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The internet is a weird place.

Please sort entries alphabetically to avoid duplicates. If you find anything here that should be on either Web Video, Web Animation, or Fan Works, please move it there.
  • A Game of Gods: People from different worlds are taken against their will and are forced to work together to accomplish challenges by their kidnappers.
  • Real Person fanfiction on a grand scale.
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  • Backstroke of the West: A less-than-outstanding political drama edited with Hotter and Sexier dialogue, which kills any emotional impact and makes the plot incomprehensible.
  • Bad Webcomics Wiki: Some guys on the internet berate a bunch of web artists. Often mistaken for a troll site, so douchebags may occasionally join in to make defaming statements of people they don't like.
  • Blockhead: A smiley-faced idiot's conscience fails to keep him from breaking things.
  • The Cartoon Chronicles Of Conroy Cat: A young cat learns from an old dog the proper way to hurt himself. Said old dog steals the show with his Caustic Critic tendencies.
  • The Chronicles of Taras: A girl who looks like Emma Stone wears a bandanna and hunts down dog-lizards and Creepy-As-Hell mutants with a flamethrower powered by Mike's Hard Lemonade, all while wearing clothing made from the hides of the aforementioned mutants and face-paint from their blood. Oh, and a wimpy chick who looks like Elliot Page writes down what happens.
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  • Chrontendo: A guy who reviews NES games in chronological order.
  • Colour My Series: A stick figure walks around and gives things color. The last one isn't playable.
  • Cracked: People make lists of things.. for comedy.
  • Dante's Infanzia: Infantilist porn.
  • Darwin's Soldiers: A group of scientists and soldiers from a secret military fight off a terrorist assault and then journey around the country to destroy an illegal research project.
  • Daybreak on Hyperion: An insufferable Military Brat summons a cute girl as a familiar just to prove that he can. Turns out that she is in fact, a he, and is really unhappy about being dragged into a fantasy world and having his sex changed. And the brat himself has a fiancée who has a real royal temper and is also rather unhinged. And yet they still fight together to inflict grievous bodily harm against invading hordes of barbarians and infidels.
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  • Dailymotion: The site where people upload thier YouTube videos that were taken down for copyright.
  • Fine Structure: People invent a FTL radio and use it to download a physics textbook.
  • Fobbies Are Borange: An angry, chain-smoking 13-year-old girl, an emotionless pyromaniac, an aspiring Broadway star, and a child suffering heavily from ADD save the world from evil yet incredibly stupid orange blob aliens. The ending makes people cry.
  • The Internet: People all around the world are brought together by the things they love best, which appear to be pornography, repetition of various phrases, arguing, and cats.
    • Specifically, pictures of cats with text captions added.
    • 4chan: Place where most of the aforementioned repetitions of various phrases are born in. Also called the asshole of the aforementioned place.
      • Alternative: A place that is full of psychopaths who get sexually aroused by things that will scar you for life and repeat various phrases like a parrot. Started when Satan discovered the internet.
      • plus4chan: A bunch of comic geeks from the aforementioned hellhole get together and make their own board.
  • Furry Fandom: People draw animals and it winds up on the internet. Their mere existence split the internet.
  • Imgur: A social media/image-sharing site whose people are obsessed with giraffes and some woman, go into hysterics over policemen, genital-creatures, and whatever is popular that day, need fruit to determine sizes of objects, and are entranced by spinning things.
  • KiwiFarms: Assholes with nothing better to do ruin the lives of people they barely know.
  • LOLCats: Images of small obligate carnivores accompanied by broken English captions.
  • The Magnus Archives: A man joins a cult that makes him read ghost stories.
  • Mameshiba: Dogs who are beans tell gross facts.
  • Neopets: You have animals that you feed. You also can change their color if you're racist enough to think that's a good idea.
    • The Faerie's Ruin plot: Magical humanoid creatures are Taken for Granite. And some cat you see sometimes is actually evil.
  • Official Fanfiction Universities: Fans are put through hell by the characters they love.
    • The Official Fanfiction University of Middle-Earth: An Eldritch Abomination is rebuilt as a wall and the ultimate evils teach about evil.
    • The Official Fanfiction University of Cats: Furries run a school in a junkyard.
    • The Official Fanfiction University of Redwall: Furries run a school in a monastery. Has been Left Hanging for some time.
    • The Official Fanfiction University of MREDURE: Students learn how to tell a story with the help of the multiverse's best programmers, a lot of kings, some villains, and more. Four psychos help keep order. Has been Left Hanging for years.
    • The Hogwarts Fanfiction Academy: Students teach how to write well.
  • Paradise:People turn into furries and have to hide that they have done so or risk ruining their lives in a Wolf's Rain inspired Shared Universe Story
  • Phoenix Wright: Devil's Attorney: A lawyer goes to Hell.
  • Pico: A little boy and his friends who are the epitome of Troubling Unchildlike Behavior and More Dakka go through all sorts of situations Depending on the Writer.
  • Pieguyrulz: A man with a pie fetish reviews TV shows.
  • Protectors of the Plot Continuum: Borderline psychos go into other peoples' works and off the main characters in creative ways. The organisation is run by telepathic plants. Oh, and in Real Life there are the remains of some very dead Punch-Clock Villain horses at the Earth's core.
  • Rickroll: Trick your friends into watching an '80s love song music video.
  • Sailor Nothing: Magical Girl beats up people's inner demons with The Power Of Nihilism And Clinical Depression. Then she pulls Redemption Equals Death on the Big Bad.
  • Salty Bet: A casino where people place wagers on mixed martial arts competition. Where only the regulars are told the winrates, receive large bailouts, and insult you whenever you lose.
  • The Salvation War: A species of naked apes is respectively abandoned and invaded by Heaven and Hell; Big mistake!
  • SCP Foundation: Morally ambiguous top-secret world-spanning organization works to secure, contain, and protect various artifacts, locations, and individuals that threaten "normalcy." Included among their employees are a Body Surfing baboon, an expy of Indiana Jones, and Satan, who likes shotguns.
    • Alternatively: Stories about an organization that runs Secret Government Warehouse sites are actually horror in disguise.
    • Alternatively: Torchwood, as envisioned by 4chan.
    • Alternatively: A massive, secretive organization devotes immense resources to trying to kill a lizard, torturing a little girl, staring at a statue, and keeping a variety of items, from paintings to vending machines. Several vital parts of the articles are missing.
    • Alternatively: Warehouse 13 travels into the past and has a threesome with The Lost Room and The X-Files. (Warehouse 13 can itself be described as SCP Foundation: The Series.)
    • Alternatively: Weird stuff happens in, on, around, and beyond Earth, and multiple organizations dedicate themselves to meddling with them. The POV organization wants to hide the existence of weird stuff from the general public.
  • SF Debris: Some twat from Wisconsin talks about Star Trek.
  • The Slender Man Mythos: A Cosmic Horror Story with no canon whatsoever; the fans have been Running the Asylum since day one. Nightmares are the result.
    • A tall faceless man in a suit stands menacingly, terrorizing the hearts of man.
    • Marble Hornets: A guy tries to figure out what happened to his friend's abandoned film project. Aside from some audio glitches, not much happens.
    • Seeking Truth: A badass Cowboy Cop suffers a severe case of Wrong Genre Savvy.
    • Everyman HYBRID: Three Jersey boys start a crappy, low-budget fitness series on YouTube and wind up being stalked by a guy in a business suit, a hairless dog and a Troll who types in all capital letters.
    • Tribe Twelve: A foul-mouthed Jewish guy pays tribute to a suicided cousin, plots to steal his grandfather's belongings, and ruins all of his personal relationships while trying to avoid the aforementioned business suit-wearing man and his groupies (all of whom have a strange obsession with eyes and Rotoscoping).
  • Something Awful: A community made up entirely of goons.
  • Survival of the Fittest: Hockey players get slaughtered, teenage girls get raped with vases, killers angst about their actions, and only a few make it out alive from the whole mess.
  • The Insane Quest of Unfathomable Randomness: Humans, blobs, vampires, and others travel on a Flying Bison-Ship while Hilarity Ensues.
  • Touhou Ibunshu: The girls from the Fantasy Kitchen Sink stop playing Extreme Dodgeball, now settling their disputes through diplomacy and the occasional magical card battle.
  • Tree From My Youth: An emotionally broken boy and his dog try to stop a fat old man who uses television and lightning to control an island, with the help of weird people (and their pets), but in audio form!
  • True Capitalist: A really angry Texan rants on about everything he even happens to dislike, taking calls along the way.
  • TV Tropes Wiki: A bunch of self-admitted geeks and nerds talk about various recurring things in all forms of media.
  • Twitch Plays Pokémon: A young man attempts to defeat a gang of ruthless criminals while trying To Be a Master. Except he can't, because he's controlled by 100,000 voices in his head at the same time and each tells him to do something different. Resulted in the creation of a religion in which God is an ammonite, Jesus is a giant finch, Satan is a horseshoe crab, and the Anti-Christ is an orange fox-dog.
  • Uncyclopedia: The Other Wiki minus content.
  • Undocumented Features: A bunch of bored college students create a Mega Crossover with over 100 different works. One of the main problems in the work is solved by Breaking the Fourth Wall and having the authors make a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Welcome to Night Vale: A small town is ruled by conspiracies and dark forces. The narrator, possibly against his will, spends most of the show spouting out their propaganda.
  • Whateley Universe: A group of overpowered superheroines meet up at the world's foremost Superhero School, only to discover that each and every one of them is secretly transgender and gender bent. This would be a Contrived Coincidence, except they have a special dorm set aside specifically to segregate these sort of things. They can't be defeated, so They Fight Crime!... and get away with anything they want while doing so. "Rashomon"-Style is flat out abused, and the Token Minority is a white male.
  • WhoIsThisGit: A very mysterious man talks about various things that happen in video games. His videos seldom have him actually talk; he usually uses text to communicate. Notable for hating a popular video game and abusing a certain two-tailed fox.
  • Wikipedia: Giant website that seeks to be the repository for all the world's knowledge. Spends much of its time hosting arguments about what qualifies as "knowledge".
    • Alternatively: The website where people who know nothing try to figure out if they know something.
  • WTF Pokémon: Two guys point out logical contrivancies in episodes of a very popular anime series.
  • YouTube: People slap together video footage and sounds (usually taken from their favorite TV shows) seemingly at random.
    • YouTube Poop: People slap together video footage and sounds (usually taken from video games from a now-forgotten console and cartoons based on video games) seemingly at random to get something stupid, offensive, or both. Hilarity Ensues, hopefully.
      • Or: Surreal versions of other people's work, mostly from TV. Has literally hundreds of different writers.
      • Chewiki: The same people make up silly backstories for the characters and settings of said video games and cartoons, often resulting in something stupid, offensive, or both. Hilarity Ensues, generally.
    • Dramatic Reading: Something banal, poorly-written, or just plain dreadful is read aloud by a Large Ham.
  • Worm: A travelling couple stops in for lunch after being accosted by a vagrant. One of the couple is then murdered by the food. The other, stricken by the loss, begins cleaning the restaurant before eventually flipping their shit and setting it on fire.
    • Or: The story that teaches you more about the silk production rates of spiders than you could ever want to know.
  • The Fountainhead Filibuster: Tales from Objectivist Katanga: Ayn Rand: African Dictator.


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