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Heartwarming / If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device

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    If the Emperor had a Text to Speech Device 
  • The Emperor:
    • After kicking Fyodor off of Terra the first time, following a telepathic command from the Emperor, the Custodes gets another one. However this plays out in a much-less-dramatic fashion, in essence being a telepathic telephone call. How does it end? With the Emperor telling the Custodes he loves him (offscreen and inaudibly, of course). The Custodes responds in kind.
    • Reconciling with Magnus and rescuing his soul from Tzeentch.
      • It kind of sounds like he's trying to convince Magnus to break up with an abusive boyfriend. "He made you dance in the moonlight, like a puppet, didn't he? That boy is no good for you son."
      • This line here. "You were, and still are, very important to me and my future plans, Magnus. It just wasn't your time back then. Also, I may not have shown you the proper fatherly love you desired but I love you nonetheless."
      • It's not every day you see a Daemon Primarch gleefully speeding away in a bike in pure joy. Shame about those kids, though.
      • Even taking the Inquisition thing into account, there's a chance that the Emperor was being a dick and fucking with Magnus when he said that was the only reason he brought him back into the fold. The Emperor getting Magnus' soul back from Tzeentch at the cost of having his soul to splinter even more severely isn't something one does JUST to get rid of the Inquisition. Furthermore, he said he brought Magnus back to help him reform the Imperium, and this is part of that.
      • There's a hidden smaller one in that scene. When the Emperor gives Magnus his bike, Magnus remarks that he always thought that Jaghatai Khan looked cool riding his bike. In the lore, Magnus and Jaghatai actually had an Odd Friendship (before the Heresy, Jaghatai was the brother Magnus was closest to and his best friend), as Jaghatai didn't judge Magnus for being a psyker and didn't judge psykers in general (to the point where he even ignored the Imperial order to disband his legion's Librarian program) and Magnus was one of the few people who bothered to learn who Jaghatai really was, and not just assume he was a carbon copy of Leman Russ and the White Scars were just clones of Space Wolves (which was such a widespread problem that the White Scars preferred to keep their distance from the Imperium). Even after turning traitor, it's heartwarming to see that Magnus still thinks fondly of Jaghatai.
    • Learning that some of the women he slept with did survive and gave birth to his children. He even calls it one of the only pleasant surprises he learned since the Text to Speech Device was installed. Followed by his Papa Wolf attitude towards their shoddy treatment.
    • When Decius comes storming into the palace and the Emperor has to tell him that his entire life is built on a heretical lie, he does so with genuine regret for the man (in as much as the Emperor is capable of, especially given that the person he's talking to has a stupid-looking Pope hat he can make fun of). Which is then followed by the Emperor telling Decius he's passed his test, and deems him worthy of reforming the Ecclesiarchy under the Emperor's true supervision to help fix the Imperium.
    • The Emperor calling Magnus "My Little Magnymagic.", d'aaaww. He immediately follows up by calling him part of a 'failed batch', but hey, Emperor.
    • Doubling as a tear-jerker, the Emperor makes it clear how much he loves Sanguinius and is still heartbroken over his death when he's asked if he knows if Sanguinor is a fragment of him.
    Emperor: I was there when my son died. I saw his body, felt no life from his flesh. Whatever fucking Horus had done to him he could not be brought back. Sniff. If this Sanguinor is really even a fragment of the only one of my children that laid his life down for me, hopefully he knows that Daddy misses him very much. Sniff sniff. Sob.
    • A (sort of?) out-of-universe example: Apparently the Emperor likes Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM, considering him one of the finest members of the Imperium on the basis that he considers Cain one of the sanest and sensible humans in his Empire, and badass enough to survive whatever the Chaos Gods throw at him. High praise of a Badass Normal from a Physical God, that's for sure.
    • Also from the second Q&A video, upon hearing from a planetary governor who wants to gold-plate his PDF's armour so that they look better while performing 'crowd control' against his citizens, the Emperor orders that all of the governor's materiel orders be replaced with rusted copper and glitter glue. He might insult the hell out of the general populace of the Imperium, but it's clear he still sees them as HIS people and wants what's ultimately best for them.
    • Another double tear-jerker: For all his insults, the Emperor is genuinely heartbroken to hear that Kitten left the caretaker position supposedly because he wasn't satisfied with it.
    • The Emperor shows concern for both his sons' current conditions; Rogal for his apparent mental state and cognitive functions, and Jaghatai Khan for the implication he may be imprisoned on The Dark City of Commorragh.
      • The entire exchange discussing Jaghatai's probable fate is oddly adorable. The Emperor shows actual, genuine worry over the idea that Jaghatai is all alone in such a hellish place - a rare display for him. Dorn, however, is steadfastly convinced there is nothing to worry about, as there's no way Jaghatai would lose to the Dark Eldar. After thinking about it for a moment, the Emperor agrees that Dorn is probably right. The entire conversation is basically The Power of Trust in a nutshell.
  • Say what you want about Papa Smurf in this canon or any other, he does seem to actually care about his men here. He instantly loses whatever tolerance he had for Cato Sicarius when the later said that any casualties the Ultramarines took in an engagement were justified so long as they advanced his personal glory. It's also implied the only reason he made the deal with something that transformed his chapter was seeing his men get slaughtered by the Tyranids.
  • The Emperor states that he likes skulls so much to show that "even in it's barest form, humanity is beautiful, and it's something we all share." Now that is an encouraging thought. Under all our differences, we're all alike, with the pure, spotless ivory of unity shining in the dark.
  • One question in the second Q&A session asks, if the Emperor is so disgusted at humanity's mistakes, why does he still care at all? The answer is... surprisingly heart-felt (though not devoid of the Emperor's... quirks):
    Emperor of Mankind: Because I see immense potential in mankind. [...] I want you to imagine this: imagine thousands upon thousands of angelic beings reminiscent of me in my prime, all united in a peaceful galaxy, in an interstellar Imperium, where all individuals have obtained their own objective perfection. Without war nor political turbulence, they all lie naked upon a beautiful beach planet, revelling in the ecstasies of human life, and really fucking good hair. That is what I want for mankind. To turn us all into an entire species of divine masterminds with giant gold-plated abs. Just like meeeeee!
    Magnus the Red: Well... that all sounds like extremely wishful thinking.
    Emperor of Mankind: No, the potential exists.
    • One thing to note is the utter surety of the statement. Normally his commentary has a little more color to it (as much color as a text-to-speech device can have), but he refuses to budge. It may be a long, LONG way off, but it's possible. And considering how far he's willing to go for it, he truly believes in the idea.
  • It's a minor one, but Horus and the other inhabitants of nonexistence comforting Malal and offering to make him some hot chocolate when he breaks down over wanting to become canon again.
  • The Emperor and Magnus performing a psychic high-five after joking around. It's especially telling considering what their relationship was like before this.
    • In general, just seeing the Emperor and Magnus treating each other much more like father and son in their own grumbling, self-righteous, and blown-out-of-proportion ways is a good indicator of how far they've come along. The psychic high-five just cements it. Most notably, Magnus actually finds it within himself to actually address the Emperor as "dad", and in turn, Emps acknowledges Magnus as his son. Both even admit the merits of the other's viewpoint.
  • Isha standing up for Nurgle in the second Warpchat scene at the end of Episode 22. Apparently, despite the rocky start to their relationship, both of them apparently care for each other by now to the point that Isha actually gets pissed off at Tzeentch for trolling Nurgle. She even calls him "dear".
  • Weirdly enough, Karamazov having a (drunken) good time with Leman Russ in the Warp.
  • Leman Russ and Calato, the Dark Angels Champion in the Death Watch, start getting along well despite them having a rocky start. After he gets drunk in the warp, Calato starts bonding with his uncle and clings childishly to his cloak when they are in the bar together. Russ just lets him hang there while he's talking to the demonette showing he truly cares about his nephews even if there's a rivalry between their chapters.
  • About 60% of Episode 24 is of the Emperor and Rogal Dorn talking and re-connecting. The Emperor even sends a Mechanicus to Jaghatai's old bike shed to get him one! He prefers it to be a "mobility scooter pattern" so Rogal can "keep [his] ass within smelling distance" and not fuck off like the others.
    • As well, Dorn disagrees with the Emperor's plan to find Commorragh and "kink-shame the shit out of it with Cyclonic Torpedoes" simply because he believes that his brother Jaghatai is still alive and may be stuck in the city, stating that he does not doubt for a second that Jaghatai is still alive. The Emperor is extremely distraught at the idea of one of his sons being stuck therenote , and immediately has orders sent to the Ultramarines telling them to search for him.
  • The instant Vulkan returns, All of the Salamanders start slamming the ground and chanting "VULKAN LIVES! VULKAN LIVES" again and again. Also doubly heartwarming as this is the first First Founding chapter to get their Primarch back in this universe.
  • The reason Rogal stayed behind in the Imperial Palace when all the other Primarchs vanished was to keep the Emperor company, because he was the only one left who could.
    • This from Rogal:
    "While my siblings are being lost, I came here to keep our rambling paraplegic father company. Because I love him more than any other."
    • The Emperor lets Rogal call him an old man stuck in a nursing home because Rogal is lucky that his father finds "salt and sweet go nicely together" and calls him "son".
  • Magnus taking the Captain-General to Nocturne by ship because for once he wants to travel normally; i.e. enjoy some drinks, play video games and mess around with some daemons with his ouija board. All with the implication he wants to do all this with Kitten, who admits he's okay with that.
  • Karamazov genuinely wanting to make amends with his "sons" and get a new start with them.
    "What kind of father have I been...?"
    • More tellingly, Karamazov seems more ashamed of it than the actual Emperor ever is.
  • When Kitten suggests to the High Lords that they try making rules that benefit the entirety of the Imperium and not just themselves the Fabricator General and Lord Commander Militant appear to have heel realizations. The Fabricator General hasn't been on Terra since this presumably because he's committed to serving everyone those oil margaritas.
    Lord Commander Militant: My guardsman COULD actually use some benefits now and again I suppose. They're all pretty deserving of it, dying in droves fighting off evil xeno invaders and all that...
    • Later, Delphan Gruss reveals that the Fabricator General was true to his word and is indeed serving oil margaritas on Mars (Mars-garitas, if you will)
  • The Reunion between Magnus and Vulkan is this in it's own...unique way. While Vulkan has clearly gone a bit crazy since the war against the Beast, the fact that he actually doesn't seem to hold any anger towards Magnus is quite nice to see. Especially compared to Corvus Corax, who sets out to try to kill Magnus upon discovering he's in the Materium.
    • For all his refusal to accept Vulkan's hug and repeated threats to hurt and/or kill him if he gets closer, Magnus is genuinely shocked and regretful that he accidentally killed Vulkan with the Engine of Woes in his pain-induced frenzy, even apologizing to Corax when he finds out about it. It would seem as much as he loathes his brother's overt cheerfulness, he does still love him, unlike with Leman Russ.
    • For that matter, the interaction between Vulkan and Corax, in a way. Vulkan appears absolutely delighted to meet his brother again, and for all that Corvus grumbles about him he slips in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it "Good" after noti cing Vulkan is alive again.
      • Before that, Corax refers to Vulkan as his "beloved, somewhat insane, perpetually happy brother". Vulkan may annoy him, but he does care for him.
    • The Salamanders once again give a jubilant cry of "VULKAN LIVES!" and pounding the ground when he pops back up. Word of God says that upon his return, Vulkan spent some time giving each member of his Chapter a hug. The mutual love between the Primarch and his sons is absolutely adorable.
  • The ending of Episode 26, Part 1: The resurrection of the Star Child into Fyodor's body means not only the return of the Emperor himself back to life, but the genuine return of hope for humanity in the grimdark future. This makes the light that results of the fusion a literal light of hope for Mankind.
    • The opening as well, where the Emperor finally admits a major flaw: long ago he tossed aside his compassion, seeing it as an Anathema to the then-needed rapid progress of humanity. But in these dark times, his compassion is the most important part of himself, the part he needs to be fully human once more, and so it's a good thing Fyodor was in the Warp to absorb the Star Child, heavily hinted to be the Emperor's compassion.
    • Just seeing how kind and comforting the Star Child is to Dominique, compared to the brusque and mean-spirited Emperor we've become used to, is heartwarming in it's own right.
    Star Child: Do not worry. Even when you are gone, you will always be by our side.
    Dominique: Y'know, that doesn't sound all that bad.
    • Leman Russ: "Father?"
      • This last line is double-heartwarming when you remember Russ's biggest argument as to why Fyodor could not be the Emperor was how the real Emperor was noble, just, and radiated power and charisma. That when you were in the presence of the Emperor, you KNEW who he was. And now, in a voice that almost can't believe it, he calls the new Fyodor father. That is the voice of a man who has rediscovered hope.
    • Take a close look at Fyodor's updated throne, specifically his right side where Dominique once sat. Adorned with gold chains and an Imperial Aquila, a plain white coffin is strapped to the spot. It doesn't take a genius to figure that this is likely Dominique's remains. Whether it was a conscious or unconscious decision, Fyodor put the remains of his assistant in the highest place of honor. He put Dominique where he should always be, right at his side. In the end, part of him does care for the guy. The Star Child was being quite literal when he said that Dominique will always be by his side.
    • The music during this sequence also deserves special mentions, swelling into a grand chorus as the light from the Star Child joining with Fyodor shines out into the entire galaxy]] and then, as it fades back to the disbelieving Russ, we hear Dominique's theme yet again. That is, the music box tune, that was first used to hilariously frightening effect when his corpse's head was snapping and spinning, returns. It beautifully underscores both Dominique's final gift to his old friend and to his species, and of Russ' filial, almost childlike, hope that he's been reunited with his beloved father after all this time. And that, perhaps more than anything, is the gift they will bestow upon the entire galaxy once again: hope.
    • The Star Child saying he's going to feel right at home with Fyodor, another thronebound, angry, and incredibly hypocritical man. Sure, it's funny, but it also shows that he sees Fyodor as both an equal and someone who is capable of restoring hope for mankind.
  • Another one that is easily missable. After the Meatgrinder battle, when the victory screen pops up, we get an amazing wallpaper filled with all the casualties of the final fight and they are all shrouded in the light of the Star Child. For those who die to demons or are killed in the warp, the souls of the fallen are usually consumed by demons before the soul can find its way back to the Emperor. The screen shows that the Star Child most likely saved the souls of the fallen and immortalized them forever in Warhammer's equivalent of heaven.
    • And as for the fight itself, we have Apothecary Wilford drag Calato off the field, the Tempestus protecting their own, and even Inquisitor Donklas drag Canoness Albina Thorne off the field to say nothing of the other fighters sacrifices. Even Grand Master Elirush gets in on it when he charges Skarbrand alone to try and avenge his fallen Grey Knights. It just goes to show that despite how horrible and/or arrogant these people are, they really do care about their comrades.
  • In Episode 26 Part 2, the part when Fyodor, now one with the Star Child, saves the Tempestuous Scions from their horrific burns. The fusion seems to have made him a much, much better man (as it appears that much of his original personality still exists in Fyodoperor).
    • Also, Rogal is immensely glad to see Leman Russ alive, even if he knew he wouldn't die so easy. The Emperor, while just glad his plan is working, is also as fond of him as ever (in his own way, naturally).
    Rogal: It truly is him. My brother, Leman... That stubborn wolfbreed yet lives.
    The Emperor: Did you really think anything less?
    Rogal: Of course not. But I am immensely happy to see it confirmed before my eyes.
    The Emperor: Nice save. I was about to take personal offense.
    • This is followed up by Rogal's reaction upon seeing Leman Rapidfire Fisticuffs a Dark Eldar, proving to his unbeknownst audience that despite spending the better part of ten milennia in the Warp, he's not been affected in the slightest.
    Rogal: Oh, how I have missed Leman.
  • Just after Leman Russ threatened the Drukhari with Kaldor Draigo spitting back out a sun the latter had recently swallowed, Kaldor Draigo decided to help the Drukhari commander by retrieving the intact half of his body, much to the Drukhari second-in-command's astonishment.
    Kaldor Draigo: (Carrying the Drukhari commander's body) I think we should help the poor boy!
    Drukhari second-in-command: Oh, wow!
  • In episode 27,
    • Rogal compliments Magnus' new wings, which Magnus is appreciative of. Shortly thereafter, Magnus is rather shocked and contrite about his actions during his Space Wolf-induced rage, showing genuine concern that he could have hurt Rogal or the Emperor.
    • Kitten goes to recruit the Custodes of the Shadowkeepers Shield Host for a mission to Mars. Unlike the companions, the Lockwarden is surprisingly respectful and sympathetic to the Captain-General over his 'break-up' with Shadowsun (Which Kitten insists is not canon) by saying he and his Shadowkeepers are there for him. It's a nice turn-around from the usual disrespect shown by the throne-room trio and shows that there are some in the Custodes that respect their leader or worry about his well-being.
      • On that note, Magnus, upon hearing of just what had transpired, gives a very succinct "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the trio over their treatment of Kitten ("You remind me of my brothers. The asshole ones"), which hits so hard that Custodisi falls over.
    • Surprisingly for someone known for his fairly stable tone of voice and little emoting, you can hear actual joy in Rogal Dorn's voice when he hears that Corvus and Vulkan are alive and well.
    • The Emperor reveals that he knew about Magnus plotting behind his back, but he'd rather make chicken jokes than scold him for him it. Magnus himself sounds more annoyed than anything that he couldn't slip one past his old man. Galactic empire context aside, it reads a lot like a family scene.
    • While Emperor's treatment of Custodisi is mostly played for laughs it shows that he is very protective of Magnus and won't allow any creeps to take advantage of him. It might be connected to the fact that the last time someone took advantage of Magnus, Tzeentch stole his son for ten millennia.
  • Episode 28:
    • When the Skitarii refuse to obey Kitten, Karstodes finds the concept of mere Skitarii refusing the Captain-General of the Custodes so shocking his double standard against Little Kitten straight up chokes and dies. And through the episode we see the other Custodes outside the Fab 3 are readily willing and eager to back Kitten. When the Fabricator General first turns down Kitten during the musical number, they all gather as a chorus to accuse him of lying. When the Fabricator General further insults Kitten, Hammurabi Unferth immediately steps forward to defend him - notably, this represents the first instance of Hammurabi dispensing with his usual Passive Aggressive Combat and outright threatening the life of the Fabricator General directly - the implications are obvious; you do not mess with his Captain General.
      Hammurabi Unferth: How DARE you, you colossal mechanical nerd! He does not need proof. He's the Emperor's Word. When you go and reject our Emperor's Truths, then darling, I'm sorry, but out goes your screws!
      Fabricator General: I'm the Omnissiah's Voice, and my word is as true!
      Hammurabi Unferth: Oh you really think so?! FUCK YOU!
    • Kitten genuinely thanks those that followed him for their support before worrying about how effective a leader he actually is. Everyone reassures him, saying that a Warmaster would only be divisive - what they really need in this Grimdark future is a Daddy.
    • Karstodes witnessing what Kitten is going through results in his Heel Realization. He actually resigns from his role as Caretaker, and gives it back to Kitten, who he feels truly deserved it. The Emperor even commends him on actually coming to this conclusion on his own, and encourages him to the road to redemption.
    • On rewatch it's actually pretty clear Kitten always had the Custodes' loyalty (after all, they DID vote him in), and his confidence in his own command was mostly only undermined by the Fabulous 3's bullying.
    • In Episode 26, the emperor had some thoughts about humanity:
      What it means to be human. The abstraction which outlines each psyche that constitutes mankind's existence. The aggregate of sentiments that we carry for ourselves and for others. An aspect of our being that I found obsolete in a time where progress was key. Truly, compassion is an anathema to progress. A weakness I could not afford to carry at such a crucial time. In recognising this I cast mine aside to focus all my being on crafting mankind's future. My work to be hindered by personal attachments no more. In that time it was my only choice. But now in an age of the ruthless, the hateful, the prejudiced, I need it returned to me. I need to be human once more.
      This sentiment is echoed again in Episode 28 by the Custodes regarding Kitten's election to Captain-General.
      The bold days of the 30th millenium have passed. It is the 42nd millenium now. An age of rampant corruption. We do not need a warmaster in this day and age. A warmaster would fail us. We need a DADDY! As time has proven- a caring parental figure is the best defense against the vileness of chaos! This is the reason we elected you!
      In short, the best hope humanity has to survive the grimdarkness of the future centers on our capacity of love and compassion, and appears to be the centerpiece of whatever grand design the Emperor has for the galaxy.
    • On top of that, Santodes take the Daddy thing a bit too far, only for the Emperor to smack him upside the head psychically. The Emperor tolerates a lot of things from his children and he might like half of them, but he will not let them make it weird for Kitten.
    • What makes this better is that the Custodians weren't always family. They were all the Emperors' creations, but during the Heresy, they didn't consider each other brothers. Where Astartes were Soldiers, the Custodes were Warriors who wouldn't expect help from their other comrades. The fact that they worked together to back up Kitten speaks volumes of how much they've changed.
    • Overall, the entire span from Kitten's forces calling him their Team Dad to the Dark Angels' appearance on Mars counts as this. The Emperor even reads Rogal a bedtime story! About architecture!
      • It's doubly adornable that as the Emperor presents the book, Dorn states its his favorite, and as the Emperor reads it out loud, Dorn follows along from memory.
    • Dorn continues being a good brother to Magnus, backing him up during his argument with the Emperor over the Emperor's psychological well-being & general attitude.
    • Consider for a moment that back when the emperor thought Rogal Dorn was just a nameless adorable Centurion he routinely cuddled him in order to keep himself calm in the face of the horrors of a grimdark galaxy and a dying empire. We get the sense that out of anger or embarrassment the emperor has not done so again when he learned about Rogal's identity despite the fact that it was a comfort to both of them. Here at last we see something like the Emperor and his son, despite the various disagreements still on display between them, returning to form and again embracing one another. Dorn even says that one reason he accepts this nap is because the emperor is still clearly suffering mentally and he knows this is a source of comfort and stability for him. And when they get to a part about theoretical and implementations, Rogal nostalgically muses that those are Guilliman's favorite things. While the two did not always agree, it's clear that he misses his brother.
    • The Emperor continues his protective streak regarding his sons when Whammudes gets a bit too handsy with Dorn. The instant the Custodians hand touches Dorn's face, he gets seven very blunt, heavy reminders of why you absolutely never violate the personal space of a Primarch in front of their father. He may not be the best parent, but he will absolutely never again let anyone exploit his sons, especially not after finally getting them back by his side.
    • When the Emperor is reading to Rogal, the latter briefly mention Robute Guilliman. It's very subtle, but for a couple of seconds it starts raining in the throne room. It only rains on Terra when the Emperor is crying. no matter how much he complains about Guilliman, the Emperor still loves him
  • Episode 29:
    • Rogal makes breakfast for the Throne Room group, saying it's the first time he's done so in millenia. One of the people he makes breakfast for? Boy, who is making his first appearance in the series proper outside of specials or the podcasts.
    • While Cegorach and the Harlequins did enjoy Magnus's Self-Deprecation humor, Cegorach was the first to realize that, as a being of the warp, the mental damage Magnus was inflicting on himself was literally killing him and stepped in to cancel the contest, calling it a draw and allowing Magnus another way into entry in the Black Library. Granted, it was out of Pragmatic Villainy, but he still saved Magnus' life.
    • There is also Cegorach's request, to implore Magnus to help them summon a new god to free them from Slaanesh. It can be assumed that this shows that as much of a trickster that Cegorach is, he does ultimately care for the future of the Eldar.
    • Custodisi proves that his interest in Magnus isn't just physical by, at first, accepting that Magnus doesn't reciprocate and that he came on too strong, then by genuinely worrying for him and attempting to help him by making a Deal with the Devil for an owed favor, and finally, despite his mission being technically accomplished, following him to help him with what Cegorach wants him to do.
    • Even though it was physically leading to him melting, it is heartwarming in a way that Vect seemed to be more and more enjoying the idea of having the Star-Child as a friend and his infectious kindness. Shame it was short-lived.

    If the Emperor Had a Podcast 

White Scars

  • At the end of the White Scars Podcast, the Emperor genuinely compliments the White Scars on their strengths and offers constructive criticism and suggestions on how to improve on their weaknesses. Keep in mind, this is from a guy who has basically done nothing except mercilessly mock anyone or anything that he has issues with, and pretty much everyone who he has directly interacted with up to this point has fallen victim to his biting sarcasm. The Emperor even goes as far as to elevate the White Scars as role models for the Imperium at large to follow; combined with his thoughtful and polite commentary, this is a MAJOR step up from the Jerkass he has been up to this point.
  • An alternate account of Jaghatai's fate is presented that claims that he had possibly perished. Rogal Dorn simply says that he believes Jaghatai is still alive, because "He wouldn't die so anti-climatically". Rogal's complete faith that Jaghatai is alive is quite nice to see, further showing that even if he is a bit blunt Rogal not only cares about his brother but has complete confidence in his abilities.
  • Though the Emperor and Rogal Dorn disagree about true day of eating tacos, both have admirable reasons for doing this. The Emperor thinks that eating tacos on Friday allows to enjoy and celebrate the end of hard week of work, while Rogal believes that, alliteration aside, eating tacos on Tuesday allows to reinforce strength and raise spirit of common people of the Imperium during difficult and tedious work.
  • The fact that the In-Universe reason for the podcast is to help educate the common people of the Imperium, showing that the Emperor is doing more than enacting distant reformations and various mysterious plans to help elevate them.

The Last Church

  • Throughout the Last Church Podcast, Rogal Dorn shows great kindness to the Vox-Hailer, reassuring him and even letting the boy sit on his lap. Daaawwww...
    • Both he and the Emperor make some effort to comfort Boy at points, in contrast with the Custodes - who become increasingly aggravated and irrational toward Boy (which is likely due to the Emperor showing him favour over them). This was not lost on the Youtube commentators, one of whom declared Rogal to be 'the grandpa we all want'.
  • Before entering into the Throne Room, Wamuudes insults the average citizens of the Imperium listening to the podcast calling them lazy and that the podcast is only for the purposes of Morale. Rogal Dorn responds with the following:
    Rogal Dorn: Stop yelling at our citizenry Tribune. They may lead awful lives, but the least they deserve is due respect for fulfilling their purpose.
    • Rogal ends the podcast by reminding the citizens that they are the Imperium.
    Rogal Dorn: Remember that, no matter what, you make this Imperium, the Imperium does not make you.
  • Despite their disagreements on the subject in the previous episode, both Rogal and the Emperor also move to immediately dismiss the suggestion from the summoned Uriah Olathaire that tacos aren't even that good.
  • The Emperor receives a letter from the Thousand Sons, asking him if he knows what has happened to Magnus, and stating that they as a Traitor Legion are unique in that they still deeply care for their gene-father, and he for them.
    • Grandfather Emperor giving Magnus's Thousand Sons the offer of repentance like he did their gene-father.
  • While The Emperor's response was mostly played for laughs, his forgiving the planet of Krieg is this. For reference, millennia ago the planet rebelled against the Imperium, and as payment must supply the Imperium with huge amounts of men for its war machine. Children of Krieg are raised from birth to believe that they have betrayed the Emperor and that the only way to earn his forgiveness is to die in battle, usually in massed infantry charges, to the point were commissars attached to Krieg regiments are there to stop them from throwing their own lives away on attacks of no strategic value. And The Emperor undid all of this with a single word.

Black Templars, Dorn's Angry Boys

  • At the end of the Black Templars podcast, we have a minor one when Emps forgives Custodisi for his massively disrespectful outburst during the podcast, saying it's something all of humanity, even him, could understand. Becomes Harsher in Hindsight when episode 27 happens and Emps Deletes Custodisi for his comments on Magnus.
  • The Emperor sitting Helbrecht down for an anger intervention after he smashes his teacup in an outburst, injuring Boy's eye in the process.
  • Karstodes, of all people, gets a minor one during this podcast when he calls out his companions on wanting to orbitally bombard Terran civilians. Sure he acts like his usual self towards boy, but he does mention he was trying to save Boys' family as well. Unpleasant asshole though he may be, he is not the genocidal maniac that others like the idiotic elements of the Inquisition and Whammudes have become or started to become.
  • Dorn appears to have adopted Boy, referring to him as "My boy" and Boy calling him 'Lord Dad-Orable' in return.
  • One of Boy's dreams is to become a Space Marine- a dream which Dorn tells him not to give up on. Seems Dorn might like to adopt him more seriously one day...
  • Dorn has apparently been tutoring Boy off-screen, as Boy shares some of the information Rogal gave him during the Vox-Cast.
  • Despite Dorn spending much of the Black Templars podcast hiding in his suit and reacting with disgust to Helbrecht, when Helbrecht begins "Crusading Inwardly" at the thought of having to choose between becoming a heretic and killing Xenos, Dorn helps talk him through it.
    • Even better, Helbrecht seems to have figured out who he is by the end:
    Helbrecht: Thank you, big, friendly Centurion. I would inquire about your name, but... I assume it is not yet time.
  • The Emperor chose the Black Templars for this podcast in order to challenge the ubiquitous hatred the modern Imperium runs upon, specifically getting Helbrecht's promise that the Black Templars will stop massacring mutants, a declaration of intent that is further broadcast to the entire Imperium. And this is based on his beliefs that he considers mutants humans at their base level, and undeserving of the hatred that xenos and heretics deserve.
    • Which may or may not have influenced the Black Templars into stopping the genocide of mutants in Lastrati at the hands of the possibly Chaos-aligned ruling Quintarchs and sparing the mutants there.
  • Boy gives one to Karstodes of all people by complimenting him. Karstodes is so flustered by the act that he tries to talk down Helbecht when he freaks out at Boy and threatens to teach him respect. Despite this, he keeps half-heartedly insulting Boy while defending him.
  • Boy also had these words of wisdom regarding the Black Templar's surprising panic attack. "Big bruva helbreak must fight his feels as much as erryone. No amount of magic muscle juice will change how you feel on your insides!"


  • Dorn continues to be a parental figure to Boy, telling him to cover his ears at certain parts. And when Wamuudes tries talking Boy into becoming a Custodian...
    Dorn (Shotgun cocks) I will risk a window to have your bulbous frame thrown out of here.
    Magnus: Wait, how are you even holding that shotgun?
    • When Boy says he's hungry, Dorn actually promises to get him a large sandwich after they're done, so long as he covers his ears when he tells him to.
  • While it's sad to hear the genuine heartache in his voice when he discovers it's fictional, Karstodes genuine love for the Harry Potter novel he read, and "Ronaldo" (more than likely Ron Weasley post-38,000 years of translated editions) in particular is adorable.
    • When he discovers the truth, Boy (tries to) comfort him by making a simple, but poignant statement that it's "still real in your brain." Karstodes is still reduced to tears, but notably doesn't rebuke Boy in any way.
    • Wamuudes, Ecclesiarch Decius, and Magnus all seem genuinely concerned about Karstodes after his outburst, quietly remarking that "he took that hard" without humor.
    • Wamuudes inadvertently confirms that, before Karstodes began learning to read on his own, "they" (presumably he, Custodisi, and perhaps Kitten) would read to him. He also confirmed that at least one of the books they read was "The Giving Tree," although it had a similarly devastating effect when they explained it was fictional.
  • There's also the fact that all the participants are notably nicer towards each other than in the previous two podcasts, with most insults being mild jabs and snark, coming off more like a group of friends making fun of each other than a group of people who barely tolerate each other.

     Bro Trip 40, 000 
  • Vulkan continues to show himself as the Nicest of All Primarchs (save perhaps the sadly departed Sanguinius), taking no offense at Corvus' sons taking their time to exult in their gene-father's return to the Materium, rather than his own. He hugs Shrike with all the affection and love of a truly doting uncle, despite the...unhealthy manner he does so with.
  • Even being the first of a series, B.T.40K reminds us that, despite his newfound quirks, Vulkan is considered the Nicest Primarch for a Reason. When Corvus Corax considers leaving the Catachan to die to make a bee-line for Terra, Vulkan doesn't even hesitate to make a detour to save them.
    Vulkan: Whether or not Terra has fallen, we cannot neglect saving human life that is within our direct reach.
    • Another for Vulkan is the fact that he's willing to consider the possibility that the Emperor might have welcomed Magnus back to the fold, even as Corvus scoffs at the idea. It seems that Magnus might have at least one brother willing to accept his Heel–Face Turn.
      • In a subtler heartwarming bit, Vulkan even manages to provide a pragmatic reason for saving the Jungle Fighters of Catachan, meaning that Vulkan does know how to get through to people who don't share his idealistic views. He is one of the more socially adept Primarchs (even if that is a rather low bar to cross, given what we've seen of them in this series).
    • Vulkan silences Brainghost Ferrus once again, this time by informing him that the real Ferrus Manus would say the exact opposite of the "Flesh is Weak" philosophy being espoused by the ghost. By this time, even his loyal Iron Hands have lost his original philosophy to the ravages of time, but Vulkan still remembers his who his dear brother truly was, and the impostor sullying his words offends him deeply.
  • After Sly Marbo single-handedly saves him from getting killed by a Greater Catachan Barking Toad, Corvus openly commends Marbo for his heroic actions, and tells the Catachan Guard that he sees great potential in all of them just like they themselves exemplify the best of the Imperial Guard at large. Compare his attitude now to the beginning of the episode, when he argued to leave the Catachan Guardsmen to their fate against the Chaos invasion before Vulkan convinced him otherwise. Being saved by Marbo showed him just how valuable the life of a regular human can truly be, and if you listen carefully, you can actually hear the closest thing he has expressed to happiness so far in his voice.
    • His interactions with the Raven Guard at the beginning of the episode also count. Their reunion might have been more subdued (and involved more self-deprecation), but it is no less heartwarming than Vulkan's reunion with the Salamanders. Furthermore, their utter joy and relief when Corax survives his encounter with the Catachan Barking Toad (thanks to Sly Marbo) is no less than that of their Nocturnal brothers.
    • On the note of Sly Marbo, after he rescues Corvus from being killed he simply bows before running off screaming as he usually does. Under all the jokes about his badassery and the fun of his ridiculousness, Sly Marbo is still a loyal citizen of the Imperium who earned the respect of Corvus Corvax. And the best part? Corvus bows back.
  • The third episode continues the caring relationship between the Salamanders and Vulcan. When He'stan momentarily forgets they are making the masks to pay off their debt and save Vulkan's life, he immediately apologizes to the primarch, to which he is immediately forgiven. Vulkan even tells them to save some of the money they make off the mask for ice cream for themselves.
  • By the end of the third episode, the revolution succeeded. The Jopallians, all of whom expected to spend their entire adult lives paying off an impossible debt, are free.
    • Corvus, the spark, didn't care enough about his own life to escape the firing squad. But he did care enough about the suffering of the people to start the revolution. This is the second time he took initiative rather than reluctantly following someone else, and he uses it to save people from oppression.
    • And what did Corvus say to the Jopallians? Not "Let me tell you what to do next." He said, "Let me show you what to do next." This isn't a case of one member of the ruling class overriding a genuine revolution for personal gain. It's a member of the ruling class teaching the revolution how to liberate themselves for their own sake.

  • Ahriman's speech at the end of the third TTS special is strangely heartwarming, as he acknowledges that Chaos and Loyalist alike are both human (or Space Marine) at their very core, and encourages both sides to spend one day to take a rest from all of the fighting and instead celebrate the one thing that they all share together: xenophobia. We are then shown several scenes of Chaos and Loyalist armies joining forces to destroy several aliens scattered across the galaxy and for one fleeting day humanity is fighting at strength not seen since the peak of the Imperium. Considering the millennia of hatred that has existed between these two factions, seeing them temporarily put aside their hatred in favor of slaughtering xenos instead (and being surprisingly receptive to the idea) is genuinely touching.
    Ahriman: Basically, we're gonna make you loyalist fucks a deal. You get ONE day - ONE DAY each year - where we won't terrorize, murder and annihilate your minds, souls and bodies. And in return, we expect the fucking same. Don't get me wrong, we're not expecting kisses and fucking hugs and shit...
    Lucius: I AAAAM!
    Ahriman:...but instead why don't we address the grox in the room? We're all fucking human - and/or superhuman - for the most part. And the problem is that things like THESE...
    Pictures of Orcs, Eldar, Tau, etc are shown
    Ahriman:...still exist. Problems that we, as a species, have to deal with eventually. So let's use this day, each year, to come together as a species and...
    Lucius: FUCK THE ALIENS!
    Ahriman:...Myeah, pretty much. Lets celebrate what unites us all: Xenophobia.
    Lucius starts to sing 'I'm dreaming of a pink Slaaneshmas'
    • One nice touch is the sight of the World Eaters and Minotaurs fighting the Tau, considering the many rumors and implications that the Minotaurs are loyalist World Eaters. It's like a gory family reunion.
  • A somewhat twisted one from the "Origins of the Flesh Eaters Chapter," after Whammudes claims that eating ork flesh allowed the Flesh Eaters to see Sanguinius:
    Emperor: Bring me all the ork you can find. I WANT TO SEE MY SON.
  • When the Emperor and Co. decide to play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, they call for High Lords of Terra, who, interestingly, prove themselves to be rather good roleplayers.
    • What's more, while they degrade Magnus' adventure, it serves to be a great bonding experience to them. Even the Emperor, who starts out with predicable self-indulgence, begins to genuinely work with the party by coming up with clever ploys.
    • Whamuudes in particular seems to have a great time roleplaying as a bombastic Knight in Shining Armor, showcasing a much more noble side to himself than is usually apparent amid his perversion and misanthropy. In fact, he becomes The Heart of the party for all intents and purposes, delivering a defiant speech when Magnus attempts to steer everybody back to his original plot under threat of an impossible boss battle.
    • After Bulgo Potatoskin's death at the hands of Custodisi, Sir Whamri dons the halfling's green beret over his greathelm's crest.
    • Karstodes, who spent most of the game not caring about much of what is going on, finally gets super invested and starts roleplaying once Whammudes delivers the epic blow mentioned above.
  • During the Stellaris special, the galaxy that the main characters play in soon becomes a cesspool of gloom, doom and utter suckiness not unlike the Warhammer 40,000 galaxy - which is honestly expected, given the highly-xenophobic top brass and Emperor of Mankind is still playing to kill each other. What truly makes it qualify here with a dash of funny irony is that Kitten outright takes the idealist route by playing a Federation Utopia consisting of cat people who seek to befriend the denizens of the galaxy and make a peaceful galactic civilization... and by virtue of Kitten actually being smart with managing his economy and waiting out the triple-crisis that befalls the galaxy, he succeeds, and is not only the last empire standing, but the empire that is both the happiest and most forefront in caring about equity between alien races. Really goes to show, even if it was just a game, even if he is still in service to the fascist Imperium of Man, and even if he wants to personally commit genocide on the Tau, Kitten's a genuinely good person at the end of the day.
  • Messed up as the basis is, Emps effectively letting Boy play as a Horus expy and heaping praise upon him is adorable.
  • The fact that Karstodes stays loyal and assists Kitten throughout the game goes to show his character development from the start of the series. He even helps in keeping his empire running smoothly, bringing in an affordable housing edict.
  • While Emps himself rage quits fairly early in the game, when they find him later (playing Harvest Moon) his first question is if everyone else is at least having fun.

    Vox Logs 
  • Surprisingly, there's a moment in Top 20 Primarch's. After spending the whole thing lusting over the various Primarchs, Wamuudes puts Roboute Guilliman at the #1 spot with barely a mention of his physical appearance and goes on a tear about how despite all the ridicule Guilliman and his chapter face, he's a good person who just wants to do his best by the Imperium. He caps it off by expressing a genuine belief that Guilliman will recover someday and stating that when that time comes, he'll be one of the first proponents to the Emperor for Guilliman to become Lord Commander once more.
    • A subtle one throughout the Top 20 list is that while he does make comments on the looks of the Primachs, and does rate the ones he likes more for their looks in higher standing than those he deems less attractive, it becomes clear towards the end that the thing that attracts him most about his top four picks are their character. Ferrus Manus for his ideals, Lion El'Johnson for his gallantry and chivalrousness, Rogal Dorn for his conviction and Guilliman for his honesty and self-awareness. For a guy most famous for making lewd double entendre about how lubed up he is like the rest of his Shield-Brothers, it says a lot about his own character that these traits are what he finds most attractive about his top picks.
  • During the second vox-log, Wamuudes, after getting absolutely blasted on mutant fungus, starts talking about Kitten and how he was not only a caretaker for the Emperor, but for the entirety of the Legio Custodes as well. For example, Kitten would bake 10,000 pizza pies every day for each and every Custodes, and left a vault of them before he headed to Mars. Wamuudes also admits that he has gained a lot of respect for Kitten after having to deal with the responsibilities of being the Caretaker himself.
  • The “A Day In The Life Of Boy” special is mostly just Boy getting berated by his Adept overseer about how he goes about his duties, but it ends on an especially heartwarming note; When the Adept is about to send the order to have Boy, his family, and his entire community purged because Boy dared to admit that he is the Emperor’s chosen vox-hailer (and has Boy deafened by a sonic weapon), Karstodes busts through a wall and saves boy, even praising him for causing a lethal injury against the Adept that was harassing him. And as they’re walking to the Sanctum Imperialis (Telling Boy he's finally going to move in and live there, therefore avoiding all the menaces Boy had been explaining he needs to dodge every morning to get to the palace), we get this exchange;
    Karstodes: And we're fixing your ears.
    Boy: did i do good?
    Karstodes: Yes. Dornable will be proud.
    Boy: still can't hear... jus shake head yes or nog…
    Karstodes: (in a fatherly tone) Pfff… shut up, Boy.
  • "Dorn's Night Before Sanguinala". AKA DORN READS BOY A BEDTIME STORY. You can't GET more wholesome than that.
    • Sidebar, but while also hilarious and awesome, Boy's "No" to The Great Horned Rat shows just how much of a positive influence Dorn is having on him.
    • A subtler one but the story that Dorn is reading is a "The Night Before Sanguinalia" note  but the version he is reading is subtly different from Occulus's original version. Some of it is Dorn being... Dorn but some of it is reflecting on the fact that he and Sanguinius were brothers and it clearly shows.
    • What inspires Dorn to read Boy the story is him feeling nostalgia about how his grandfather used to do the same thing when he was a boy.

  • Ciaphas Cain's meeting with Calgar becomes this. Initially, it seems like he is going to execute Cain for his Imposter Syndrome and deception. Instead, Calgar embraces him as a "Mood Kindred" as he also reveals he has similar feelings of being a "Piece of Shit".
    • Note that even when not bothering with the "HERO OF THE IMPERIUM" act, Cain's concerned about the lives of the soldiers under his command. His biggest fear is that the "beautiful fools" under his command will get so wrapped up in his fake heroism that their faith in his legend will get them killed.
  • After the announcement that the series is going on an indefinite hiatus after GW's zero-tolerance policy for fan animations and the TTS team is moving on to other projects, the fanbase responded with an outburst of support that downright floored everyone involved.
    Alfabusa: The VICIOUS positivitiy, the STARTLING amounts of support and the STAGGERING acts of solidarity from across the board from YouTube to Reddit to Tumblr to Instagram has flayed me off my nihilistic hide with a knife rusted with assurance and confidence. Your stories sent to me here and beyond of how TTS affected you is something so overwhelming I cannot properly internalize it. [...] The idea that TTS is that thing to people is honestly such a powerful notion to me that it summons a pit in my stomach and makes my tearducts vibrate.
    SpeakerD: Hey, it's been a hot second but I want to say; speaking for the crew members I'm close to, we are really overwhelmed by the fan reaction to the TTS incident. Seeing the community come out in such vast support for Alfa and the rest of us is really heart warming. Thanks you guys.