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When he really wants to, Shinnosuke can be the most determined child in all Japan
  • Action Mask in the "Jungle King" movie. The actor who plays action mask goes on a cruise which Shin-chan and his friends joined but are attacked by an army of monkeys and their master, the Jungle King who seeks to defeat the children's idealized superhero and become the next hero for the children, forcing the actor in the finale to a fight to the death. The actor lists his multiple credentials as a martial artist and beats the Jungle King in a basic fight, a jungle ground built specifically to enhance the Jungle King's abilities, and in the air with just a jetpack. Keep in mind that this is the human actor playing Action Mask and not the hero himself.
  • Hima, not satisfied with just one sippy-cup of juice, tries everything in her toddler power to get into the fridge to get another juice cup. After she has exhausted herself to no avail, Shin comes in from playing, hops up to the fridge, and takes and drinks the prized juice. Hima FREAKS OUT, charges Shin like an angry bull, and headbutts him in the groin so hard he goes flying back outside.
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  • In episode 278, Shin saves Himawari's life who was about to fall the roof of the house by improvising a rope to keep him safe. Too bad it cost him a broken leg and in the hospital
  • Mitzi and Shin, in "The Young and the Eggless", both get one when while Mitzi races during the egg sale against Summer, who trips due to running in her platform boots, thus causing her to release her daughter's stroller. As Mitzi contemplates whether to rescue Paris (Summer's daughter) or miss out on the sale, Shin volunteers to help as Mitzi tosses him into the air to clear the crowd as she successfully dives to stop the stroller inches from hitting the wall with a sliding finish. Bonus points for this being the second time Mitzi's physical capabilities are shown and that it's her and Shin teaming up. Shin succeeds in clearing the crowd and getting the eggs by doing an airborne ass-bomb.
    Shin: Ass, ass, and an ass!!
  • The ninth movie, Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back is considered one of the best Shin Chan movies, and it contains a huge amount of awesome moments, such as:
    • Shinchan's kindergartener group plus Himawari and Shiro managing to survive in the city when all the adults disappeared.
    • Shin's group successfully avoiding being captured by the adults when they rebel against them and even managing to steal a bus in order to escape them
    • The Car Chase scene with a bunch of five-year-olds (and at some point, Shiro) driving a bus chased by an army of adults. It's hilariously awesome.
    • But the most awesome moment happens at the climax of the movie, where Shin and his family race against time to prevent the nostalgic scence to be spreaded across the world by the villains. The huge amount of effort the family puts in that scene is strong enough to Change the minds of the people living in the nostalgic park and wanting to return to the XXI Century
      • Hiroshi blocking the door of the elevator to gain some time for the family to reach the end of the tower before the antagonists.
      • Hima, Misae and Nevado falling on prupose so that Shin couldn't be captured by the guards, leaving Shin alone.
      • And when he is all alone, the huge amount of effort Shin puts through the race came as impressive, not stopping or giving up even if he's injured or bleeds until he collapses on the final floor. No wonder why he is considered one of the most determined Japanese kids in all anime.
      • And let's not forget about the music during all of it


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