divide by Zero.
  • All Might decides to give Midoriya his power, and we are given a close-up shot of Midoriya's face. Plenty of people expected it to be some kind of light show made of power and awesomeness. The next panel? All Might sits on a huge fridge, Midoriya pulling him along like a slave.
    • Izuku trying to heft that fridge with the weight of muscle-form All Might on top of him, then complaining he makes the thing 600 pounds heavier than it needs to be, only for All Might to say he lost weight, so he weighs closer to 560 pounds.
  • During the training Montage and subsequent time-lapse:
    • A bunch of hot girls show up and ogle hunky All Might in a swimsuit and he starts modeling poses and photos for the appreciative ladies, while poor, still-as-of-then shrimpy Izuku is left to his aerobic swimming unattended.
    • Izuku pukes his guts out in the middle of training and All Might gives the viewers a sheepish smile like, "Better out than in, right...?"
    • Izuku sneaking a hand strengthener into his homeroom underneath his desk.
    • Izuku's first on-screen mumble-thon. He basically gets so engrossed in his notes that he brings his entire middle school class to a grinding halt and swamps them in a flurry of muttering. His teacher is forced to use his Quirk to stretch his hands out just to give him a slap so he'll realize he needs to STOP!
    • Midoiriya manages to complete All Might's training just in time for the exams, leaving All Might gobsmacked at just how much progress he made in his training. His dialogue is amusing both in the original Japanese and in the dub.
      All Might (Japanese): "Oh my....OH MY... GOODNESS!
      All Might (English): "Holy...stinking...SUPERCRAP!"
    • When we finally get to the power receiving part, again, we all expected it to be something awesome. What do we get? "Here, eat my hair."
      Midoriya: ... What?
  • After he met Uraraka for the first time, Midoriya's thought is:
    Midoriya: "I talked to a girl!"
  • Clench your asshole tight and shout from the bottom of your heart!
  • We're treated to our first appearance of Present Mic, who treats the incoming applicants like the call-in audience of a radio DJ program. His confusing attempts to rally excitement out of them are met with deathly silence.
    • Even better, in the dub, he's voiced by Koro-Sensei in English and sounds exactly like Koro-sensei during one of his cheering montages.
  • Present Mic's good-luck-wishing line "Break a leg, everyone!" becomes straight-out Black Comedy, when it's exactly what happens to Midoriya at the end of the exam. Both his legs, to be precise, and an arm to boot.
  • Uraraka uses her anti-gravity ability to save a falling Midoriya right as the entrance exam finishes, but this causes her to finally go over her limit with her powers. The side-effect (nausea/vomiting) finally hits... and we are treated to a Vomit Discretion shot. With sparkles and rainbows. It gives a whole new meaning to the term "technicolor yawn".
  • Recovery Girl's introduction when she arrives to heal Izuku. No- she's not a sultry nurse... at least not now. She's a sweet little old lady who gives out gummy candies to the youths like they were visiting a doctor's office and administers her healing Quirk with granny kisses. And not just your typical granny kisses, mind you- great big, sloppy, suctiony, lips several yards away from the face, cringe-inducing granny kisses.
  • When Midoriya receives his test results, it's treated very seriously and dramatically. Which makes it that much more hilarious when he finally opens it by ripping the envelope in half, what's expected to be a formal letter doesn't fall out:
    -a projection disk falls out of the envelope and activates-
    All Might: BOOYAH! I am here! As a projection now!

    Quirk Apprehension Test Arc (Chapters 5-7, Episode 5) 

    Battle Trial Arc (Chapters 8-11, Episodes 6-8) 
  • Midoriya, Uraraka, and Iida started to befriend each other, which then led to the discussion of the name "Deku".
    Midoriya: Umm... my real name is "Izuku"... "Deku" is just Kacchan being a bully...
    Iida: A derogatory pet-name then?
    Uraraka: Oh! Gotcha! Sorry! But "Deku", well... it just screams "Do your best"! I kinda like it.
    Midoriya: (Immediately, his face bright red) HI, I'M DEKU!
    Iida: Midoriya!!
  • Uraraka's Imagine Spot of a crudely-drawn Bakugo yelling "Deku, you bastard!"
  • Even the UA cafeteria is run by a Pro Hero, Lunch Rush. And of course, Midoriya has a fanboy moment over him as well.
  • All Might introduces himself to his class with his classic catchphrase:
    "I AM HERE!.....entering the room like a hero!"
  • Everyone dons their hero costumes for the first time. All Might notices Izuku's is a shameless attempt to imitate his look.
    All Might: (Whispering to himself) You're so obvious...!
  • Mineta can't stop perving out over the girls' outfits. Immediately after Uraraka notes that her superhero costume is skin-tight, he does an Aside Glance, makes a thumbs up and says "I love this school".
    • Meanwhile, as Uraraka is cheerfully griping about her skin-tight costume, Midoriya is just gazing at her, rendered completely speechless.
  • Iida's wonderfully hammy roleplay of a villain. Complete with Evil Gloating as he tells Uraraka about his foresight of getting rid of everything not nailed down in the room to limit her options in the tone of a villain holding people hostage. One can also imagine him throwing everything out of the window.
  • After the battle, there's a solemn moment where their classmates watch the feed of a burned-out, disabled Izuku on the floor at Katsuki's feet - and Uraraka trying not to puke while Iida rubs her back.
  • Tsuyu pretty much sums up the chaos of the first battle.
  • An Omake shows that Mt. Lady has a terrible habit of causing widespread destruction in her gigantic form, running up insane bills to pay for collateral damage, and decided against better judgment to have her HQ built in an urban area because she needs the publicity. Then she accidentally demolishes her own headquarters. But the fans still take to her like butter.
  • After the first match is over, All Might allows Yaoyorozu to display her analytical skills and intellect for the first time by giving a fair assessment of the match. Except she runs with it... hard. Momo scrutinizes all the things Izuku and Uraraka could have done better because they got separated, and slams Bakugo for his total lack of teamwork and loss of control. But as for Iida, she showers him with nothing but praise for doing exactly what the exam asked him to do, who starts weeping with joy. However, she still said a lot more than All Might wanted her to and freaked out everybody with her astonishingly clinical and detailed opinions, causing the whole room to go speechless in awe and All Might to silently remark to himself that Momo's lack of finesse with her words is scary.
  • In the anime, Toru, the invisible girl, tells Ojiro she's going to take off her gloves and shoes in preparation for their match so she's fully invisible to the naked eye but asks him not to look as she does because it'll embarrass her. Problem is, her costume is only the gloves and shoes, and she was technically already naked.
  • Mineta and Yaoyorozu end up paired together for their match. While Yaoyorozu fortifies a doorway, all Mineta cares about is figuring out how to fondle her, quickly ticking her off.
  • A moment overlapping with Ship Tease from Episode 8 - Kaminari tries to ask Uraraka out, only for her to forget him and run to ask Midoriya if he's ok.

    Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc (Chapters 12-21, Episodes 9-13) 
  • Iida proposes that the class picks its president via a vote. When the votes are tallied, he is shocked that no one voted for him. Not even himself.
    • Also, Bakugo screams in rage age at not being elected, wondering who could have voted for Deku. Meanwhile, Uraraka whistles innocently, musing that it'd be scary if Bakugo found out.
  • A panic at U.A. ensues from one of the alarms going off from a perimeter breach, causing students to flood the corridors and run for their lives and sweep up those who were caught unaware. It leads to Izuku's suggestion of Uraraka using her Quirk to make Iida float above the stampede of students so he can get their attention and drill some order into the situation. Iida has no control over his body and ends up smacked sideways against the wall above the hallway opening, reminiscent of the stick figure on an emergency exit symbol. Kirishima, who was also caught up in the stampede, notices this and temporarily christens him with the nickname "Emergency Exit".
  • Poor Momo wondering why she, the class vice president, was completely ignored in favor of Iida to replace Midoriya as class president.
  • Bakugo's getting picked on by the other students. The crowner?
    Denki Kaminari: You know we basically just met you, so it's kind of telling that we all know your personality's flaming crap mixed with garbage.
    Bakugo: Huh!? What's with that vocabulary, bastard!? I'll fucking kill you!!
    • And before that...
      Tsuyu: But Bakugo's always angry, so he'll never get popular. (Izuku does a Double Take)
      Tsuyu: (pointing at him while giving an Aside Glance) Ya see?
      • Look behind Bakugo and you'll see Todoroki peacefully napping during the whole commotion.
    • During the whole thing, Midoriya is completely confused by this since he's used to Bakugo and the rest of class teasing him before, but now the tables have turned...
  • The name of Thirteen's facility Class A was going to do their rescue training. Or, more acutely, the students' reaction to the name: The Unforeseen Simulation Joint, or USJ for short.
    All of Class A: Just like Universal Studios Japan!
  • Mineta's turning out to have gotten into Super Heroing simply because of all the girls in skimpy outfits is great - he gives Midoriya a thumbs up over Urakaka's outfit and spends every panel in Battle Trial on looking at Yaoyorozu instead of taking notes; furthermore, his first sentence after being saved from drowning by Tsuyu is wondering why a frog-girl has breasts anyway.
  • Midoriya and Tsuyu's reaction to Mineta's Quirk, followed by Mineta's reaction to their reaction.
  • Midoriya starts another one of his serious, angsty monologues in reflection of the previous fight... and then Tsuyu interrupts:
  • It precedes a Moment of Awesome, but there's something funny about Deku's way to shake off his fears to face the villains: channel Bakugo and yell "DIE!!" at the top of his lungs.
  • Just as All Might powers up to dash off to the USJ, Nezu walks in. All Might freezes and endures the following conversation with this great strained smile. He's just upholding the masquerade, right? Nope. Nezu is a Secret-Keeper; he was deliberately holding All Might in place by scolding him for neglecting his teaching duties. He tells the super-active hero to relax longer and listen to a lecture on his teaching philosophies.
  • Kyoka's reaction to Momo's Clothing Damage is priceless.
    • Hits Ambiguously Gay when later during the school festival she can also be seen blushing with the guys who make up Toru's horse. Toru isn't wearing a top so her upper half can be totally invisible.
  • The downside to Denki's Quirk? It literally overloads his mind. More specifically, it shorts his own brain out from overuse. If that happens, he turns insanely stupid for a whole hour as his brain recovers. All he can do is wander around shaking two thumbs up with a brainless expression on his face, spouting "UhhHHHWHEEEEeeeeeeEEEEyyyYYY!!!"
  • Mineta feels Tsuyu in a certain area. What does she do? She seems to almost croak... and then she just nonchalantly dunks his head underwater. And holds it there.
  • Mineta and Tsuyu are... different levels of fazed by All Might's power.
    Mineta: All Might's on a whole 'nother level!
    Tsuyu: Huh. And yet he still has to look at his notes while he's teaching us.
  • In the end of the arc, Toru excitedly tells Ojiro how awesome Todoroki is, since she was with him all the time. Todoroki overhears the whole thing and mentally monologues how he had absolutely no idea she was with him and that he could've accidentally frozen her along with the villains.

    Sports Festival Arc (Chapters 22-44, Episodes 14-25) 
  • Aizawa's face has been completely bound up in bandages as he recovers from the USJ incident, making him look like a mummy.
  • When Uraraka gets pumped for the sports festival, some of the kids notice that this is a little out of character for her. Mineta tries to suggest that it's PMS, but Tsuyu Dope Slaps him with her tongue before he can get past the "M!"
  • When All Might shows up after Uraraka's motivation is explained, he asks Midoriya to join him for lunch... Like a teenage girl would to her crush, lunch bag and all. Uraraka finds this hilarious.
  • Mt. Lady using her sex appeal to get free takoyaki.
  • Present Mic dragged his poor colleague Aizawa along to co-commentate the Sports Festival, and while Present Mic is totally getting into it, he wants nothing to do with it and questions why he even needed to be here in the first place. Present Mic doesn't hesitate to retort by calling him a mummy man.
  • The referee for the Sports Festival is revealed to be Midnight, an S&M-themed hero who is specifically billed for an over-18 crowd. When the younger students protest this, Mineta blows a fuse.
    • She even uses a cat-o-nine-tails whip instead of a flag to referee the games.
  • In the preview for episode 16, Bakugo vows to incinerate Midoriya if he is even one step ahead..... before admitting that he'd do that anyway.
  • Class A's genuine horror when they realize that, due to placing first in the entrance exam, Bakugo is essentially the valedictorian of their class and gets to serve as their mouthpiece, which is an unspoken and instant guarantee that any hope of good first impressions and future camaraderie with the other classes is completely screwed.
    • Sure enough, he makes a typical "you can all just kiss my ass" incendiary statement and gets the rest of the classes booing and hating on Class A in no time, and everybody from his class saw it coming from a mile away. The only thing he didn't do is say it proudly and while smiling, but apathetically, which surprised Midoriya.
  • Midoriya's epic Oh, Crap! face when he finds out that by winning the Obstacle Race preliminary, he essentially gets a bounty of points put on his head that's far greater than everyone else combined for the next event.
  • Iida's Heroic BSoD over only getting 6th place in a race despite his Super Speed Quirk.
    • Bakugo's reaction to coming in 3rd behind both Midoriya and Todoroki.
  • Impressed by the Class 1-A students' performance Present Mic asks Aizawa what he had been teaching them. Aizawa says that this has nothing to do with his teaching, but the students are powered by their own drive. This makes Present Mic draw the following conclusion:
    Present Mic: There you have it! Eraserhead is a terrible teacher!
    Aizawa: I'm WHAT!?
  • Mineta managed to place as high as he did during the Obstacle Race event by using his sticky balls to cling to Yaoyorozu's butt. It's made clear she's hit him numerous times, but he states it was killing two birds with one stone and smiles.
    Momo: You're the worst!
    (Mineta flashes a shit-eating grin back at her)
  • One of the Class B students to finish the race is a human speech bubble.
  • Aoyama coming in dead last among the cutoff point of 42 qualifiers and panting frantically as he clenches his stomach, evidently overdoing it with firing his Navel Laser.
  • Midoriya's Ocular Gushers when Uraraka offers to team up for the Human Cavalry game are like a broken water main. They even leave a sizable puddle that makes Mineta think someone urinated in. For all we know, Izuku has a tear Quirk!!
    • Happens again during the result rankings of the cavalry game in an even more hilarious way. The tears literally fly up towards the sky like some sort of geyser and the recoil is strong enough to bury Midoriya's legs underground.
  • Mineta is surprised that none of the girls want him to ride on their shoulders. Yes, really; when he exclaims this to Mezo Shoji, it looks like he's about to suffer Amusing Injuries until Mezo says his strategy is sound.
  • Bakugo's relentlessly mean attitude during the Cavalry battle stems as a result of coming in third, wanting the victory to be so one-sided that he tries to go after everyone's headbands and cause a points shut-out. However, when Monoma grinds his gears, he parks a target solely on Monoma's sorry ass and ensures that Monoma's entire team doesn't even have a prayer of getting into the next round by stealing their entire collection of headbands.
    • A side note during the Cavalry battle: when everyone forms their cavalries, practically all the riders go barefoot (Kendo even has her pant legs up rolled up all spunky and tomboyishly) so the rugged soles of their shoes don't dig into the skin and hands of the people holding them up. That is to say, everyone except Bakugo, who arguably has the meanest shoes of anybody in the festival, the combat boots taken straight from his costume. Thankfully, at least Kirishima is his steed, and his Hardening Quirk spares him any pain. Sero and Mina aren't so lucky.
    • Even funnier, when it's time to form the cavalry teams, most of the Class 1-A students try to get Bakugo to team up with them. True to form, Bakugo doesn't even remember their Quirks or names.
    • Bakugo banging on Kirishima's head while shouting that they're going to get first place, complete with a cartoony "knock" sound effect.
  • When Mezo's team comes across Midoriya's, we have Mineta and Tsuyu hiding and attacking from within the "tortoise shell" Mezo formed using his ability.
  • Uraraka acting jealous when Midoriya praises Hatsume's inventions.
    • Hatsume's Insistent Terminology that her inventions are "kawaii (cute) babies".
    • Hatsume refusing to even pay attention to anything but her inventions after being insulted by the fact they broke down during the cavalry battle.
  • The underhanded manner in which Shiozaki and company stole Mineta's headband by quietly extending a vine inside Mezo's limb canopy while their team wasn't looking. Shiozaki thinks the fact their own team got eliminatednote  is divine retribution.
  • When time runs out in the cavalry battle, Bakugo face plants into the ground. The cartoon sound effect that plays only makes it funnier.
  • Tokoyami's Dark Shadow turns into a wimp — nay shrivels and cries — when it comes into contact with bright light.
    • Dark Shadow's facial expressions and reactions are (no pun intended) cartoony. It has thick blush lines when Uraraka pats it on the head and seems to make an actual ">.<" after absorbing an attack from Kaminari.
  • Toru is clearly going topless during the Cavalry Race. She's likely just trying to make sure she can pull off a sneak attack, though this doesn't stop Sato and Koda from blushing over the fact that they're carrying a bare-breasted girl around.
  • Mineta and Kaminari teaming up to trick the girls of Class 1-A into dressing up as cheerleaders. Especially when Toru actually gets really into it. And they keep the uniforms on, even putting on a little show in the time between the Human Cavalry event and the one-on-one battles.
    • What's even funnier is when Ojiro mentions this as he ejects himself from the tournament.
      Ojiro: Also, why are you dressed as cheerleaders?
  • During the side games between events, there's a scavenger hunt. Everyone picks up a card and asks the audience for the item on the card. Sero needs a bag, Sato a cat, Kaminari a textbook, and Mineta... needs back fat. His expression sells it.
    • During this, Monoma, the only one who's not taking part in any of the side games, berates Class A for taking the side games seriously. Then Kendo runs up to him, asking him for help, which he agrees to. The item Kendo needs: perverse person.note 
      Monoma: (while being carried like a doll in Kendo's giant hands) Uh, I think you have the wrong impression of me, Kendo.
      Kendo: Trust me. This fits.
  • Denki shorts himself out during the Cavalry Battle from overusing his Quirk and ends up spending the hour-long lunch break stupefied. This gives him the hour he needs to regain his senses... then as soon as his match with Shiozaki begins, he shorts himself out again.
  • Whenever Deku manages to do something amazing throughout the Sports Festival, the manga will cut to his mother watching everything on TV. She's usually screaming her son's name and is surrounded by a mountain of used tissues.
    • The anime adds a little scene where she drenches the ceiling of her apartment in tears. We sure Inko doesn't have a tear geyser effect mixed in with her Quirk (guess hers turns out to be one of those Quirks that needs to be updated when you find out it's different from what you thought it was) and that her crybaby son was indeed Quirkless??
  • The match-ups for the combat round are decided. When Uraraka realizes she's paired up against Bakugo, she squeals with fear.
  • In Chapter 31, Todoroki notices the similarities between Deku's and All Might's Quirks and confronts our hero about it, prompting this conversation:
    Deku: [panicking internally] Y-you've got it all wrong! Well, of course, that's exactly what a secret son would say, so I get it if you don't believe me, but I swear that's not it...
    • In the Anime, it's added with the squeaky way Midoriya thought when he was internally reacting to the secret with a squeaky "what?"
  • Shinso trolls Midoriya twice in a row after their match is over by secretly activating his Quirk, Brainwashing (you can't respond to anything he says or he'll rope you in). Each time Izuku responds to him, he gets caught under Shinso's mind control. The second time it happens, Shinso reacts with astounded silence, like he didn't expect Deku to be that much of a rube and now can't even put his foolhardy display into words.
  • Present Mic's introduction from Sero mentions his creepy-looking tape dispenser elbows. Sero does not find it all that funny.
  • Todoroki vs. Sero is over in a blink. Todoroki happens to be beyond pissed at the start of the battle after a very inflammatory conversation with his father about not using his flames and the ability he inherited from his mother not being enough on its own, so he goes in with his ice power at full tilt just to spite him and prove him wrong... not just freezing Sero before he can even make a move, but creating a massive iceberg that dwarfs half the stadium and threatens to engulf the bandstands, Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka among them. Apparently, he all but forgot the fact this was supposed to be a sportsmanly bout and not a fight for one's life.
    Sero: (totally encased in ice and replying in a very subdued and apprehensive tone)
    ......Don't you think that's a bit much...???
    • The freezing is so large-scale that it shakes the infirmary where All Might and Recovery Girl are residing, and Kamui Woods and Deatharms can see it from outside the stadium. This is so jarring that it elicits a shocked reaction from Eraser Head.
    • Even resident Motor Mouth Present Mic is rendered speechless. He's so taken aback that his shades are falling off his nose, his jaw is headed towards the floor, and his face is practically screaming, "WHAT?!?".
    • Look closely; His face is pressed up against the window of the announcer's booth, fogging up the glass, as if he had to lean in close to believe what just happened.
    • Better yet, poor Midnight was right there in the midst of the sudden ice floe and halfway encased, shivering and really irritated. She can't even wave her whip to signal the end of the match because the hand that's holding it is among her frozen side.
    • Finally, to add insult to injury, after seeing that Sero is so badly outmatched, everyone in the crowd takes to feeling sorry for him and rouses him with spontaneous pity cheers of "Don't worry about it!" (or "Nice try!" in the English dub), and the pity party continues even long after the sports festival ends when Sero is approached by little schoolkids who feel sorry for him. And he hates that.
  • Izuku going into another crazed mumble-thon as he jots down notes about Shiozaki Ibara's Quirk, Vines.
    • Apparently, Shiozaki's Quirk grows so easily it makes it impossible for her to go bald.
  • The anime pulls some delicious Adaptation Expansion that takes all of the fights that were offscreen and has them occur in full. This gives rise to several new hilarious moments:
    • Shiozaki objecting to being called an "assassin" in Present Mic's ad-libbed intro and being a Holier Than Thou pacifist.
    • Monoma having the first of many shallow attempts to be condescending after being humiliated and having a breakdown while trying to diss Class A, forcing Kendo to karate-chop him. Class A looks at him wondering what just happened, like this is a regular occurrence with them. Even better in the English Dub, where they quickly decide they hate Monoma.
    • Mineta being hungry for a fight where girls tear each other's clothes off and Jiro calling him scum for saying that out loud. (An Omake between Chapter 31 & 32 actually does give rise to a Cat Fight between Mt. Lady and Midnight when the former insults the latter's age on a talk show. Mineta couldn't be any happier. And this probably explains his craving at the Sports Festival. In the anime, it instead turns into a Brick Joke when said Omake is used as the opening scene for one episode during the Field Training Arc.)
    • Mina melting Aoyama's pants with her acid, causing them to drop and giving her a chance to punch him in the jaw, ending the fight in seconds, intertwined with the triple helping of Aoyama making sissy cries of agony. Then Mineta chimes in again about wishing their Quirks had been switched and Mina had been the one rendered indecent- and now Jiro is ready to knock him flat.
  • The Iida vs. Hatsume match literally isn't even a fight, because Hatsume just spends ten minutes dodging Iida and doing sales pitches for her inventions before she concedes and steps out of bounds.
    Eraser Head: She's got a strong will, all right... To sell her products.
  • The relentless Running Gag that Kirishima and Tetsutetsu are so similar they might as well be Xeroxes of each other. Their Quirks are not only fundamentally the same, but their fight intros are also the same (which Kirishima complains about), and even their battle ends in a draw, forcing them to default to an arm-wrestling match. Kirishima wins because it turns out the weaknesses of their Quirks are different — Tetsutetsu suffers from metal fatigue after being forced to bear continuous load stress without loading up on iron consumables, while Kirishima can only maintain his Hardening for a limited time.
    • In the anime, Mineta is sound asleep during this battle because it's such a sausage-fest, and Jiro wakes him up by force with a cacophonic assault from her Earphone Jacks for being such a lustful jackass.
    • Not to mention the fact Tetsutetsu's own full name is redundant (Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu). And the individual meanings of each Japanese character used to write his name are also redundant.
    • Somehow, Kirishima sustained Clothing Damage while Tetsutetsu did not.
  • Uraraka's hilariously intimidating nervous face. She looks like she is about to brutally murder someone.
  • Present Mic's obvious bias in favor of Uraraka when her match against Bakugo comes up. Aizawa actually calls him out on it for not remaining impartial as a commentator (and then later blasts the audience of pro heroes for doing the exact same thing in a more serious and insulted manner for not recognizing Bakugo's willpower to fight with all he's got because he really needs to and just thinking he's being a douche to Uraraka).
    • The dude even tries to whisper he'd rather have her win, but when you say that over a stadium booth, it totally defeats the purpose of whispering.
  • Bakugo knows Uraraka's name well enough to remember it, but he still gives her a rude nickname: "Round Face." ("Pink Cheeks" in the anime's dub.)
    • Fallen Angels scans went with the unusually affectionate "Angel Face" in their translation, making it sound like Bakugo is sadistically flirting with her.
  • During Uraraka and Kacchan's fight, Mineta surmises that the only reason Bakugo doesn't seem to be holding back is because he swings for the other team.
  • Uraraka having a good cry after her loss to Bakugo, and trying to cover it up. Badly. It'd make sense that she'd return with her face all puffy and irritated from her tears and alert her classmates that she was sad, but she's cried so much that her eyelids are totally swollen shut. She doesn't look weepy anymore — she looks like someone beat her up on the way back. Iida actually tells her she should go back to see Recovery Girl!
  • At the start of Chapter 40, after Shoto has started to use his Fire side, Endeavor gives a very hammy speech about his ambition while getting out of his seat and walking up to the edge of the viewing area.
    Shoto completely ignores him
    Present Mic: And Mr. Endeavor with a very sudden... Pep talk? Must be quite the doting dad!
  • Present Mic's flabbergasted expression after the explosive ending to Midoriya and Todoroki's bout, complete with off-kilter glasses.
    • Not to mention the fact the final clash was so powerful it knocked him upside-down from inside the booth.
    • And once again poor Midnight is caught up in the backdraft of Todoroki's attack, this time fire instead of ice and being deflected by Midoriya's One For All smash, with enough force to blow her away like a leaf and knock off her spectacle mask. It's a good thing Cementoss intervened, or else it could have been a lot hairier.
  • In the preview for episode 25, All Might asks Midoriya who he thought would win in the fight between Bakugo and Todoroki. This prompts Midoriya to enter another mumble-session.
    All Might: This next match will be between Young Todoroki and Young Bakugo! So who do you think'll win, kiddo?
    Midoriya: Well, Kacchan has an all-purpose Quirk that can be used for both attacking and moving around the field, [deep in thought] and he's clever enough to come up with solid tactics and strategy... [echo effect amplifies with his mumbling]
    All Might: [sheepishly] Ooookay, my bad for asking! Just tell us the title!
  • De-muscled All Might panicking to the point of spitting blood when Izuku's friends barge into the medical room to check on him, worried they'll realize that's him in his withered state.
  • While talking to Midoriya and Uraraka, Iida suddenly starts vibrating like he's having a seizure, freaking them out as well as his onlookers, unnerving Tsuyu, and horrifying Mineta. Never fear — it's just his phone going off.
  • Just before their match, Bakugo accidentally thunders into Todoroki's waiting room. Awkward silence abounds.
    Bakugo: ... Huh? ... Hey, why are you here? (peers over at the room sign) It's waiting room... oh, this is room two? Damn it!
  • All Might completely bumbles his cool heroic image in front of his adoring public with faux pas:
    • His dramatic entrance at the Sports Festival to present the medals is completely ruined by Midnight accidentally talking over him. His Death Glare at Midnight while still smiling only makes it even funnier.
    • At the end of the awards ceremony, All Might seems to lure the audience into an obvious group shout of, "Plus Ultra!". He instead says, "Thanks for your hard work!" as they belt his slogan, and the entire stadium erupts with merciless booing, and everyone complaining why All Might himself didn't know better than to say his own trademark catchphrase, while he very meekly tries to explain that he thought the students tried hard at the festival.
  • Just the fact that Bakugo had to be chained up for the awards ceremony.
  • When Midnight remarks that Iida had to leave for family reasons, she says that you "gotta love those familial bonds." Tokoyami's facial expression is priceless, as if he thought "familial bonds" was code for something.
  • Uraraka's parents were way too over-eager to surprise her at her place, in what she interpreted as a sudden home invasion (the door's already unlocked and two unfamiliar pairs of shoes are neatly left at the entrance, a man's and a woman's, hinting that it's really just them), charging at her on all fours in the dark with demonic faces like they were possessed. The poor girl has such a fright that her eyes bungee right out of her sockets! And while her parents are lovingly explaining the reason they came to see Uraraka, her mother is literally pushing her daughter's eyes back into their sockets. Sure, we've seen people who can do that in this world, but is that really a thing one of her parents can do?!
    • The volume that contains this chapter reuses Uraraka's Eye Pop gag for the "Contents" section.
  • Inko Midoriya fainted seven times during the Sports Festival. Two of those times were from tear-induced dehydration.
  • The end of Chapter 44 and the iris-out of Episode 25. While it showed the other characters having heartwarming moments with his family, Bakugo's has his mother scolding him for loudly brushing his teeth in the waking hours of the morning. He's doing it so fiercely that he's splattering toothpaste spit on the bathroom mirror.
    • Bakugo at the award ceremony is also good. He's furious over not getting the win he wanted, and needs to be restrained and muzzled. When All Might gives him his medal, he takes off Bakugo's muzzle... big mistake. Bakugo gets so mad that the tapers of his angry eyes shoot off his face and make for an apeshit-level rage face that is potent enough to leave even All Might reeling. Then, he screams that he's not going to accept a cheap victory like this, and Bakugo refuses to have it around his neck, so he ends up holding it in his mouth instead. That's because he tips his head back against his restraint, and All Might can't put it over his neck, so he sticks it between his teeth and politely tells him to go ahead and bear it as a wound!
    • The whole picture with Bakugo being restrained to a pole at the top spot in the podium is amusing in itself, as it makes the event look like everyone is trying to burn him at the stake. It doesn't help Tokoyami — a student with a raven's head — is right next to him.
    • And the next day when everyone is back in school, the medal is STILL IN HIS TEETH.
    • Todoroki off in his own world while Bakugo is in restraints. Tokoyami reacts as anyone would having to stand next to Bakugo, calling him a "feral animal". Nevermind that Tokoyami has a bird head.

    Field Training Arc (Chapters 45-59, Episodes 26-33) 
  • Izuku completely losing his composure when he suddenly gets ID'd in the subway, causing the whole train car to flock to him and cheer him on.
    • The train Izuku takes to U.A. has a monitor that displays the news. It features a blurb about Bakugo winning the Sports Festival, showing a picture of his rage face and the medal stuck in his teeth.
  • Izuku is taken by surprise at the sight of Iida in a poncho and rain boots in a full run toward U.A. on a rainy day. Iida remarks Izuku's going to be late, but Izuku notes they have five minutes before the first bell. Overachiever Iida thinks a student should be at school ten minutes before the first bell.
  • Toru mentions how people are staring at her now and she finds that embarrassing. Ojiro reminds her that's normal for her (an invisible girl is ironically very conspicuous!).
  • As mentioned earlier, Sero's bummed that a bunch of children said "Donmai" (Japanese for "Don't worry about it") after the festival. And then Tsuyu compassionately tells Sero "Don't worry about it!" regarding the kids telling him "Don't worry about it", rubbing salt in the wound without (hopefully) meaning to. It drives him nuts.
  • If you'll pay close attention to the class greeting Aizawa in Episode 26, even Koda says, "Good morning, Sensei!" Good manners supersede even the tightest of the tight-lipped!
  • Watching just about the entire class erupt into cheers when Aizawa announces they'll be doing code names after some of them were sweating bullets at the thought of doing something hard or dull. Then Aizawa activates his Erasure as a warning and the whole class instantaneously goes back to a state of tranquility with an audible onomatopoeia of Shi... (quiet).
    • Todoroki has more sponsor offers than Bakugo, surprising the class. Inquiring why brings on the rage-o-meter.
      Jiro: Todoroki's first, and Bakugo's second...?
      Kirishima: It's the opposite of their placement in the sports festival.
      Sero: Some people are too scared to ask for a guy who had to be restrained on the podium.
      Bakugo: (bellowing) WHAT ARE THE PROS SCARED OF!?
  • Uraraka briskly shakes Tenya up and down over and over at the excitement they both got offers... while Mineta weakly shakes Izuku and bemoans the fact he didn't get any for scaring away people with his crazed recklessness.
  • Kaminari, Sero, and especially Mineta reacting to having Midnight drop in on their class.
  • It's brought up that if prospective heroes aren't careful when they select their hero names, they have hell to pay or suffer unfortunate or embarrassing ones not of their choice. Poor Aizawa fell victim to having a hero name contrived and slapped on him by Yamada (Present Mic) and he apathetically accepted it (most likely because getting stuck in the same class as a chronic loudmouth like him meant he would blab the name to everyone until it stuck), when he never really wanted one at all, preferring to stay away from publicity and the media entirely. In fact, the thought of hero code names depresses him so much he curls up in his sleeping bag, takes a snooze, and lets Midnight take over the class.
  • In Chapter 45, some of the hero names the students have created are downright hilarious.
    • Aoyama's hero name:
      Aoyama: I Cannot Stop Twinkling.
      The Class: That's a whole sentence!
      Midnight: If you take out the "I" and abbreviate to just a "Can't" it'll be much easier to say.
    • Midnight accepts "Can't Stop Twinkling" as a hero name, prompting shock from the rest of the class, especially Sato, who's getting frustrated with Aoyama's language crisscrossing between English and French.
    • Mina tries to name herself "Alien Queen" after the titular creature from the film. The mental picture of her with the appearance of a creature with acidic blood petrifies Midnight and gets a rating of 2 from her and a reprimand for being unoriginal, and just about all of the class thinks Mina is an idiot because now everyone is afraid their name is too weird or stupid to use. This is even funnier in the dub, because whatever one may think of the name "Alien Queen", every English speaker on earth recognizes that "Can't Stop Twinkling" is infinitely worse, so it's turned into a joke about how Midnight's tastes are utterly bizarre, and everyone becomes terrified to announce their names not because the first two tries were weird, but because they literally have no idea what she's going to like.
    • Then Tsuyu reveals her desired hero name, which she decided on in elementary school, "Froppy". Midnight instantly falls in love with the name and so does the rest of the class, who cheer her on for breaking the pattern of weirdness and making the exercise feel normal again overall.
    • Kyoka nearly succeeds at getting Denki to name himself after his blithering brainless state, suggesting the name "Jamming-Wheeyy" with a duplicitous giggle. Denki misinterprets it as a clever pun on electrical jamming and Ernest Hemingway, then takes the bait. She starts snickering and thinks to herself it won't be long before he's just called, "Wheeyy" (in the anime, she taunts him with the knowledge it's based on how he always ends up all stupid), barely holding back her laughter. But then Denki puts two and two together and gives a piece of his not-so-stupid mind to the obvious troll.
    • Midnight squeeing and caterwauling over nearly all the hero names the students have chosen, or just engaging in bombastic shouting. That includes Koda's unspoken but written "Anima" and even Tokoyami's significantly darker selection of "Tsukuyomi" (literally "God of the Night").
    • While everyone else's hero names are being praised by Midnight, in a noticeably small panel, Bakugo's attempts at his hero name keep getting rejected: His first attempt was "King of Explodo-kills". He later changes his name to "Baron of Explodo-kills". In the anime, we get going on a roll with the names... and then Bakugo's turn comes up and the whole thing comes to a grinding halt.
      Kirshima: You should be "Explosion Boy!" (both he and Denki snicker)
      Bakugo: SHUT UP, WEIRD HAIR! (keeps yelling at the guys to shut up as they continue teasing him in between snickers)
    • Another translation has him call himself King Carnage, only changing it to Count Carnage after being prompted to change it.
    • The official translation for the manga went with King Explosion Murder, later downgraded to Lord Explosion Murder.
  • A flashback to young Midoriya reveals he was really bad at choosing original nicknames (every single one is just "All Might" with something tacked on) and so hyperactive he kept bouncing up and down on his mother's sofa and running around the house in an All Might suit.
  • Midoriya is revealed to be a big fan of the air chair exercise for isometric muscle training, freaking out Uraraka when he keeps trembling from not sitting down. And then when a large number of the class starts gawking at the fact he apparently does this all the time throughout class, we see Bakugo slowly blowing a gasket at the thought of his most-despised fellow getting all the glory. Meanwhile, Tokoyami thinks Izuku should give the multitasking a rest.
    Tokoyami: He who chases two hares catches neither.
  • Mineta has already chosen Mt. Lady to intern under. Tsuyu immediately accuses him of thinking something perverted when selecting her.
  • Izuku lapses into another mumble-thon as he considers what to do about his internship. His classmates look on with nervous smiles.
    Classmates: It's practically an art form!
  • The way All Might's face goes totally agape when he sees the one person who's taken an interest in Izuku. It's someone that put the fear of God in him. Gran Torino, one of his own old and retired teachers.
    • Then he rushes off to catch Izuku before he leaves school by sprinting down to his class in muscular form and braking very abruptly, causing the onlooking students to gasp in fright. He's also bent forward like a pizza box.
      All Might: I am here! In a bizarre position!
    • Izuku having another one of his fanboy moments at the thought of meeting All Might's mentor before being enlightened on the true nature of this man.
    • The mighty All Might trembling in fear at the thought of his old mentor — the mentor from Hell — requesting to see Izuku personally. The fit of overwhelming panic he has is so bad "Shake" sound effects clutter the background and the scenery starts melting into a horror show.
      Izuku: Just how scary is this guy?!
  • As the class goes their separate ways in the subway metro to go off to their respective internships, Aizawa reminds them they're not permitted to wear their costumes in public until supervised (due to not being licensed heroes yet) and to take care not to lose/drop their costumes and keep them safe. When Mina gives him a cutesy reply, Aizawa has one of those nitpicky grammar correction/speak proper English moments teachers are infamous for.
    Mina: (sprightly) Yessir!
    Aizawa: Speak clearly! It's "yes, sir," Ashido.
    Mina: (all pouty) Yes, sir. (her classmates give her embarrassed "just grin and bear it"-esque looks)
  • Izuku goes off to meet Gran Torino for the first time and walks into a very run down building, which is unnerving enough as is. Then he goes inside to find the man collapsed on the floor with what looks like broken glass, a pool of blood, and an intestine hanging out. Izuku interprets it as a murder scene.
    Izuku: (panicking) AAAAAAHHH!!! HE'S DEAAAAAAD!!!
    Gran Torino: (merrily raises his head) I'm alive!
    Izuku: (still panicking) AAAAAAHHH!!! HE'S ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!! (breathes a sigh of relief with a blissful face)
  • Gran Torino accidentally lands on his microwave while springing around his house, destroying it. Then he orders a new microwave because his old one broke for some reason... Izuku can't tell if he's having another geezer moment or just being a shameless liar, or somewhere in between.
    • Gran Torino bitching at Izuku for shoving a frozen taiyaki treat in the microwave sideways because it won't rotate and cook thoroughly. That's because Izuku is used to being one of those unfortunate souls to own a microwave without a rotisserie.
  • We get to see what the others from the Hero Course are up to:
    • Bakugo got a sponsorship from the No. 4 hero, Best Jeanist. Yay! However, he only wanted to sponsor Bakugo to basically tell him how much he sucks and rehabilitate him. Oops.
    • The redundancy never ends! Kirishima and Tetsutetsu are both chosen by Fourth Kind (who himself is redundant with four arms) and get to be working together on a job, except this is the first time we see Tetsutetsu in his hero costume. Even both these dudes' costumes are near spitting images of each other. But for men of action, Fourth Kind is determined to make them use their noggins to think and not just fight, and proceeds to talk their ears off.
    • Uraraka paired up with Gunhead, and learned that for the masculine air he gives off, he has a fluffy speech pattern.
      Uraraka: The way he talks is cute.
    • Momo and Itsuka were both recruited by snake woman heroine Uwabami. When they learn it's to do a commercial, they don't quite know what to make of it, but Yayorozu gets pumped up and enjoys the spotlight after being down in the dumps. Then the girls learn Uwabami chose them because they were cute... and both of them stall out at the awkward thing they just heard.
    • Jiro can barely keep up with Death Arms's rigorous jog on patrol around Tatooin Station, who prides himself on training. He runs so fast Jiro finds keeping his pace is harder than school. And then we have the antithesis of that up next:
    • Mt Lady is treating Mineta like a hand servant, flopped on a couch and shoveling bag after bag of potato chips down her gullet. After looking forward to some naughty escapades, Mineta couldn't be any more turned off of her.
    • Tsuyu is doing pushups with an aquatic heroine and some sailors.
  • Gran Torino's oddly specific snoring makes Izuku wonder if he's really asleep. (The Snot Bubble is proof he really is asleep.)
    Zetto... Zetto... Zetto...note 
    • The English dub of the anime even has him literally say "I'm snoring, I'm snoring" in between snores.
  • As Izuku tries to wall-jump, a couple walking down the street overhears him saying the wrong thing and is led to think he's a back alley pervert aggressively trying to toggle his joystick. Heavily toned down in the anime (they could never get away with that), which makes it clearer that the couple is freaking out to the sight of him smacking into the walls as trash bags piled up by the alleyway dumpster go flying.
  • Gran Torino's lessons for his pupil Toshinori were purely practical training... which consisted of him beating the crap out of him until he puked. No wonder All Might becomes a puddle of fear when he hears his name come up!
  • Izuku has an epiphany that he is just like a taiyaki. Gran Torino wonder's if he's the one who's lost it this time.
  • From Episode 27: Much to Izuku's horror, Shigaraki Tomura hosts the preview of the next episode for the first time... and subsequently decides to take over all the previews hereafter. He even says he won't go beyond or go Plus Ultra.
  • Uraraka trains her fighting moves at Gunhead's dojo and sees Gunhead pull a girly double fist pump.
    Uraraka: Even the way he moves is cute...
    • Itsuka and Momo start to realize Uwabami just dragged them along for her photo shoot as her entourage and had nothing useful to teach them. Poor Momo goes into denial that this is still going to be a helpful learning experience.
  • On the train ride to Shibuya, Izuku notices the train won't arrive until nightfall, but Gran Torino says that's when villains come out and it will make things more fun, disturbing him. Then, Izuku pulls out his phone to check on Iida, but it gives Gran Torino an excuse to drop a lovely anvil about youngsters addicted to their smartphones.
    • And their chat icons are pretty funny, too. Izuku's is All Might's portrait (big surprise there), and Iida's is half a pair of glasses.
  • Chapter 56: The chief of police in Japan appears for the first time. He has a hyper-realistic dog head and ends his sentences with woofs.
  • Chapter 57, Best Jeanist is seen combing Bakugo's hair into a more "respectable" style (with Bakugo himself looking rather shell-shocked about it). The instant Best Jeanist stops, Bakugo's hair explodes back into its usual style with a Super Mario Bros. 2-esque "BOMB!" sound effect (and yes, the FX is retained for the anime).
    • There's also Bakugo's golden thought to himself.
      Bakugo: (strained from bottling his anger) I-I came to the wrong place...
    • Likewise, Momo and Itsuka have been roped into doing a commercial for hair shampoo and have their own hair glamorously done up.
    • Later, while Iida and Midoriya are commiserating over the battle damage each of them has suffered to their hands, it takes a turn for the funny when Todoroki starts wondering if he has some sort of hand-damaging curse attached to him, which he is dead-serious about. This gets even funnier in the anime adaptation, where the heartfelt music that played during Iida and Midoriya's commiseration stops just in time for Todoroki to completely ruin the moment with his comment and cause Iida and Midoriya to burst out laughing. When he says that he wasn't joking and calls himself "a hand crusher", the two of them start laughing even harder.
  • Standing at attention at the back of the group of heroes at Best Jeanist's HQ, Bakugo not only has his hair combed up, he's been disarmed of his explosive gauntlets (no surprise there) and placed in tight-fitting jeans, because Best Jeanist thinks tight jeans are not only stylish, but he has a nutterball doctrine that the tightness is helpful at keeping oneself focused and composed and got everyone on his crew to wear them. Boiling up on the inside and about one second away from a balls-out tantrum, Bakugo's thoughts say it all.
    (even more strained from bottling his ever-growing anger) I... I want to go home...
  • Fourth Kind keeps hitting Eijiro and Tetsutetsu every time they do something to annoy him. Both of them activate their Quirks to avoid harm and Fourth Kind only ends up hurting himself.
  • Momo and Itsuka finish their commercial shoot and have very sheepish looks on their faces in the background. Uwabami tells them this is the studio recording, and it's going to have CG effects added later before it airs in about a month. Are they amused? Big nope. Both girls look like they wanna pack it in- Momo's still in denial this was a meaningful experience, and Itsuka is putting her costume mask away. Next thing they know, Uwabami asks them to now join her on a real patrol and they turn into giggling teenagers again.
  • After Izuku and Uraraka share a phone call, Uraraka tries to end the call before it interferes with her training. Gunhead comes by and cutely asks if that was her boyfriend. This is the first time she's ever had somebody confuse them as an item. Uraraka's voice goes all warbly and tingly, and she trips over her words trying to say to him it isn't like that.
    • Elsewhere, we get to see Izuku quietly freaking out in the middle of the hospital lobby (phone corner) that he talked to a girl over the phone for the first time.
  • All Might's over-the-top ring tone: A PHONE CALL IS HERE! A PHONE CALL IS HERE! As a hero, it's perfect and a spin on his catchphrase. As a teacher at a cubicle, it's just embarrassing and it makes his colleagues cringe — Aizawa obviously can't stand it, but even Present Mic is annoyed by it, which is really saying something about how grating it is; knowing who that phone belongs to, it must go off like that several times a day on a regular basis, enough to make even a radio DJ sick of hearing it. This time, though, they get a little satisfaction in return as All Might goes all bloody-mouthed and scared again because it's Gran Torino on the phone.
  • In the anime, we have Best Jeanist being fawned over by four schoolgirls, followed by Bakugo being taunted by three little boys. He gets angry enough that his comb-over snaps back to wild and promptly spews rage at them, causing them to cry. Best Jeanist demands that he fix this by approaching them in a comforting manner. Bakugo proceeds to give them an angry version of a comforting conversation that escalates them from crying to bawling faucets.
    Best Jeanist: (sigh)... He's got too much pride...
    • When Best Jeanist calls out Bakugo for screaming at the kids and tells him to be more comforting, Bakugo looks back a bit with an irritated "Crap. Gotta impress him." look on his face. Which raises the possibility that Bakugo legitimately thought that more screaming would calm the kids down.
  • The anime-only episode with Tsuyu's internship gives us Selkie, a spotted seal hero who is incredibly manly and desperate to look cute for the kids. Selkie tries to give his best impression of something cutesy by grinning maniacally and making his voice all squeaky. His sidekick Sirius finds it soooo dumb. But Tsuyu actually thinks to herself it's cute. And when Selkie chooses to celebrate a victory against a villain with this expression, Sirius collapses from equal parts exhaustion and exasperation.
    Selkie: *^u^* THANKS!
    Sirius: [promptly faints] You're doing that now?
  • Chapter 58:
    • Bakugo's hair is now stuck in Best's Jeanist's comb-over after he took drastic measures to keep it combed back, and he can't get rid of it, forced to wear his embarrassment to class, where Sero and Kirishima are dying with laughter. Then Bakugo explodes his hair again with incredible force and his hair snaps back to normal yet again, which causes the guys to rejoice. The scene cuts away, and when it comes back to the boys, we see Kirishima and Sero have been grabbed from behind by Bakugo, who's preparing to whomp them into the ground.
    • Uraraka has achieved enlightenment from her time with Gunhead. Her awakened state is a sight to behold. Mineta doesn't assume PMS but instead has a much darker explanation for the marked change in her.
    • Turns out working under Mt. Lady is no walk in the park for Mineta. Whatever he experienced under her gives him nothing but bad memories. And it's given him the idea that all women are demons who hide their true personalities. The anime shows that what he experienced was essentially being made into her manservant, cleaning up and doing other menial labor around her office while she lazed around. Serves him right for going there with impure intentions.
    • While All Might explains the objective of their training (rescuing him), he adds that they should keep damage to the surrounding buildings to a minimum while profusely pointing at Bakugo (who can only look away annoyed and grumble "Don't point fingers").
  • Chapter 59:

    End of Term Test Arc (Chapters 60-69, Episodes 34-38) 
  • Chapter 60: Yaoyorozu hosts a study session at her veritable mansion, astonishing everybody with her incredible riches.
    • It gets better if one reads the volumes. There's a series of panels that didn't make it into the chapter in question and was restored in the anime where Momo gleefully agrees to host a study session when asked by her classmates if they could use her house, only to not realize she's accidentally gone and insulted everyone else's inferior level of wealth by mentioning perks only she has at her place that she thinks everyone else normally has access to. Amusingly, that trait of innocently insulting not-as-gifted people was originally intended for Bakugo.
    • Kirishima also decides to capitalize on the moment by intentionally pissing off Bakugo into helping him study.
      Kirishima: [referring to Bakugo in comparison to Momo] Look at the difference in virtue...
      Bakugo: I can do that too! Want me to beat it into you?!
      Kirishima: Yeah! I'm counting on you!
    • There's also a moment depicted in the volumes when she first learned how to use her Creation Quirk as a little girl and her mother ran off to go fetch her father, shouting that their child was a genius. Like mother, like daughter!
  • Chapter 62 showcases the results of the popularity poll, and among other things, Naruto and Deku's shoes each got a vote. One of the shoes even cheers and throws its laces up in victory. But due to licensing rights, Naruto's eyes are etched out.
    • One of the top twenty results in the poll (17th) is the author himself. Doubles as heartwarming.
    • After All Might terrifies the crap out of him, Deku uses Full Cowl to leap back to get away, and ends up accidentally colliding with Bakugo just as he's trying to propel himself toward All Might. For a moment, All Might drops the villain act and just watches them stumble over each other.
    • Not to mention that while also rather awesome, Midoriya caught All Might off-guard when he was about to punch Bakugo. By punching Bakugo.
  • Chapter 64: After Todoroki blocks Aizawa-sensei from taking his and Yaoyorozu's Quirks, he turns back to her asking her about the rest of her plans only to be momentarily stunned into silence when he finds her with her shirt wide open meshing out metal from her breasts. His facial expression is priceless!
  • Chapter 66 ends with Midoriya watching his classmates and gushing about how they're all doing such a great job of overcoming adversity to pass their tests. Cue Mineta running away from Midnight and gushing Tears of Fear while complaining that there's no way he can possibly pass.
    • The whole thing is hilarious in itself: the first thing Sero does is throwing Mineta away to save him, but ends up getting caught by Midnight's sleeping gas. As soon as he falls asleep, his head lands on her boob and then ends up resting on her lap. Mineta is not pleased, and as the other students notice, he starts crying blood in frustration.
      "Damn it, Sero! If you hadn't saved me, I would be the one in that position now!"
    • Recovery Girl notes that everyone needs a motivation to be a hero, and wonders what Mineta can focus on to pull through. As if on cue, he says he "wants girls to like [him], so [he] can touch them". She admits that is straightforward.
    • At the end, Mineta finally decides to face her so they can pass and manages to slip away. He has this to say as he crosses the escape gate with the sleeping Sero in tow:
      "Jeez. If you hadn't tried to save me, then I wouldn't have had to work this hard. Just this once we'll save the boobs for another day!"
  • Chapter 67 has Aoyama and Uraraka vs. No. 13. Both students are clutching a railing while No. 13's black hole powers are sucking in everything else around them. Aoyama then suddenly tricks Uraraka into letting go by asking her if she has a thing for Deku, causing her to end up getting launched at No. 13. After that, her training with Gunhead takes over, and she cuffs him off-screen (on-screen in the anime, which showed us what Gunhead taught her). Uraraka's eyes go blank and she looks like she's possessed!
    • True to form, Tsuyu bluntly points out that Uraraka's winning gambit was basically the result of losing her grip for a moment, then improvising.
    • The following chapter takes it even further by having Uraraka remember this while shopping with Deku, prompting her to run away from him. In fact, it flusters Uraraka so badly she lapses into her native Kansai accent.
    • Ojiro and Iida "combining" together to outsmart Powerloader. And Iida expressing his gratitude for Power Loader's praise and Ojiro's cooperation... except the view draws back from a shot of his head to reveal his whole body is now stuck underground in a sinkhole.
  • Koda speaking out loud for the first time annoys Jiro because she thought he was actually mute.
  • In the anime, the intro screens for each character showing the details of the Quirks are narrated by Present Mic... so when Mic is fighting Jiro and Koda, we're shown his intro... narrated by Aizawa, in his usual deadpan tone.
    • Said intro also includes a promo for Mic's radio show, with Mic doing a silly dance.
  • Everything about Nedzu as the villain against Kaminari and Mina, including his evil laugh about genius villainy and the statement about Nedzu's occasional need for vengeance against humans.
    • Just the fact they set up two of the most Book Dumb, more enthusiasm-than-brains students against the literal smartest animal on Earth (smarter than every other human, apparently!) resulting in the students losing due to running out of time for the test.
  • In the anime, Toru and Shoji defeat Snipe via the handcuffs with Toru going into the stealthy approach... and then Snipe's elbow accidentally pokes Toru's breast, confusing him. Toru flips out while Snipe has to apologize like crazy. Shoji just looks at this with bewilderment, but doesn't say anything.
  • Chapter 68: Shigaraki meets the two newest recruits to his organization, the motley combination of a Yandere and an Aloof Ally. He's not impressed by their antics one bit. And when both of them turn out to be Stain fanatics, they're out.
    Shigaraki: Black Mist, fling these fuckers off somewhere. It seems the two types I hate most came as a goddamn set. A snot-nosed little shit (Toga) and some asshole who doesn't understand respect (Dabi).
    • There's something very funny about Dabi marching into what is essentially a job interview and immediately insulting his prospective boss. It gets even funnier when Giran comments that he hasn't committed any noteworthy crimes. Presumably he was relying on his quirk being strong enough to get him in, except he can't use it withoutburning himself, making it not especially useful. Dabi essentially walked into a job interview with no experience and nothing to offer, and his first move was to call the boss ugly. You have to admire his sheer unearned confidence.

    School Trip Arc (Chapters 70-83, Episodes 39-45) 
  • Episode 39 is mostly a Recap Episode, but it has a lot of anime-original scenes worth a laugh or two:
    • Kaminari and Mineta scheme to see the girls in bikinis after overhearing their plans to use the pool during the summer. Aware that Aizawa would catch on, they opt to invite Izuku under the pretense of doing water-related training, unaware that he'd take the opportunity to invite the entire class to join in as well. By the time the duo try to sneak a peek at the girls, they find out that they're wearing the school-mandated swimsuits, which Mineta is all too pleased to stare at, which Kaminari admonishes as having "a lack of standards". Their plan completely backfires quickly enough; Mineta's proposal to use the pool for training led to them joining all the guys for training while the girls were on the other side using the water for leisure (because that's specifically what they asked for).
    • In the English dub, when running down the Quirks for Class 1-A, Aizawa simply groans before breaking down Mineta and his Quirk.
    • Momo is disappointed that the school doesn't want them taking any long trips, because she was supposed to tour Venice with her parents.
      Uraraka: What is your life?
    • The boys opt to compete against each other by sprinting down the pool. Accusations of cheating arise when a few (Bakugo, Todoroki, Sero, Aoyama, and Iida) proceed to not touch the water at all by using their Quirks.
      Bakugo: It's called freestyle swimming!
      • When Aoyama’s racing, he uses his Navel Laser to propel himself to victory, only for him to get stomach cramps midway and crash into Sero.
    • Also, when Quirks are allowed, Ojiro is one of the few who doesn't use his, when ironically, one would think that having a massive tail would be perfectly suited for swimming!
    • Eventually, the field is shortened to Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki, but before they can start, Aizawa cuts their Quirks off due to their time limit for the pool expiring. When Kirishima protests to at least let them finish, Aizawa flashes a massive Death Glare, forcing the entire class to apologize and run out at once.
  • Episode 40 has an anime-exclusive scene where Midoriya and Uraraka get flustered around each other yet again. Upon realizing how physically close to him she was, Uraraka turns on the blushing and starts distracting everyone (and herself) with a dance and song... which Mina and Kaminari join.
  • We get introduced to two members of the Wild Wild Pussycats. Midoriya breaks into his typical fanboy mode, but the moment he slips they're into their 12th year as professionals, this happens:
    Pixiebob: (grabbing him by the face) I'm 18 at heart! At heart!
    Midoriya: You're 18!
    Kaminari & Kirishima: She's desperate...
    • He makes things worse for himself by emphasizing how long ago she became a pro, "they were established when we were kids, like, forever ago." You can see the forehead vein of anger pop out on Pixiebob immediately after this.
  • Class A has to book it through an entire forest or they will not eat. By the end of it, it's cost Iida a pair of dress pants (having torn through them with his Engine Quirk), Denki his mind (now stuck in moron mode), and everyone else their sanity.
    • The anime expands on this sequence and features a scene in which Toru Hagakure, the Invisible Girl, is used as bait to lure the beasts out.
    • The class was told they should be able to make it through the forest in 3 hours. It’s early evening before they finally start stumbling in, looking like they just barely survived a war. Todoroki is half-frozen, Bakugo’s arms are thrashed, Iida is limping along with occasional backfiring and puffs of smoke from his leg, and Midoriya can’t lift his arms. The rest of the class is no better off. It turns out the Pussycats expected it to take longer. Obviously Aizawa is not the only one who likes to lie to the class for motivational purposes.
  • Chapter 71 introduces Kota, who goes on huge angry rants against heroes that remind Todoroki of Bakugo, prompting Bakugo to start shouting about how he's nothing like that.
  • In chapter 72, a bit of Black Comedy: after checking that Bakugo's throwing distance is barely above from his previous record, Aizawa breaks it to the rest of the class they're going to undergo some Training from Hell to strengthen their Quirks. The wicked grin he wears as he tells them it's gonna be so harsh they're gonna feel like dying it's priceless. When Class B joins them and learns they're about to undergo the same, they look on in shock as the following is revealed:
    • Everyone from Class A doing various outrageous exercises at once, ranging from Uraraka rolling down a mountain in a plastic ball, trying not to vomit, to Todoroki taking a bath up to his shoulders in a barrel of hot water. Class B wonders what fresh hell they've walked into.
      • In the anime, during every training scene you can see Iida running laps in every scene, becoming increasingly exhausted. By the second morning, he's letting out pained yells as he runs.
      • Bakugo's training involves plunging his hands into boiling water before firing an explosion into the sky to expand his sweat glands. Every explosion is marked by his cursing into the sky. When Aizawa is addressing Class B, every other sentence he says is punctuated by an explosion and Bakugo yelling "Damnit!" in the background.
      • Kaminari's training involves a large portable battery, and the faces he makes while pretty much getting electrocuted have to be seen to be believed.
      • Koda attempts to yell to increase the range of his Anivoice. The problem is that the animals can't hear him due to everyone else screaming their heads off in utter agony, thus drowning Koda out.
      • The fact that, as opposed to all the rigorous/painful training methods seen for the rest of the class, Shoji and Hagakure's training essentially comes down to a game hide and seek.note 
      • Momo and Sato are stuffing their faces to power up their Quirks, and neither of them seem to be enjoying the excessive amounts of sweets they're having to eat. Meanwhile, Jiro is stabbing a rock repeteadly with her jacks, Ashido is melting her skin off from excessive acid usage, and Mineta is destroying his scalp by popping off balls incessantly.
      • As Vlad King explains the training to Class B, one member becomes increasingly scared to the point that, by the end of the speech, he's completely white and his ghost is floating next to his head.
    • Two more Pussycats show up, with the member "Tiger", who's a large, musclebound man in a dress there to train all the brute force Quirks as a drill instructor. His awkward presence among 3 other perky women does not go unnoticed by the others.
      Tiger: The name's Tiger and I'm here to beat you guys to a pulp.
      Rin: I have questions about him.
      Bakugo: DAMNIT!
    • The students are forced to make their own food, so most of them ask Todoroki to light the fires for them. Sero and Tokoyami ask Bakugo who isn't that happy about it.
      Bakugo: THIS IS SO BENEATH ME!
      (Bakugo's explosion destroys both pots and the grill beneath them.)
      Tokoyami: Too much!
    • Momo chides the others for relying on Todoroki and Bakugo, rather than learning how to start a fire themselves... then promptly uses her Quirk to create a gasoline lighter. The look on Jiro's face is priceless.
    • Momo gives some information on her Quirk, specifically that she can turn the atoms of her fat cells into anything she wants. She ends up describing it as the more she eats the more she can make. Sero instantly realizes that it's just like another bodily function, defecation. Momo runs off crying (or about to puke) and Jiro slugs him. (In the anime, Momo’s reaction is to squat like she’s in a Corner of Woe, looking like she’s trying not to cry/vomit.)
    • Aizawa throws a softball at Bakugo to check his throwing distance once more. This time, Bakugo yells "GO TO HELL!!" and Midoriya mentally repeats it.
    • When the students pair off (except unlucky odd man out Midoriya) for their exercise to see if they can spook their peers with their Quirks, Mineta is desperately trying to pawn Ojiro off on poor Aoyama for Momo, and Aoyama is shaking his head "no" so fast he looks like a maraca.
    • In an extra scene in the anime, we see the Class B students laugh at the fact they scared Bakugo and Todoroki, then it cuts to the "scare" where a student's head pops out of the ground and the two react with "Oh". In the English dub, they shudder rather than shaking.
  • Chapter 73 gives us a day where the students are able to rest after 3 days of training, with Mina, Kaminari, and some others getting excited after their special training after having failed exams. Aizawa quickly ends up telling them they need additional training and won't be participating in the event, dragging the horrified 5 off with his scarf. And Mina's You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! reaction is epically priceless.
  • While being marched into the forest, the failed students complain they'd even take celery (manga) or salted licorice (anime) just for some relief. Cue Aizawa admitting he likes the food in question.
  • Tokoyami tries so hard to be distant and mysterious that he says, "Revelry in the dark," three times in one episode, each with a dramatic zoom. Uraraka even Lampshades it.
    Uraraka: Why does he keep saying that?
  • In spite of the tense situation, chapter 74 gives us a good moment with the failed students from class A showing up to the remedial testing area to find the only other person there is Neito Monoma, laughing at how class A has five failed students while class B has only one -- Monoma himself. His pride's so squashed now that they've seen his indignity that he has a meltdown and breaks into psychotic cackling.
  • During a fight with Spinner, Mandalay completes his face to distract him, Spinner's reaction is suprised blushing.
  • While it really is the Tear Jerker moment for Deku and the audience, the way muscular says how Kota needs to wait for his turn to get killed is oddly hilarious.
  • Twice referring to both Todoroki's faces not being on his do-not-kill list.
  • When Magne wants to attack Deku, Spinner blocks her attack, informing that Shigareki wants him alive, which means to Spinner that Midoriya is a worthy hero, and he gets punched by a Tiger in mid-sentence.
  • Izuku informs Mandalay that Bakugo is one of the targets... Except he calls him Kacchan, and, not knowing who the nickname refers to, she telepathically gives the order to stay back using it, and repeating it. "Kacchan"'s angry face is to be seen.
    Bakugo: I don't know what's going on, but I'm sure it's all Deku's fault.

    Hideout Raid Arc (Chapters 84-97, Episodes 46-50) 
  • When U.A. is forced to make a press statement about the recent attack on their students that resulted in Bakugo's capture, Aizawa, who absolutely despises media exposure, is reluctantly in attendance... suited, clean-shaven, and with his hair combed back neatly. You would hardly recognize him if it weren't for that facial scar he got from the USJ incident.
  • Kota gave Izuku an apologetic letter for his disgraceful behavior back at the training camp, gifting Izuku with his very first keepsake as a hero. Yet, it's really absurd to think you would feel proud of your accomplishments as a hero instead of ridicule when the first souvenir of your heroic career is a hand-written apology note about punching you in the balls.
    • It comes back in Chapter 97 during All Might's house call, when Izuku runs off to his room to go fetch it and then comes back and starts waving it around like a badge of honor in front of his mom and All Might. It overlaps with heartwarming, but still... the dude's got a living reminder of a ruthless nut shot that can never hang on his wall without being giggled at by onlookers.
  • Deku's reaction when Momo worries about being attacked at any time in Kamino Ward is both hilarious and adorable
    Momo: We have to consider that we could be attacked at any moment.
    Deku: Yeah, you're right. Fwwssh! Stealth mode!
    Todoroki: You're standing out, even more, Midoriya.
  • The absurd disguises Momo comes up with when they decide to sneak off to scout the Villain Hideout for some payback. Deku and Kirishima (although the latter also has tacky cardboard horns) are the only ones who even look remotely like thugs, the others just look like they are going to a high-class party.
    • Deku attempting to look and talk/cuss like a stereotypical thug. If Kirishima's reaction is any indication, he's missing the mark by a wide margin. In the same vein, Iida likewise tries to put on the role of a crass boor — poorly — and there's also something inherently ridiculous about his side-shave haircut, bowtie, mustache and suspenders, if only because it's such a sheer contrast to his usual appearance.
    • It gets better when Todoroki points out that instead of buying disguises, Momo could have easily just made some up with her powers. A flustered Momo stammers that while she COULD have, it wouldn't have been good for the local economy. Kirishima thinks it's just because she wanted to check out the store that they bought them in.
    • The dub voice actors crack up when given a preview of the scene before recording their lines.
      J. Michael Tatum: Why do I look like the bad guy from Annie?! Everyone else looks pretty cool and [Iida's] like, "Suspenders and bowtie. Nothing says 'thug' like THIS kind of mustache!".
      • The actual dub lines are hilarious.
        Izuku: YO FOO', wha chu lookin' at??
        Tenya: We're just a few scoundrels cruising for hot girls!
        Eijiro: (to Tenya) Close enough! *Thumbs-up*
        Shoto: *completely flat-toned* This is me incognito.
  • Kirishima produces an expensive night-vision spy camera out of the blue. Then, we get a very rare moment where an author gleefully refuses to apply fictional brand naming in their manga when Kirishima legitimately mentions he got it from Amazon (not the case in the anime, which opts for "Omozon" because it can't get away with the name-drop)
  • When the Pro Heroes gather for a raid on the Villain Hideouts, Best Jeanist has a Call-Back to Chapter 57 regarding Bakugo's stubbornness:
    Best Jeanist: The boy was prideful down to the very roots of his hair.
  • The way that the Pro Heroes decide to start their rescue mission of Bakugo. Every single villain is caught off-guard. It entirely takes the air out of an otherwise menacing scene to be replaced with confusion.
    Edgeshot: (After knocking on the door) Hello? This is Pizza-la, the Kamino Branch? Your pizza's here.
    • And then All Might proceeds to smash the entire sidewall down, with the rest of the heroes following.
    • Even Toga drops her Slasher Smile for a moment to look at the door in confusion.
  • Mt. Lady using a flatbed work truck like a shoe so she can safely stomp out a huge chunk of the enemy's Nomu facility.
  • All For One notes how much of a Dented Iron All Might has become. All Might counters that All For One has no room to talk about that.
  • In the dub, All For One has a rare moment, when he uses All Might's catchphrase sarcastically.
    All Might: I am coming for you.
    All For One: I don't think so. Because I am here. (Sends All Might crashing into a nearby building).
  • Midoriya's plan for rescuing Bakugo has to account for Bakugo's stubborness. Turns into Heartwarming when Midoriya lets Kirishima hold out his hand to Bakugo since he's the only one Bakugo would be willing to accept help from.
    • Even in the middle of flying through the air while the others are rescuing him, Bakugo can't simply not break into an argument with them:
      Iida: Bakugo, on my mark, give us a giant bl—
      Bakugo: Don't tell me what to do, damn you!
      Kirishima: It's not the time to fight, you guys!
  • A Call-Back to the beginning of the series, mixed with Black Comedy: All Might can barely maintain his muscle form for a few seconds at a time now that he's exhausted the embers of One For All within him, and tries to transform for the sake of looking cool. He almost immediately deflates with another gush of blood from the mouth, and once again, Izuku screams in horror. It's a nice sprig of relief after the heavy stuff that defined this arc. Then things get sad again when the harsh reality sets in that this is the way things are gonna be from now on.
  • Chapter 96:
    • Kyoka's father Kyotoku attempts to act strictly toward All Might and Aizawa when the two come to discuss moving the students into dorms. Kyoka then comes in telling them that her parents already agreed and reveals that her dad was cheering his head off during All Might's fight with All For One, much to Kyotoku's embarassment.
      Kyoka: Yeah, I'm pretty sure he was crying.
    • We finally meet Katsuki's parents... and it turns out that he got his boorish and loudmouthed personality from his mom. His dad, on the other hand, couldn't be more different. Funnier yet, Volume 11 includes a sketch of Bakugo's parents that explains his mother Mitsuki essentially forced herself on his father Masaru. Something that's either ironically or appropriately amusing in the supplementary material: despite her personality, Mitsuki does not generate explosions. That's Masaru, his calm and nice guy father.
      All Might: (to himself) This is certainly a dysfunctional family if I've ever seen one...
      • Made better by how Aizawa had offered All Might a drink after the Jiros after how hard that must have been, with All Might refusing (he's still driving). Next, they go to the Bakugos... after which All Might admits to Aizawa that he owes Aizawa a drink instead for enduring that.
    • Izuku and his mother freaking out at All Might visiting their home. The anime makes this even better, with Izuku's mom nervously whispering that All Might is in their house, and Izuku telling her to calm down in the exact same panicky, high-pitched tone.
    • The shirt Izuku wears during All Might's home visit is a normal t-shirt with "Dress Shirt" written on it.
  • Chapter 97:
    • Poor All Might gets dissed for his emaciated appearance by onlookers.
    • A two-page spread shows all the Class 1-A students headed to school, including Mineta leering at a woman bending over and Iida already in class sitting alone. The anime translates this in episode 51 as a montage and keeps Mineta's leering and Iida sitting alone.

    Hero License Exam Arc (Chapters 98-121, Episodes 51-61) 
  • Chapter 98:
    • With the class feeling awful for breaking Aizawa's trust to save Katsuki, what does Katsuki do? He grabs Denki, does something that makes Denki go over his wattage limit, turning him into an idiot. This immediately cheers his classmates up, with Kyoka trying to hold back the giggles — then Denki starts guffawing so stupidly that she explodes into an uncontrollable hysteria with a Spit Take). Katsuki also presents Eijiro with a ton of money to replace the expensive camera he got from Amazon that got lost in all the chaos, an uncharacteristically kind gesture that makes Eijiro look at him like Katsuki's not been rescued after all but been replaced by an impostor.
      • Also the fact that Eijiro (understandably) assumed that Katsuki extorted the money out of Denki. Katsuki angrily has to clear up that the money is his.
    • The girls talk the guys into a refreshingly lively competition to see whose dorm is the best among the rest (the most impressive) and will be crowned the "Room King". We get a look at some of the new private dorm rooms, with hilarious results (minus Katsuki, who thought it was stupid to go on a room tour and turned in for the night, and Tsuyu, who is still moping pretty badly).
      • The looks of horror when they decide to do this on Deku and Fumikage's faces are hilarious, as well as their embarrassment when their rooms are shown.
      • Deku's room is loaded with All Might merch and posters. Ochaco calling it an otaku room and Deku's sulking makes it much better.
      • Fumikage's room is dark and scary, with leather jackets, bat wings, a sword, and a skull. Mina and Toru actually had to push him aside just to get a look. And when they do, Fumikage, being the brooding crow he is, tells them to Get Out! and is about an inch away from tearing into them. It is made even better by the reactions, Kirishima mentions liking this stuff in middle school, Mina thinks it's just the weird taste of a boy, and Deku, being a huge dork himself, sees the sword and says it's cool.
      • All the guys' (except Todoroki) reactions to the girls agreeing to let them see their rooms. Izuku even gets an epic large lighting background panel showing his reaction.
      • Aoyama's room is the complete opposite, far too bright with multiple lights and disco balls. Aoyama calls it "dazzling". Even better is that Mina and Toru completely saw it coming.
      • We don't see Mineta's room, because his creepy invitation is enough to get everyone to go to the next one.
      • Ojiro's room is "completely normal". In the sense that it has nothing to make it stand out. It deeply upsets him when people have to force themselves to say meaningful things about it. Yaoyorozu, in particular, thinks he hasn't started unpacking yet.
      • Iida's room is full of books and is inhumanly neat. He also has entire shelves full of spare glasses and treats it as completely normal (he excuses it as preparation for destroying them during training), leading to an Uraraka Spit Take.
      • Kaminari's room is called "gaudy", looking like he just threw in random things. Jiro compares it to a mall store that she would avoid.
      • Koda brought a bunny, which the girls find way cute. While wearing glasses that they swiped from Iida's room. Kaminari accuses him of "trying to buy the judges' love" by bringing in a pet.
    • When first arriving at the dorms, Uraraka (who is used to being poor from her apartment near U.A) ends up fainting twice from how luxurious the living areas are. The second one is prompted by Yaoyorozu commenting that her room is smaller than her closet at home when the room is bigger than Urakara's entire home.
    • When Midoriya says that "even the least interested got involved" in the "best room" competition, it cuts to not only those who are genuinely involved, but also the sleeping Bakugo, who is not even present and clearly proves Midoriya wrong.
    • It's pretty normal for Mineta and Kaminari, but seeing Midoriya going into full Determinator mode at the chance to go into the girls' rooms is absolutely hilarious.
  • Chapter 99:
    • On the cover page we are introduced to a slightly more "premium" Uraraka, that is, an Uraraka wearing a rad post-apocalyptic heavy metal getup with a bunch of junk fashioned in the shape of a ram's skull on her head.
    • We get a look at the rest of the Class 1-A students' private rooms, again, hilarious results. On top of that, the guys badger the gals into showing off their rooms, too, on the grounds that they should put their money where their mouths are, but the truth is most of them have wounded pride and see this as a chance to exact payback.
      • Tokoyami calling the girls rooms forbidden gardens. Ojiro mentions it feels immoral.
      • Kirishima's room is full of "manly" style furniture, weights and a punching bag. Uraraka seems to get the reasoning and likes his room; Hagakure calls it one of the top 3 most un-dateable guy rooms. In the anime, she voices her dislike a little more bluntly:
      Hagakure: If I found out my boyfriend has a room like this, I'd dump him.
      • Shoji's room is practically empty, with only a bed and table. He's pegged a minimalist in seconds, and Mineta peeks under the covers to see if he's hiding something.
      • Sero's room is best described by Mina as "Stunningly Asian".
      • Todoroki somehow managed to renovate his room by himself into an old Japanese style house, he even changed the flooring (The kicker is that Mineta and Kaminari can't believe Todoroki remodeled his whole room in the span of half a day, his response? "I worked really hard.") Complete with action text "JAPANESE". Apparently, Todoroki's The Ace skills extend to construction and interior decorating. Made even more hilarious when he complains that he couldn't get the floor to set correctly.
      • Another interpretation of how Todoroki managed to get his room finished by the end of the day was Shoji deciding to help him out (possibly with the flooring).
      • Sato's room is basically like Ojiro's room, normal and bland, but it noticeably has an oven and baking utensils in it, and he reveals that he was making a cake for everyone since he finished remodeling his room early, and shared the cake with everyone. Kaminari and Mineta moan about this surprising side to Sato, but Sato himself admits a baking talent is a Mundane Utility to a hero whose Quirk is powered by sweets.
      • Kyoka's room is full of musical instruments, leading to Denki and Yuga commenting on how it wasn't ladylike, leading to Kyoka to attack both of them. She's also the only one of the girls to sulk like Izuku and Fumikage when everyone sees it. In the English dub, Denki states that Yuga's room is girlier, and the latter agrees, stating that he has style.
      • Hagakure's room is considered ladylike by everyone; however, Mineta takes the opportunity to try and go through Hagakure's drawers, leading to him being chastised by her.
      • It was later shown that Sero taped up Mineta from head to toe to keep him from doing it again.
      • Mina's room, by her claim, is very cute.
      • Uraraka's room is a very dull room. She's really sheepish about it. Funnier when you realize it's because she's a learned cheapskate.
      • Momo's room has a very large bed in it and with very little space because she miscalculated the space. She's well-to-do and used to lavish accommodations.
    • In the end, Sato wins the room contest by the simple fact that the girls fell head over heels for the cake he baked, and Kaminari and Mineta immediately rag on him for "resorting to bribery".
    • It's downplayed due to circumstances in which it happens, but Iida's Character Tic of addressing everyone with "-kun" honorific meeting Tsuyu's request to be called "Tsuyu-chan" results in Iida calling Tsuyu "Tsuyu-chan-kun".
  • Chapter 100 has Midoriya getting engulfed in an explosion right on the doorstep of the Development Studio, and Mei Hatsume laying right on top of him. The reaction of everyone present is priceless.
    Midoriya: BB-B—
    Uraraka: BOOBS! [Thunder Shock]
    • His face before also captures the situation. He's just getting ready to greet Uraraka and Iida with a smile, but suddenly he's caught in an explosion while still smiling.
    • In the anime version, the scene plays out so that Uraraka appears to at first be equally stunned by Hatsume's goods only to immediately realize that they're on top of the guy she likes.
    • All Might walks in on the Ultimate Move training class. How does he announce himself? A dry and weary "Yeah, yeah, I am here" then, suddenly, muscle mood for a booming "because I have a day off!"
    • While All Might is giving out advice to some of the students to help them develop their special moves, the screen focuses on a book sticking out of his back pocket. It is titled 'Even the biggest idiots can become teachers too!'. Aizawa's reaction is priceless.
  • In Chapter 101, practically any panel that has Hatsume in it:
    • Hatsume ends up forgetting exactly Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka's names, leading to a rather awkward reintroduction. Midoriya is still embarrassed over the events of the last chapter and can barely mutter his name, Uraraka is glaring daggers at Midoriya over it and Iida is still indignant over the fact that Mei previously used him as a guinea pig to market her inventions.
    • When Midoriya mentions upgrading his suit, Hatsume basically Flash Steps from across the room directly up to Midoriya's face with the most eager expression, totally freaking Midoriya out.
    • Hatsume then takes Midoriya's measurements by copping a feel of all of his muscles from behind, mentioning that he's much "firmer" than she thought, much to Uraraka's displeasure.
    • Hatsume has Midoriya test a suit of power armor (which is in its 49th iteration), only for the power armor's torso starting to swivel uncontrollably, nearly twisting Midoriya in half. Hatsume then concludes that the suit might have a better application as a containment or interrogation suit for villains.
    • When Iida whispers to Hatsume's mentor about wanting something to help cool down his leg thrusters, Hatsume manages to overhear him regardless and proceeds to slap thrusters onto his arms, under the logic that if his legs overheat, he can just run with his arms as his legs cool down. It becomes so much funnier when you realize that's exactly the nature of his older brother Tensei's version of the Engine Quirk — exhaust pipes on his arms.
    • When Uraraka mentions she wants something to help control her nausea, Hatsume immediately brings out an extremely dangerous looking invention, much to Uraraka's horror.
    • Uraraka's expressions whenever Hatsume invades Deku's personal space comes across as, to quote one commenter, "What are you doing? Aren't I your waifu?"
    • Powerloader happens to be Hatsume's supervisor and is constantly threatening to expel Hatsume from the Support Department because of all the crazy crap she in turn constantly pulls in the workshop. Hatsume has an extremely high turnout rate of new devices and ideas, and she's both too good and bad at what she does to know when to quit; she straddles between wonderful masterpieces and complete disasters. Meaning that explosion that just nailed poor Izuku? It's one of many routine occurrences livening up the joint in a disturbing manner that makes Powerloader about a hair's breadth away from completely flipping his crap on her. She's that nutty about making inventions, folks. Hang onto your hats when you're in the same room with her.
    • Hatsume has piles upon piles of inventions littering the workshop, and Powerloader states she's tinkering around and adding to the heap of creations all the time. One might say her devotion to making new "babies" is like that of a rabbit in heat.
  • Chapter 102, Mina calls Uraraka out on being in love with someone (she doesn't know who) and Uraraka gets so embarrassed that she reflexively puts her hands over her face, causing herself to float.
    • Yoarashi Inasa's introduction. He butts in while the U.A. students are giving their cheer just so he can join them in the "Plus Ultra". Then, after he gets called out for it, his apology is to bow so low and so hard that he headbutts the pavement, and starts bleeding. Even Iida thinks this dude needs a chill pill.
  • Chapter 105 has Midoriya's exasperated reaction when he catches the attention of yet another superpowered girl, who wants to "know more about him" ...and she's bare naked.
  • Episode 54:
    • Mera is genuinely shocked on seeing Inasa took out 120 competitors at once.
    • An anime-only scene has Deku mentioning that Camie (actually Toga in disguise) had transformed into Uraraka earlier. Having seen her naked, Uraraka and Sero both blush (with the latter's visor even popping up). Cue Sero asking Deku a "very important question" while shaking him:
      Sero: Was she naked then too, Midoriya!?
      Deku: That's what you are concerned about!? Of course not! She had a costume on!
  • Chapter 108: Just a few little bits here and there.
    • Uraraka and Kaminari greeting one another is worth a chuckle. Especially when Sero and Kirishima join in.
    • Aoyama shoots a laser at full power to the sky to let everyone know where he is, before clueing Iida in on what he's up to.
      Iida: Are you out of your mind?! Seriously, what are you doing!?
      Aoyama: I'm standing out!
      Iida: [panicking] Yes! Yes, you are! That's exactly the problem!
    • Hagakure reveals her Super Move, Light Refraction. You could say that she is flashing her opponents.
    • Then, when everyone is celebrating the fact that the class passed, we have Mineta cheering and getting a good look at a certain part of Uraraka's back.
  • Chapter 109:
    • Sero ends up spilling the beans to Kaminari and Mineta about Deku's encounter with Camie (actually a disguised Toga, which crosses it over with Black Comedy) during the previous phase. This leads to the two attacking Deku in a jealous fit.
    • The bored announcer, once again, is clearly too tired to put in any real effort. When he talks about the backstory of the rescue scenario, he says "villains have attacked Insert City Here."
    • The anime adds an amusing scene here Bakugo is once again forced to deal with the relentlessly cheerful Kirishima and Kaminari tailing him. The dub highlights the carefree and entirely unperturbed way in which Kirishima and Kaminari answer Bakugo's angry inquiry.
    Bakugo: Why are you damn extras always following me?!
    Kaminari & Kirishima: ...We just wanna~
  • Chapter 110: Bakugo shouting at a couple of HUC 'rescuees', telling them to quit whining and take care of themselves. The HUC members, playing the role of lightly-injured, low-priority civilians, wonder if this is because Bakugo was able to assess the severity of their fake injuries with just a glance. Then they penalize him anyway because of his attitude. And he fails the exam because of it.
    • There's also the first time a HUC 'rescuee', who's playing a kid, breaks character to give Midoriya a lecture on his saying that the wound "looks bad."
  • Chapter 111:
    • Gang Orca's Quirk: Orca-Form. Does whatever an orca can! Even on land!
    • Todoroki and Inasa get into a shouting match with each other, completely ignoring Gang Orca who's standing there with a "Seriously?" face.
  • Ms. Joke and Aizawa, throughout the whole arc, provide many funny moments when they interact with each other. A perfect Straight Man and Wise Guy routine. Try to picture the relationship between Batman and The Joker, with the latter being female and a hero instead of a villain.
    Ms. Joke: (merrily) Let's get married.
    Aizawa: (deadpan) No thanks.
    Mina: (gushes cutely at the two of them)
  • Chapter 120: The second popularity poll has its own set of hilarious antics:
    • Kaminari and Tokoyami are on spring rocking horses for some reason.
    • The voters have some interesting tendencies, which the cast poke fun at. Not to be outdone by the inexplicable vote for Naruto (who was at least a Jump character) the first time around, two characters who somehow got votes are Mega Man X and Pikachu. note  And there was apparently plenty more where that came from.
      Ojiro: This time we had plenty of "what the?!" votes too.
      Sero: Is this Super Smash Bros.?
    • Momo highlights that even more props got votes. Deku's shoes are back and are now accompanied by Eraser Head's visor-thing and Bakugo's explosive gauntlets. And, again, there's more where that came from. The readers are very silly people, apparently.
    • Mineta dropped thirteen places on the rankings, leaving him in despair.

    Internship Arc (Chapters 121-162, Episodes 62-78) 
  • Chapter 121:
    • Even though All Might begged him to go easy on the boys, Aizawa completely refuses to cut slack with Midoriya and Bakugo after their great big fight and has bound them in his binds. Why? They interrupted his nightly winding down. And That's Terrible.
    • Iida yelling at his classmates for not staying in single-file line... except he's broken the line.
    • At the speech for U.A.'s next semester, Principal Nedzu goes on... and on... and onnnnnnnn...
    • One of the teachers is Hound Dog, a literal mad dog with a muzzle who is too angry at the idea students got into a fight right before the new semester to even verbalize his words, and it degenerates into crazed snarling and barking. And this guy teaches lifestyle guidance... HOW?
    • Afterward, Monoma teaches unwitting foreign student Pony Tsunotori how to insult Class A with Japanese profanity and then flashes a snotty thumbs-up at his rivals. Cue Kendo with a surgical poke to his eye.note 
  • Chapter 122:
    • Mina quietly whispers to Tsuyu that she thinks Aizawa won't bring up the house arrest incident... before being proven VERY wrong.
    • Uraraka flying into a wild panic under the mistaken assumption that the U.A. Sports Festival was rendered completely pointless when students can take on internships at their own discretion (having gone through the wringer very badly in the festival) instead of needing to make a good showing to get sponsors/accreditation.note 
    • Present Mic steps in on Class A to teach some more English with his normal larger-than-life ultra-high pep personality. But stepping in on a class that has the ultimate buzzkill in Aizawa who chews them out over everything wrong they do, and received their newest installment of lessons in Eeyore, he gets little more reaction than Dull Surprise from everybody. Will there ever come a day when Yamada gets the reaction he's looking for?
    • Mineta and Sero taunting Bakugo over dust on the windowsills during his suspension. He immediately blames Midoriya.
    • Midoriya freaking out after just one day of house arrest, knowing he's been Locked Out of the Loop... then the view pulls back to reveal Iida has actually read Midoriya's thoughts perfectly. Just to Kick the Dog a little more, Aizawa has also embargoed Iida from letting Midoriya or Bakugo in on anything, anyway.
    • Mirio making his first direct appearance to Izuku as a floating, beady-eyed head out of nowhere.
  • Chapter 123:
    • The introduction of the Big Three, U.A.'s current most well-renowned and intimidating students... who are actually all a bunch of easygoing eccentrics: an ultra-hammy, cartoon-faced boy named Mirio Togata, Nejire Hadou, an incessantly curious, loopy chatterbox with the mind of a kindergartner and the attention span of a goldfish, and Tamaki Amajiki, an absurdly fragile wallflower who has to envision his audience as potatoes and immediately goes into a Corner of Woe the second he loses his nerve over anything. They're certainly known for their unique Quirks, both in terms of abilities... and their totally oddball personalities.
    • Mirio's Quirk does not allow his clothes to stay on because he phases right through them every time he uses it. Midoriya got a Naked First Impression of him watching the U.A. Sports Festival the year prior to his entrance into the hero academy. It is literally "WTF?!" Jiro makes her horror at the sight clear twice during Mirio's sparring match.
    • Nejire asks Mineta about the balls on his head, and he gets the wrong idea right away. The idea of a senpai showing interest in him equal parts turns him on and makes him assume sexual harassment, as his mind goes wild with kinky ideas and races at the implication she's interested in his balls. Sero, who has a direct backseat to all this, has to make him chill out before his lust completely stymies him.
    • In Gamma Gymnasium, Hadou gets enamored with Mina's horns and starts jiggling them like springs. She reacts rather... sensitively.
      Mina: (blushing and wincing, with a big sweat drop) Please don't do that!
    • Mirio completely wiping the floor with Class A... without any clothes on while screaming POWER! like Terry Crews.
    • Bakugo angrily taking out trash while under house arrest one extra day.
  • Chapter 126:
    • When All Might flat out refuses to introduce Izuku to Sir Nighteye, he gives three reasons. While the first two aren't funny note , the third reason is slightly funny; the circumstances behind it are less funny and more serious, but funny in the way he presented it:
      All Might: We broke up, so it's kinda awkward.
    • Present Mic even happened to hear, somewhat teasing All Might for letting his feelings get in the way and for being sensitive. All Might pretty much tells him to stow it.
  • In an attempt to get Sir Nighteye to laugh, Izuku performs a perfect impression of All Might's face that he achieved after years of trying to imitate him in front of a mirror. Unfortunately for him, Sir Nighteye isn't amused, causing Izuku to look dismayed with All Might's face. And Mirio is absolutely horrified that it didn't work.
    • His reason why next chapter makes it even better. He's upset because Midoriya's imitation is off by .2 centimeters on the eyes (All Might's wrinkles grew a little after the Golden Age). This causes both of them to get into a long conversation about All Might's career and geek out over him.
    • Apparently, that impression is modeled after an incident where All Might jumped into a body of water to save a drowning student whose Quirk changed it to vinegar, stinging his eyes. And somehow, this is a big deal to those who know the student's background. If only we did, too.
  • Bakugo spitefully taunting his classmates when it seems their internship suggestions will crash and burn before they even got off the ground, still pissed that he's been on the back burner following his four-day-long house arrest and brutal remedial hero license training and that he can barely catch up to them as is.
  • Mineta openly and very casually contemplating what he's going to use for fap material while brushing his teeth. Is that the start of his everyday morning routine, or did he have to quell the rumble in the jungle first?
  • The girls whine when they see the toll the remedial license training has taken on poor Todoroki's pretty-boy face(s).
  • Kirishima tries to bust a bad guy and give him a typical talking down and a speech of knowing where that person comes from and why they did what they did, a staple trope of the Shōnen genre at large that frustrates many who don't like it. It goes on until THIS:
  • Chapter 135: The gag 4-koma in this chapter is about the three main characters' koinobori. Izuku's is cool, Uraraka's is cute... And Bakugo's is on fire. Because of course it is, it's Bakugo we're talking about.
    Bakugo: This is what you do to villains.
    Kids: SCARY!
    • Hadou's cute bedhead. The little fanning ponytails that normally rest behind her back are all floppy and tangled together in front of her.
  • Chapter 136: The interns are all mopey after recent events. Enter:
  • Chapter 137: Nighteye is at it again. He discovers someone is pretending to be an avid collector of merchandise from a franchise aimed at young girls. When they name-drop an incarnation of that franchise that has already come and gone, he instantly takes it upon himself to browbeat that man for being such a scrub.
  • Chapter 137.5: A fun "What If?" scenario briefly showing some of the characters with swapped Quirks and personalities.
    • Midoriya and Kirishima swapped, thus Midoriya is flexing with a large grin.
    • Todoroki and Fumikage swapped, thus Todoroki has Fumikage's dark look.
    • Tsuyu and Kaminari swapped, thus Kaminari's tongue is extending.
    • Mina and Kyoka swapped, thus Kyoka has the biggest smile on her face while Mina is looking down at herself like she's shocked to have gone down a few cup sizes.
    • Bakugo and Yaoyorozu swapped, thus Yaoyorozu adopts Bakugo's signature Slasher Smile and Bakugo looks down with disdain at the Russian dolls that are popping out of his arms.
  • Chapter 138: Hadou notices Tsuyu's peculiar habit of touching her finger to her chin and decides to mimic it.
  • Episode 71 of the anime: Rock Lock has been dismissive of the students the entire time, saying they shouldn't be around. When the raid starts, Midoriya and Kirishima bust through a concrete wall that was blocking the team, to his surprise.
    Rock Lock: Hey, that didn't suck.
  • Chapter 144: In a flashback to their middle school days, Mina cheerfully walked up to a couple of bullies who were in the middle of picking on a kid, and who had just completely blown Kirishima off. Since it's from Kirishima's point of view, he couldn't hear what she said or how she did it, but somehow Mina got them all to start breakdancing, then part ways on good terms.
    • Also from that chapter. Mina notices some girls looking scared of a man, and sees he's harassing them about where a hero agency is:
    Mina: Take a left at the big street! It's two kilometers down the road!
    Giant Man: AKA  Thank you. (walks away)
  • Chapter 145: In a magazine-wide Funny Background Event celebrating the 20th anniversary of One Piece it's the invasion of the straw hats, where we have Luffy's straw hat making a cameo in the story on top of the head of Kirishima's friend. What are they gonna do when all these shows that have anime to their names get adapted and we have inexplicable straw hats popping up out of nowhere across the board? Guess you could explain this one away because the My Hero Academia universe takes place in a realistic Japan with One Piece as a popular manga and that straw hat is a piece of fan merch.
  • Chapter 148: Toga understands and sympathizes with the tortured soul of Twice all of one time, and he immediately starts begging her to marry him.
  • There's something awfully funny in Chapter 157. Overhaul giving Deku a maddened "The Reason You Suck" Speech on how he can't possibly understand how groundbreaking his plans would be and how he is hindering the advance of the world and even calling him stupid for it, but Deku's answer is to punch his humongous form so hard that he is thrown in the sky and then punch his face throwing his mask away.
    • There's also Himiko's reaction to Deku going 100%. Instead of being disturbingly aroused, she just sounds simply, flatly impressed.
      Himiko: Dang, Izuku. Nice.
  • Chapter 160: Apparently Spinner (the League of Villains lizard guy) is an active gamer, and learned how to drive by playing Grand Theft Auto games.
  • Chapter 161: Kirishima is basically a mummy, looking much like Aizawa did after the USJ arc. But the funniest bit is that he's still got his hair horns, poking out from the bandages.

    Remedial Course Arc (Chapters 163-168, Episodes 79-80) 
  • Chapter 163: As soon as All Might and Present Mic are beset by one angry Endeavor, Present Mic immediately dips out for coffee.
    • Sato shoving cake into Deku's mouth in an effort to make him feel better after his difficult internship.
    • Sero slings his arm around Kirishima's neck while berating him about worrying them, and gets one of Kirishima's hair spikes in his eye as a result.
  • Chapter 164 is loaded with funny moments.
    • All Might suggests that they find a spot to watch the lesson where they won't attract attention. Endeavor immediately starts shouting to Shoto, drawing attention to him for a moment before everyone starts gushing about All Might being there.
    • We're introduced to the real Camie, and it becomes clear why she was chosen by Toga to infiltrate. She's The Ditz, and in the Mangastream translation, she speaks in Instagram & Twitter lingo.
    • Gang Orca returns, playing the role of Drill Sergeant Nasty. He yells at the kids, calling them weak for failing the test. Shishikura (who is observing) sarcastically calls out how he made things tenser, somehow unaware that he was talking about him too.
    • He compares them to feces (GOBY feces, mind you), and has direct conversations with the (important) heroes. He asks Bakugo if he really wants to be a hero, Bakugo only comments on being called feces and gets smacked. He asks Todoroki how "feces like you" could save people, and he comments it's possible as fertilizer and gets smacked. He then asks Inasa if he expects praise for his ability, Inasa tries responding "YES SIR" and gets smacked.
      • In the anime, he even smacks them so hard they're practically flying while interrupting their protests with a loud "WRONG!!"
    • The big task the four of them are given? Take care of elementary school kids.
    • One kid calls Bakugo's grenades lame, and when told that they have to take care of the kids, Bakugo screams and causes the kid to cry. He responds "STOP CRYING DAMN IT!" How many times has Bakugo made children cry now?
    • In turn, one of the kids calls out Bakugo and says he's used to "adults like him" that shout and hope everything goes his way.
    • A group of kids compares Todoroki's emergency medical kit to a "pee-pee", he tries to explain it's not but they find it boring and start calling him the "Five Pee-pee Man".note 
    • Camie doesn't seem to mind as she likes kids, and proceeds to subject one to Marshmallow Hell. In response, a girl pinches her butt and tells her "lay off". In the English dub, when she hears them talking about her "attempts at seduction" behind her back, she goes "I didn't know haters came this young."
    • After sitting in the bleachers silently for a while, Present Mic gets so bored he shrieks in agony, saying it's killing his DJ soul. Then he begins to commentate on the situation with the bratty children as the kids give the students a hard time like it were an actual match at the sports festival.
      • The anime really brings attention to this with a full 22 seconds filled with nothing but the sounds of children playing, eventually zooming in on Present Mic's twitching face before he breaks.
    • Bakugo gets his grenades stolen right off his arms.
  • Chapter 165:
    • Bakugo makes the rather insightful observation that a big part of the problem is that the teachers have failed to take a leadership role for the students, so just hoping they'll grow out of it won't help anybody. However, the solution he proposes is to find whichever kid is the "boss", string them up and have the others throw rocks at them as an example to the rest.
    • Inasa tries to befriend the kids by asking them if they want to be heroes, then tells the ones who say yes that it's not heroic to make trouble for adults. One of them immediately turns it around by saying that he's making trouble for adults by forcing them to oversee his remedial training, and he's so stupidly earnest in his shame that he goes flying away like he just got hit with a Megaton Punch.
    • Todoroki steps forward, hoping to find his own way to bond with the kids. The girls start swooning over his good looks, but as soon as Camie expresses a similar appreciation, they recoil at the thought of having anything in common with a "hussy" like her.
    • Episode 79 has Todoroki getting comically depressed after his straightforward self-introduction to the kids who find him boring, and Inasa tries to comfort him.
    • The very last panel of the chapter is Present Mic privately wondering how the kids could possibly be having such a rough time with a bunch of grade school kids. The serene smile on his face along with the narration that claims that "the small amount of conscience Mic had left" was the only thing that stopped him from saying it out loud is what really sells it.
  • Chapter 166:
    • Camie using her Quirk to create an exaggerated Bishōnen illusion of Todoroki to stop one of the girls from attacking her. It even manages to get a laugh out of Bakugo.
    • Episode 80 adds a scene where Bakugo imitates Todoroki's illusion while the latter wonders if it was that funny. Even better, Bakugo calls Todoroki Glamouroki.
  • Chapter 167:
    • One of the very best reactions Horikoshi has ever given us. Endeavor actually says something sincere and fatherly to Shoto... while Yoarashi Inasa is watching, who has up until now only seen the bastard side of the hero. Inasa looks on with a stoic gaze... and then punches himself in the face so hard he spews blood. And then he goes back to his unfazed expression like nothing happened, as Camie cups her hand and gasps at the blood pouring out of his nose and mouth. When Inasa goes to give Endeavor a kind word of his own, Endeavor thanks him, and then warns the boy he's bleeding a lot.
    • In a minor detail in a few panels, Bakugo can be seen scowling when Midoriya bolts out of his seat to answer Ectoplasm's question, only for his expression to shift to a gleeful grin when Midoriya gets the question wrong.
  • Chapter 168:
    • Midoriya's reaction to the creepy cheese-o-gram Aoyama left him.
      Midoriya: CHEESE??!!
    • Mina suggests that she, Uraraka, Sero, Jiro, Koda, and Shoji should form a team together after graduation; Team Rainy Day. Jiro responds to her idea with a sarcastic "woo".
    • Feeling dejected because they were not included, Kaminari and Mineta start playing finger chopsticks.
    • At the end of the chapter, Aoyama is implied to crap himself after overusing his Navel Laser. The result is a sparkly shit. The anime goes on to add a very wet-sounding fart noise, followed immediately by a clip of his clothes in the laundry.

    Culture Festival Arc (Chapters 169-183, Episodes 81-86) 
  • Chapter 169:
    • As Mina is showing off her dance moves, Mineta yells out for her underwear to fall off (after finding out she wears Modesty Shorts to cover that base when she dances). This, of course, earns him a well-deserved lashing from Hagakure.
    • The 1-A students are all brainstorming ideas for the upcoming culture festival. Kaminari comes straight out of the gate suggesting they should do a maid cafe. Mineta loudly objects... because that idea is too tame and they should have a topless bar instead. Tsuyu delivers swift justice upon him in the next panel, having completely tied him up into a wrap of cloth in an instant.
      • During the Imagine Spot of the female 1-A students dressed as maids, one bit includes all of them making heart-signs with their hands, while Tooru Hagakure has a dotted outline for her invisible hands.
      • Some translations just have him yell "BOOB-" before he's tied up by Tsuyu. And indeed, one of the items on the list on the blackboard just says "BOOB-".
    • Momo writes down all of the suggestions (including "titty bar") on the blackboard, and while Bakugo was never shown offering his (in the manga, at least; the anime gives him a scene), who else would suggest "Murder-fest (Death Match)"?
    • Todoroki of all people supports Mina's idea to set up a place for people to dance, and says that he agrees with the idea that it should be something where people can come to blow off steam and have fun. He cites his experience at the remedial training session as inspiration, giving Sato an Imagine Spot of Bakugo and Todoroki dancing under a disco ball as part of their training.
      Sato: What are they doing in those supplemental classes?
    • The fact that neither Iida nor Momo actually knows what a funhouse is.
  • The anime actually shows us one of Gentle Criminal's videos, and it is terrible. It's no wonder no one likes them. They are a complete mess of poor editing, poor camera work, unnecessary and distracting subtitles, and the only content that was actually watchable (the fight with the pro heroes) was deliberately cut. Not to mention the hammy outro in the end. No wonder the police can't tell if he's doing this on purpose or is just messing around with them.
    • Later, when La Brava is questioning why no one likes the videos, Gentle tells her to be patient while he pours some tea and plans out their next scheme. The wind is so strong that almost all of the tea ends up missing Gentle's cup and splashing La Brava in the face, much to her dismay.
  • Chapter 171: Bakugo discovers the other departments are all pissed off at the hero department.note  He resolves that a big dance party will only look like they're being dicks, so the only solution? MURDER THE ENTIRE SCHOOL! MURDER THEM WITH MUSIC! The whole class groans his name like he pulled a Carlos.
    • They're deciding who should play which instruments, and Jiro notes that she mostly plays guitar, and doesn't really have the time to teach someone. Kaminari recommends that Bakuguo should give it a go, which Bakugo naturally refuses to do. Cue Sero's snide comment, "Seems like it's too difficult." After which we find out Bakugo is actually a rather talented drummer.
  • Chapter 172: Looking for a singer for their band, Toru nominates Jiro. She gets her to try singing and we are treated to it...but since this is a manga, all we get is a silent panel of Jiro speaking into a microphone and the others being blown away by how good she sounds.
    • Before it's decided that Jiro is the singer, a few of her classmates try out for the position. As it turns out, Kirishima can't get the right genre, Aoyama is a falsettonote , and Mineta can't sing at all.
      • Animating all of this really enhances the experience.
    • Just the fact that when divvying up the team roles, Todoroki is able to call Mina's reaction to one of them is pretty funny.
    • Unsurprisingly Tokoyami is a skilled Guitarist and Mineta's reaction to this is worth a mention.
    • What's Mina's plan for Aoyama? Use him as a human disco ball.
    • Mineta briefly breaks the fourth wall when lamenting his inability to reach around a guitar:
    Mineta: *Running away, tears falling* Because of my character design, my hands won't reach!
    • Shortly after his lament, Mineta hates the idea of a school festival altogether. He does a complete 180 and joins the dance team when Mina promises him a harem.
  • Chapter 173:
    • When Mirio arrives at U.A. with Eri in tow, Ojiro immediately assumes that Eri is Mirio's child.
    • Aizawa is also with Mirio and Eri, and also more appropriately aged for the assumption to be applied to him. Apparently, Aizawa being a parent is so outside the realm of possibility that it's more likely that Mirio is Eri's father.
    • Togata wants to make an entrance to surprise Class 1-A. His action: Putting his butt out of the bush he is hiding, saying "here's a peach!" Unfortunately, no one pays attention to him.
      • In the anime, this is enhanced: he is hiding in a bush, planning how to make an entrance, only to visibly frown when Midoriya spots him, ruining his surprise.
    • While Deku takes Eri on a tour around UA, they meet Class 1-B and as usual, Monoma boasts about the show his class is rehearsing for a crazy play which is the combination of Romeo & Juliet, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. As Kendo isn't around to Dope Slap him this time around, Awase does the honor by knocking out Monoma with the 2X4 he is holding. But for a last laugh, when he's seen unconscious, Monoma somehow still managed to write Awase's name in blood on the ground.
    • A week later, Mina, who is with sunglasses and suit and tie, tells Midoriya that he is fired. Also Midoriya's reaction.note 
    • We briefly see Nezu eating cheese in a frenzied manner.
  • Chapter 174/Episode 83 has Midoriya's horrified reaction to finding out that he didn't know the "Rare Might" fact that All Might briefly considered wearing support items, considering this an utter failure and obsessively searching online with his phone to find images or video of All Might wearing the items. The look on his face as he's searching is so manic, it causes Uraraka to yelp in terror.
    • A bit earlier, when Momo invites her dorm-mates to drink some of the rare tea she got, we hear a couple replies:
    Toru: No idea what that is, but thanks!
    Mina: No idea what that is, but it sounds bourgeois!
  • Chapter 176/Episode 84 has Izuku's face being smushed against the air rendered elastic by Gentle's Quirk, resulting in a comical distortion of his appearance.
    La Brava: Um... that was ridiculously violent, Gentle...
    • The fact that La Brava recognizes Midoriya as "the crazy boy who fought by destroying his hands at the Sports Festival" of all things. Doubles as a Crowning Moment Of Awesome.
  • Chapter 178: Bibimi's GINORMOUS eyelashes. They're so long they poke Nejire from off-panel.
  • Chapter 181: Kaminari forcing Bakugo to wear his band T-shirt to match the other members of the band, all while wearing a cheeky grin on his face.
    • Izuku's Oh, Crap! when he realizes that he has less than an hour to run back into town, pick up the things he bought for the festival which vanished from the spot he left them on the street, only for him to meet an elderly citizen who picked them up for him, causing him to bow repeatedly in his usual Endearingly Dorky gratitude.
  • Chapter 182/Episode 86:
    • As his classmates are busy helping put out the best damn concert U.A. has ever seen, Iida is just doing the robot the whole time, screaming all the way.
    • Bakugo, despite his reluctance to become the drummer, is hilariously hot-blooded and enthusiastic about his role by the time of the show's start.
    • And then he starts the show by blowing himself up.
      Bakugo: Get ready, UA. OUR SOUND IS GONNA KILL YOU!!! [Explosion]
  • Chapter 183/Episode 86:
    • What little we see of Class 1-B's play is just as much of a crazy mishmash as the title implied, complete with a parody of the famous "I am your father!" quote from Star Wars. Even the students who watched it believe they crammed way too much into that, but they couldn't help finding it hilarious.
    • Izuku checks his missed calls and sees that All Might called him repeatedly while he was fighting Gentle and La Brava, with most of the calls within a minute of each other.
    • After reprimanding Izuku for tackling Gentle without help, Hound Dog sends him flying so he can go have some fun. Then he lashes out at All Might and devolves back to Angrish.
    • For a Funny Background Event, as Eri recounts her impressions of the concert to Izuku, Mirio imitates her gestures. This is is both funny and adorable, making them look like a couple of siblings.
    • Mineta keeps egging everyone to finish cleaning up the gym. When Kirishima asks why he's so on edge, he turns back with Hellish Pupils and answers, "I will NOT miss the BEAUTY PAGEANT!!!"
    • How does Bibimi participate in the beauty contest? By parading in a freaking tank modeled after her.
    • This exchange between Eri and Mirio over the beauty contest while watching Bibimi parading in said tank.
      Eri: Just what kind of program is this?
      Mirio: I'm just as clueless as you are.
    • During the brief talk about other events in the festival, there's a Funny Background Event: Monoma constantly begging people to vote for Kendo with Awase doing his best to rein him in until Kendo herself finally has enough and Dope Slaps him unconscious (again) and drags him off-stage.
    • As Class 1-A continues having fun in the culture festival, Iida and Todoroki, of all people, pose in a face board; with Todoroki's head being where Nezu's would be on the board.
    • Even while incarcerated, Gentle wants tea. The finest possible. His gorilla interrogator has this to say.
      Officer: It's the instant crap for you!
    • Bakugo's shit-eating smirk as he revels in his "victory" over the U.A. upperclassmen.

    Pro Hero Arc (Chapter 184-192, Episodes 87-90) 
  • Apparently Wash, the 8th ranked hero, only ever says "WASH!"
  • Chapter 184: Mt. Lady refuses to comment when reporters bring up rumors of her having an affair with Kamui Woods.
  • When Endeavor is scolding Hawks, his face is still visible through the roaring flames. The result is this.
  • Chapter 186 gives us a minor villain whose Quirk is "Shame", which makes him more powerful the more embarrassed he is. He demonstrates this by tearing his clothes off in public to get back at his former workplace.
    • Continuing his attempts at bettering himself, Endeavor overhears a kid being too scared to approach him for an autograph, so he heads over and offers it. Cue the fanboy lamenting that Endeavor's no longer cool because he cares about his public image now; one of the fanboy's friends bows in apology to Endeavor for the kid's attitude.
    • While talking over lunch about the case Hawks wants Endeavor's help with, Endeavor surmises that he must have some proof about there being other Nomus for him to take such an interest in. Hawks casually replies that all he's got are rumors, and Endeavor angrily starts shouting for the staff to bring the check.
  • In Episode 89 (Anime Only) Class 1-A does a rescue drill.
    • Mirio shows up playing the role of a drowning victim with Bad "Bad Acting".
    • Nejire and Amajiki are playing the roles of villains with oversized jersies over their costumes, while Nejire has a pouty expresion due to her inability to play the role with villainous gravitas while Amajiki just wants to go home.
    • Bakugo ends the fight with Amajiki but because the latter surrenders quickly due to being scared by Bakugo's face, he gets furious and unleashes a massive explosion...which causes Eraserhead to send a bot after him to take him to the faculty lounge to be yelled at.
  • Natsuo and Shoto's extremely deadpan reactions to Endeavor nearly losing an eye. While eating noodles.
    Shoto: That's... a nasty scar you've got there. SLUUUURP.
    Natsuo: SLUUUURP.
    • Fuyumi's reaction to their indifference:
      Fuyumi: (whispering) Just because you hate him doesn't mean you should leave it written all over your face like that!
      Endeavor: I can hear you.

    Joint Training Arc (Chapter 193-217, Episodes 91-100) 
  • Chapter 193: It is sort of funny that All For One and his brother used to read superhero/isekai manga when they were kids. It is implied that both of them got their ideals from reading that comic. Even funnier, his brother calls All For One out on only reading the first few volumes of the manga. It makes sense in the context of the argument, because he's pointing out that All For One only read the parts where the villain rules the world instead of to the end where the hero wins, but it's a hilariously petty thing considering the rest of the discussion involves All For One's murderous cult and the brother's hunger strike in his imprisonment by All For One.
    • Aoyama wakes up after hearing a loud noise coming from Deku's room. He comes in there to find Deku's bed covers ripped to shreds and Deku clutching his hand, which is coursing with the power of One For All. Needlessly to say, this situation is Not What It Looks Like, but could very easily be interpreted another way for a mind chronically stuck in the gutter, depending on the reader.
  • Chapter 194:
    • What did Aoyama think was the reason for Midoriya's thrashing? He didn't stockpile enough cheese and wanted more.
      Aoyama: You still haven't stockpiled any cheese yet? I guess you didn't have enough?!
      Midoriya: ... that might be so...
    • Since it's the start of Winter, everyone has adjustments to their costumes to keep themselves warm. Well... everyone except Hagakure.
      Toru: I'm so excited!!
      Kyoka: Hagakure, aren't you cold?
      Toru: I'm freezing!!
      Kyoka: That's some willpower...
    • As Deku brings up Mei Hatsume's upgrades to his gloves, Uraraka recalls how close she got to him back in chapters 100 and 101. She quickly attempts to punch that memory out of her head, to Ojiro's shock.
      Uraraka: Bad thoughts!
      Ojiro: What are you doing!?
    • Bakugo is so angry about Deku praising his new costume that he starts biting into Deku's speech bubble.
    • Classes 1-A and 1-B are meeting up for an exercise, which naturally features Monoma trying to play up the two classes' rivalry again. In this instance, he shows off a questionnaire (that he apparently conducted himself) asking students who attended the culture festival whether they preferred 1-A's concert or 1-B's play. Monoma brags to high heaven that 1-B's play won by TWO VOTES. While he's gloating, Kendo can be seen stalking towards him to smack him out of it as usual, only to be beaten to the punch by Aizawa's capture tape, which chokes the guy.
    • Monoma making DIO's "WRRYYYYY" pose.
  • Chapter 195:
    • Sero compares Shinso's I'm Not Here to Make Friends attitude to pre-Character Development Todoroki... with Todoroki standing right next to him!
    • The above happens after Shinso's speech is met with applause as if he's just said something moving, while Monoma is impressed with his ruthless attitude.
      (Grinning): "I like this one."
    • Midoriya's reaction to Shinso's speech? A gleeful expression that looks like he's taking "I'm Not Here to Make Friends" as a challenge.
    • The theme of the group exercise is for each team to consider themselves heroes trying to capture the "villains" on the other side. The paradox of being in both the hero and villain role simultaneously causes Iida to have an identity crisis. You also have to put a member of the other team into your team's jail, which looks more like a Nezu-themed children's playhouse with jail bars.
    • After drawing lots to determine who is in each team, everyone has a dramatic "face-off" pose with their group against the opposition... except for Hagakure, whose gloves are seen petting Dark Shadow like a big dog.
    • Mina's Shipper on Deck tendencies return as she sees All Might and Midnight arrive to watch the training and automatically wonders if they're lovers. This becomes doubly hilarious when you notice that this chapter was published right before the "Save The World With Love!" special episode of the anime where Midoriya infers that Midnight's playing All Might's lover in the training scenario. Horikoshi knows what's up.
  • Chapter 196:
    • Vlad's commentary takes on a very anti-Class 1-A attitude, including support from Monoma, prompting Mina, Jiro, and Aoyama to protest against him.
      Mina (Holding a Picket Sign): Stop your partisan agenda!
      • The anime has make this scene into a running gag for several episodes, with Todoroki even joining the protest at one point with his usual monotone.
    • After Tsuburaba is caught by Tsuyu, he's left panting and blushing from being tied in her tongue.
      Vlad (Commentating): Even though both teams have the same number of people remaining, will Class B still have the mental toughness to keep up the pace?!
  • Chapter 198:
  • Chapter 199:
  • Chapter 202:
    • After the end of the second set, Vlad scolds Kendo and Fukidashi for not remembering to keep the damage to a minimum. Right after the third set begins, Tetsutetsu begins tearing through entire structures in his search for the other team.
      "Was he not listening to what I just said?"
    • Going with the above, Honenuki just calmly stands by while Kaibara tries to stop Tetsutetsu, saying that this plays into their strengths. Kaibara calls him flexible because of this. Then Pony talks in English.
      Pony: (in English) Geez! Don't keep us in the dark like that!
      Kaibara: See?! Pony's speaking English! That means she's mad!
      Honenuki: (in English) Tetsutetsu doesn't mean any harm. In fact, his approach plays into our strengths.
      Kaibara: You're even flexible in dealing with people's complaints, Juzo!
      • What makes this even funnier is that in the English translation, well, it's all in English.
    • The robots are at it again. While escorting Momo to the nurse's office with Kendo, one says it's laughable that humans actually need to train to get stronger, while the other notes they should just bring the nurse out to the training ground. Seriously, who programmed these things?note 
    • Kinoko offering Tokoyami a throat lozenge... after growing mushrooms in his throat in the previous chapter.
    • All Might approaching Midoriya to talk:
      All Might: [sotto voce] I am quietly here!
  • Chapter 203: The chapter starts with a sequence of CMOF events:
    • Endeavor trying to message Todoroki, only to have all his texts read but unanswered...
      Endeavor: Shoto [Seen]
      Endeavor: How are you, we need to t [Seen]
      Endeavor: Talk [Seen]
      Endeavor: I'll be waiting for your reply [Seen]
    • ...followed by Endeavor roaring "SHOTOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and flaring up...
    • ...followed by his assistants suggesting that Shoto is probably in the middle of a class...
    • ... followed by Shoto sneezing. In the middle of a class.
  • Chapter 204: After Todoroki heats up Tetsutetsu to the point he's burning hot, Tetsutetsu says that he's the one who's now "chinchin". The same panel has an asterisk that says, I kid you not, "It's not what you think! In some [Japanese] regions, chinchin means burning hot!" For those of you not in the know, chinchin is a childish slang term for "penis". Word of God insists Tetsutetsu's using the less common "burning hot" meaning, but we all know he just wanted to use a dick joke.
  • Chapter 205: The return of "Ojiro is plain" comments.
    Pony: Oh! The way you got me... So darn ordinary!
  • Chapter 206:
    • Vlad's commentary reaches Monoma levels of bias and declares Spiral the MVP despite his only contribution being captured and behaving himself in jail.
    • The robots AGAIN:
    • Monoma's facial expressions becoming increasingly more deranged during his boasts to 1-A, while his teammates are looking at him thoroughly unimpressed.
    • The running gag of Todoroki making new friends in hospital rooms pops up yet again.
    • When Iida and Todoroki get a shared speech bubble due to answering simultaneously, it's regular on Todoroki's side and rectangular on Iida's.
    • Due to his injured arm, Iida accidentally hurts himself when attempting to perform his signature hand chopping motion.
  • Chapter 207:
    • More than 150 chapters later, and Bakugo still doesn't bother to remember his teammates' names.
    • Midnight commenting on Vlad's biased remarks:
      Midnight: His Quirk is supposed to be "Blood Control", but he's really letting the blood go to his head.
  • Chapter 208:
    • Monoma's total freakout after seeing Bakugo save Jiro is a sight to behold.
  • Chapter 209:
    • Bakugo being Tsundere. After his team secures a perfect victory, All Might congratulates him, which causes Bakugo to turn away and shoot off a one-liner before he can get embarrassed about being praised by his idol. Then Mdoriya tries to congratulate him too and he reflexively goes off on him.
      All Might: I was trembling in my seat!
      Bakugo: (Beat) What the hell? You got a cold or somethin'?
      Midoriya: Kacchan!
      Bakugo: (Reflex) GET OUT OF THE WAY, YOU PIECE OF CRAP!
      Midoriya: But I'm not even in your way...!!
    • Mineta's reaction to Midoriya's Character Development.
      Mineta: You never used to be so steadfast you know. You behaved a lot more strangely before. I kinda miss that side of you.
  • Chapter 211:
  • Chapter 212: Deku falls unconscious and finds himself in his dreamlike state. He then meets a pissed-off One For All predecessor, a tough looking bald guy named Daigoro Banjo.
    Daigoro (to a bewildered Deku): Dude, ya got it all wrong! I told ya, didn't I?! "You're not alone!" Yeah, the time is ripe! Yeah, it's manifested! But that power is no longer somethin' ya can use with idle thoughts, got it? TRY HARDER DUDE!
    • The chapter ends with the caption: One of Deku's predecessors is super funky!
  • Chapter 213: Daigoro notices that Deku doesn't have a mouth in his spirit form and doesn't mind it a bit. He does get slightly annoyed when his form starts fluctuating. After Deku regains consciousness, the battle resumes like nothing happened.
  • Chapter 214:
    • Mineta and Mina's improvised combo attack is a mix of hilarious and awesome. When Mineta protects Mina from Shouda's Twin Impact, the recoil sends him flying right into Mina's boobs, all according to his plan. An annoyed Mina then chucks Mineta at their opponents, causing him to bounce around frantically on the sticky balls he had set up.
    • A flashback to Shinso's training shows him completely tangled up in his capture tape, with his usual unamused expression.
  • Chapter 215: Monoma attempts to needle Uraraka into responding to him so he can brainwash her into releasing him, asking if she thinks she can beat him one-on-one. She responds by silently glaring at him and clenching a fist, reminding him that yeah, she basically did.
  • Chapter 216:
    • Mina teases Uraraka about her feelings for Deku, which causes her to instantly turn red as a tomato after a short Beat. And if one pays attention, Midoriya is blushing as well in another panel.
      • The FACE Mina makes when she does this needs to be seen to be believed.
    • Monoma is going crazy and still disses Class 1-A.
    • Mina wants Aizawa to convict Mineta for being a "disgusting creep" after the stunt he pulled two chapters ago, much to his dismay. Seems the little perv's antics are starting to catch up to him.
    • And when Midnight takes over commentating duties, the 1-A students who had been protesting Vlad King are grateful to finally have some unbiased commentary.
  • Chapter 217:
    • Eri meets Monoma. It goes as well as you'd expect.
    Eri: (terrified) It's... the Dark Side of UA!
    Mirio: During the Culture Festival I taught Eri you were the Dark Side of UA.

    Meta Liberation Army Arc (Chapter 218-240, Episodes 108-112) 
  • Chapter 218:
    • It's early December, and in a group shot of Class-A in the common room of their dorms, Ochaco yells at the others to close the door because just the draft coming in is enough to send Tsuyu into hibernation. Tsuyu herself has curled up adorably on the couch.
    • After having their provisional hero licenses for all of half an hour, Bakugo and Todoroki ignore All Might's protests and gleefully get in a fight with a bunch of purse-snatchers.
  • Chapter 219: Giran's Defiant to the End attitude (bordering on Precision F-Strike in the original Japanese and some translations) for the MLA when he's captured is the definition of savagery.
    Giran: What kind of smuggler would sell out his clients? Why don't you just crawl back into your daddy's ballsack where you came from?
  • Chapter 220: Dabi comments that he's having trouble finding new members as "everyone is garbage". Toga has a different idea.
    Toga: Maybe your taste in people just sucks?
    Dabi: You of all people can shut up.
  • After getting built up for so long, there is something strangely hilarious about the fact that the first time we get properly introduced to Gigantomachia he is in the midst of bawling his eyes out.
  • Chapter 222: The cover image is of Izuku as Mothra, of all things. As in, Izuku's head on a giant moth body. It also shows Bakugo reacting in disgust, Ochaco cheering him on, Iida apparently crying Tears of Joy, and Todoroki... falling asleep standing up next to the others.
    • Turns out the warping Quirk seen in the last few chapters belongs to John. John is a Nomu the size of a house cat. There is no plausible reason for this outside of Ujiko wanting something to stroke.
    • In the English dub of the anime, Toga calls Dabi a brat for refusing to help fight Gigantomachia.
  • Chapter 223:
  • Chapter 224:
    • Twice insulting Giran's fashion choices in his attempt to convince the League to go save him.
    Twice: We're all familiar with that intestine-like scarf and those tinted sunnies... Nobody else in the world's got gross taste like that!
    • Ujiko referring to listening in on the League as "listening to Villain Radio" and calling it his "new favorite hobby".
    • Shigaraki being momentarily deafened when Ujiko abruptly goes Large Ham over his commlink.
  • Chapter 227:
    Skeptic: Is something confusing you? Is this even a question you want answered? What's keeping you from answering properly like "What do you mean by footage?", do you have too much pride? If someone says "One!", do you go "One?" like a parrot? Can you think critically? Use your imagination? Are your neurons taking a vacation? You need us to spell everything out and tell you that two plus two is four? Why should we?
    • Re-Destro crying genuine tears over Curious and his warriors' deaths and talking about how precious human life is - right in front of Giran, the person he maimed and has been holding captive for about a week at that point. Giran's reaction mirrors the readers' thoughts nicely.
  • Chapter 228: Dabi's brief Snark-to-Snark Combat with Geten.
    Dabi: Hey man, didn't you get the memo? If not, it looks like I'm going to have to give you a special lesson: Ice melts."
  • Chapter 230:
    • Mr. Compress calling out Dabi's Evil Gloating:
    • Twice on his own is pretty funny. A Clone Army of Twices all talking over each other? Bloody hilarious.
      Twice Clone: Dabi! Mr. Compress! Twice is here to save the day!
      Twice Clone: Your savior is here!
      Twice Clone: Are you guys alright?
      Twice Clone: Ouch! You're stepping on my feet!
    • Mr. Compress reaction upon witnessing the army of Twices
      Mr. Compress: Would you shut up!?
    • The simple fact that Compress had no idea about the Twice clones until Dabi pointing it out.
    • This exchange, also crosses into heartwarming:
      Mr. Compress: What happened to your trauma?
      Twice Clone: I destroyed it with the power of love!
    • Upon declaring how precious his friends are to him Twice's clones immediately begin commenting on how quotable they are.
  • Chapter 231: As the Twice clones are running rampant, one translation has a clone yelling "Move bitch, get out the way!"
  • Chapter 239: A rather surprising one at the end of the chapter. After finally defeating Re-Destro, gaining control of his army, and earning Gigantomachia's respect, what's the first thing Shigaraki does with his new power? Remember Mr. Compress' complaint about them not getting to eat sushi and then commenting that Re-Destro must have a lot of money as a CEO. The shear Mood Whiplash of Shigaraki having an Idea Bulb in the first place (which has already become a popular image on Tumblr) is already pretty funny but the fact that the first thing he uses his newfound power for is to force the MLA to pay for lunch makes it hilarious.
  • Chapter 240:
    • The chapter opens up one week after the League defeated the MLA so what prey tell have our concurring "heroes" been doing? STILL stuffing themselves stupid with sushi. In fact, if what Skeptic says later on in the chapter is accurate, they've apparently done nothing but eat sushi since their victory.
    • Cut to Mr. Compress who is happily eating the sushi he was so eager for and refers to their peaceful downtime as "no pain, no gain." Dabi quickly points out that Compress didn't do squat during the battle with the MLA. Compress replies back that he did: "I was amazing at running away."
    • During their celebration, we see Twice mourning the death of Toga, complete with a shrine set up. Cut to Toga, who is alive and annoyed. Turns out Twice was morning the death of the Toga clone he made.
    • An annoyed Skeptic arrives and bluntly tells the League to get ready for the ceremony. Twice shouts back to get lost since they are still eating their sushi. Cut to a sushi loading screen before cutting to later on when everyone is walking to the meeting place implying that Skeptic had no choice but to wait until the League was finished eating.
      • Skeptic, in general, is a delight in this chapter since its clear he is taking the merger with the League the worst out of everyone. Between his ranting about having to foot the League's expenses, doctoring the footage to keep the League anonymous, and just being forced to hang out with them, the poor guy looks like he is going to flip out at any moment.
    • Contrast that with Re-Destro, who become a full-on Sycophantic Servant to Shigaraki.
    Re-Destro: Splendidly done sir! Something to drink perhaps?
    Shigaraki: Get lost.
    Re-Destro: Happily! Let us "get lost", Trumpet!
    Trumpet: (Thinking) This is painful to witness...
    Spinner: I guess he climbed the corporate ladder by kissing butt like that?
    • During the introduction of the Paranormal Liberation Front most of the members of the former League strike some kind of pose, Toga with a cute jump, Mr. Compress with the tip of his hat and Twice who proceeds to skit on his knees like a rock star while having both his arms in casts.
    • Shigaraki throughout the entire ceremony just seems annoyed by everything. While Re-Destro is hyping him up all Shigaraki can think is that his new coat is itchy. During his part in the Paranormal Liberation Front introduction, he proceeds to read off his lines from a cue card and admits by the end that the entire ceremony is just a decoration and their just going to do what they want regardless.
    • Bonus points for Shigaraki admitting that the new name is just a decoration and doesn't really mean all that much which almost sounds like Shigaraki is acting like Horikoshi's mouthpiece for this sentence and addressing the audience who might not like the name change that it doesn't really matter and they have carte blanche to use whatever name their more comfortable with.

    Endeavor Intern Arc (Chapter 241-252, Episodes 101-106) 
  • We're back to UA with Chapter 241.
    • We open on Bakugo and Todoroki being interviewed for their heroism in defeating the Seltzer Quirk user and his gang. Todoroki gives very straight-laced answers while Bakugo gives angry shouty ones. In the final interview, all of Bakugo's footage was cut, which Sero and Kaminari find hilarious, especially since the finalized interview's run-time on air turned out to be a whole hour.
    • The interview itself is hilarious. The reporters ask Bakugo and Todoroki if they are friends. Bakugo, being Bakugo tells the reporters that if they really see them as friends, they should get their eyes and brains checked. Todoroki, on the other hand, simply replies that yes, they really are friends. Bakugo angrily asks him when they became friends and Todoroki explains that they spent a lot of time together in the remedial classes. Bakugo angrily tells him that simply spending time with someone does not mean friendship and maybe he should get his brains checked too.
    • Mt. Lady is brought in as a guest speaker to coach the students on how to present themselves to the media, and she literally introduces herself back into the story ass-first.
    • Todoroki is too Literal-Minded. Asking if Mt. Lady is having heart problems when she says that if he saved her, her heart would burst out of her chest and that he thinks people will die at his smile when she says the ladies will be dropping from it.
    • Mineta is still terrified of Mt. Lady, and has a brief Freak Out when she enters the classroom, clinging to Midoriya in sheer terror.
    • When it's Izuku's turn to go up on stage he gets so nervous that his body turns all stiff and edgy. Eijiro mistakes this for the former being able to use Hardening just like him.
    • Midoriya's progress on Black Whip. All he can manage now is a little "fwip". Nobody is impressed.
    • At the end of the chapter, Nezu finds All Might hasn't slept in a few days, apparently doing everything he can to look up what Quirks Midoriya may have. How is he compiling anything he finds? The same way Midoriya does! Notebooks! The same Campos brand, too! "Generations of Successor Quirks, Notes for Young Midoriya". Bonus points for All Might being drawn even more gaunt-looking then he usually is, which Nezu naturally lampshades.
  • Chapter 242:
    • The teachers of UA hold a meeting. Nezu sits on Aizawa's shoulder because it's much warmer than a chair.
    • It's Christmas and Aizawa brings Eri over to celebrate! Thing is, her upbringing means she has no idea what holidays are and has been relying on Aizawa to teach her about them. The result is that she keeps mixing up holiday traditions and proceeds to say "Trick or Treat", hand out Easter Eggs, and attempt to drive out demons.note 
    • The class holds a surprise gift exchange. Midoriya gets a bag of mochi chips while Uraraka gets an All Might keychain, gifts clearly given by the other, and both have suitably awkward expressions. Mineta gets a picture of Aoyama, while Kaminari gets his own basketball gift and sheds a single tear over it. Tokoyami tops it off by bringing massive (and incredibly impractical-looking) sword that ends up going to Eri, despite the sword being taller than her, much to Ojiro's shock. Iida is shown concerned over his gift, a stack of gold bars presumably made by Momo,note  and in the background you can see Bakugo holding a pair of glasses.
    • Throughout the chapter, Mina and Kaminari are constantly trying to get Bakugo into a Santa outfit. They eventually succeed.
    • Nearly everyone's Santa hats have something on the end instead of a traditional white pom-pom, such as Uraraka having a small planet, Momo has a tiny book, and Asui has a cartoon frog head. The only exception being Eri's and Ojiro's.
  • Chapter 243:
    • Midoriya and his mother causing a waterfall at their apartment building due to them both happily crying.
    • Endeavor's surprisingly warm welcome to the new interns at his hero agency. Psyche! As if he would really be that friendly. He only accepted Bakugo and Midoriya because Shoto asked him to.
    • The sheer irony of the fact that Bakugo and Endeavor, despite essentially being Generation Xerox versions of each other, don't seem to like each other at all! Bakugo thinks Endeavor is a jerk (hello there, pot, the kettle's calling you black!) Endeavor, on the other hand is appalled that his precious Shoto is friends with such a delinquent.
  • Chapter 244:
    • Deku introducing himself to the #2 hero:
      Hawks: Oh, you're that kid who blew up his own fingers.
  • Chapter 245:
    • When Hawks gives Endeavor a copy of Destro's book, Deku becomes interested since it's a "recommendation from the No. 2 Hero". Hawks, for a brief moment, looks shocked before he recomposes himself and hands Deku, Todoroki, and Bakugo copies of the book. Deku lampshades where he was keeping them.
    • When Todoroki wonders why Hawks was carrying so many copies of the book, Midoriya guesses that he's doing missionary work. Hawks goes along with it.
  • Chapter 246:
    • Tetsutetsu has joined Kirishima at Fatgum's agency — Amajiki's reaction? "Two of them now? Great..."
  • In Chapter 247, Midoriya gives a very lengthy and detailed explanation of his difficulty controlling Blackwhip, and what areas he hopes to improve on. To everyone's surprise, Endeavor actually follows what Midoriya's saying, and sums it up in a much simpler explanation.
    • After asking Midoriya and Bakugo about how they want to improve under him, Endeavor proceeds without asking Shoto what he wants. When Shoto points this out, Endeavor makes a Comical Angry Face, not too dissimilar from Bakugo, while shouting he knows why he is here already.
  • Chapter 248: Shoto notices something about Endeavor's moves and he asks Bakugo if he also noticed something. Bakugo angrily notes that there can't be anything he hasn't noticed already but asks Shoto to go on anyway and one of the bystanders makes a mental note how petty Bakugo is. A few moments later, when Endeavor reveals how knew about the Glass Villain's flunkies they previously encountered, Bakugo angrily notes how petty Endeavor is. Midoriya mentally lampshades the hypocrisy.
    • Endeavor advises Shoto and Bakugo to store their power, condense and then release it. Midoriya excitedly notes that it is similar to Bakugo's Armor-Piercing shot. Bakugo is creeped out by just how much Midoriya knows about him.
    • Bakugo is not happy about the fact that how he is constantly paired with Shoto, of all people.
  • Chapter 249:
    • Endeavor is caught in a bind: he was told by Shoto not to pretend to be a caring father in front of his friends, but at the same time he was invited, along with Shoto, Midoriya, and Bakugo, to a family dinner. How does he solve this? By loudly demanding that the trio follow him as if to a mission… only to bring them home for dinner.
      Bakugo: What the crap?!
      Shoto: My sister invited everyone for dinner.
      Bakugo: Why the crap?!
      Shoto: Because she wanted to meet my friends.
      Bakugo: You march in there right now and tell her we aren't and never will be friends, hear me?!
      Midoriya: Kacchan!
    • Amidst all the Todoroki family drama, Bakugo shouting out both his complaints about being subjected to the drama along with complimenting the food and asking if there are any more dishes that need washing. While leaving, he's angrily (but politely) asking for the tofu recipe.
    • Midoriya and Bakugo's reactions to the dinner descending into Passive Aggressive Combat, expertly capturing the pure cringiness of being a guest while your hosts start fighting.
  • Chapter 250:
    • In an anime-only scene, when Bakugo complains about the size of Endeavor's car and his chauffeur yells at him for complaining about his free ride, Bakugo is actually shocked into silence. Bakugo.
  • Chapter 251:
    • After the frightening incident, Endeavor rushes in and hugs Natsuo. It's touching and all, but look closely. He accidentally caught an angry-faced Bakugo in the hug, too.
      Bakugo: Old man smell...!
  • Chapter 252:
    • Bakugo trying to get out of the hug while Endeavor just ignores that he's even there.
    • During Endeavor and Natsuo's heart-to-heart, they're still in the middle of a busy street. At one point, a car drives past them with its occupant having a wide-eyed and disbelieving look on his face.
    • For what is essentially their public debut as heroes, Bakugo and Izuku have very different approaches:
      Bakugo: Yo, are the stupid nobodies hurt, Stupid Deku?!
      Izuku: I'm not sure what you mean, but these fine citizens are alright.

    Paranormal Liberation War Arc (Chapter 253-306, Episodes 107 & 113-) 
  • Chapter 253:
    • Remember that All Might keychain Uraraka got back in 242? Well, she keeps it in the belt of her costume, as the other girls find out when Ashido fiddles with it. It doesn't take long for her to put two and two together.
      Ashido: I Knew It!!
    • Meanwhile, in the boys changing room, when the boys begin admiring the fact that Midoriya managed to get Blackwhip under control, Bakugo throws his spiky headpiece at Midoriya. And apparently it's a lot tougher than it looks because it stabs Midoriya's head, causing blood to spew out! In the next panel, turns out Midoriya's fine, despite the headpiece still sticking out of his head!
    • Koda’s internship was intended to help him with his communication skills... but he went to Wash’s hero agency.
  • Chapter 255: As gruesome as it is to witness Shigaraki's procedure, there is something darkly humorous about Ujiko striking a "you can do it" pose in the background.
  • Chapter 256: While Jiro and Shoji announce their improvements in recon, there's a flashback shot of them being smacked by Gang Orca, in a way suspiciously similar to what the hero had done to Bakugo, Todoroki, and Inasa.
  • Chapter 262: In an otherwise serious chapter, we get a panel of Johnny and Mocha floating up to heaven. Mocha even remarks that "We were already dead," since Nomus are made from corpses.
  • Chapter 265: Tamaki performs Vast Hybrid Chimera, with a combination of animal and even fruit-related abilities, to take down some Mooks and nonchalantly gives a nice one-liner; "Sorry, but I need you folks to stand down." Fat Gum, impressed, asks him to say it again, only for Tamaki to be too embarrassed to do so.
  • Chapter 266-267: We are treated to an unexpected application of Fatgum's power, using it to carry around the frontline U.A. students. All of which is capped off by Kaminari and Kinoko beatifically commenting on how comfortable it is.
    • Even better, he refers to this technique as "Fattaxi."
  • Chapter 271: Fatgum has some nice one-liners in this chapter.
    • When he runs after Tokoyami, who rushed back to help Hawks:
      Fatgum: No ride-n-dash allowed!!
    • Then when Mt. Lady gets blasted out back by Geten:
      Fatgum: [jumping to the side] Some buns comin' in hot!
  • Chapter 272:
    • Bakugo's taking part in the evacuation with... as much politeness as he's capable of. Case in point: an elderly woman wants to offer him a chocolate bun in gratitude, but he angrily shoots it down, claiming it'll dry up his throat.
      • Uraraka on the other hand:
      Uraraka: Might as well accept her generosity.
      Bakugo: You just want a freakin' bun for yourself!
    • Another evacuee is concerned about the manuscript he left behind.
    • Shigaraki's first words after pretty much coming Back from the Dead:
      I'm cold.
  • Chapter 273:
    • Mt. Lady's back in the fight, and she is ticked off. Literally; there are tickmarks on her face and her rear as she plows through Geten's ice.
    • Compress scolding Dabi for running off and doing his thing despite his rank as a lieutenant... even though Compress himself is hiding away from the fight.
    • The fact that a tiny little cellphone was one of the few things that survived Shigaraki's massive Decay burst. Even though it belongs to Doctor Garaki, out of context it looks like Shigaraki spent the past four months charging his phone while he slept.
  • Chapter 274: Despite the severity of the situation, Midoriya's claiming he forgot something as he heads away from the evacuation is worth a chuckle or two.
  • Chapter 275:
  • Chapter 276:
    • After ordering Midoriya and Bakugo away from the fight, Gran Torino gives them an encouraging speech emphasizing that Shigaraki is heavily outnumbered and can't take on all of the heroes working together...right before they see nine near-High End Nomu rushing right at them. Their resulting near-identical reactions are priceless.
    • Once Shigaraki uses his enhanced strength to knock down Endeavor, he stands on the hero's chest while copying the triumphant fist raise done by All Might at Kamino and Endeavor at Kyushu. Endeavor is not amused. It seems Shigaraki's inherited All for One's trollish tendancies along with his Quirk.
  • Chapter 277:
    • While Gran Torino telling Shigaraki not to trample all over Nana Shimura's legacy is framed as a tense moment, Shigaraki giving what can only be described as a confused, deadpan face as he asks "Who?" is hilarious.
  • Chapter 278:
    • Mt. Lady is still holding on to Gigantomachia's leg, with Kamui Woods sitting on her head and literally tying her arms to him. She complains she hasn't been this clingy with a guy since Middle School.
  • Chapter 283:
    • Shigaraki, who seemed unstoppable just one chapter prior after knocking out Aizawa, realizes his body isn't holding his new strength and power as it should and casually asks what date it is as it dawns on him that he's been awakened earlier than planned. His "Oh, Crap!" face is a sudden and brief Mood Whiplash, and made more hilarious by the fact just some chapters earlier, he had a cellphone he used to call the Nomus — yet he didn't check anything else on it.
  • Chapter 284:
    • When Uraraka, Sero, and Tsuyu show up to help Midoriya train with his new Quirks, they notice that he has an afro. Midoriya explains why; he's been trying to catch Bakugo with his Blackwhip, but Bakugo keeps evading and retaliating with his explosives. Uraraka, understandably, is rather annoyed with Bakugo.
  • Chapter 288:
  • Chapter 290:
    • Dabi cheerfully greets Endeavor while shaking a bottle of dye remover that he uses to almost completely wash off his black dye. Anyone who regularly dyes their hair can tell you that washing off dye is not easy, leading fans to jokingly wonder if Dabi had been using cheap dye and water instead. And the kicker? Sharp-eyed readers noticed that Dabi's bottle of dye remover was in his pouch, something that he had always had since his introduction, meaning that Dabi was prepared for his dramatic reveal at any time.
    • A meta-example: because the leaks came out on the same week as the 2020 Election Day, Dabi's reveal had been in the top 5 trending on Twitter, even outrending Biden's victory which particularly kickstarted the insanity of other fandom-related and real-life events.
  • Chapter 291:
    • A small moment in the middle of Dabi's revelations about Endeavour and Hawks sees Skeptic boasting about his editing skills.
      Skeptic: Perfectly spliced and edited, even on the fly. Bow down to my skills.
    • Dabi taking time to reveal Hawks' identity as the son of an infamous serial killer and thief named Takami after showing footage of Hawks killing Twice is Hilarious in Hindsight because Dabi had enough evidence with the video of Twice's death to damn the heroes.His explicit revelation on Hawks' identity is simply to stick it to Hawks and add salt to the wound.
  • Chapter 293:
    • Bakugo finally reveals his heroic identity as "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight". No one's impressed. At all. Except for Mirio, but that's only because he found the name to be funny.
    • Adding to the hilarity, Spinner and Compress are among the people commenting on it.
      Compress: Tacky.
      Spinner: Super tacky.
    • And as many fans have pointed out in a nice Call-Back to when Midoriya had to pick out his hero name; a flashback back showed that as a kid all of his pretend hero names involved having some variation of All Might in their structure before flashing to the present and showing Midoriya being embarrassed by his childishness. And yet Bakugo, seemingly without a hint of irony, decided to directly take a part of All Might's name into his own showing off just how much of a geek he really is.
  • Chapter 294:
    • Although he called it "a mouthful" in the previous chapter, Ida still addresses Bakugo as "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight". Not only is it funny just seeing him say that name, but it also serves as proof that you're NOT supposed to read it as "Dynamight, the Great Explosion Murder God": no, it's one long name, and you HAVE to say the whole thing.
    • Mere chapters after Dabi is revealed to be Toya Todoroki, a reveal that the fanbase predicted so far in advance and was so widely accepted that it might have been more surprising if it turned out the two were completely unrelated, the reveal of Mr. Compress's heritage feels rather hilarious given how utterly unexpected it is. It feels almost like Dabi's reveal was a smokescreen, backed up by Mr. Compress Leaning on the Fourth Wall to talk about how he's dodged the spotlight to set up a big show.
    • Although he is clearly in pain while being choked into unconsciousness by Best Jeanist, one can't help but laugh at the... interesting face Spinner makes.
  • Chapter 298:
  • Chapter 299: The reason young Hawks is shown holding a plush Endeavor toy? Because it was cheaper than an All Might one. Specifically, An All Might one is seen in the background at 3000 Yen, while Endeavor is on sale for only 500 Yen.
  • Chapter 300:
    • As the Narrator explains how urban areas are in panic due to people processing the destruction from the war, an army of escaped villains on the loose, and the existence of Nomu being the final nail to the coffin of said peace. As Nomu were mentioned, Mood Whiplash ensues with a panel of Nomu including the USJ Nomu and Hood Breaking the Fourth Wall as they look confused and point to themselves thinking '"ME?" when they heard the narrator was talking about them. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.
    • Shoto's expression when he visits Endeavour after the war sees him cry. He immediately closes the door.
    • Even though the whole family reunion is meant to be a somber scene, it still manages to stick in Endeavor's memetic Shoootooooo!!!! cry when said son leaves for the first time.
  • Chapter 303:
    • Best Jeanist apologises for eavesdropping, comparing it to illegal denim. Rei Todoroki wonders what is an illegal denim.
    • Shoto is creeped out by Hawks constantly getting too close to him.
    • Bakugo is being dragged away as he yells at Midoriya to wake up. He is tied up by Tsuyu's tongue.
  • Chapter 304:
    • The One For All users sitting on thrones looking like a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits.
    • The second and third users facing the wall as if they were grounded at school.
    • Daigoro assures that the predecessors will respect Izuku's "privacy".
    • Daigoro's excitement when Izuku can manage a few words in the vestige world. Throughout the chapter, Izuku can only mumble vowels but the other users can understand him just fine.
    • The fourth user, Hikage Shinomori makes an incredibly lame pun while introducing himself to Izuku.
    • Daigoro starts poking fun at Shinomori, calling him a weirdo for being a hermit and chasing him with Blackwhip. Shinomori begins to explain his cause of death to Izuku while using Danger Sense to casually dodge Daigoro.
  • Chapter 306: Despite being a somber chapter, amongst the people reacting to the Todoroki's family past is a guy wearing a "Can't You See?" kid t-shirt.
  • At the end of manga volumes on back cover, there's always some character saying what a specific person (that is on a next volume's spine) is going to do in next volume, usually it's not very important to the story. But Volume 31's next quote especially takes the cake:
    '"Next volume! There's not even a single panel of Himiko Toga in the next volume! Please look forward to it!"' - Best Jeanist

    Tartarus Escapees Arc (Chapter 307-328) 
  • Chapter 316: In a dark way All For One's recorded message he left for the heroes to find can come off as this, meaning All For One couldn't bear to miss the opportunity to break the heroes spirits even further and reminding them they are vastly outmatched by taking him on.
  • Chapter 318: While at his lowest, Deku thinks of his classmates. While mostly heartbreaking, even in his mind's eye Kirishima is still shirtless and Mineta still has porn!
    • Midorya has a memory of Mineta handing him porn!
  • Chapter 319:
    • After Bakugo takes care of Dictator, Yaoyorozu appreciates him, but makes the mistake of calling him "Bakugo". Bakugo angrily reminds her to call him Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight. She apologizes for the slip-up.
    • When Uraraka reminisces on the time she got her own admission letter-slash-video to UA, we see her mother taking a picture of her daughter's Tears of Joy.
  • Chapter 320:
  • Chapter 323:
    • While talking about Shiketsu High, the normally explosively angry Bakugo and stoic, monotone Todoroki nervously glancing at each other, wearing the exact same expression is a very funny image.
    • Kaminari’s bafflement at the measures taken by UA for protection of the civilians living there: he says its like they are living in a Humongous Mecha anime.
    • Kaminari is even more baffled when he realises the amount of money that has gone into all these preparation must mean Principal Nezu is filthy rich!
  • Chapter 325: In the rush of emotions both joyful and sorrowful, there's one chuckle-worthy scene — Kaminari dopeslapping Bakugo.
  • Chapter 327:
    • After weeks of the Fandom joking about Izuku's current grungy look being completely unsanitary, the chapter opens with the boys of 1A making that their first priority after getting the civilians to accept Izuku's presence, grabbing him, throwing him in the bath, and cleaning him with well-rehearsed military precision. Izuku is left with a "what just happened?" stare, and the fandom heaves a collective sigh of relief. Bakugo even indicates that, personally, he doesn't think they went far enough.
      Bakugo: You trying to fill the tub with dirt?! Scrub his skin raw with a wire brush and industrial-strength cleanser first!!
    • Despite Bakugo’s sincere apology he is still as much of a Jerkass as before. When Tokoyami points this out, Bakugo reveals that he still hasn’t given up his dream of becoming number 1, which means they are all still his rivals and that includes De—Izuku. Midoriya says Deku is fine and he doesn’t have to force himself. Bakugo angrily replies he isn’t.
    • Sero's summary when someone asks Izuku what OFA feels like.
    • Todoroki enters into the room in the aftermath of the bath toweling his hair in a standard hot-guy pose, advising the others that they should let Midoriya rest. Mineta calls him out for naturally doing it without realizing it and then asks Sero to rate his own variant of the same pose.
    • Midoriya states that he can't rest just yet until he apologies to All Might for the things he said to him, but he's not been picking up his phone. In the same panel he says this, it's shown that All Might is outside the dorm room, peaking in from the darkness, with his gaunt appearance and the heavy shadowing making him resemble a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl, which Todoroki wordlessly points out. It looks hilarious with or without context.
    • Tokoyami twice throughout the chapter gripes that Hawks isn't answering his phone calls, sounding like a younger sibling trying to get in contact with his older brother than his mentor, and even asks All Might to tell him to at least send an email reply.
    • Jiro comes up with the idea of replicating their experience from the culture festival again to help soothe down everybody's anxiety, but when she pulls Tokoyami, Yayorozu, Kaminari, and Bakugo in for a team shot before the others, Bakugo, true to his nature, has to be dragged by the collar and has his arms crossed grumpily the whole way, acting like a kid 3 times younger than him.
    • When Shoto agrees with Jiro's suggestion with another hot-guy expression, Mineta is in the background of the same panel mimicking it... and getting dope slapped by Sero for it.
    • Hawks and best Jeanist, discussing the intel that Stain provided to All Might, comment that besides the records from Tartarus hidden inside a microchip contained in the knife handle he pinned the letter down with, the actual letter protion was basically a mission statement from Stain to All Might that reads like a deranged love letter. The panel even has an excerpt from the first page which rambles on about Justice, true heroism, and how All Might is the only hero Stain truly respects, all written in incredibly dramatic and flowery language. It seems Stain gives Tokoyami a run for his money in the Chuunibyou department.

    Final War Arc (Chapter 335-TBA) 
  • Chapter 335:
    • Midoriya reveals he has been training with Bakugo who has promised to help him master One For All. Bakugo angrily yells that he has never said anything like that. Cue Sato Breaking the Fourth Wall by lampshading, how despite all the Character Development he received, he is still a jerkass.
    • An unintentional one at the end of the chapter's cliffhanger, where AFO explains to Dabi that they'll need to put their immediate plans on standby so Tomura can recover from the damage Star dealt to him. Dabi refuses to wait another day with his father walking around free and happy, only for AFO to put him in his place by explaining that, despite their similar characters, AFO makes contingency plans years or decades in advance to achieve his goals, summing up his speech by claiming that the main difference between them is that AFO has "friends to spare." AFO, whom the prior arcs have driven home the point that he's an unfeeling sociopath that cannot relate emotionally to others, actually gives Dabi a "The Reason You Suck" Speech that mocks him for being an Ineffectual Loner, whereas he can still get along with others despite his emotional handicap.
    • All For One's criticism of Dabi comes off as a boss telling his employee to do better at work, which is to destroy the hero society. The fact that All For One makes evil plans sound so mundane is pitch black comedy.
    • There's something funny about the original All For One trying to calm down his 'other self' who is presently having a tantrum over their loss to Star and Stripe.
  • Chapter 336:
    • Snippets of Midoriya's training with the rest of 1A is shown, as the chapter opens with Bakugo demonstrating the new power levels his Cluster moves and bring, catching Izuku in another another game of tag and hitting him with an explosion that returns his hair to it's Funny Afro look from before. When Izuku slips up and says that 'he'd' better rejoin the search for All For One soon, Iida hits him with a Dope Slap that uses his fuzzy hair down over his eyes, resulting in the adorable-yet-funny image of Izuku's eyes and Youthful Freckles peeking out of his messy hair.
    • Bakugo, in his crass-yet-usual manner, unhesitatingly refers to All For One, The Dreaded, the leader of the villains, a nigh-immortal monster of a man who has brought society to it's knees in little over a year, as 'O'l Nutsack face'. Not only is it an apt description of his current appearance, but considering everything that's been seen and demonstrated of All For One's character both in the past and the present, calling him a literal dickhead seems less like an insult and more like the basic summation of the man. Jiro isn't amused.
    • For those who like dark humor, Aoyama's parents going to All For One because their son was born Quirkless is kind of funny since the most feared and dangerous villain ever apparently decided to give Aoyama a navel laser of all things. This also leads to the mental image of the Big Bad taking this from a customer and possibly experiencing the same gut problems Aoyama had, and just happy to find a poor sap to offload it on.
  • Chapter 338:
  • Chapter 339:
    • Midoriya and Iida are greeted by Hatsume and the two ask her to help her with their equipments. She very casually says she has no time to help them and walks away.
    • Hatsume's classmates step in and say they will be glad to help the heroes, saying that this is their way of contributing in such dark times. As they are monologuing Hatsume has already finished working on the items Midoriya and Iida asked her to help them with, throwing them in their faces leaving her classmartes in the dirt, who couldn't even take their measurements and begin work.
      • Midoriya and Iida's faces remain indented even as they return to the class. In fact, Midoriya's face pops back to normal mid-speech without any fanfare.
  • Chapter 346:
    • Things are pretty bad for the heroes since Midoriya's absence is a severe problem for their plan to defeat AFO. Despite this, Monoma is still cackling as usual and even insults Shigaraki to his face while grinning madly.
  • Chapter 348:
    • We get to see Midoriya's response to Toga asking him to be her boyfriend from the previous chapter... and he's completely flustered.
      Midoriya: B-b-boyfriend? Like a guy you take to the amusement park for a date? Who you hold hands with? Who you split a crepe with?!
      • While this is going on, the next panel shows Uraraka shaking with jealousy.
      • Even better, even the narrative boxes lament Midoriya's obliviousness:
        Narration: Izuku Midoriya was the ninth wielder of One For All and the key to this particular battle. Since the advent of the extraordinary, One for All had been the only power in Japan— no, in the entire world that the shadowy mastermind - All For One - was obsessed over. And now, this boy was the vessel for that very power. He had encountered Himiko Toga a number of times by this point, but since she had never come right out and expressed her affection in words, he'd never realize the way she felt about him. Because for all his triumphs, he was still just a damned nerd.
  • Chapter 353:
    • All For One maiming Endeavor is horrific, but his sarcastic "Oops" as he does so is hilarious. There's even a musical note in his speech bubble to indicate that he's speaking in a mocking singsong.
  • Chapter 354:
    • All For One bringing up that he used to read comics. Not only that, he also lampshades The Worf Effect trope.
    • Amidst Endeavor and Hawks' fierce battle against All For One, Tokoyami and Jiro pull an epic Big Damn Heroes moment... followed by Tokoyami embarrasing Jiro by asking her to "keep her rear end still", in the middle of the battle.
    • Meta example, before the official translation was released, a scanlation translated Jiro's quip telling him to save the boasting until after his victory as telling him to save the fiddle faddle for later.
  • Chapter 356: All For One's reaction to Endeavor coming back and interrupting his furious counterattack?
    All For One: GOOD GRIEF!!
  • Chapter 363: As bleak as this chapter is, Skeptic gets in a good line when Dabi calls upon him for Endeavor’s location:
    Skeptic: Ahem, I’m busy. Don’t pester me, Mr. Daddy Issues!!
  • Chapter 366: Mirio's unable to stop Shigaraki's rampage from attacking Bakugo and was instructed to distract him for two seconds so they can temporarily drop the barrier... until he unleashes his final gambit: Mooning Shigaraki. It works. Especially funny is that Shigaraki is so completely befuddled he stops his rampage in his tracks and can only stare in confusion, and even slightly laughs!
    Mirio: Full Moon Risin' Tonight!
    Shigaraki: Huh? Pfft!
  • Chapter 367: Pitch-Black Comedy, but Midoriya lands and asks if everyone is okay... then sees the field of dead and dying heroes. No Midoriya, everyone is not okay.
  • Chapter 371: Shigaraki and Spinner have played League of Legends, and it's not just a gag from a fan translation. It's rather hilarious as first: League of Villains is one word off from the game's title. Second: League is known to have some of the most toxic online playerbases. Shigaraki has always played solo, which means he'd likely pair up with toxic players rather than reliable teammates.

    Anime Specials/OVA/Movies 
  • This official art from when the students move into the dorms. Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari seem to have a death wish as they try to take spoonfuls of Bakugo's ice cream. Meanwhile, Midoriya is walking by and looking on with wide eyes that just scream, "Nope, nope, nope, not getting involved in that."
  • Special Episode: Save the World with Love!
    • This episode is anime-exclusive, due to it acting as a prologue to My Hero Academia The Movie: Two Heroes.
    • All Might's flashy entrance IMMEDIATELY when the episode begins:
      All Might: [sporting a yellow shirt with PLUS ULTRA on it, the same with Midoriya] I AM HERE... wearing yellow clothes to match Young Midoriya's!
    • Midoriya points out that Class 1-A should be in the middle of their Provisional Hero Exam. All Might's response in a nutshell? Forget about it for now and have some fun.
    • While a TV special plays about All Might's time in America, Midnight questions how long ago was it since then. The former immediately begins coughing, leaving her to wonder if he's a maiden for hiding his age with a cough.
    • Cementoss admiring All Might's costume as seen in Two Heroes, said to be from his "Young Ages". Keep in mind that he's been a huge fan of his since he was a child. When Midnight says having fans is expected from the Symbol of Peace, All Might turns into his muscular form, claiming that is not the case... with a smug-ass grin on his face.
    • All Might's e-mail notification sound:
      "An e-mail is here! An e-mail is here!"
    • As Aizawa explains to Tsuyu, Todoroki, Iida, Midoriya, Uraraka, and Bakugo what the special class they're taking is, he tells them their first lesson is to fight and capture a hypothetical villain. Midoriya and Uraraka immediately show off how excited they are. Aizawa immediately shoots them a death glare, and they simmer down right afterwards.
    • While everyone else is planning their move, Bakugo pretty much says screw it and immediately explodes his way into the Jewelry Store... to find the villain dead.note 
    • Tsuyu uses her hair to tickle All Might's nose to see if he's actually dead or not. This comes to bite them all in the ass at the end of the episode.
    • When Uraraka asks if the villain died from the impact of Bakugo's explosion, he defensively says it wasn't that strong and asks Uraraka whether she was watching from the window. She says she couldn't see thanks to the smoke.
    • Iida deduces that the killer of the villain was among one of the three hostages the villain took... who are all gagged and tied up...
    • Simply hearing the hostages' confessions is pretty funny. Cementoss plays a Jewelry Store employee, Midnight plays an employee for an advertising agency, and Present Mic? A musician, so he doesn't even need to change his role, and acts all hammy, topping it all off with posing.
    • Bakugo's idea to make the hostages confess? Use his Quirk to force it out. Tsuyu points out that he will be arrested too.
    • Midoriya comes to the conclusion that Midnight was the reason behind the villain barricading himself in the store. His reasoning? They were in love.
    • Midoriya, Uraraka, and Tsuyu seem to get really into the romance theory, especially when Tsuyu's eyes begin to water as she considers the tragedy of All Might and Midnight as Star-Crossed Lovers.
    • As Aizawa declares the exercise over, Midnight immediately switches from crying maiden to her usual cheerful self, leaving the class flabbergasted by the abrupt shift in tone.
    • Aizawa declares the six students failed the training exercise. How? Turns out the villain wasn't even dead, and immediately hightailed it and ran while they were occupied with the hostages. The kicker is that when All Might had reacted to Tsuyu tickling his nose, they assumed that it was simply due to All Might being unable to keep still through it, only to be told by Aizawa that said reaction was part of the character act. In short, the "villain" was obviously still alive and they failed for not tying him up before questioning the hostages.
    • To top that ALL off, while they're all questioning their supposed love, the Jewelry Store's wall cracks and falls on all of them.
      Uraraka: [looking like she's about to cry over how Midnight and All Might's love wasn't real] Then, what about their love?!
      Midoriya: [turning to Todoroki with bloodshot eyes] What about their love?!
      Todoroki: [staring dramatically into the sky] Their love...?
      Bakugo: [seething] THERE WAS NO LOVE!!!
      [store collapses]
    • When All Might asks Midoriya whether he knows what I-Island is, the latter instantly goes on his trademark mutter spree about it, with it completely overwhelming All Might before he breaks it with a loud invite.
      • And immediately, All Might asks him if he wants to come along. Obviously, Midoriya accepts happily...
        All Might: Then go to your room and prepare for the trip. We're leaving right away.
        Midoriya: (shocked) Right now?!
        All Might: Hurry, young Midoriya!
        Midoriya: Aaaaahhh! I'm gonna pack right away!

    Light Novels 
  • Volume 2: Yaoyorozu's mother initially seems like a stern and serious wealthy woman, as seen when she seemingly scrutinizes Jiro for being underdressed. Soon afterward, she's completely fine with being called "Mamayao," and later reveals that she'd stared at Jiro's clothes because an old friend of hers was a punk rocker like Jiro. Mamayao is also a Lethal Chef.
  • In Volume 2, Mineta tries to peep on the girls again, only to find that they were prepared for him with a sting operation, resulting in him getting poked in the eye by Jiro and knocked out by Kendo. Sometime after he comes to, he tries peeping on the Pussycats but instead finds himself face to face with Tiger.
  • Volume 3: The first chapter has All Might and Aizawa going drinking (non-alcoholic in All Might's case because of his medical condition) after talking to the students' parents about the new dorms. As it progresses, they're joined by Present Mic, Midnight and Thirteen, and everyone but All Might ends up getting completely hammered. Even Aizawa, who doesn't show much outward sign of getting drunk, reveals himself when he repeatedly mistakes a nearby Buddha statue for All Might.
  • Volume 4: At least part of the reason that Class 1-B's play seemed like such a mishmash were several last-minute wardrobe malfunctions and out-of-character line breaks, which forced Monoma and the main cast to improvise on the fly.
  • Volume 5: The class 1-A and 1-B boys compete in a sauna endurance test. It involves Monoma and Bakugo getting so competitive they have their classmates raise the heat to hellish levels and Midoriya gets hit in the crotch with a hot pail when he tries to leave, resulting in Todoroki creating ice "for [Midoriya's] scrotum".

    Other Media 
  • Drama CD 5 features Aizawa and Present Mic celebrating All Might's birthday and welcoming him to UA at the same time. Highlights include All Might responding to questions about his age with nothing but laughter and Present Mic's gift, which is all his radio shows in mp3 form. Said compilation is over 11 years long if played non-stop, with Aizawa expressing considerable confusion about when he had time to make that many shows.
  • A blooper video was released online of what Clifford Chapin called "unused lines" from the dub of the Hero License arc. It's actually a bunch of non-canonical voice-overs of several characters comically talking up to Bakugo and behaving completely out of character about it. It has a sequel for episode 55 that can be seen here.
    Shoji: [while trapped by another school team] Where's that handsome devil, Bakugo?
    Midoriya: [while strategizing against the other students] Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan. Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan.
  • The English VAs and a fan in the crowd switch roles in the scene where Uraraka freaks out about her friends guessing that she's developed a crush on Midoriya. It can be seen here.
  • In one chapter of My Hero Academia: Team Up Missions, All Might and Present Mic host a radio show where they give advice to callers. Present Mic repeatedly advises students to rap as a solution, and All Might realizes that's actually how the other hero deals with his problems. They have someone called 'Mr. Down with Class A' asking how he can show his class is better than their rivals, followed by a 'Mr. President Elect' complaining about a student who keeps harassing his class while trying to prove his own is superior.