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What An Idiot / Crayon Shin-chan

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As a Slice of Life/Comedy series with a anime running since 1992 (2 years after the manga was originally launched), it's not uncommon to see characters from this series making bad decisions and getting punished for it.


  • Throughout his marriage with Misae, Hiroshi has been flirting with random women and Misae has already been beating him for it.
    You’d Expect: Hiroshi, being married to Misae even before Shinnosuke was born, to know that getting distracted by each woman he encounters could ruin the overall marriage to Misae.
    Instead: He doesn’t, and he keeps getting attracted by women and flirting with them. Misae doesn't hesitate to beat him for it.

Episodes/Chapters from both anime and manga.

  • One segment where Misae drives to the store and Shinnosuke/Shin-chan is is in the car. As soon as she gets out of the car, she knows he's sleeping.
    You'd Expect: Misae to wake up Shin or bring him into the store if he's not waking up.
    Instead: She leaves him in the car, leaving the keys in the ignition while he's in it and heads into the store by herself.
    Predictably: Shin-chan wakes up, turns the key, starts the car and moves it. It was her fault that she left him behind in the car.
  • In episode 233a (aka "What's The Massager For?" in the Vitello/Phuuz dub and "Action Bastard Says, "Give Yourself the Shaft!” in the Funimation Gag Dub). Shinnosuke/Shin-chan watches Lillipop rub Action Bastard/Kamen's groin with a massager, the same model the Nohara family has in order to defeat all enemies. Misae/Mitsy/Mitzi almost finishes dinner and Shin-Chan tends to do the same thing to Hiroshi/Harry/Hiro, who is holding Himawari/Daisy/Hima, that Lillipop did to Action Bastard/Kamen and then, he starts doing it to Hiroshi. He suddenly kicks the table up from this, causing all the food to fly off the table. They see Misae being splattered by food and she gets angry at them over it.
    You'd Expect: Misae to take Hiroshi's side and punish Shinnosuke, since he's the one who started it and is.
    Instead: She takes the massager' from Shinnosuke and uses it on him and Hiroshi because he's also the victim of this, and that ends with a safety warning to use it responsibly (it was viewed in all dubs of this segment, save for Vitello/Phuuz).
  • In episode 395, near the end of the episode, Hiroshi and Misae notice a gas leak and warn Shinnosuke about not turning on anything with fire.
    You'd Expect: Shin chan to grasp the importance of the situation and not play with fire.
    Instead: he immediately turns on a lighter
    Result: The house blows up and they're forced to move to an apartment until the house is fixed.


Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Adult Empire Strikes Back

  • After hearing the warning of the adult empire going to take them by force to the park, Shin and his friends notice they had to wake up early in the morning to flee the city and avoid them.
    You'd Expect: To leave that chore to Kazama, as he's the most responsible kid of all the group.
    Instead: They leave the task to Shin-chan, which he program the clock at 9:00 a.m
    Result: They wake up too late to flee the city before the adults arrive at the city and are immediately discovered, forcing themselves to sneak themselves into their bus.