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Trivia / If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device

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  • Actor Shipping: Alfabusa ships ThunderPsyker and DoctorWhite, the voice actors of Kitten and Shadowsun, hence in Text To Speech they were once a couple in (supposedly, according to Kitten) non-canon shorts.
  • Actor Allusion: An In-Series variant; Asdrubael Vect and the Emperor (Whenever he isn't using the TTS device, which is usually only in flashbacks or when he's in psychic vision form) are both voiced by Randolph Carter. That lends a certain subtext to this line.
    Vect: It is time for two meet.
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  • Ascended Fanon: Angry Marines. Combines with Jossed as they are treated as a nickname for the Black Templars.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: "Boy" is voiced by female voice actor Nostalgia-chan.
  • Dawson Casting: Inverted, as most characters are several thousand years old while actors portraying them are... not (we think).
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The series, for its lengthy name, is often called "Emperor Text-To-Speech", "Text-To-Speech", "Emperor TTS", or "TTS".
    • Pillar-stodes for the Fabulous Custodes. Also Fabstodes.
  • Notable References to TV Tropes: In the description for the fifth TTS short, Alfabusa shows that he's aware of TV Tropes having an article about this series.
    For the record, this takes place before the events of Episode 20. Just a tidbit for the chronologers over there at TvTropes.
    • The "Crotalids" short was conceived in part because various tropers listed Zegram as being Australian. (He's Texan)
  • Overtook the Manga: Inverted, amusingly enough. While the series was meant to resolve the plot stagnation of Warhammer 40000 proper (albeit in a parodic way), the three campaigns made for The Gathering Storm that actually advance the storyline (with the fall of Cadia to Chaos, the fracturing of Biel-Tan and Ynnead's subsequent rise, and Roboute Guilliman's resurrection) are said to be ahead of TTS canon as of Episode 25 — something that makes sense considering that Lucius and the other Chaos champions are preparing for the 13th Black Crusade. A letter from one of the Thousand Sons during the Q&A segment of The Last Church Podcast episode explains that Magnus was kidnapped from the afterparty of a successful revenge plot on the Space Wolves — confirmed by Word of God to be the events of Wrath of Magnus. It is starting to catch up to The Gathering Storm, though, as Eldrad is seen gathering together support for the efforts to make Ynnead rise.
  • Production Posse:
    • As with other Alfa Legion videos, this one too is cramped up to brim with Legionnaires, starting with Bruva Alfabusa, Thunder Psyker, Karl the Deranged and Eliphas the Inheritor.
    • Team Four Star is starting to get in on the action, with an insane Custodes provided by AntfishVO, and Takahata101 expressing interest in providing his voice, which paid off; he got to voice Abaddon himself, as well as Santodes, the Custodian Dreadnought.
    • Remleiz, who runs the 40K Theories channel, voices a more parodic take on his mascot character. He's actually done several "40k Theories" videos on the series itself, including one on the true identity of TTS-Kaldor and Kitten.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Due to personal issues, Franky could not reprise his role as Dominique. Hence, why his character was killed off in episode 24. Although he comes back for a short while in the first part of Episode 26.
    • Since the series is basically Fan Fiction, The Gathering Storm campaign books have shifted where the plot was probably heading. This can be seen in a number of ways, one of which is by having all the casual jokes about killing Guilliman stop since he is key to revamping the Imperium in the 42nd Millenia. This extends to the Custodes as well, since Games Workshop finally got around and fleshed out their lore, they started to put in more of the other branches.
  • Recursive Fanfiction: If the Emperor Watched The Text To Speech Device. In that story, The Emperor and The Primarchs end up watching the series (pre-Horus Heresy) and, well, their reactions are amusing.
    • Eventually taken to the logical extreme. Comments on that thread eventually started getting cluttered with digressions and reactions to other 40k media, eventually causing several other threads being created to keep these conversations from the main reactions to "official" text to speak materials. Meaning a recursive fanfic has received it's own recursive fanfic.
  • Talking to Himself: Surprisingly averted for the most part, with most of the characters having a unique voice actor. However Lucius the Eternal and Ahzek Ahriman share a voice actor (Yohan Gasmask) and have a lot of dialogue with each other during the "Slaaneshmas" special.
  • Throw It In!:
    • The second Q&A ends with Magnus yelling "OH GOD", which is his voice actor having a coughing fit after over a minute of "rabble rabble rabble".
    • Episode 20 includes both a line flub (Kitten having trouble pronouncing regrowing) and an Undertale reference ("patting my chest like muscular bongos"), with Thunder Psyker confirming they weren't planned.
    • Word of God says that the assumption that Zegram is Australian (he is actually from Texas, but was attempting a faux-British accent) is Actually Pretty Funny and hence threw it in. That's why Magnus plays a didgeridoo in episode 16, and the entirety of the reason why Short 8: Crotalids exists.
    • According to Zegram himself, the Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer joke was originally a blooper, which Alfabusa decided to throw in. The latter chimed in later to state he found it entirely necessary:
    It had to be included to keep in line with the very likely theory that Magnus is a giant reference to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer except with tragedy and space and no reindeer.
    • Episode 27 has Magnus giggling uncontrollably at Kitten's "Iron Warriors dig holes" quip, mostly because Zegram was Corpsing in real life when recording the scene. The laughing fit is subtitled as [Genuine Laughter].
    • In fact, the comedic nature of the show tends to result in a lot of different "imperfect" takes being used if they come across as funny enough, whether they contain brief coughing fits or semi-in-character mutterings.
  • What Could Have Been: Leman Russ was originally planned to speak with a Scandinavian accent to match up the stereotype that the Space Wolves are Vikings IN SPACE!. However, Leman's voice actor, Zoran The Bear, couldn't do a Scandinavian accent right and the accent made viewers hard to understand him so Zoran gave Leman a Scottish accent instead as both Scots and Vikings were also known for being violent drunk warriors.
    • Episode 26 was originally called "Fear and Loathing in Commorragh" and was pinned on Alfa's twitter for months with the thumbnail for the episode as a teaser. At some point the episode was split into three parts, the first being called "Hateful Feud at Khaine's Gate".
  • The Wiki Rule: For all your lore needs.
  • Word of God:
    • Kaldor Draigo's.... private parts, are always the largest in the room, no matter who else is in there, because 4th degree warp fuckery.
    • All of the Primarchs are extremely well hung and have fantastic asses.
    • The whole series is planned to take 42 episodes in total, not counting specials, spin-offs, and shorts.
    • As of episode 24, we haven't even begun to see how complex the Emperor's plans can be.


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