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  • Despite the impression the show, Japanese or otherwise, may give you, it contains one of the most, if not the most, touching moment I've ever seen in any anime. In the movie, The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back, a new attraction has opened up in Kasukabe where adults can go to relive things from their past from old events to starring as characters in renditions of their favorite anime series. The leader of this group activates the nostalgic scent of the 20th century which brainwashes all the adults into coming there to stay, being in fantasy mode all the time, and abandoning their responsibilities out in the real world including their jobs and children. After a very well animated chase scene between the grunts and the Kasukabe Defense Force, Shinnosuke finds Hiroshi at a recreation of the World's Fair he'd gone to as a child, and the memory has fully regressed him to his childhood with his father and mother around. Shin uses the far more powerful scent of Hiroshi's shoes to pull him back to reality, which gives us a montage to music of Hiroshi growing up, getting his job, meeting Misae, having Shin, and leading a tough, but rich family life. It's ends with this:
    Shin: Dad. Do you remember me?
    Hiroshi: Yes. (tearfully embraces his son) Yes.
  • Every Crayon Shin-chan movie has a heart warming moment. Unlike his tv counterpart, Shin-chan puts himself in really risky situations to save his parents and the world. No wonder its been consistently rated as one of the most heartwarming animes in Japan and produces multiple movies that are adored by fans.
  • In the dub, the Nohara family give their shut-in neighbor some rice-balls and tea, along with some encouraging words, in episode 12.
  • When Shin-chan overheard that his kindergarten teacher, Yoshinaga-sensei talking to her fiancee about quitting the kindergarten ( she's actually talking about quitting her snack time at recess so she can wear her wedding dress), Shin-chan and his group decided to go to convince the fiancee at his office to not let their teacher quit, right in the school hour. It leads to a Moment of Awesome of them riding on the train and running away from the train officer. When Yoshinaga-sensei finally caught up to them, she scolded them and they ended up tearfully beg her not to quit teaching at the kindergarten. It's a rare occurrence of seeing Shin-chan crying with pure sadness and desperation.
  • Similarly, Shin gets asked to Pet-sit Boo's rock, and forgets where he put it after making sure to hide it somewhere safe. He winds up tearfully asking his mom to help him look for it.
  • In the Gag Dub, the class standing up for The Flamer when they learn he's going to be fired.
  • The end of the dub's Season 3 finale, in which the characters find out their show is being cancelled.
    Georgie: Have you heard any news about the show's future?
    Shin: Yeah, but it's bad. This is the last scene of the last episode.
    Georgie: We'll fight this like we fought health care!
    Maso: Shows come back sometimes, right?
    Penny: Scrubs has had at least three series finales!
    Boo: We're all in my snowglobe.
    Georgie: If enough fans buy our DVDs we'll be back, like Family Guy and Futurama.
    Shin: This show's over, but we'll live on!
    Penny: Oh yeah? Look what happened to Brittany Murphy after they cancelled King of the Hill.
    (everyone else stares at her in horror)
    Maso: That's a really dark note to end a series on!
    Penny: Have you seen this show?
    Georgie: Seems like a like a pretty fitting conclusion to me.
    Shin: (somberly) Yo... time to go...
  • In one chapter of the manga, Shin and Penny/Nene see a cat attacking a injured bird and Shin ends up saving the bird by scaring away the cat with his "faceless booty alien" prank. Shin is then convinced he must take care of the bird and even his parents were surprised by this and end up helping Shin helping the bird to recover. However the animal hospital claimed that the bird isn't going to make it which devastates the family. But before the bird passes away he was briefly flying around Shin as a way of saying thanks and the chapter ends with Shin and the family mourning for the bird. Now Shin is known for being rude, showing his bare butt and "elephant", flirting with older women, but this proves that even this Japanese bad boy has a heart of gold.
  • In episode 19, short 3, of the original version, Misae was writing a letter to a friend and Shin-chan wrote his own letter, and the boy was sent to drop the letter at the mailbox. He waited for the mailman, and when he arrived, Shin bugged him to make sure his letter arrived to its destination. By the time it was sunset, Misae was worried and upset that her kid hasn't returned yet. Shin-chan finally arrives and rushes home, while the mailman, who was behind him finally delivers to Misae the letter that Shin wrote. What did Shinnosuke write? "Thanks for everything, Mom." Misae felt so moved after reading her son's letter.
  • After watching a cheesy soap opera where the female lead develops a terminal illness that causes her to cough up blood after having a fish bone get stuck in her throat, Shin decides to repeat her lover's pledge to do anything for her to his mother, causing her to choke on the tomato juice she was drinking for a second which convinces Shin that she's going to die. After a humorous antic at school where he tries to con his friends out of their toys by playing the sympathy card, Shin comes home to Misae and rushes to her for a hug, tearfully begging her not to die, and is absolutely relieved when she tells him that she's perfectly fine despite a visit to the doctors. Hiro comes out of the house to join them, and Misae announces to the boys that she's pregnant with Hima, to Shin's bewilderment and Hiro's ecstacy.
  • Episode 257 has Nanako and Shin having a "date" in an amusement park (as Hima is sick so Misae can't take Shin to the park herself). When two random guys start rudely hitting on Nanako and Shin predictably jumps to her defence, she actually refers to him as her boyfriend. Then she just smiles and waits for Shin to use his usual antics to distract the guys so they can make her getaway (which of course happens a few seconds later). An adult refering to a child in that way would usually be very creepy. However, the sheer level of trust she shows towards him is enough to turn the scene into heartwarming.
  • In the Japanese version of the episode where Shiizou Atsukuru (The Flamer) leaves. Nene is upset and hides behind the bushes to cry. Shin finds her and stays behind to comfort her. Considering how Shin usually makes jokes at inappropriate times, this was very kind of him.