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  • Awesome Ego: While the Emperor does have a few glaring flaws (which Magnus is quick to point out) it's hard to argue with his egoism when he is essentially the (un)living embodiment of human potential. He may not be perfect, but he's a hell of a lot closer to perfection than any other entity of comparable power.
    • Fyodor Karamazov could give the Emperor a run for his money, believing himself to be in the right to the point that, in episode 18, he buys the lie the Emperor feeds him about being a shard of his psyche, which enables him, in episode 26 (part 1) to actually play host to the Emperor's severed humanity. If not for having an ego the size of a planet, Fyodor never would have done either.
  • Awesome Music: Most of the music is made by StringStorm who is a really talented music artist.
    • The Series' intro is one magnificent piece. The full ending is even better.
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    • Prime Clown, aka Cegorach's Theme. A strangely sinister accordion, giving it an epic feel fitting the Monster Clown that is the Laughing God... and then it ends with the popping bit from the Seinfeld theme song.
      • If you listen more closely, you can actually observe that the entire song is a Seinfeld theme remix.
    • Sly Marbo's theme is an uplifting 80s action hero anthem that fits perfectly with his ridiculous characterization. Sit back and bask in the sounds of "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA".
    • Being the nicest of the Primarchs even carries over to Vulkan's theme, "For Friendship!" If you want to know what Nobledark sounds like, this is it.
    • Eldrad's theme, "The Pathfinder." With a hint of mystery and aloofness, but still powerful.
    • The Star-Fyodperor's theme "Chairbound Prankster" is fittingly epic for what is a pretty much the Resurrection of the Emperor himself. With his light shining throughout the galaxy and beyond.
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    • The remix of the intro from Episode 26 Part 1, while it lacks the original lyrics and is a lot faster, it's still pretty goddamn epic in it's own right.
    • And then there's The Deciever's theme Jackal God, which rather worryingly is a sinister remix of the main theme.
    • Awaken My Quivering Abs, a more TTS-themed remix of Awaken which sees its in-series debut with the arrival of the hamtastic Santodes and captures all his bombastic glory.
    • Purging With My Kin, a TTS cover of the famous Linkin Park song. If you like Linkin Park, then it's a pretty good cover. If you don't like Linkin Park, then it's a pretty good parody. What's not to like?
  • Better Than Canon: Due to the series; characters, Catharsis Factor, humor, Character Development, plot and other things. Many fans outright joke that they consider this series better than the source material.
  • Catharsis Factor: One of the biggest draws of the show is watching the Emperor finally start sorting out the festering grimdark shitfest that is the canonical Imperium of Man.
    • When Emperor shows how Leman Russ mutilates one of Dark Eldars into Ludicrous Gibs, it's very therapeutic for him, his aide and the audience.
  • Crack Pairing: Custodisi and Whammudes, for some reason, ship The Emperor/Uriah Olathaire due to their interactions in The Last Church before learning said priest has joined Chaos...and even Whammudes still does to an extent.
  • Crazy Awesome: About eighty percent of the cast. Every over-the-top ludicrous feat of badassery in the source material is taken and amplified to a ridiculous degree.
    • The Ultramarines. This series takes their Creator's Pet status from the 5th edition codex and weaponizes it, turning them into Comically Invincible Heroes.
    • Kaldor Draigo even more so, with extra emphasis on the "crazy". He's downright cartoonish in his pure, undiluted madness, absurd and erratic at every passing moment, and yet this is exactly what makes him so powerful.
    • Sly Marbo takes the already-extreme Memetic Badass reputation of the Imperial Guard and pushes it into unforeseen levels. He can fly through space without a helmet, his only form of communication is a mighty wordless scream, and he beat up Lucius, Ahriman, and Typhus with Good Old Fisticuffs.
    • VULKAN. He cannot be killed, he loves everything, and he is the only person in the history of the setting, if not Games Workshop material in general, to fight using The Power of Friendship.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Leman Russ talking to some Sisters of Battle. It's about literally bloodthristy daemons of Khorne going after Sisters of Battle on their period.
  • Ear Worm: Dark Eldar music is intentionally terrible, but in an oddly catchy way. Possibly because it's distilled into raw elements from someone who really hates the genre, and one of those raw elements is getting stuck in one's head. Or maybe because it's meant to cause as much pain as possible, like all things the Drukhari create.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The series' interpretation of some of the characters have become rather well-loved by fans of TTS and it's source material.
    • Rogal Dorn for being incredibly blunt and Literal-Minded, helping him become a Fountain of Memes.
    • Also, Custodisi has been starting to gain a significant amount of popularity for being the one to openly call out the Emperor for being an asshole during the events of The Last Church.
    • Astropath Sassafras from the Bro Trip 40,000 episodes. She barely has one or two lines, but she was so beloved the second episode goes out of the way to show she survived the ship crash, which many of the comments were thankful for.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Going by the comments, Lady Malys definitely has the voice and accent to qualify.
  • Fountain of Memes:
    • The Fabulous Custodes have so many memorable lines that any Youtube video about the Custodes and the Pillar Men will have someone quote one of their many lines.
    • Rogal Dorn is a walking and talking meme generator, and his voice actor has the oblivious deadpan spot on, to the point that almost everything he says gets repeated as a meme.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • The Emperor makes an offhand comment in Episode 17 about how he never liked his Uncle Ragnar. In the Horus Heresy novel Master of Mankind, we find out that he killed his uncle in revenge for murdering his father.
    • Magnus's not-unfounded claims that the Emperor was a really shitty father and the Emperor himself showing a lot of dickiness but also geniune love for the Primarchs become this as Horus Heresy has progressed, with the writers at the Black Library having it that the Emperor never truly cared for the Primarchs at all (loyalist and traitor included), viewing them as nothing more than powerful but ultimately expendable tools to further the ambitions of Humanity's survival and ascendancy.
    • Pretty much everything regarding the characterization of the Primarchs has become this thanks to the Horus Heresy books. For example, in TTS, Rogal Dorn describes Perturabo as a petulant manchild who clung to grudges for an absurd amount of time, but the books depict the Iron Warrior as someone who was forced to live in the shadow of someone who callously judged him inferior, and surrounded by brothers who never bothered to learn who he was or what he wanted to do. Granted, Rogal Dorn is the someone who judged him inferior in question.
    • In the White Scars Podcast, the Emperor panics over his life-support machinery deteriorating when he learns that his visor no longer flashes every time he speaks. According to canon, the Golden Throne as a whole is slowly failing and the Mechanicus are helpless to do anything about it. The "sudden daemonic TTS-crackle" that briefly appeared in Episode 18 doesn't make things any better.
    • Kitten's comment in one third season episode about how his mother was a tube inside Mount Everest is a little less funny if you've played Horizon Zero Dawn.
    • The Emperor's comment that talking to the Tyranid Hive Mind is like "Talking to a herd of hungry sheep; unsatisfying and it makes you look like an idiot" is this after the horror that ensues when Detective Bruce Norring makes accidental psychic contact with it, that is now the page-image for this show's Nightmare Fuel page. Seems the Emperor forgot that, as the most powerful human psychic, his experience would be rather different from the average human's.
  • Gateway Series: Despite its humorous nature, the series does a good job of explaining the lore and factions of the 40k universe.
  • Genius Bonus: In episode 12, The Emperor's joke about Lion El'Jonson making a gay-bar might at first just be part of his crude humor. But then you look up the fact that Lionel Johnson, the Dark Angels Primarch's namesake, was openly homosexual. Not to mention the Dark Angels headquarters, The Rock, was named after a gay-bar near the Game Workshop HQ.
    • Also, the binary codes that the Custodes Captain-General gives the Emperor shows different spoilers for things to come, such as Mar- I mean Papa Smurf having captured Magnus The Red and Cypher planning something on Mars.
    • Both of the Children's Card Game episodes are funnier the more you know about the real game. Every move is either breaking the rules or using banned cards.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • The Emperor's portrayal of being quite grumpy and insulting towards his sons, especially his constant demands for Guilliman to get his life support turned off, yet still loving them despite it all, has taken on a much darker tint after revelations from the recent Dark Imperium storyline. Guilliman, to his great pain, learns that the Emperor never saw him and his brothers as sons, merely as ultimately expendable tools to be used to save the Human race and ensure its dominance in the galaxy. note 
    • Though this could be a case of Unreliable Narrator. Lately the Black Library has shown that everything the Emperor says is filtered through the expectations and biases of the recipient. This is why Ra Endymion of the Custodes hears the Emperor call the Primarch as numbers, despite the fact that the Emperor had given each of the Primarchs names before they were stolen away from him. These names being different from the ones they use and could actually be utilized as True Name against the Daemon Primarchs.
    • Given Guilliman's continuing quest to reform the twisted monstrosity that is the Imperium in the 42nd Millennium is extremely similar to TTS Emperor's, one can almost look at the new 40k Canon as a deconstruction of this very series given how utterly soul crushing and thankless such a task is even for a superhuman demi-god.
    • One of the bigger subplots in the background of the series is Abaddon gathering the Champions of Chaos to lead a Dark Crusade on Cadia becomes this in the canon story Cadia Falls where he actually manages to succeed, causing the planet to become overrun by daemons and then destroyed via Exterminatus.
    • Russ and the Inquisition drunkenly pranking daemons is hilarious... right up until the army of extremely pissed off daemons catches up and kills almost all of them in a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Earlier in the series Emperor says that he'll make someone throw a match at the Fab Custodes to show them the folly of not wearing armour and being all oiled up. In the Aprils Fools episode he finally gets his wish by the hands of Fucking Horus himself.
    • In episode 1, The Emperor says "Come to papa" to the Centurion - said Centurion later turns out to be Rogal Dorn, one of The Emperor's actual "sons".
    • Despite the Emperor absolutely detesting Roboute Guilliman and wanting his life support cut off, in the Gathering Storm event of 40k canon, Guilliman finally awakens and has the exact same horrified and furious reaction to the bottomless cruelty and stupidity of the 41st millennium Imperium as the text-to-speech Emperor did. Well, with less uses of the word "Fuck" but still.
    • Compounded by the time of Dark Imperium where Canon Roboute is literally doing everything the TTS Emperor has been ordering/suggesting right down to writing a book on how to fix the Imperium and dressing up his attempts to reform the Imperium in religious justifications despite his utter contempt for the Imperial Cult.
      Why do I still live? What more do you want from me? I gave everything I had to you, to them. Look what they have made of our dream. This bloated, rotten carcass of an empire is driven not by reason and hope, but by fear, hate and ignorance. Better that we had all burned in the fire of Horus' ambition than lived to see this.
    • You know how the series keep taking Custodes characters out of the Imperial Palace? Well, as of January 2018, there's a full Codex for the Custodes and lore reasons for them to be out in the galaxy at large.
    • In the first podcast discussion of one of the books mistakenly referring to a Space Marine officer as a Lieutenant leads to the characters speculating what the equivalent rank would even be, with the guess being either a Captain or something under a Captain. Come 8th edition and Primaris Marines actually have a Lieutenant rank, and it's effectively a lower grade of Captain.
    • Meeting the Felinids has become this due to the Internet's collective reaction to the Cats trailer.
  • Ho Yay:
    Kitten: My only desire is to serve you, my lord!
    The Emperor: That can easily be skewed in all the wrong ways. It's a good thing that shitty fanfic writers aren't anywhere near here.
    • Although, there is a point in that the Emperor is very reliant on Kitten. Magnus' comment that Kitten is "practically the Emperor's wife" isn't too far off in some regards.
      • In a non-canon short, the Emperor fiddles with his speech settings, and has Ho Yay with himself, as Emperor had left Emperor for Empress.
    • The Pillar-stodes or Fabstodes absolutely drip of this. With their love for the Emperor (and probably each other) and basically running around the Imperial Palace almost naked.
    Whamuudes: Probably while we were all oiling our abs...
    Custodisi: mean each other's abs? [titillating chuckling]
    Whamuudes: AH-huuuu...that too
    • Kairos must really, really despise Skarbrand, because his lying head was outright making love confessions towards the big guy. With such lines as: "I'm glad we have each other" and "I love you Skarbrand."
    • And then there's Custodisi's crush for Magnus, when the emperor orders him to go find Kitten and Magnus he states he's interested in slapping his ass and then referring to him as "Hot Stuff".
    But first I must fiercely slap dat red-hot ass for my hand is fiercely cravin' some daemon misbehavin' [Aroused Chuckle]
    • He eventually crosses a line when - after a conversation about how the Custodes are basically related to the Primarchs - asks if Magnus has "ever heard of Wincest?" The Emperor promptly deletes him.
  • HSQ: The Star Child (i.e. a large part of the Emperor's soul, specifically his Compassion and Humanity) fusing with Fyodor, creating a light so bright that it obliterates the daemonic forces attacking the Gate of Khaine and some Black Legion Chaos Space Marines. The light of his rebirth shines out of the Warp and into material space, shining bright enough to be seen outside the galaxy.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Yes, the Emperor is definitely not a nice guy. But, given everything he has had to put up with for the past ten thousand years and his present state, along with him discovering how far the Imperium has decayed after all the work he put in to creating it... it's hard not to feel at-least a little sorry for him. He also seems to genuinely care about those around him, even if most of the time he's insulting them.
    • To a lesser extent, Magnus. He's an egotistical Insufferable Genius, and he outright lies to Kitten about the Emperor not wanting him back as his caretaker and is quick to berate him when he's angry, not unlike his father. But consider that not only does he have to put up with everything he did in canon, but also realizes he had been used and manipulated by Tzeentch, but also has to put up with being constantly berated by the Emperor. Is it any wonder he wants to knock the Emperor's ego down a peg?
  • Magnificent Bastard: In the light of episode 18, it turns out that the Emperor hasn't lost his superhuman intellect. He's a Jerk prone to Kick the Dog from time to time, but his followers (even Sour Supporters) are unflinchingly loyal to him and he manages to pull of an epic, fourteen-episodes-spanning Batman Gambit, with a great possibility that it's not over yet.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The lines said by all of the Fabulous Custodes.
      • My Glorious Overlord!
      • My Oiled Abs quiver at your voice!
      • ...[Aroused Snickering]...
    • DIGGANOBZ! (in response to anything Wulfen-related.)
    • Episode 20 already has some lines getting popular with Youtube commenters.
      • You thought it was [adorable little thing], but it was I, ROGAL DORN!
      • REPENT, MOTHER***ER!
    • Pretty much everything Rogal Dorn says. The man is a bloody Fountain of Memes.
    I hope our cuddling sessions aren't rescheduled because of this.
    I am fortifying this position.
    Father, may I still sit in your lap?
    I am the best treehouse architect in the galaxy. I accept the challenge.
    Serf! I need supplies and twelve hundred labourers.
    Father, are you familiar with the expression "you are what you eat", seeing as you are behaving like an ever-growing pile of screaming psychic children?
    Once upon a time... I was me
    Yey. Bike.
    I personally think it is a lemon. A lemon is a mighty fruit. My favourite.
    Fecal matter does not have mental capacity. You do not require fortifications against it.
    I am "Adorable."
    • Commenters' habit of saying "I'm fortifying this position!" and adding rows and rows of ▪
    • Rogal's oft-repeated deadpan "No" is a meme unto itself.
    • Make the Imperium great again!
      • #MagnusDidNothingWrong
    • The "Heresy Scene" (AKA "The Imperium Of Man In A Nutshell") from Episode 19, which was reshared so often (and uncredited) that Alfabusa had to create a standalone video for.
    • Just about everything that Corvus Corax says.
      • "The box doesn't judge. It just hates."
    • Thanks to the podcasts, Choas has become rather common as a nickname for chaos, to the point some can't help but read choas involuntarily when reading the actual word.
    • Everything about Santodes. Pretty much every line of his is memetic, not the least because he's voiced by Takahata101, who voiced the Abridged Nappa and Guru.
    • I CAST FIST!
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: The canon version of Kaldor Draigo is widely disliked for being Matt Ward's self-insert, for screwing up the lore of the Warp and for being an obvious clone of Khal Drogo. ITEHATTSD's version of him, in contrast, is well-liked for being a bonafide senile lunatic who not only gets some hilarious lines but is incredibly badass in spite of his insanity, but because of it.
    • Similarly done with the Ultramarines who were also Matt Ward's Creator's Pet faction.
  • Squick: "Timothy", the thing that Vect keeps as a personal booze-giver (as in the one that pours it directly into his mouth, being too important to take a cup or drink himself) and that some Homunculus probably gave him as a gift. It looks warped as hell, like someone tried to make E.T. out of an old man through extensive and highly ineffective surgery.
  • What an Idiot!: Vulkan finds a Catachan Barking Toad. While ignorance is not this trope, it becomes this when the local Guardsmen explain just how toxic the creature is.
  • The Woobie: Boy. Even in paper, the role given to him by the Emperor is sad: Be a glorified mic stand and an example of how utterly ignorant the Imperium's citizens are. In practice, it gets worse: He's constantly nervous of making a bad scene in front of the closest thing he has to a deity, often panics to the point of Stress Vomit, and the Custodes make a point of mocking him at every turn because of how utterly far below them he is with Karstodes in particular seeming to enjoy making threats of violence towards him. His eye is gorged with the shards of a glass cup broken by Helbrecht. Even if the Emperor spares him his actual wrath and offensive language, he's still utterly dismissive otherwise. All of this on top of being just some poor kid from somewhere in the Palace outskirts, who barely has anything to eat as is and whose life is an utter drudge. The one saving grace he has is that Rogal Dorn, a flippin' Primarch, is looking out for him.


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