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Some Web Originals were heartwarming enough to get their own pages.

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Other Examples
  • The last episode of Fobbies Are Borange, a portion of which could be either an extreme Tear Jerker or an excellent example of this.
    Paula: *excited through sobbing* I did it!! I killed Giygas!!!
    Paula's Dad: That's my little g*static*rl! I lo*static*ve you, Paul*static*!
    Paula: *wailing while static increases frequency*
  • There she is!!!, Final step. The entire thing, but especially Doki and Nabi's reunion at the airport..
  • Ruby Quest: Tom had barely been freed from his prison, and instantly they took their newfound opportunity for physical contact and comfort.
    Anonymous: Two lost souls, seeking shelter from a world which threatens to crumble around them in a storm of misery and violence, find comfort in each other. For one fleeting moment, nothing else matters.
  • Inquisitive Joe gets one, which also doubles as a Moment of Awesome, for sticking up and apologizing to a Youtube user who insulted him after she was trolled off of Youtube by his own fans!
  • The Where the hell is Matt?? videos. Specially the 2008 and 2012 ones.
  • From The Salvation War, a leader of the burgeoning resistance of dead souls within Hell learns that the person who's been keeping the portals open for them to get supplies is a transsexual. At first he's disgusted, but quickly realizes how much she's done for him while suffering extraordinary pain every time she opens a portal. Eventually he completely overcomes the prejudice he was raised with to regard her as a valuable member of the team.
    • More recently, the angel of death Uriel attempted to lay waste to Eucalyptus Hills, California — even through the defenses (read: tinfoil covering houses) his power to kill managed to penetrate, but by force of will and love for one another the people inside held out long enough for the U.S. Navy to come through. It's especially poignant due this being shown through the eyes of a human resident and her dog:
      Her dog watched her carefully, he could sense there was danger even if he couldn't define it. But, his human was doing something about it and that was good. If the worst came to the worst, Rex knew he could bite with a pressure of more than 350 pounds per square inch and if the danger wanted to get to his human, it would have to get past him first.
    • There's also the scene where a daemon mother, assuming that only harm can come from the humans from Earth invading Hell, hides her kidlings and begs US forces to kill her but spare her children, but they instead are perfectly happy to spare the whole family and even feed her children for good measure.
    • After Robert E. Lee overhears his instructor in 21st-century warfare evaluating him as dangerously incompetent for a combat command, he takes full responsibility for his failure to adapt and throws himself at the mercy of their commanding general David Petraeus, even praising his lower-ranked tutor — a female African-American captain, no less — as a fine officer and tutor with great skill and patience. Petraeus in turn offers him a desk job... but instead of "exile," it's administering a convalescent home for former American and Confederate soldiers who're either traumatized or feeling alone and unwanted in the 21st century:
      "To care for our veterans, soldiers from every era in our history." Lee was entranced by the idea. "Sir, I do not just wish it, I desire it with all my heart."
      "Then the position is yours. You may start tomorrow."
    • Even Michael gets one when he's about to finally challenge Yahweh openly, accepting that he's definitely going to die if his plan fails before advising his allies of the best way to avoid Yahweh's reprisals if that happens. Then it gets better: those same allies ignore his advice and join the battle with him, just when Michael was about to give up.
  • Improv Everywhere: Best Game Ever.
  • Emi, The Ice Monster
  • The Onion article Stoner Uncle All The Kids' Favorite is both hilarious and very sweet in its own way. So many Onion articles are aptly cynical takes on human nature but this is almost pure sweetness, as even his siblings grudgingly admit that while they disapprove of him that he is great with kids.
    Added Emmy: "Uncle Gonzo has lots of strawberry ice cream, and he never mows his lawn, so we can play Tarzan, and he sings the song about Jeremiah The Bullfrog with me. All his couches and chairs are all different colors. I love Uncle Gonz!"
  • This.
  • This Voice Clip Song remix. While the Carl Sagan quotes by themselves are pretty inspiring, setting them to soaring music transforms the whole thing into weapons-grade The Whole Damn Universe Is Just Awesome.
  • At the end of the Uncyclopedia article for "Love", after making fun at it (as is expected), showing it a destructive and deadly force, and even almost calling it a disease, the article ends with a strangely touching summary:
    "Love is an extremely complicated topic, and perspectives on it can vary from the cynical to the optimistic. However, there is no denying that love for ones country keeps that country strong; Love for one's family keeps that family together; Love with one's partner keeps a relationship strong.

    Whenever one gets gloomy with the state of the world, one can think about the arrivals gate at an Airport. General opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but one may not see that. It seems that love is everywhere. Often, it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge - they were all messages of love.

    If one looks for it... love, actually, is all around."

  • The endings to the Colour My Series flash games. The quotes at the end, combined with the music and the uniting of the protagonist and his love, really make the experience meaningful.
  • adamwestslapdog, abridger of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, sells his Ocarina of Time cartridge and his Legend of Zelda Animated Series DVD box set on ebay and donates all the profits to charity. Sam the Greek, winner of the DVDs, watches them, hears about the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and proceeds to resell the DVDs, donating all the profits to the Red Cross and their efforts in Haiti.
  • Go to Encyclopedia Dramatica, look up the "You BAWW, you lose" page, and a handful of the links. The odd weird porn aside, the entire thing is one big tearjerker. Gives one hope for the human race.
  • A few weeks after Dreamwork's released "How to Train Your Dragon" an anonymous user on Livejournal admitted that the movie made them cry, almost as if they were ashamed of it. After being told by others that they had cried as well, and asking which scenes in particular the user meant, they came back and replied with this:
    Hmmm... Strangely enough, it wasn't the father-son scenes everyone's suggested, though I did mist up at those. If I recall correctly, it was the scene where Hiccup is stepping over Toothless's drawing (something about the music), their first honest-to-goodness flight, and the ending... not when you find out what happens to Hiccup, but when he deals with what happened by relying on Toothless (the fact that they match now just killed me)

    I guess... if I had to say why, it's because a very good friend of mine is going through a really rough patch right now. I'm trying to be there for her, but God it's hard[...] But we're not friends only during the easy times; she needs me right now, and I need her too.

    And I suppose that was what the movie summed up for me; friendship isn't always easy or convenient, but we need other people, and they need us, and that's okay.
  • This YTMND. Nerdy, funny, and really quite sweet.
  • In response to his explosion of popularity and support after his awesome Oprah audition went viral, Zach Anner had this to say:'ve really made someone who can't walk at all fly today.
  • The ending of this Touhou Project music video.
  • Baby James' Sweet Safari at Cake Wrecks.
  • Run Elephant Run. Just three minutes of game about love and doing the right thing.
  • This one was apparently intended as a creepypasta, but it's really too heartwarming to be one. A couple has a baby, but can't afford to support it, so they make the very difficult decision to drop it into the lake (one presumes orphanages at the time were all hellish). Fast forward about ten years, they're financially stable and have a four-year-old daughter. One day, the little girl really wants to go to the lake, so her parents take her. Then she sees a boat and begs to rent one, so they oblige. When they're out in the middle of the water, she suddenly needs to pee, so with little choice, her father holds her carefully over the edge of the boat so she can relieve herself. Before she does, she turns around to face him and says, "Please don't drop me this time."
  • Freelance comic artist Leigh Gallagher proposes to his comic form.
  • Tree Fog has the first season end with this in song form.
  • During Rhett & Link's Alka-Seltzer Road Trip, they went to New York and made The Food Cart Song, which shows appreciation for a profession often looked down upon.
  • In a humorous way, This
  • This short film is one of the most uplifting and beautiful stories i've ever seen. It's not just heartwarming- it makes you melt with sheer smiles and warmth.
  • The web original story Paperwalls has one, when Travis comforts Cameron after he and his friends learn of her sexual abuse by her father.
  • Youtuber Sean Klitzner, upon receiving 10,000 subscribers, dedicates a video to thanking all of them. Literally, all of them. Individually.
  • After Wikipedia voluntarily disabled access to all of its pages to protest SOPA, this message was posted. Even if they're our rivals, you can't read it without shedding a few Manly Tears.
    The Wikipedia blackout is over; and you have spoken.
    More than 162 million people saw our message asking if you could imagine a world without free knowledge. You said no. You shut down Congress' switchboards. You melted their servers. Your voice was loud and strong. Millions of people have spoken in defense of a free and open Internet.
    For us, this is not about money. It's about knowledge. As a community of authors, editors, photographers, and programmers, we invite everyone to share and build upon our work.
    Our mission is to empower and engage people to document the sum of all human knowledge, and to make it available to all humanity, in perpetuity. We care passionately about the rights of authors, because we are authors.
    SOPA and PIPA are not dead: they are waiting in the shadows. What [has] happened in the last 24 hours, though, is extraordinary. The Internet has enabled creativity, knowledge, and innovation to shine, and as Wikipedia went dark, you've directed your energy to protecting it.
    We're turning the lights back on. Help us keep them shining brightly.
  • This Fluttershy fanpage on Facebook went above-and-beyond staying in-character by offering support and compassion towards someone going through depression and talking them out of suicide. Element of kindness, indeed.
  • Furry transformation stories usually vary between, Squicky, terrifying, or sexy. But this one can only be described as heartwarming. It's about a college guy who decided to go back home because he felt like the stress was getting to be too much for him to handle, and he notices a small bird outside of his window, which stares at him and causes him to black out. When he wakes up, he's in an egg and emerges as a baby bird with no memory of his human life. He's fed and taken care of by the mother bird for a while and he likes this loving, attentive feeling so much that he never wants to leave. But then, the time comes where he has to fly away. The mother bird gives him one last message before he does so: "You have learned to be strong but new challenges await. It is time to take wing." After he flies away, he lands in his bedroom and becomes human again. He realizes that the mother bird was teaching him a valuable lesson: That no one can remain dependent forever and there will come a time that you have to rely on yourself, but always remember that you got to that point because you were (and still are) supported by people who love you.
  • Youtube channel Glove And Boots helped a fan propose to his girlfriend via a secret video. The full video, without reaction shots and with a slightly longer ending, is also available here
  • Episode 66: Why do you love video games of The Game Overthinker from ScrewAttack is the ultimate motivation video.
  • Granted, this is a bit of a stretch, but the ending of "One Year Later" from Welcome to Nightvale is arguably the most uplifting (read: not creepy or terrifying) moments in the series. After Cecil spent a good 5 minutes breaking down on-air because he believed his crush Carlos the Scientist had been killed, and turning on a pre-recorded PSA because he couldn't get it together long enough to deliver a eulogy, he is told by a staffer that Carlos had been rescued and would be just fine. He then gets a text from Carlos asking to meet with him in the Arby's parking lot. Cecil believes that its to help Carlos with some scientific emergency, but Carlos tells him that "with everything that happened, I just wanted to see you". They then spend some time sitting together on the trunk of Carlos' car watching the mysterious lights above the Arby's, with Carlos' hand on Cecil's knee and Cecil's head on Carlos' shoulder. (All of this is related to us by Cecil after the fact, as these events transpired during The Weather.) The sheer warmth in Cecil's voice during his regaling of the Arby's meeting is what sells it.
  • Things I like when I'm depressed.
  • Matthew Santoro:
    • Matt's phone conversation with a random stranger in his video How to Start Off 2012 Right! goes surprisingly well, which is very heartwarming.
    • Matt's one million subscriber vlog. He shares the legendary moment with us by refreshing his computer and watching his sub count roll over into seven digits. He spends the rest of the video gratuitously thanking the audience for all that they've done, and even starts crying in the middle of it.
    • In The Stinger of 20 Jolly Christmas Facts, Matt gives Hugo a hoodie with his name on it for Christmas, since he hasn't been very nice to him. Hugo gives him a fish head, which means a lot, since Hugo loves fish heads so much.
    • At the end of Balance, Matt doesn't feel like doing the face, but he does it anyway for the viewers.
    • In My Make-A-Wish Foundation Experience, he talks about Jonas, a kid with mitochondrial disease whose wish was to meet him. He says that Jonas told him that Matt's videos are the only things that make him happy when he's sick in bed. That's extremely heartwarming.
    • The Death of Robin Williams. is mostly tear jerking with all the talk about the suicide of Robin Williams and suicide in general, but it's heartwarming when Matt says that he and the audience can start a conversation about getting help for suicide in the comments section.
    • At the end of The Death of Robin Williams., Matt doesn't do the funny face he does at the end of every vlog, out of respect for Robin Williams, who had committed suicide the day before.
    • All of the endings of Matt's Q&A videos, where he mentions how he had to answer so many questions. It takes dedication to answer questions from fans for 2 hours.
    • At the end of A New Planet & Antimatter!, Matt gets killed by the anti-matter container being dropped by Eugene, and St. Peter implies that Matt will go to Hell, since he was never nice to Hugo. But then, Matt mentions that he was just about to get 1500 subscribers, so St. Peter lets him go back to Earth!
    • In the beginning of 20 Valentines Day facts, Lorrenzo throws petals in celebration of Valentine's Day. It's heartwarming to see a man so obsessed with sexual love focusing on the beauty of romantic love.
  • The entire concept behind "Dinovember", which started when two parents decided that they wanted their children to grow up with a sense of imagination and wonder in a world where all the answers to the world's questions can be found with the press of a button. Their solution? Dedicate the month of November to convincing their kids that their plastic toy dinosaurs come to life every night and cause all sorts of (harmless) mischief. It's creative, clever and downright adorable.
  • Kawaii Vinnys Minecraft Survivor:
    • After the controversial and dramatic Season 5, Season 6 contestants got along to the point where one of the producers and former contestant, Megsie, said that this is what Kawaiivinny needed. Fans agreed, liking how there was no bitterness at all after the season was done compared to the aftermaths of Seasons 4 and 5.
    • Before this was a memorial to an eliminated contestant in Season 1. Fans loved it and it got referenced many times by the both fans and hosts for how unexpected and nice the gesture was.
  • Dorkly Originals: The last panel of "Owning a Pokemon vs. Owning a Real Pet".
  • The ending to this video about dinosaurs (which, by the way, also counts as Awesome Music). The song's refrain of "Awesome awe-inspiring, the World of the Dinosaurs" repeats one last time over the image of a bird, reminding the viewers that even if most of them are gone, some dinosaurs are still with us.
  • A fan made video (that has since been deleted) titled "Susan Pevensie: What Hurts The Most" offers a conclusion to the fate of Susan from The Chronicles of Narnia. At the end of the last book she's revealed to have stopped believing in Narnia, so she's not with her siblings as they go to Aslan's country. The video imagines Susan now as an old woman (played by Gloria Stuart's Rose from Titanic), who has an imaginative granddaughter (played by Jennifer Connelly's Sarah from Labyrinth). The granddaughter's fondness for roleplaying reawakens Susan's memories of Narnia and it's implied she shares her experiences with her. The end of the video implies that Susan dies - and the coronation scene from the first movie is edited in a way to look like Susan being welcomed to Aslan's Country by her siblings.
  • A Norwegian YouTuber named Sammie made this video talking about how she wanted to change herself and doing a simulation program and then realizing it was an Unnecessary Makeover and she was Beautiful All Along. The way she describes her story will make you feel so good about yourself afterwards and take a look at your own features to be happy with who you are.
  • The entirety of Cloud.
  • Fireside Mystery Theatre: The final segment of the 2014 holiday special, which ends with the characters making peace with each other and the flower girl being adopted by the baker and his wife, who lost their daughter years ago; the segment as a whole has no truly horrific elements, instead featuring the daughter's ghost singing "O Holy Night" to four troubled souls in a depressing time (historically and personally)
  • The heartfelt speech towards the end of Phantom Strider's "Top Ten Worst Family Guy Episodes of All Time"note . You can tell by the tone in his voice that Josh really does care about his viewers, even going so far as to post links for several different suicide prevention hotlines in the description. A few people in the comments section actually thank Strider for posting the links, with one even saying that they were ashamed to look up the links themselves and is grateful that Strider did so.
  • In a Heartbeat. Truly an LGBTQ short done right.
  • Youtuber Browntable's video "The Snyder Cut Changed My Life". It starts off pretty somber, with Browntable recounting how he'd initially reacted to the DC Extended Universe in its early days, namely that he expected it to "be like Marvel" and was confused as to why Zack Snyder (whose film adaptation of Watchmen he loved) didn't make his movies for the DCEU using that "winning Marvel formula" while admitting that his opinions were partly influenced by the things others were saying online about the DCEU movies. Over the course of the video, Browntable sincerely gushes over the "Snyder Cut", praising how it felt genuinely hopeful and how much he loved seeing the characters become a family after the tragedies they went through, rewatched Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice without trying to compare them to their Marvel counterparts and found them enjoyable movies in their own right, and came to even identify with Snyder as a creator and apologizing for having been so harshly critical of him in the past. After so many years of hearing many especially caustic critics dunking on the DCEU, on Zack Snyder's very character, and on the franchise's fans, hearing at least one critic admit he was wrong to have believed that there was "only one correct way" to make superhero movies and express regret for having been so harsh towards the casts, creators, and fans of the franchise is a genuinely sweet thing to hear.