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Blockhead is a Web Animation series found on Newgrounds created by Michael Swain. The series follows Cloud Cuckoo Lander extraordinaire Blockhead as he wreaks havoc everywhere he goes. Along for the ride is a fat balding man credited as his Conscience, who is only able to watch as his host ruins everything he goes near.

While mostly a comedic series, there was a miniseries titled "Time Squad", in which Blockhead goes along on a time travelling sci-fi adventure to stop a Mad Scientist from causing The End of The Universe.


To give you an idea of what Blockhead is like, he did these things in the space of an hour; Scared his neighbours and the mailman, broke his T.V., stole a new one, caused thousands of dollars worth of property damage while stealing said T.V, caused havoc at a nearby primary school, evaded the FBI for about four minutes, got thrown into prison, caused a riot, escaped from prison, destroyed a russian spce station, and then went home. It has also been strongly implied that Blockhead is in fact hundreds of years old in Time Squad, and that he's a genetic experiment to create the ultimate saboteur in Blockhead: the Game. Either way, everything he touches, breaks.

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