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  • When Mickey is in Vietnam, one of his comrades is out flying a dangerous mission. Said soldier, is a notoriously heavy drinker, so Mickey and his army buddies make up an on-the-fly ritual, to bring him back safely, by sprinkling beer on the runway, and it actually works! It's funnier than it sounds.
  • In the manga, the normally stoic Hoover loudly arguing with Mickey about American versus West German electronic equipment.
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  • In the manga, when Shin and Mickey escape Farina's land carrier by stealing a guard's uniform and pulling a ridiculous two-men-one-dress routine. Even Farina was laughing!
  • In the manga, when Josie tells Saki about the plot on his life while at the Swiss hospital. Saki was so startled that he accidentally crunched down on his oral thermometer, then looked ridiculous as he spit out the broken pieces.
  • In issue 43 of the manga (published in Animerica), Shin and Mickey tease each other after having their casts removed. The exchange was rather thick with ho yay.
  • In manga that did not make it stateside, Mickey puts on an American colonial-era costume when he and other American pilots celebrate Independence Day. Hilarious in hindsight, given that Tea Party supporters are known for wearing such costumes.
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  • In manga that did not make it stateside, when Mickey tries to give McCoy a big kiss after McCoy finds a replacement F-14 Tomcat for him. McCoy resists and chases Mickey off.
  • "Why would a jet have a navel!?"
  • Kim and Sela's incessant but harmless bickering is good for a chuckle.

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