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  • The Gag Dub of Crayon Shin-chan has too many to count, but the "honor and a penis" scene is definitely a favorite among the first few episodes.
  • Hiro shouting "Sword of the Darkness Flame!"
  • The entirety of the second short of "Your IQ's Like 5, Right?".
  • "I was gonna be a table. :("
  • "Chin up, Hiro. It's obligatory sex night."
  • From The Young and the Eggless: The note on Summetr's door reads:
    Pay your rent, bitch.
  • Also...
    "Irregular tampons on sale now, marked down to five for the price of two! If you've got an irregular vagina, this is one sale you can't afford to miss!"
  • When Shin is trying to avoid going to a piano recital starring Ai, his mother comes up with a good excuse... only to have it undermined by Ai's bodyguard dressed up as a box of chocolates luring Shin to the limo.
  • The sign above the stage:
  • Shin once made a cameo appearance in Sailor Moon, giving poor Chibi-Usa his "elephant dance" and after being pulled away by his appalled mother, shouts "I'll punish you in the name of the moon at home!" Refreshingly shocking. Here's the clip, because it has to be seen to be believed.
  • "Oh, but I'm hungry right now! No wonder supermodels are such bitches."
  • "If you don't start giving me an allowance, I'm gonna tell dad that you hide money behind the scroll for your boobie job."
    Cut to the wall scroll, with the text BOOBY JOB MONEY STORED HERE
  • The stalker song that Shin's teacher loves and has her class perform.
    You had me committed, this jacket is strait!
    You know I'm committed to you baby, that's why your cat I ate!
    Doc says there's progress, this medicine is great!
    It makes me feel better, but I can't ejaculate!
    Does this mean we can get back together?
Hiro recognizing the song as the one they play at the bar and hoping none of the kids will understand it.
  • The narrator of the Ench-Man shorts.
    • "All I remember is falling asleep during that 'women in prison' movie..." (LESBIANS!)
    • "...Who was that?" (SCHIZOPHRENIA!)
    • "My tomato alarm is ringing too!" (TOMATOES ARE FRUITS!)
    • Hiro's Running Gag in the Ench-man shorts.
    Hiro: Hey, he saw my wife beat me!
  • The majority of "Happiness Bunny's Revenge", it you look past the Nightmare Fuel it provides.
    Happiness Bunny: What is that?! OJ?! DO I LOOK HUMAN? Tell me what I am, you blind, past-your-prime trick!
    Penny's Mom: A... bunny?
    Happiness Bunny: That's right, a motherfuckin' bunny! I poop pellets, screw like a terminal patient and I drink carrot juice! CARROT!
  • "Let's Act Crazy": Yu's brief acting montages, including "An Abortion Of The Heart" with her Joisey accent and using a sleeping Hima. At one point, a caption appears pointing at Hima saying "call child services for her". This is followed by Yu's monologue of how it's her decision to abort Hima even though everyone is saying "she's too alive and too post-natal", and the only way to teach her about independence is to abandon her to become a pop star.
  • From Happiness Bunny's Revenge's Revenge's Revenge: With a Vengeance: Shin using movie and TV show names with numbers while counting when he and Penny are playing hide-and-go-seek:
    (Penny runs outside)
    Shin: 16 and Pregnant... GO!
  • "The High School Years" has a foul-mouthed Alpha Bitch questioning why Shin's crush, who was originally a college student when he was a child, is suddenly back in high school while screaming at her friends for being bitches.
  • From the second short of the first episode (original version), when Shinnosuke was trying to eat beans for breakfast:
    Shin: Hey, these beans are not from the store!
    Misae/Mitzi: What are you saying?
    Shin: Did you steal them?
    Misae/Mitzi: What do you mean I stole them?!
    Shin: So you bought them.
    Misae/Mitzi: Of course!
    Shin: Then they're no longer from the store.
Mom's open-mouthed reaction to this makes it even funnier.
  • In episode 085c, where the Noharas visit Hiroshi's section chief at his new house, and find Shin-chan inside the kitchen's oven:
    Shin-chan: It's so small inside.
    Hiroshi: What are you doing here, Shinnosuke? Do you want to be roasted like a chicken?
    Shin-chan: Eh? I do not make good roast. I do not have much meat. But Mom has plenty of it, especially in her rump.
    Hiroshi's Section Chief: Wow, I would like give it a taste.
    Section Chief's Wife: Ahem!
  • From the manga:
    (Shin is walking around naked from the waist down.)
    Mitzi: Shin, where are your pants?
    Shin: I accidentally tore a hole in them. Then, I didn't want anyone seeing me in my underwear so I took those off as well.
    Mitzi I don't understand your criteria for feeling shame.
  • Godzilla from Shin Godzilla takes the role of The Comically Serious. When was the first time you see Godzilla making sweatdrops, not to mention SHIN GODZILLA of all King of the Monsters incarnations, doing it?
  • In one story from the manga, Shin gets caught in the rain on his way home, where he uses a woman's skirt for shelter, annoying her. The two find shelter while the woman phones her Mom to come pick her up. The two have no choice but to give Shin a ride home. He sees his Mom during the ride and gets her attention by calling for help, making it look like he's being kidnapped.
    Woman: Next time, I'm definitely bringing an umbrella....
    Woman's Mother: I highly recommend it...
  • When a rumor spreads around the school that Miss Katz has AIDS, Miss Anderson makes a jab at her saying that she couldn't have gotten it from sex and Miss Polly decides to photograph her decline to add to her "death wall".
    Miss Polly (Thinking while taking pictures): Dying of AIDS? My parents are going to think this is hilarious!