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Heartwarming / Joueur du Grenier

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  • The Disney episode's end. JdG, in full psycho mode after playing the crappy Fantasia game, is about to burn it with a sadistic smirk... when a blue light shines while a holy music resounds, and JdG calms down and smiles.
    "You know what? Even if that game is pure shit... actually and weirdly, I'm not gonna get angry, yeah yeah. 'Cause in the end, there's so many good Disney games - Pinocchio, Aladdin, DuckTales, Chip 'n Dale, every Mickey game, every Donald game - it's not easy to find bad Disney games because they're rare! I mean, with either the movies or the games, Disney gave me so much happiness when I was a kid that it'd be just odious to spit on them for just three bad games."
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  • The Terminator video, while very funny, also has a few of sweet moments, such as Seb meeting his younger self, giving him a Metal Cd before leaving and the (maybe) beginning of the Friendship between him and Fred ala Terminator.
  • In one of his F.A.Q, he answers to a question why it isn't as good as before, not only does he snarkily point out that the audio, jokes and lighting were really bad when they started, but he seriously explains that the feeling of novelty his old videos had can't be given back and that he is listening to the complaints but explains that if him and Seb did what the fans asked (no skits mostly) they would get sick of it and have deleted their channel. He really sounds sincere about not wanting to displease his fans but still really wanting to have fun doing his videos.
  • From the Tropico Let's Play, there's Garavo becoming friend with the CIA agent he captured, agreeing to free him because he misses his family. And there's The Stinger:
    Garavo: Goodbye, my friend. Know that you will always be welcome as a true citizen of Tropico, and maybe you'll even get socialism into your country. As Lenin said: "On a plain land, even small heaps make hills." You, my friend, can be a mountain.
    • The final episode ends with a montage of pictures of Garavo and the agent having fun. Although it's also bittersweet, as it happens after the agent was arrested by the CIA and a scene in which Garavo mentions that he's waiting for his return.
    Journalist: "But... What are you waiting for?"
    Garavo: "A friend. Just a friend. He shouldn't be long now. You know what they say... Days are always too long when you wait for a friend..."
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  • Theme Hospital: The hospital hires two more nurses. Sorina thinks she's died and gone to heaven, no longer being the sole nurse in the entire hospital.
  • In his first years, Fred's work got noticed by Mike Matei who saw him as a shameless rip-off and much drama ensued with the fans. However, Fred managed to settle things peacefully with Mike and, as a sign that bygones be bygones, made an appearance in Mike's video "NES Reproductions" where he willingly plays up the French stereotype.
  • In the ending of the 11th Anniversary video, Duck-Man is in possession of the four gems and is allowed to make a wish come true. Fred drops the Duck-Man persona to wish to thank the audience for their loyality since the last eleven years.