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Heartwarming / Sky Does Minecraft

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  • The 1 million subscribers video in two ways: Sky's friends congratulating him, and Sky thanking his subscribers.
    • THAT part deserves mention, because he was sick at the time.
  • Sky and Dawn are getting married. Heck yeah.
  • The squids kidnap Dawn. Sky's reaction? Take the fight straight to them by storming their homeworld and killing their leader. You do not mess with this guy's friends.
  • Sky's rendition of Hallelujah when the Gamers United Charity Live-stream hit $5,000 in half an hour. Everyone in the live-stream went quiet, and the chat box was turned to subscriber mode so no-one could spoil the mood... Despite Fluffy going around and blowing up the map and everyone else.
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  • Sky hit 5 million subscribers. He gave a speech, thanking his subscribers and explaining why he was motivated to keep on making videos. He likes to make people laugh, to cheer them up after a long day. Awww.
  • This video, where Sky pours his heart out for us, showing us that he is truly an All-Loving Hero.
  • Several times when discussing the Mine Little Pony Mod, Sky has said even though he's not a Brony, he respects those that are and their right to like whatever they want to. It's rather touching to see someone have this opinion.
  • Dartron, via teleporting, being the one to help Kyle finally get to the boat and win in "Modded Caps and Robbers: Assassin's Creed".
  • As of January 1st 2015, Sky announced that him and his girlfriend of one year, Alesa (Some Serious Nonsense) are engaged to be married!
    • and on January 31st/February 1st 2015, he announced that they're expecting their first child around October - December!
  • Around early September 2015, Sky and Alesa's son Mason was born and it's pretty much an understatement to say that they absolutely adores their son.

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