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"North Africa... Area 88 is a bitter bloodstained battlefield, the frontlines frontline.
Even the simple luxury of walking on the runway is dependent on the graces of Allah.
But we abandoned god and shook hands with the devil. We are the mercenaries of hell."
Shin Kazama, on how much shit sucks.

I will realize my ambition by stepping on the bodies of the fallen.
Satoru Kanzaki

Our nation will have no future unless we reform it! The unique nature of this country may disappear by introducing another culture, by bringing sweeping change, but the people shouldn't have to endure hardship and poverty just to retain their heritage! The future cannot be sacrificed for the past!
Rishar Vashtal

McCoy: I wonder what God is thinking. I don't know anymore.
Shin: It's easy. God gives hope to people, courage to men, love to women, future to children, and comfort to old people. And to vultures like us, God gives lead bullets.

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