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Funny / Oruchuban Ebichu

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  • Ebichu in heat, creeping the hell out of Kaishonachi and humiliating O.L. by dragging a sex toy out and asking her how to use it. O.L. turns into Edvard Munch's The Scream when she sees Ebichu with it; Kaishonachi, on the other hand, goes from disgusted to aroused because he didn't know she owned sex toys.
  • Maa-kun's insane Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream about Ebichu.
  • Ebichu's first transformation into Ebichuman — the visual effects lead us to expect a Transformation Sequence, but she simply declares "Ebichu, transform!" and then goes over to the dresser to put her costume on.
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  • The "bad smell" incident. Trying to pinpoint the source of a horrible smell in O.L.'s apartment, Ebichu blurts out a number of embarrassing revelations that get Kaishonachi beaten up (along with her, as usual). The punchline, not to give away too much, is that the bad smell is most definitely not Kaishonachi's fault.
  • Kaishonachi arriving at O.L.'s apartment to be confronted by a frantic Ebichu, who claims her master is in pain, bleeding, is probably about to die and needs urgent help. Kaishonachi glumly decides "Ah, she's on the rag..." and immediately exits.
  • O.L.'s mother's visit, in which the poor woman is horrified to discover the indecent lifestyle her daughter is leading in the city. Ebichu utterly failing to assuage her grief in any way whatsoever. Example: O.L. left a pair of sexy panties out. Ebichu assures her mother that O.L. doesn't wear them all the time, just when her fling visits. When that doesn't comfort her, Ebichu adds that it's okay because O.L. doesn't keep them on very long.
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  • Someone calls the O.L. residence for phone sex. Ebichu answers the phone, and being the innocent hamster she is, doesn't understand the meaning behind the caller's questions. Hilarity Ensues.
    Caller: What are you wearing?
    Ebichu: I'm naked, except for this apron.
    Caller: [aroused breathing] How much hair do you have?
    Ebichu: I'm covered in it!
    Caller: [breathing gets heavier] Pussy... say it.
    Ebichu: Pussy!
    Caller: [goes silent and a Single Tear drips from the phone]
    Ebichu: Hello? Are you crying?


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