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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Heartwarming Moments pages.

  • At the end of episode 3, Tifa is genuinely worried about Cloud falling, considering how she acted towards him in the past, this says much.
  • Aerith and Red XIII so far are the only people who are genuinely nice to Cloud, compared to Barret and Tifa. Though Barret eases up on Cloud by the end of the season, and Tifa could soon follow suit after having been confronted on her Jerkass behavior by Cloud in episode 10's last scene.
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  • In a really weird way, the bodybuilder cultists from Episode 5 choosing to give Aerith and Cloud the wig counts as this. They initially challenge Cloud to a lifting competition for ownership of the wig, but immediately cuts it short when Aerith accidentally implies that Cloud is someone who's "turning into a woman". Regardless of the subsequent misunderstanding, it's becomes doubly heartwarming when the bodybuilder cultists' leader insists on giving them the wig, saying "Nobody should be challenged for their lifestyle."
  • In spite of the shit she puts him through, Cloud was genuinely worried about Tifa when he realized where she was going after he and Aerith spotted her being taken to Wall Market. Likewise, when they met up again in Corneo's mansion, Tifa was both extremely surprised and relieved to hear that Cloud had survived his fall. Granted, this is immediately followed by her laughing hysterically at him being dressed in drag for a solid two and a half minutes, but it's still nice to see that they do actually care about each other.
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  • Cloud doesn't know yet, but he was never actually in SOLDIER. Despite this, Zack still lets him think that he was, and even pitches in to help him in case something Cloud can't answer about the program comes up. Really brings to mind what Zack's last words to Cloud canon were. note 
  • When Tseng slaps Aerith, Tifa, who has barely concealed her dislike of the other girl, goes off on him.
    Tifa: Oh, I'm gonna f-king slap your shit you slick haired Shinra cock-sucker!
    • Before that in the same episode, Tifa, just as she did in the game, entrusts Aerith with taking Marlene safely away from Sector 7. Despite her annoyance with her, Tifa knows that Aerith is a good person who can be trusted with rescuing a child from a dangerous situation.
  • Tifa's solution to comfort a grieving Barret is telling him about Cloud's crossdressing, which is mean-spirited to Cloud on one end, but this moment on the other.
    Cloud: You're the salt of the Earth, Tifa.
    • What really makes the moment is their voices. Tifa is quiet and sounds like she's genuinely trying to comfort Barret, whereas Cloud doesn't appear to mind it much, if at all. It works, too, because after he's done laughing his ass off Barret's voice goes right back to his normal, determined baritone.
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    • He's even laughing during The Stinger in the YouTube version; that's how much it worked. Good work, Tifa.
  • A minor one from episode 7, considering that AVALANCHE was basically decimated, Barret doesn't blame Cloud, who has been used as a scapegoat.
  • In episode 8, before leaving Marlene, Barret seems friendly to Cloud, only saying one part in anger.
  • In episode 9, Tifa, upon seeing Cloud having a Freak Out at seeing Jenova, doesn't mock or belittle him, but instead quickly rushes over and comforts him. Even her "repress" is well-meaning considering what we learn about Tifa's behavior in this season 20 episodes after this.
    • Likewise, as soon as they bust Aerith out, Cloud quickly goes over and asks if she's alright, complete with her theme playing in the background.
  • Episode 10 has Barret happy over having Red XIII being with him because he's wanted a talking dog ever since he was little.
    • Aerith and Cloud have a small bonding moment in the jail: Aerith apologizes to Cloud for getting him involved, and Cloud replies with "all is forgiven".
    • Tifa stays behind to make sure Cloud gets out alive.
    • When Barret is teamed up with Red XIII and Aerith, and both prove to be just as ineffectual in a fight as everyone else, whilst he is annoyed, he doesn't resort to insulting either of them, even calling Aerith "sweet flower girl" as he screams at her.
    • Barret actually seems to be nicer to Cloud at this point. Which is an improvement.
  • Episode 11 has Tifa's father go on a long-winded rant against Cloud, in which he casually mentions that "for two years she's been asking where you been".
    • While it is mostly played for laughs, Cloud and his mother's shouting match is capped off by the following:
  • Episode 12 has Aerith once again healing the enemy but this time, it’s because she noticed that the beast was in pain. Thanks to Aerith’s kindness, the Zolom stops attacking the party.
    • Earlier, Aerith is sincerely delighted when she thinks Tifa is saying she's a princess. Sadly, Tifa was being sarcastic and lets Aerith know it with her aggravation. Aerith gets her revenge shortly afterward, though.
  • Episode 14 has a nice little moment in the beginning with Barret and Red sharing a room and snuggling together "Avalanche style" like a bunch of little kids at a sleepover. They even have a little warning sign on the outside of their door that Red drew to keep intruders out.
    • After Tifa, Cloud, and Aerith fail to plant the bomb, Aerith worries about Barret being mad. As it turns out, he doesn't get pissed at Cloud for failing, saying that "TSUNAMI'S plan failed," while the group got what they wanted.
  • In Episode 15, despite all the crap he got from Barret in prior episodes, Cloud makes no intentional attempt to play Barret's backstory for snark or Black Comedy, even sympathizing with him when it was burned to the ground.
    Cloud: How long did it last?
    (flashback shows everything on fire three days later)
    Cloud: Yours too, huh?
    • Yuffie's The Friend Nobody Likes status seems to be lifting, as Tifa (in the throes of drunkenness) admits that, even though Yuffie annoys the hell out of her, she's like a little sister to Tifa (albeit a very irritating one.) Yuffie is delighted.
      • A small one, but during the walking scenes, Aerith actually looks genuinely concerned about Tifa after how much she had to drink, even though she claims to hate Tifa.
    • After Barret reveals his backstory, Tifa appears genuinely sympathetic. Unsurprising, considering she went through something similar...
    • Throughout the episode, Red XIII continues to express concern for Barrett's well-being and behavior after getting off the boat.
  • In Episode 16, Tifa and Yuffie actually do go on a ton of rides at Gold Saucer, since Yuffie is the only one with GP to spend. While Tifa does punch Yuffie in the face (again) and give her a black eye by accident, they do seem to have a lot of fun, even sharing a high five and cheering "Best day ever!" together.
    • Prior to that, Yuffie offering to let Red come with her and Tifa on the rides to cheer him up after Barret's outburst leaves him depressed.
  • Barret, still depressed from the previous episode, wants to be alone. Aerith talks to him and tells him that the Correl incident wasn't his fault. Barret feels better and genuinely thanks Aerith for her words of comfort. Too bad Cloud immediately ruined it by telling Barret to get over it. Oops.
    • A meta example from that scene: after Barret lashes out at Red, calling him a bad dog and yelling that he (Barret) has no friends, Red takes it pretty hard. The comment section for Episode 16 is filled with viewer reactions in the vein of "Is Red going to be OK??" and "Red is a good boy, he didn't deserve this!"
  • When Aerith asks Cait Sith if she will always be remembered, there's his immediate response before he even gives the fortune. As a member of Shinra, the line could sound creepy given the implications, but given that Reeve is the only non-asshole member of the board of directors, it sounds more reassuring.
    Cait Sith: Trust me honey, you're far too important to ever be forgotten.
  • Cait Sith and Cloud bond over both being the No Respect Guy of their respective organizations.
    Cait Sith: Let me ask you something, Cloud. When we're drowning in the tumultuous sea that is life, how do we stay afloat?
    Cloud: I... I don't know.
    Cait Sith: With a friend who understands your pain.
    Cloud: ... Do you... want to come with us?
    Cait Sith: I thought you'd never ask!
    Aerith: Yay! But what about your job here?
    Cait Sith: Screw this job! Can you believe they force people to buy fake currency with real currency?
    Cloud: I f*cking love you!
  • Tifa and Yuffie continue to bond in Episode 17, having fun playing an arcade game together and Tifa genuinely complementing Yuffie's skills.
  • From Episode 17, Red and Barret reconciling after Barrets outburst, revealing just how much their friendship means to each other.
    Red XIII: Barret. You told me that when you were but a wee lad, everyday, you would go to your church and pray to whatever god would listen. And you didn't care if you lost your arm, your friends, or the home in which you slept. All you wanted... was a talking dog best friend. (Red Starts tearing up) Now here you stand... Armless and homeless... But not talking dog best friendless!
  • After Cloud tells how Zack died like a punk bitch, Tifa tells him to apologize to Aerith. We remind you Tifa and Aerith absolutely hate each other.
    • It extends to the map screen, with Tifa looking kind of worried to Aerith.
  • Episode 19 is full of heartwarming moments across the entire cast:
    • Barret (somewhat misguidedly) decides to be Red XIII's new surrogate father to teach him that fathers can be good people too. He ultimately accepts that it takes far more than this to heal such deep wounds.
    • Red XIII, conversely, accepts Barret as a good friend and not one of those bad fathers he hates.
    • Cloud is more aware of his insensitive side and takes some distance from Aerith, lest he hurt her again. He also manages to sincerely apologise to her for what he said in the previous episode, having not realized that Zack was such an important person to her.
    • Though we never hear exactly what she said, Tifa shares some words of comfort with Aerith, which she in turn appreciates. Tifa even says that she empathizes with Aerith's situation. After a whole series of bickering, maybe this shows that they can be friends after all.
      • And indeed, episode 22 affirms that they have in fact become friends, which only makes the events of episode 25 hurt even more.
  • Episode 20 starts with Tifa of all people giving Cloud a pep talk to cheer him up after the loss of the buggy. And it works! At least until they notice that Nibelheim is inexplicably not burned to the ground.
  • Episode 21 turning Cid and Shera's dynamic into one about BDSM (at least behind closed doors) is hilarious, but also much healthier than their canonical relationship. It's a more equal pairing, consensual - which is one of the key things that's often forgotten in how BDSM is perceived - and obviously the two are enjoying themselves, what with Shera's giggled response to Cid's "threat" of making her take him to the basement. It also lets Cid vent his otherwise legitimate resentment towards Shera without actually becoming abusive or hurting her, which preserves his iconic crassness without sacrificing his heart of gold. The fact that Shera tells Cid to "let [his frustrations] all out" during one of their sessions seals the deal on what the BDSM's purpose is.
  • Cid thinks his dream of going to space is dead after Rufus shuts his rocket program down, but Cloud and Tifa cheer him up and tell him there's still hope. Tifa in particular has one of the best quotes in the series thus far...
    Tifa: Dreams don't have an expiration date.
    • Earlier, Cid congratulates Cloud on having achieved his dream of becoming a SOLDIER and meeting Sephiroth, and immediately (and whole-heartedly) says "Fuck that guy!" upon being informed that Sephiroth destroyed Cloud's village.
  • While Episode 22 mostly focuses on Tifa's relationship with Yuffie, it also shows that her relationship with Aerith has significantly improved. Aerith is the one to insist they go after Tifa when she chases Yuffie, and is generally very supportive of her throughout the episode. She's come a long way from pretending to be out of mana to not cure Tifa of the Zolom's poison.
  • While she traps them shortly after, Yuffie's Motive Rant is rather moving.
    Tifa: Stealing our materia and using it against Shinra is-
    Yuffie: "a dumb idea"? I know, but what else was I supposed to do?! My dad let Shinra turn our village into a joke, so it's up to me to fix it! I just thought if I had enough materia... that I'd be strong enough to...
  • Tifa giving Yuffie the validation that she herself could have used as a child, which followed on the heels of her realizing they're Not So Different.
    Tifa: ...My mom died when I was a kid. That left me confused and angry, and I didn't know how to process it. So I covered up my sadness and started acting all big and tough, like nothing ever bothered me. Then when Sephiroth destroyed my town and killed my dad, I blamed it all on Shinra. And all that anger I held inside just... burst out. I tried to get revenge, but in the end, it almost got me killed! I think that... if I just had someone who understood and would talk to me, things could've been different. It's too late for me, but it's not too late for you. You're a dumb kid, Yuffie, but... so am I! So what do you say? Wanna be dumb kids together?
    • Even Don Corneo starts crying after Tifa's speech, about to relate his own crappy childhood... until Rude hits him with an invisible shuriken and knocks him off the ledge.
    • The episode ends with a Group Hug centered on Yuffie, at Tifa's suggestion, after the former realized that they were a Family of Choice.
  • While they will most likely become Harsher in Hindsight once the game reaches a certain plot point, the highlights of Cloud's and Aerith's date are still incredibly sweet to watch. Likewise, when Cait Sith offers to read Aerith and Cloud's fortune one more time, he tells them they'll always be together.
    • Very minor one early in the episode when the gang finds the railcar broken down, meaning they're stuck in Gold Saucer for a while, and Cloud politely refuses the offer to have fun and instead hang back at the hotel, while it's a setup for Tifa's intention to get utterly plastered, the fact that she calls Cloud's decision responsible says something about their improving relationship and her Character Development, especially from the last episode.
    • Speaking of improved bonds, Tifa and Yuffie are shown to be enjoying the Gold Saucer together all throughout the episode like the sisters they've definitely come to be after the previous episode, especially when Tankceratops is involved.
  • Dio's a real piece of work, but there's something nice about how after losing his life's work and all of his money to his ill-advised Loot Saucers scheme, Dio chooses to go out and see the world and never look back.
  • While Episode 25 is tragic, there are some truly touching moments:
    • When Cloud is worried Sephiroth will take control of him and make him hurt Aerith or the others, Tifa says she'll do him a solid and make sure it doesn't happen.
    • Everyone in the team happily greets Cloud when he comes to take their lead to go search for Aerith.
    • Barret finally gives Cloud some respect after hearing that his last name is Strife, admitting that it's a badass last name.
    • One of the last things Aerith says to Cloud before she gets killed by Sephiroth are words of encouragement on not losing himself. Despite her jealous tendencies, she was always kindhearted and selfless to the end.
    • For once, Zack doesn't troll and is actually encouraging of Cloud. He then helps Aerith psychically sit in on the conversation, giving her a chance to say goodbye to both of them.
    • The team's reaction to Aerith's death and the respect each one pays to her.
      • Tifa's reaction is caressing Aerith's face and then running off in tears, is kept fully intact.
      • Despite how funny it can come across given his utter deadpan tone, Vincent needs some credit for his Big "NO!" in calling out Cloud to break him out of his mind-controlled state. Horrifying as he can be, and lackadaisical as he sounds all the time, Vincent is capable of more emotions than just deadpan and monstrous fury at Hojo. In fact, the part of his mourning that is kept is him going up to Aerith.
      • While the part of her crying into Cloud's arms is cut, possibly to give Tifa's more emphasis, as hinted above, Yuffie open bawling is still kept intact.
      • Red howls out in sorrow.
      • When all of this is over and the team is moving out, Tifa going back to the Forgotten City and leaving a bouquet of flowers for Aerith. Doubly heartwarming when you remember that Tifa was the party member Aerith clashed with the most: although we'd already seen their relationship improve throughout the show, this moment hammers in how much the two of them had come to mean to each other.
  • In the blooper reel for season 3, Kira finds herself in a moment where after reading her line of Aerith promising to bring Cloud back if he ever loses himself, she considers such a line to be so sweet.
  • In Episode 26, who tries to comfort Cloud when Sephiroth tries to make him doubt his identity? Zack. Cloud may have gotten their memories mixed up, but Zack knows better than anyone that Cloud is still his own man.
    • Cloud trusting Barret with the Black Materia.
    Cloud: Barret, promise me something...don't f*ck up, okay?
    Barret: Damn Cloud. You alright.
  • The ending of Episode 27, both this and a Tear Jerker.
    • When the doctor makes a joke about Cloud being a vegetable due to Mako poisoning, Cid is disgusted, saying "What the f**k is wrong with you?" And right before that, when the same doctor asks if the prolonged Mako exposure is how Cloud keeps his Anime Hair, Yuffie reacts to that with a disgusted "Dude, really?".
    Yuffie: (upon hearing that Tifa is planning on staying with Cloud) Whoa, hold on, you can't just leave us. We're a family!
    Tifa: Cloud's my family. And he needs me right now.
    Cid: Come on, Yuffie. Let's go.
    After they have left
    Tifa: Cloud...I'm sorry.
  • In Episode 28, after saving what's left of his town from a runaway train, Barrett is finally forgiven by his townspeople.
    Buff Guy: Barrett? Did y'all just save our town from becoming a literal-ass train wreck?
    Barrett: I guess we did. We'll just grab what we need and be on our way.
    Skinny Guy: Oh, nonononono baby, you ain't goin' nowhere, because we want to say somethin'... We f*cked up.
    Buff Guy: We're sorry for the way we treated you, Barrett. Years ago we all wanted SHINRA to build a Mako reactor here, so we're all at fault here. We want you to have this, as way of saying sorry.
    Barrett: What is it?
    Kid: Something everyone been waiting for! Bahamut Hearts 3 Re:Mind!
    Barrett & Red XIII: We'll take it!
    Cid: Now I'm even more f*cking confused!
    • At the end of episode, Tifa swears to keep Cloud safe during an earthquake,
    Tifa: Cloud, I know you're scared, but I'm gonna do you a solid and keep you safe.
  • Episode 29 is basically all about Tifa helping Cloud fix himself up. While it's mostly serious and kinda tear-jerky, there are some rather notable moments of heartwarming near the end:
    • Tifa assuring Cloud that he did ultimately keep his promise.
    • As it turns out, the memories Cloud has of mistreating Ramirez - or more accurately, Zack mistreating Cloud - were entirely faked, Zack was nothing but always supportive of Cloud.
    • The episode also reveals that Tifa's interactions with Cloud from Season 1 were largely a Jerkass facade, or at least started out as one, as part of a way to hide the fact that she actually hadn't seen Cloud for 7 years, was legitimately happy to see him, and not to raise suspicions from her when he notices her being unusually concerned for him. Misguided as it might have been, it shows that even as the Jerkass act gave way to her regular angry personality once more, Tifa's locked heart was in the right place.
    • Cloud finally being able to talk to Zack's spirit. Zack tells Cloud You Are Better Than You Think You Are, and "I'll make sure to tell her you said hi." A bro to the end.
    • Look closely when Cloud arrives in Nibelheim and obscures his identity so Tifa won't realize he's not in SOLDIER. Zack clearly recognizes Tifa and motions for Cloud to go talk to her.
    • Tifa encouraging Cloud by pointing out that, by defeating Sephiroth, the top SOLIDER, he basically earned the title of First Class SOLDIER, via Klingon Promotion. After that...
      Cloud: And hey... Tifa?
      Tifa: Yeah, Cloud?
      Cloud: Thanks for being my friend.
      Tifa: Anytime, bro.
  • Episode 30
    • Cloud comforts Cid, telling him he managed to achieve his dream to be in space.
    • Knowing Shinra would use a rocket with a Mako bomb on board, Shera diverts the rocket's course while Cid tears up and calls her "a beautiful science bitch" and she responds with "When we get back, I'll make you some Goddamn tea." And it's said in a very teasing tone, implying that there will be more than tea Cid can look forward to.
      • Because their reconciliation already happened before their first appearance, via their arrangement of working out their issues via BDSM, Cid and Shera's moment is much less pronounced. Combined with Shera's changed reason for being on the rocketnote , ironically, it makes their moment and relationship more heartwarming and just plain sweeter.
    • When Bugenhagen suggests going with the party to the City of the Ancients, Tifa is apprehensive, worried that the trauma of the place may affect Cloud negatively again. Cloud assures her that it's okay.
  • After Cloud's Rousing Speech that they only need to take down Sepiroth to end this once and for all, everyone enthusiastically agrees, except Tifa. Because she figured it would go without saying that she's on board.
  • The Movie
    • Yuffie and her father make up. It takes a lot of arguing (and marijuana) for them to make peace, but they make up.
    • Red XIII makes it back to Cosmo Canyon just before Bugenhagen passes away. Before Red catches on that he's dying, he excitedly tells his grandpa about all the adventures he's been on and all the friends he's made (especially Barret). Bugenhagen dies in the comfort knowing Red has become his own man.
      "I will be the wind that guides you to greatness..."
    • The Turks provide the ultimate weapons to the party, free of charge, because Cait Sith hired them to. They also sincerely apologize for everything they've done. Tifa isn't ready to accept it, but she acknowledge it's a start.
      Reno: ...Can you go save the motherf*king world, please?
      Cloud: That's the plan.
      • The fact that everyone is getting their ultimate weapons not out of selfishness. They know they only have one shot to defeat Sephiroth, so they're coming in armed to the teeth.
      • As mentioned, they basically refuse payment for the job. This is right after they've described themselves being down on their luck since the fall of Shinra. It's implied Reeve, being the only surviving (and functional) exec, was going to compensate them handsomely, but the fact that they refuse payment, even if they probably need the money, shows they really are sorry for what they've done, so they don't expect payment from the people they've more than wronged. Moreover, AVALANCHE played a big part in the fall of Shinra, and thus, the loss of their jobs, but not once do Reno or the others blame their former enemies on it, nor are they in a position to, adding to the genuineness of their remorse. All they want is acknowledgement that their efforts to reform are recognized, even if it'll be a long while before they are ever forgiven.
      • Tseng survived being attacked by Sephiroth, and now runs a successful podcast reading fan-fic. A quarter of his plays are from Elena. And half are from Rude.
      • Also, the only reason only Cloud doesn't have his ultimate weapon from them is not for a lack of trying, but because it was physically impossible for them to do it. If it didn't involve dealing with Ultimate WEAPON, they probably would've gotten his weapon as well. They at least tell him how to get it.
    • Unlike the originals, it turns out the WEAPONs, or at least Ultimate, aren't mindless monsters simply acting as Gaia's Vengeance. With Red translating, Ultimate has been observing AVALANCHE and judges them to be determined, strong and worthy as heroes who can protect the Planet. Hence, he gifts Ultima Weapon to Cloud before crashing and dying near Cosmo Canyon.
    • Similarly, Barret, Red, and Cid's meeting with Bahamut is also heartwarming. While he refuses their request to help fight Sephiroth, it's not simply due to cowardice, however justified, but he feels that stopping Sephiroth and saving the Planet is better done by humans rather than the gods. Even then, he does tell them to seek out the Knights of the Round materia, so even though the summons may feel they are way out of their league against Sephiroth, they still want to help in some way. Overall, the dragon is very friendly towards his three (well, two) fanboys.
    • Cloud takes time to visit the Shinra Mansion basement to monologue to Zack about his adventures, but also asking for last-minute guidance. In the middle, he refers to AVALANCHE as his family, but at the same time, there's a strong Leaning on the Fourth Wall feel to it, as if using Cloud and Justin Briner as a mouthpiece, the creators are thanking both their staff and their fans for all their hard work and support. Especially poignant given that this is Antfish's Magnum Opus and the grand finale of Team Four Star's abridging projects, at least for now.
    • It's heartwarming to see Cloud lose his Designated Monkey status, now that he's lost his egotistical foolhardy attitude. He's shown to be (decently) respected by the party and is barely the butt of jokes.
      • Yuffie wants him to come along with her and Tifa when she confronts her father. Sure it's due to gameplay limitations that require him to be there, but the fact that it's written such that Yuffie wants him to come along, it shows she no longer thinks of him as "the little brother who throws tantrums".
      • While his weapon was the only one the Turks were unable to procure, it's not for a lack of trying, certainly not from Reno, given his and his comrades' remorse over what they themselves have done.
      • He's the one who wordlessly signals Barret that they need to give Red time alone with the dying Bugenhagen, and the latter.
      • No one begrudges Cloud for his obsession in pursuing and defeating Ultimate Weapon, even if they spend 20 hours chasing him across the globe, and if it delayed them from visiting Bugenhagen sooner. What helps is they know Cloud's not doing this for himself anymore. While, in hindsight, it might seem that all that effort was in vain since Safer Sephiroth was just that much stronger, they only won due to Aerith's intervention, and thus maybe they could've gotten Holy to activate sooner, but it isn't treated as Cloud fucking up. If anything, besides Ultima Weapon, all that pursuit allows them to learn that even the Weapons have come to respect them as heroes.
    • Cloud and Tifa's lull before the storm moment.
      • As the first season since the completion of her and Cloud's Character Development, not once does Tifa act any level of bitchy to the party members, least of all Cloud. Even when Yuffie resists the idea of hammering things out with her dad, she talks to her calmly and rationally, gently guiding her to the idea rather than outright forcing her to go through with it. Especially sweet is her moment with Cloud. Even her infamous "do me a solid" catchphrase is rendered sweetly when that "solid" is five more minutes snuggling up to Cloud. The most annoyed she gets at Cloud is during their conversation about getting Ultima Weapon from Ultimate WEAPON, but that would've aggravated anyone regardless.
      • Tifa saying she misses Aerith is both this and Tear Jerker. Remember, these two were at each other's throats for most of the journey. While they did somewhat reconcile at Cosmo Canyon, they never really got that much time to truly bond and be actual friends, the way Tifa has reconciled with Cloud. If nothing else, she openly admits that she did appreciate having Aerith around, however short their time was together.
      • Red's Shipper on Deck moment, while it crashed Tifa and Cloud's, is also this in a weird way; at the start of their journey, which Red was there for a significant portion, it was amazing the two weren't about to murder each other. Now, Red just takes it as a given that if they're alone together, they're being a couple.
      • The fact that the ambiguity of the original scene is kept to give more focus to their cuddling is sweet, made sweeter considering how we first met these takes on the characters.
    • Vincent finding Lucrecia, and assuring her that he not only doesn't hold her responsible for what happened to him but also that he intends to stop Sephiroth just as much for her own sake as the planets. Unlike in Canon where she was too guilt-ridden to want to see him, and attempted to push him away, Lucrecia is much warmer and happy to see Vincent which allows the moment to be much more heartfelt between them.
    • The beginning of the battle with Sephiroth fully cements the progression of Cloud and Tifa's friendship:
    Tifa: Hey Cloud?
    Cloud: Yeah Tifa?
    Tifa: This guy killed my fucking dad.
    Cloud: Oh shit, he did!
    Tifa: This two-faced, yellow bellied motherfucker straight up killed my fucking dad!
    Cloud: You sound pretty pissed.
    Tifa: I'm very pretty pissed!
    Cloud: Ya gonna beat the fuck outta him?
    Tifa: I'm gonna beat the fuck outta him!
    Cloud: Let's fuckin' do it!
    Tifa: Let's fuckin' go!
    Cloud: Let's fuckin' go!!
    Tifa: LET'S FUCKIN' GOOOO!!!!
    • After Sephiroth's Curb-Stomp Battle with the cast, it seems like the heroes are down and out, even with all their powers, weapons, and maxed out HP and MP... All seems lost and then, suddenly... "Cloud..." and then Great Gospel... Aerith's ultimate Limit Break.
    • During Cloud's final battle with Sephiroth, his memories of Aerith are made very apparent.
    • Aerith's final lines, which also close out the movie, and the series:
      Aerith: When I hear the planet tells me how sad it is with how we treat both it and each other. It wishes we could all come together as one. It's up to us to change things, and to make our home a place of love and acceptance. Because if we don't...our home will be gone, forever. Do good. Be good. For those who are, who were, and who have yet to be. For our home.
    • 500 years later, though he may be AVALANCHE-less and especially "bestest friend"-less, the spirit of "AVALANCHE TIME!" has been kept alive and well by Red. Not only that, but when he shouts it at the ruins of Midgar, a voice that sounds suspiciously like Barret's instantly replies "MOTHAFUCKAAAA!",which imply one of three things (if taken seriously)
      • First is a descendant of Marlene's who's inherited it.
      • The other two possibilities crossover with being Awesome: the spirit of "AVALANCHE TIME" is so strong, so immortal, either A) it's the only part of Barret's consciousness that the Lifestream couldn't dissolvenote  or B) that it "AVALANCHE TIME" has become part of the Planet itself!
  • Meta example: The crew more or less went for a straight interpretation of the game's ending, ambiguities and all.


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