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Hope you didn't feel like sleeping any time soon...

I am not the Hero of this story. There are no Heroes or Villains in this story. There are just people, and the choices they make.
Sandra Janssens

The Chronicles of Taras is a Creepypasta Horror Action Science-Fiction Diesel Punk Web Serial Novel by N. Somniack revolving around the exploits of Taras Jacobs, a 17-year-old girl with a mysterious past and a tendency to murder or permanently disfigure/disable anyone and anything in her way.

The story's narrator is Sandra Janssens, a girl who keeps the journals labelled The Chronicles of Taras, which have fallen into possession of N. Somniack, who provides the series with background research into Taras' demented exploits with often sarcastic and irreverent commentary.

The first story in the serial is Red Dementia. It features Sandra being shipped off to a bizarre summer camp named 'Camp Moric' in the middle of a black desert, featuring seven other tough-as-nails girls who are forced to work in mines all day, digging for scrap metal to further build on Camp Moric's grounds.

Soon Sandra becomes one with the group, who have all given each other nicknames (Sandra is christened "Jumpy" for her raw nerves and excessive fear), and they make a plan for escape. But Sandra's mind begins to fall into insanity through a kind of mind-damaging effect of Camp Moric's Grounds called the "Red Dementia" that only Taras Jacobs is immune to, and soon strange creatures called "Rakes" begin to skulk around camp at night, leaving Sandra and her cabin-mates with either escape or certain death on their hands.

The episodes (journal entries) of the story go up every Tuesday and Saturday at 9 a.m. server time, often with updates on Taras/Moric's/other characters' backgrounds in between.

On December 28, 2012, N. Somniack announced he would re-tool the story and try to sell it to Kindle. The new story, he said, would have a different setting and new different elements, as well as less of a rambling, incoherent tone that is common with the red dementia parts of the story.

This creepypasta provides examples of:

  • All Asians Know Martial Arts: Subverted. Stone, the Chinese girl named for her emotionless appearance, can't do anything to fight against anyone, let alone the Rakes.
  • Alpha Bitch: Ghost, The Albino Girl at first. Strange since, next to Sandra, she's the shortest, least physically imposing character there.
  • Ax-Crazy: Lara "Yuma" Carroca, Taras' rival, is arguably less sane than Taras is: Lara hears voices, spreads false rumors about Taras, and has tried to kill her more than once before to make herself seem more threatening.
  • Catchphrase:
    • Taras: "Tap-Tap"/"Tap-Tap?" Also "Bloody Bowels of Hell."
    • Sandra: "Epic. Win."
    • Ghost: "Why me? Why me? I don't deserve this."
    • Cutter: "Ace!"
    • Yuma: "Taras, if we get out of this alive, I'm gonna make you wish you died here."
      • Taras: "Over your Dead Body."
  • Grey-and-Gray Morality: By Word of God, a staple of the series. Our protagonists are all convicted criminals with the possible exception of Sandra (And Taras is a confirmed Murderer and mutilator of people), but a little investigation into the background of The Rake brings up whether or not these girls were simply attractors for The Rakes and brought to the Camp Moric to protect them.
    • Sandra sees Taras and Yuma as this, respectively. Taras Jacobs is a violent, sarcastic sadist who lives only to kill, takes no responsibility for anyone other than herself, and doesn't feel any compassion for anyone who dies over the course of the "Red Dementia" serial with one exception. Yuma, on the other hand, tortures for the fun of it, wants to skin and disembowel and bisect Taras for the fun of it and goes into this detail in front of her, brings up Taras' only real love, whom she murdered in cold blood, and turns in Cutter, Sandra and Ghost in exchange for money and freedom from Najis Rakkasiak, who's of course not planning to pay up on the deal as he despises her as much as Taras does.
  • Jerkass: Yuma. Being a Schizophrenic and a (possible) Sociopath probably has a lot to do with it.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Plot: What exactly are the Rakes, the Dingo-Snakes? Furthermore, what causes the Red Dementia? And where exactly are they?
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Ghost - Lyla Marten is an Albino with a creepy, raspy voice "like a mouthful of razors" who wears an ethereal black cloak.
    • Star-Scar - Serena has a Star-shaped mark on her back.
    • Yuma - Though Portuguese, Yuma was apprehended in Yuma, Arizona.
    • Cutter - Because her parents wouldn't let her get tattoos, Tawna carved patterns and symbols into her arms and back.
    • Stone - has no expressions, even before death.
    • Jaws - because of the lack of medical care - or just care in general - Julie has had her braces start ripping into her gums and cracking her teeth.
  • Mordor: The "Black Desert" that Camp Moric is situated in is forever below zero and is home to, outside The Alcatraz Hellhole Prison Camp Moric, The Rakes, An Underground mall full of velvet-skinned, 3-foot high dog-like creatures (pictured) with poison that kills you over a few days and causes you to vomit blood and hallucinate, as well as a lake of fire, as well as high-tech machines the Counselors use to hunt down the girls.
  • Nemean Skinning: Taras, after she slaughters a venomous, Doberman-sized reptilian animal (pictured) with a hunting knife, skins it and makes a shirt/dress-like garment out of its hide. To find out what she does with its blood, see Tribal Face Paint.
  • Noodle Incident: Taras and Yuma's escape from "Shadows". It left Yuma with a curved spine and a distinct terror of Chains that Taras often plays on, and it may have exacerbated Yuma's Schizophrenia and hatred of Taras. Taras herself ended up with even LESS trust of anyone, a more bloodthirsty disregard for life than before, and serious Angst over the loss of someone named 'Xavier'.
  • Odd Name Out: Ghost, Star-Scar, Yuma, Cutter, Stone, Jaws, Jumpy, and......Taras. The one who kept her real name.