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LEGO and Star Wars? Who was Running the Asylum when this was thought up?

"A wise man once said, 'Any story, no matter how good, will sound really, really dumb when you shorten it to a few sentences.'"

So you love a series. You own all the volumes, have various merchandise, can quote characters off the top of your head, and know every plot twist by heart.

However, one day someone asks the dreaded question "What's this about?" And suddenly it hits you — trying to sum it up in only a few sentences makes it sound really, really ridiculous, and though the show itself may take itself entirely seriously, suddenly all the random parts, nonsensical aspects and just plain weirdness are laid bare before you.

But really, it's Better Than It Sounds once you actually see it in action.

This is the place to record those descriptions — the random, the understated, and the WTF. This isn't "Sum up your favorite movie in one sentence!" (We've already got each movie's respective Laconic page for that), rather it is for the summaries that would make a person say "This would never sell!". This is not Wunza Plot, since those shows have an inherently ridiculous concept as part of the catch — these are only made ridiculous by us mentioning things out of context.

To keep it interesting, put the name of the series in spoiler tags, disable autospoiler when visiting, and keep this from becoming Complaining About Shows You Don't Like; it's actually Making Fun Of Things You Do Like. And most of all, have fun.

Important Note: This is a game, not a proper trope. Please don't use it as an entry on a trope page.

See also Villain Whitewashing Service. Compare Pitch the Work. Contrast Worse Than It Sounds.

This Game Contains Spoilers By Necessity. Read At Your Own Risk.

Alternative Title(s): Worse Than It Sounds