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While Reality Ensues on a regular basis, this doesn't quite stop the show from having some more relaxing moments.

  • Basically anytime Atsuhiko and/or Matsuno are involved.
  • Youichi and Tomoki go out for diner after school to a fast food restaurant in episode 5. Youichi only orders orders a coffee and gets surprised by Tomoki thinking of actually ordering food. Cue to Youichi blasting Tomoki for not taking care of his diet by ordering high calorie food in the middle of the fast food restaurant, only for him to suddenly remember where he is.
  • From episode 7:
    • Youichi telling Tomoki that he should take the opportunity to go to Beijing, lest someone else takes it. He then warns him that they mustn't let Atsuhiko get selected as a representative of Japan whom he calls the embarrassment of Japan, that can't be let out into the world
    • "Just jump into a pond on your way home or something."
    • Tomoki and Shibuki noting Youichi's hypocritical disdain of Atsuhiko's pink speedo, while Youichi himself wears a lemon yellow. Bonus points for Tomoki and Shibuki saying it in unison.
  • Episode 8 was as heartwarming as it was silly:
    • After spending most of the previous episodes as cool-headed diver prodigy, it is very amusing to see Youichi show a more dorky side of his personality.
    • Youichi getting embarrassed and blushing after Shibuki reveals the former never had a girlfriend before. He than responds by Tempting Fate, only for Shibuki's girlfriend to enter in that very moment. His reaction is priceless.
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    • Youichi body-slamming Shibuki onto a futon to question him about the relationship with his girlfriend Kyouko. Made even funnier by Tomo gently swan diving onto the futon to join Youichi in questioning Shibuki, asking if Shibuki would marry Kyouko.
    Youichi: “When and where did you meet? How far have you gone?? Were you together this whole summer???”
    Shibuki: “One question at a time.”
    Tomo: “Are you going to marry her?”
    Shibuki: “And your question’s too big.”
    • Shibuki's sisters teasing Youichi for not having a girlfriend, despite of his good looks.
  • While more saddening than funny, even episode 9 had brought some laughs:
    • During The Teaser, we see what the incredibly cheesy commercial Youichi is supposed to star in would look like. Or rather, how it was supposed to look like.
    • Shibuki, of all people, has started taking up ballet lessons.
    • It is now Youichi who tries to use the horoscope as an excuse.
    • When Tomo phones Youichi after the latter received some expensive flowers from him as a way to commemorate Youichi getting selected for the Olympics team, it turns out that it was actually Tomo's parents who paid for them.
  • Episode #10 shows that Shibuki really likes the ballet lessons.
    • When he visits the injured Tomo, Youichi brings back the same flowers Tomo sent him the previous episode...only to take them back with him after Tomoki's words help him overcome the blockade he's been suffering from.

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