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The Emperor is screwing with Magnus.
He just wants Magnus to take his place on the Golden Throne so he can free up his massive psychic will to mess with everyone he hates. Ending with Magnus because he'll be useful while he's tricking him.
  • The, hopefully, Prima Aprilis episode might lend credence to this theory.
  • Since the Big E had always intended for Magnus to sit on the throne and control the Astronomicon, this is pretty damned likely.
  • The OP got confirmed when it involved the words "The Emperor is screwing with..."

Fyodperor will fail in hijacking Ynnead's birthday
And will be bitchslapped. Though that doesn't mean they can't form an alliance.

The Ultramarines' invincibility explained
In the past, the Ultramarines were infiltrated by a cabal of Alpha Legionaries. They have been manipulating almost every part of the Ultramarines over the last 10 millennia. They are responsible for the Ultramarines current-day characterization of being deluded of invincibility and having a religious blind adherence to the Codex Astartes. They made sure that almost every Ultramarine fits this characterization, and try to remove or marginalize any Marine who dares to deviate from their planned path (such as
Captain Titus). A possible alias for one the Alpha Legion infiltrators is Mattathias Warden.
  • It looks like this theory might be Jossed. From the looks of things, Marneus Calgar made a deal with (or at the very least is aware of) a Reality Warper who is rewriting history to minimize the Ultramarines' defeats and exaggerate their victories.
  • Which is exactly what Matt Ward did.

The Emperor wants to steal Karamazov's throne
The Inqusitor General is an Ax-Crazy maniac who basically set fire to Terra and belongs to organization the Emperor ordered to be disbanded, and yet when Little Kitten wanted to finish him for good, Emperor forbade him, letting Karamazov escape. Why? Because Karamazov has the Throne of Judgment, which would enable Emperor to move around once again. As to recovering Magnus, Emperor will make him support the Astronomicon when Father's out.
  • Doubtful. This was brought up in Episode 12.5 and the Emperor said it wasn't worth it.
  • Jossed. Turns out he spared Karamazov so that he would end up in the Warp, which works on Clap Your Hands If You Believe. With Dominique's help to push Fyodor into madness, the latter ended up believing so hard he was a shard of the Emperor's soul that the Warp made it true, allowing the Star Child to take Fyodor's body and throne.

The Emperor is going to shit out a new Eye of Terror
We've seen Kitten's explanations cause him to produce warp storms, eventually he's going to generate one that consumes the entire Segmentum Solar and the Emperor will become the Fifth Chaos God just as Tzeentch is planning.
  • And it'll be the Captain-General asking him what makes him different from a Chaos God, what with the whole "being formed from a bunch of merged souls and being worshipped" thing.

The Emperor's insistence on cutting Guilliman's life support is not his dickery
We know that the Emperor's plan is to bring his sons back. In canon, it's rumored that Roboute Guilliman is healing slowly in his stasis field (which, considering this technology is Time Stands Still incarnate, is impossible), and, Mary Sue accusations aside, he is one of the brightest and smartest Primarchs and Emperor knew this. He wants the man's life support cut because then Guilliman's Healing Factor won't have to fight against the stasis field and the Primarch will be back.
  • The idea is nicely supported by episodes, where it was revealed the Emperor's current approach for dealing with the Ultramarines is "they know their duty and they will do it" and to roll with it when they inevitably succeed. Ask them to do something and everything will go better than planned...well, except for poor ol' Calgar's emotional well-being...
  • Alternatively, it's a Mercy Kill. He has personal experience with ten thousand years on life support and doesn't want his sons to suffer the same horrific Fate Worse than Death.
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  • Might be Jossed now that 8th edition is out and that Guilliman is finally out of life support and back in action as regent of the Imperium, albeit very disillusioned with the Emperor.

The Emperor is being a grumpy bag of dicks because he's not 'complete'
He outright mentions that part of his psyche, personality and mind are floating in the Warp. It could be over time he lost some of his previous traits and what remained is the God-Emperor we see today.
  • Empire's luck, huh? Rather than the merciful, the loving or the reasonable parts, it was the grumpy one that held on to the Golden Throne...
  • Confirmed: he discarded his compassion in the warp earlier, which formed the Star Child. Now he decides he needs it back.

The series is building up to the 14th Black Crusade
Abbadon is apparently gathering many well known and high ranking Chaos Space Marines, including Ahzek Ahriman, Lucius the Eternal and even Fulgrim, which he would only do for a Black Crusade. Not to mention Lucius mentions that Abbadon is holding another one of his "huge parties"
  • More like 13th - Ynnead still isn't awakened, which happened mostly at the same time.

Kharn the Betrayer will make an appearance
If Abby's really gearing up for another Black Crusade, there's no way he's not bringing along one of Chaos' best murder machines for the ride.
  • While it hasn't TECHNICALLY been confirmed, the Season 3 Trailer and the appearance of Typhus pretty much seals that it's gonna happen.

Ghazghkull will have an important role in Season 2.
So far, the intro has featured several characters who were significant to the plot, including Kitten, Karamazov, and Magnus, as well as Ghazghkull. Given that we see him apparently deciding to recruit Blacktoof, it's likely that he's gathering forces and preparing to launch the most massive Waaagh!!! the galaxy has ever seen!
  • Jossed: he never appeared in the Seasons 2 and 3 again. Maybe later.

The Ultramarines are currently producing/have made a chaos god.
It is the chaos god of pride, and they all are, with a few exceptions, corrupted by this god. This would explain their invincibility (They think they are, and are thought of as, invincible), how they were able to survive the warp (they were already corrupted by chaos), and why Big E wants them gone. As to why nobody suspects them to be heretical, they are too prideful and see themselves still as human.
  • Alternatively this could mean they have been corrupted by Slaneesh. Keep in mind he/she also has emotions in excess in their domain as evidenced by the Emperor's Children which reinforces the point since the EC were very proud and strove to be perfect in everything. So if the Ultramarines are are pursuing/embracing their pride to such an extreme like claimed above it would make them a potential worshipper of Slaneesh like the EC. Slaneesh could also be feeding those feelings of pride and invincibility by ensuring things like them surviving without the Geller Fields turned on come to pass. While they would have been dealing with Tzeentch and his daemons who is to say Slaneesh would not have intervened directly or sent his/her daemons to distract Tzeentch and co. while the Ultramarines did their work? Or he/she struck a deal with Tzeentch and it went along with his Tzeentch's plans? The more the Ultramarines succeed the more their pride and the feeling of success is fed. And the greater their pride and desire for greater feats grow the more they wind up in Slaneesh's pocket.
  • It's implied Marneus Calgar made a Deal with the Devil with Matt Ward himself.

The emperor will reforge his body
Considering that he did so in the April Fools video quite easily, him remaking his body may yet happen. If it does happen however, what would be the point of a text to speech device if he has vocal chords? But if it does happen, it means that his plan to fix everything would go incredibly quickly.
  • And judging from the Season 3 trailer, he just might do that. However, it will probably take more time, effort, energy, and resources (in short, be more realistic) than how things went in the April Fools Episode.
  • We-ell, Magnus is trying to enact Proteus protocol, Just as Planned by Emps, but he's also cursed to fail, so...

Tzeentch gave up Magnus' soul as part of the plan.
The effort in retaking it was very taxing for the Man-Emperor, further fracturing his already Warp-scattered mind. However, Tzeentch knew that the Emperor would make it that much more difficult to get his mind back, and let it happen, so that Precognition!Emperor would not be able to get back to Throne!Emperor (if in part due to his intervention) to warn them about the Tau.
  • Alternatively, Tzeentch gave up Magnus' soul because he's actually trying to help the Imperium, or at the very least sabotage Chaos. While this idea may seem ludicrous at first, one has to remember that Tzeentch would never allow Chaos to fully succeed because then there would be no more change and he would cease to exist. With Abaddon preparing his latest Black Crusade, one that will feature all four Champions of Chaos, as well as Daemon Primarchs like Fulgrium, the Despoiler's chances of conquering Cadia and expanding the Eye of Terror are higher than ever. At that point, total victory for Chaos becomes a very real possibility and something the Lord of Change cannot allow, so Tzeentch gave Magnus back to the Emperor as a way of "evening the odds" and balancing the power gradient between the Imperium and Chaos again.

Kitten's name is actually Santodes
  • Jossed, apparently, as the first Q&A reveals Santodes was actually the one who copied Ollanius Pius' Heroic Sacrifice in an effort not to be upstaged. Kitten denies being the one to tell Santodes to do so.
  • Jossed: Kitten personally talks with Santodes in Ep 27.

Precognition!Emperor is not seeing the future, but a fantasy constructed by Tzeentch.
Why? The Indecisive Mollusk has already shown himself to be a schoolyard bully so what better way to mess about with what toys he has left by showing it terrible horrors.

The "lost" Artifacts of Vulkan were in the Ultramarines' trophy hall the whole time.
At least one, the Unbound Flame, is already associated with the Ultramarines. It makes sense that they may have recovered that one at the very least and simply forgot to give it to the Salamanders. Or it got lost in the Administratum.

The Emperor's going to fix the Warp and stop Chaos simply by having mankind will it.
We know that the last plan the Emperor had to stop Chaos didn't pan out due to a faulty assumption on the nature of chaos and originally wanted to starve them out of existence, but he clearly has a new plan. Something to remember about WH40k: all of humanity is latently psychic, sort of like Orks but on a smaller scale. That's how prayers and religious imagery can hurt Chaos (since the Emperor is not a god, after all), because WH40k is a universe where Clap Your Hands If You Believe actually works with enough people. Of course, if the Emperor was serious about that "Human hivemind" suggestion, that would just make this plan a lot easier.

Magnus isn't going to turn Kitten to worship any of the Chaos Gods
Because I'd like to think Magnus is genuine that he was pissed off with how Tzeentch manipulated him, but as we see in the latest episode, he's not really on the Emperor's side either. I think what Magnus wants to to form his own Chaos Cult dedicated/centered around him so he can ascend and ultimately put the boot to everyone who has slighted him.
  • The title is confirmed, but the actual theory is Jossed, though elements of this do exist in his actual plans and motivations. He wants to set himself up as the Savior of the Imperium to break the Emperor's ego.

Despite his manipulations in Episode 22, Magnus isn't planning on outright betraying the Emperor and rejoining Tzeentch.
This ties in with the above anon's post. While I did think that Magnus was The Mole for Tzeentch at first, I started doubting this upon watching the video again. Magnus was going to tell the truth to Kitten at first ("Ye...Nnnnnoooo...."), which heavily implies that he wasn't planning anything until that very moment. If Magnus wanted to betray the Emperor to Tzeentch or the other Chaos gods from the very beginning, why didn't he do anything during the months he was in the Imperial Palace? There were AMPLE opportunities for him to fuck up the Emperor or his plans. For example, he could have simply walked out of the Imperial Palace to have Tzeentch reclaim him, which would already have been a victory for Chaos since the Emperor's soul would have been splintered even more than it already was in the process of rescuing Magnus in the first place. Heck, Magnus could have just flat out destroyed the Imperial Palace and turned Terra into a daemon world if he wanted to (the Emperor even hints at this in Episode 14 I think), and when Magnus was first introduced he pretty much declared that he was going to kill the Emperor, and considering his vast powers he probably could have.

So how do I explain Magnus' manipulations here? I think that he's fully gotten sick and tired of the Emperor neglecting and mistreating his children (and by this I mean both the Primarchs and even Kitten to a degree). Although their relationship is slowly improving, Magnus probably still thinks that the Emperor is a pompous windbag who's too full of himself to realize what a crappy father he is. Indeed, the Emperor is still too prideful to acknowledge his MANY mistakes (especially when dealing with his children), so now Magnus has decided to take matters into his own hands. Driving a wedge between the Emperor and Kitten is his plan to make the Emperor realize just how alone and helpless he is to do anything without someone he trusts and likes (in the loosest sense of the word) around him, and by doing this Magnus will finally knock down the Emperor's pride a few notches and force him to fess up to his fallibilities. In other words, the Primarch of the Fifteenth Legion is about to dish out some serious Break the Haughty and Laser-Guided Karma.

  • Considering the Emperor had to get that one last kick in about Magnus' previous mistakes, which clearly upset him, I'd have to agree with you.
  • More or less confirmed, though his actual motivations are a bit more complicated. Magnus isn't trying to destroy the Imperium and rejoin Chaos. He's trying to completely reform the Imperium from the inside out, setting himself (and Kitten) to be the heroes of the Imperium. All to break the Emperor's ego when he realizes that his son succeeded where he'd failed.

The Emperor knows EXACTLY what's going on in Episodes 21-22, it's all part of his plan, and Dorn is in on the whole thing.
Everything that's happened in Season 3 so far is going exactly as the Emperor planned. He knows what happened during the battle between all of the Custodes and Magnus, and his "absence" during that battle was fake. Keep in mind, the Emperor was physically present during the whole thing (even if he claims to have GTFO'd), has demonstrated an ability to change the voices for his TTS device in Short 2 (an ability that NOBODY knows he has as far as we know), and it's heavily implied if not outright stated that he does not want to actually leave his physical body at any point because it would shatter his soul to a massive fucking degree. Despite Kitten's claims otherwise, the Emperor suspects that he has psychic powers and his summoning of Draigo confirmed his suspicions. He knows that the Custodes are lying to him and that Kitten didn't truly want to leave from his position as Caretaker. The TTS device doesn't convey emotions very well, and the Emperor used that to his advantage when expressing sorrow over Kitten's departure (or faking it). He also threw that last snide remark at Magnus to get him to snap and take matters into his own hands, possibly taking on Kitten as his own apprentice or disciple to hone up his powers. When the Emperor and Kitten finally reconcile and Kitten resumes his post as Caretaker, Kitten will become far more powerful than he used to be with his psychic powers trained AND he will be MUCH less of a Butt Monkey than he used to be, giving the Emperor a much more powerful and assertive Captain-General with powers possibly rivaling that of a Primarch.

And as for Dorn, he was there for the exchange between Kitten and the other Custodes after the battle with Magnus, so he knows that Kitten didn't willingly leave the Emperor's side and only did so to honor his agreement. He was also there for the exchange between the Custodes and the Emperor, so he knows the Custodes are lying. He's supposed to represent Brutal Honesty and all that, right? If that's the case, then why didn't he call the Custodes out when they lied to the Emperor that Kitten didn't find his post gratifying enough? I think it's because the Emperor quietly and telepathically informed him of his plan during the battle with Magnus when he was pretending to GTFO. After all, his quirkiness aside, Dorn has proven exceptionally adept at keeping secrets from other people considering that he kept his identity as the Centurion hidden for a very, VERY long time. Keeping quiet about a secret TECHNICALLY isn't the same thing as lying, and if anybody can keep mum about a secret, Dorn is the best candidate by far. Heck, the Emperor's exasperation at Dorn would make an excellent cover for their collaboration, especially since it's probably genuine and not something he has to fake. Dorn knows what the Emperor's plan is, and he's keeping silent and going along with it.

  • Comments from Bruva Alfabusa responding to fan criticism of the Emperor's seemingly irrational behavior certainly seem to support this theory.

  • If we could upvote WMGs, I'd do so. Also, consider Emperor's off-hand line to Karstodes: "just do not torture the goldyguy so harshly the next time". Karstodes' been torturing Kitten in the same room Magnus is outlining his plans, and Emperor is aware of what happened. What are the chances he doesn't hear what Magnus has been saying?
    • Like the Emperor would need to actually hear the interrogation to know that was where he suddenly acquired that detailed information on the Space Wolves.
      • Nevertheless, he also knows when to interrupt Kitten in episode 11 so that the man wouldn't execute Karamazov. I'd say he's aware of everything being said and done in the palace.
  • Pretty much confirmed by Episode 27.

Cato Sicarius will fight Lucius at some point.
And whatever force that ensures the Ultrasmurfs' invincibility will protect Cato Sicarius from Lucius' Slaaneshi curse despite his colossal Pride.
  • It will end with Cato possessing LUCIUS.
  • Alternatively Cato Sicarius is the reincarnation of the pre-heresy Lucius.
  • Or Lucius will let himself die as he won't be able to stand up using the body of someone so self-centered as Sicarius.

Kitten is actually a psyker or something of a similar nature
Several times in the series, he takes interest in warp related shenanigans related to it and in episode 19 after hearing Magnus' description of what it is claims that he is relieved that he isn't one after all in a somewhat suspicious manner. Then in episode 22, he summons Kaldor Draigo using Magnus' book. In all likelihood, kitten has been experiencing something suspicious in his long interim which has gotten him curious. Along with this, in the 4th special, Kitten challenges Tzeentch to a 'children's card game', and actually wins. After this, his subtitles are now switched to a silverish-blue color. The only other characters that have coloured subtitles are massively powerful/important characters, such as Emps and Magnus.

Kitten is a primarch prototype.
He was made by emperor during his early experimentation to create primarchs. While not exactly what the emperor intended he was an exceptional result and served as basis for future custodes. Emperor knows and recognizes him for his "firstborn" but due to his plans and plots (not to mention abusive personality) does not intend to inform him, or anyone else of it until the time is right.
  • Made more likely with Kitten's comment that his mother was "a tube in Mount Everest" in episode 25. The Primarchs were entirely genetically engineered organisms, a process that were started in Emp's labs in Everest and later moved to the moon, and as a result such a tube would be the closest thing to a mother they had. The Custodes however were recruited from various nobles and "royal" families that were conquered in the unification wars, when the Emperor promised some amount of preferential treatment would be given to them in return for their cooperation. As a result, Kitten would have had a proper family before his conversion to a Custodes, making the comment a bit of an oddity.
    • Maybe as a part of their indoctrination they disown whatever previous lives they had and hold themselves born-again, with Emps being their true father? Since there's no qualifying mother, they substitute the vat in which they were transformed for womb, hence "tube as a mother".

The Emperor will eventually learn Lion El Johnson is asleep inside the rock.
And psychically tell him to get his ass up.

The Engine of Woes is just a tomb with Corvus Corax in it.
Because for one, going by opening sequence the Primarchs will start appearing more and more often now; two, Magnus and Kitten are going to Nocturne, and we know Corax is there; and three, an extrememly powerful weapon with "woe" in its name does seem to fit with Corax's emo persona. Alternatively, Magnus will sense Corax and get him out to prove to his father that he can fix the Imperium and rescue his family better.
  • Confirmed. Magnus and Corvus didn't get along well, though.

Ultramarines' dance-off with Harlequins is to rescue Jaghatai.
Jaghatai was last seen heading into the Webway, where Harlequins make their home, and Emperor's tasks for the Ultramarines seem to have more purpose than just to amuse him. With Harlequins all but equating dance with war, the prize for the winner could be a Primarch.
  • As of episode 24 it seems that the Emperor didn't know Jaghatai was in the Webway but after he finds out he orders the Ultramarines to go find him if they're going there anyway.
  • Could be both - since the Emperor's mind is so shattered, he might've been planning on ordering the Ultramarines to rescue Jaghatai and then forgotten what he was doing mid-sentence. Being The Emperor, he just made something up on the spot just so he could later claim this was All According to Plan.

The Emperor isn't always faking bewilderment when he's complaining about the stupid crap he has to deal with.
The Emperor's various consciousnesses flits in and out of him at semi-random. So there are points when dealing with people in which he is genuinely confused at what is going on despite earlier and later behaviour suggesting he knows exactly what is going on. As to why his various consciousnesses don't coordinate? The Emperor and most if not all his subsouls are trolls. They deliberately withhold information so they can troll each other.

Magnus and Kitten really WILL make the Imperium great again...just not in the way they intended.
Magnus' plans to reform the Imperium from the inside out will actually contribute greatly to the Imperium's restoration and rise...just not in the way that he intends. Consider his plot to assassinate the High Lords of Terra. The end result of his scheme was the destruction of several xenos infiltrators who had masqueraded as the High Lords, xenos that could have ruined the administration of the Imperium even further if they had been left unchecked.

As an added bonus, Kitten was able to convince the High Lords to pass decrees and edicts that would actually benefit the people of the Imperium. The Lord Commander of the Militant Guard was genuinely considering giving benefits to his Guardsmen for their bravery, and while the Fabricator-General has a weird way of making amends through Oil Margaritas he DID legitimately go through with it, something that the head Mechanicus confirmed during his confrontation with the Dark Angels (and judging by their...interesting preferences, the Oil Margaritas might be something they truly enjoy, along with toaster sex day). A competent (or at the very least, properly directed) High Council could actually start the stagnant engine of the Imperium running again, and all of this could only happen because of Magnus' original scheme.

His next plan, to steal the Engine of Woes from Vulkan and Nocturne, could yield similarly unexpected results. One of the above WMG's suggests that Corvus Corax is trapped in the Engine of Woes. Kitten and Magnus could very possibly steal it (with the Salamanders none the wiser similar to how they missed Cato Sicarius dropping in the remaining Artifacts, Ultramarine OP-bullshit aside). They open the engine, and boom! Corvus Corax falls out, and returns to Terra to rejoin the Emperor's side.

The cycle would then continue as Magnus' plans seemingly fail to produce any type of success, but each plan is actually one step closer to "making the Imperium great again" under his nose. And this could all very well be part of the Emperor's next plan.

  • Confirmed in Episode 27.

The Emperor doesn't actually have a plan to fix the galaxy.
He just wants all of his remaining sons to be by his side when he finally kicks the bucket.
  • Jossed after Magnus sends almost all the Inquisition that stormed the palace to the Warp (meaning those who didn't aren't as fanatical and can be reformed and pointed in the right direction, which includes the Ecclesiarchy) and Episode 26 Part 1, where we learn that everything that Karamazov since his first appearance was part of Big E's plan to have the Star Child (the Emperor's humanity and compassion) return to life using Fyodor's body.

The Primarchs will appear in the plot in the same order they do in the opening sequence.
At least in some capacity. Consider: the first five in the opening sequence are Dorn, Magnus, Vulkan, Russ and Corvus. Dorn has first showed up in the very first episode (although incognito), Magnus in no. 13, Vulkan in 20th, and Russ and Corvus appear one after another in 21st. Next three are Ferrus, Lion and Khan, which ties nicely with plot threads we have going and suggest that next episodes will involve some flashback (or Vulkan's dream sequence) of Ferrus, Cypher doing stuff on the Rock and Ultramarines recovering Khan - remember, they were send to a dance-off with denizens of the place White Scars primarch was last seen disappearing.

Next up are five straight-up Chaos Primarchs, which ties in with the Black Crusade plot on the backburner, and after a few more there's Sanguinus. Seeing Sanguinor reacting to Emperor's plea from Q&A episodes would be a helluva way to end the season on a cliffhanger.

If Omegon does exist in the continuity
The Emperor will either call Alpharius a idiot for not telling him he had a extra son, or awkwardly apologize for not noticing Alpharius had a Twin.
  • Jossed, he refered to both Alpharius and Omegon (albeit as if they were the same individual with two names, meaning either he lumps them together or does not give a shit about who is who) when listing the flaws of the Primarchs and we saw both of them in episode 17.
    • More like they were one and only person entire time, with "identical twins" stuff being cover story.

The Custodians have been corrupted by Slaanesh
Aside from the typical jokes, Karstodes mentions in "A Hairy Situation" that he did do battle with Slaaneshi demons a lot in the past. However, the Emperor says to Magnus that Tzeench cannot reach him within the palace, so it is unlikely that Slaanesh herself would be directly controlling the Fabstodes if this is indeed the case, just having forced them, purposefully or not, to be obsessed with excess like her typical followers.

But how easy would it be for the god/goddess of excess to control beings who were created to be emotionless automatons? Apparently, easier than you might think. The Cyborg Iron Hands chapter, who had a combination of physical mech-augmentation and emotional suppressors, used to be an entire chapter of near-emotionless automatons, convinced it protected them from The Corruption of Chaos. They found out the hard way being emotionless only increases their vulnerability to corruption through spirit. The sons of Ferrus Mannus wised up later, but it appears nobody relayed that story to the custodians who would become the Fabstodes.

  • Jossed as the Fabstodes all but state they find Slaanesh's followers disgusting. Besides, Cegorach and the Harlequins only let those who completely destroyed Chaos within themselves inside the Library (hence why Ephrael Stern can go inside).

Billy is Kaldor Draigo
Lucius said he was a psyker, and with all the shit he's lived through Little Billy could be a prime Grey Knight recruit. While the massive trauma might explain some of his insanity, even after the mindwipe during training. And at some point he was thrown back in time several hundred years.

Telling Karamazov he has part of the Emperor's soul was part of the Emperor's plan.
The Emperor told Inquisitor Karamazov he carried part of the Emperor's soul to distract him and make him fall more easily to Magnus' Warp trick. One of the Warp's things is that it makes all of humanity's dreams and nightmares real. Maybe the Emperor told Karamazov that and sent him into the Warp so he could start gathering all of the Emperor's soul shards spread around the Warp and, when he comes back - probably accompanied by Leman Russ - reunite his entire soul and repair his body to once more lead Mankind into greatness.
  • With what's happened at the end of Episode 26: Part 1, you may very well be on to something.
  • Confirmed as of Ep 26.2: he was conditioned to be throne-seating hypocritical prick with megalomania, believing himself to be The Emperor who's doing the best to his subject to exploit rules of sympathy in the Warp, all to make the host for the Star Child.

The "library card" thing wasn't just trolling.
Cegorath will ask the Custodes if they brought theirs and they'll have to find Kitten's.
  • Jossed. The Custodes were able to enter the Black Library despite never having seen (or even knowing the existence of) the Black Library or Cegorach before.
    • Maybe they were given theirs upon entering?
  • Also, you need to be completely Chaos-free to enter the Library. Ahriman and the Thousand Sons being, well, Chaos Space Marines...

Leman Russ has tourette's syndrome.
  • He's not obsessed with wolves...he has a mental illness that makes him replace words with wolf!

At some point, we'll see the Super Warp
Leman Russ doesn't dismiss the possibility, so we'll get to see the place that is The Warp to The Warp.

There will be 20 seasons, each one corresponding to a Primarch
The second season was Magnus, the third was Rogal Dorn, the rest will follow suit. As for the missing Primarchs, well, the first season the Emperor didn't constantly interact with a Primarch, so the same thing will happen the last season.
  • Jossed as Alfabusa confirmed that he will stop at 42 episodes unless something big happens at Games Workshop. And Season 3 revealed two Primarchs so far (Rogal and Corvus), three if you count Vulkan's full return.

The Emperor doesn't have a superplan.
  • His only plan is "Get my sons back, unfuck the Imperium and find a way to walk again". All the other things (him saying he expected Magnus to send the Inquisition to the Warp, Magnus and Captain-General's plan is part of his own, asking his son to let him pull his strings,etc ...) are simply him making it up as he goes along and pretending it was all part of his plan to begin with.

Kitten is Constantin Valdor
Valdor earned nine hundred and thirty-two names prior to the Horus Heresy, and Kitten's full list of names takes so long to recite that even Magnus gets bored halfway through. Kitten is known to have been with the Emperor for a very long time and he's devoted enough to actually keep his armor on. Sure, Valdor resigned as Captain-General but who's to say he wouldn't have taken up the post again if all the other candidates were no longer of sound mind?
  • Seemingly Jossed as of Episode 28; Kitten compares himself to Constantin Valdor.

The plot advancement in War Zone: Fenris and Fall of Cadia is NOT INCONSISTENT with the events of TTS.
The Ultramarines' capture of Magnus the Red happened very shortly after the invasion of Fenris. Magnus had recently achieved a great triumph in bringing Sortiarius into the Materium, and his victory might have blindsighted him to the arrival of the Ultramarines (as the Emperor himself sarcastically puts it, his psychic powers only seem to work whenever he "fucks something up," and he most certainly DID NOT "fuck something up" in this case). The Ultramarines, being who they are, probably followed Magnus and the Thousand Suns past the Warp Rift that Magnus created when he brought the Planet into the Materium and began their mission to capture him shortly after. In fact, Magnus' bringing Sortiarius into the Materium might have made the Ultramarines' mission EASIER in a sense, since the actual invasion of the planet itself would now take place not in the Warp, but rather in the Materium, an environment that is probably safer despite the daemons now pouring out of the Warp Rift.

The reason why Karstodes and the High Lords have not received the news yet? Karstodes is only relaying what information he knows about the Space Wolves from Kitten, who very likely doesn't know about Magnus' recent invasion. And Magnus probably hid those "minor details" from him, since Kitten would be much less likely to trust him if he learned about the massive invasion of Chaos that the Primarch had unleashed only a few moments before his redemption and return to the Imperium. As for the High Lords, the news either reached the lachrymoles' ears while they were impersonating the High Lords, or the High Lords themselves were just too incompetent to know how to react properly to the situation.

As for the relationship between Magnus and Ahriman, Magnus might have forgiven Ahriman, but that doesn't mean that their relationship is all fluffy bunnies and rainbows. Their mutual hatred of the Space Wolves would obviously override any and all past problems in their relationship, but Magnus is very likely still somewhat bitter over the events that led to Ahriman's banishment in the first place. As for Ahriman, he's most likely far too engrossed in his quests to give it up completely, and likely returned back to doing his own thing after the Fenris invasion was finished.

The events on Cadia are somewhat harder to incorporate within the universe of TTS. If this is a re-telling of the 13th Black Crusade, then events will likely play out similarly to how they did in Fall to Cadia, only with many more power players involved (including Daemon Primarchs). Alternatively, Abaddon the Despoiler might want to keep the ball rolling after he finally got his act together, and is bringing together as many power players as quickly as possible for his 14th Black Crusade to crush the Imperium once and for all.

  • Partially Confirmed, partially Jossed by Word of God. Warzone:Fenris will be included into the TTS-verse, but not the fall of Cadia, as the 13th Black Crusade hasn't happened yet (It's what Abbadon is gathering the Chaos champions for).
    • Episode 1 of the podcast established Warzone: Fenris happened so recently that Magnus was kidnapped from the victory party. Only in Broad Strokes though, not the part with Ahriman rejoining the Legion.

Billy is going to become a Space Marine Librarian.
He's demonstrating an impressive level of mental fortitude for someone who has gone through so much crap as well as being a psyker.

Eventually someone will unplug Roboute.....
Only for him the Immediately wake up, fully healed and declare that he shall fix the imperium in short order!

Kitten's name (not including the ones he's earned) is Tau Shepard.
When he's panicking at the Emperor's rage about the Sensei, he refers to himself as Commander Shepard. Why he would call himself some video game character that hasn't been around for about 28 millennia at the time of him likely becoming a Custodes? It wouldn't make sense. Meanwhile, "Tau" is a South African name for "lion", which, given his racial makeup, has a slightly above average chance of him getting such a name (tens of thousands of years of drift and various catastrophes doesn't make it a guarantee). It also explains the "Little Kitten" nickname (since kitten is a term used to describe a baby cat and lions are big cats), and why he hates the Tau so much (the embarrassment of sharing a name with a vile Xenos race, especially one that doesn't even melee, drives him nuts).
  • Despite his protests, it's canon that Kitten hates the Tau because Shadowsun dumped him and he didn't get over it, channeling his sadness into a raging hateboner.

Kitten will face all of the Emperor's Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker game buddies.
He has beaten Emperor and Tzeentch already, he still has to face Cegorach, The Deceiver, and CREEEEED!.
  • Alternatively, he has already beaten Cegorach on his own. This is how he earned his library card.

Or a Harmless Villain at the very least. He's long been a Memetic Loser, plus consider the show has a Never Live It Down with how treats the Ultramarines and the Grey Knights despite 6th Edition trying to address problems with them. On top of this, Evil Will Fail was in force with Ahriman's goals, and he's almost universally seen as more effective than Abbadon.

Why does Kitten keep winning Yu-Gi-Oh! against the universe's greatest Magnificent Bastards such as the Emperor and Tzeentch?
It's because Kitten possesses a fragment of the soul of the past Emperor himself. Specifically, one of his past Incarnations: Pharaoh Atem of Egypt (or more known as Yami Yugi). When Atem aka the Emperor created one of the first civilizations in the world and attempted to teach humanity how to use the Warp to better themselves and conquer the world it only ended in disaster that summoned Eldritch Abominations such as Zorc (and if you would consider the Doma arc as canon, a catastrophic World War with Atlantis); this is why he was forced to ban sorcery in the Council of Nikaea. When the Emperor's soul fractured in the end of the Horus Heresy (greatly reducing his IQ by a hundred degrees), the Captain-General found a sort-of Millennium Puzzle that, because of being one of the only sane people in the galaxy, he managed to solve, incorporating a fraction of the Emperor into him, and it only needed the Emperor speaking and getting hammered in the face by a Techpriest to reawaken Atem. That is why he, a mere mortal, managed to defeat the omniscient TZEENTCH, aka Nyarlathotep on Steroids, the God of Scheming itself. Other people who dare try to duel with Tzeentch will just lose and end up being mutated into a state of And I Must Scream.

The Emperor's opinion of Guilliman will improve dramatically once the two of them actually meet.
Given what he knows about the Ultramarines and Guilliman's actions after his interment on the Golden Throne, as far as the Emperor knows Guilliman is basically just like the rest of the Ultra-smurfs, only taken Up to Eleven as a Primarch. However, Gathering Storm III has proved that Guilliman is just as horrified and disgusted at the Grimdark state of the Imperium as the Emperor is. The canon Guilliman at the current point in time has a personality and outlook not so different from that of the Emperor, and assuming that Guilliman doesn't get subjected to Matt Ward treatment, once the two of them actually meet they will bond due to their similar perspectives of the Imperium and over how utterly retarded it has become. It also helps that Guilliman will probably be the first Loyalist Primarch that will prove to be an Only Sane Man (at least when compared to Dorn, Vulkan, and Russ).

The Emperor will NOT make fun of Magnus' winged form.
His wings will remind the Emperor of Sanguinus, the only other winged Primarch, which will cause the Emperor to politely tell Magnus they look good on him, even if he questions the choice of horns, leaving Magnus outright shocked at his reaction.
  • Alternatively, he will insult him for trying to steal his Fabulous Hawkboy's look.
  • Jossed: no mention of Sanguinus, and Magnus is compared with chicken (and called cock).

Kitten was a JoJo during his "phase."
We already know that Kitten went through a period of time where he was just as crazy and ~*~*~fabulous~*~*~ as the Pillarstodes, and every other Custodian we've met so far has been a JoJo character with a custodian helmet. Considering his status as Butt-Monkey supreme despite being the Captain General, as well as his status as primary exposition dumper for the majority of the series, he was most likely The Eternal Narrator Speedwagondes.

If Lion El Johnson returns he will have a glorious beard as a result of his long slumber.
While Corax has messy facial hair (and smelly regular hair) due to being locked in the Engine of Woes, Dorn's moustache and buzz cut are clean. Maybe he decided to act fashionable ?

The XIII Black Crusade of TTS-verse isn't the same as the XIII Black Crusade in canon
It's goal isn't to get ahold of the Cadian Gate, it's to rescue/recapture Magnus the Red (after his kidnapping by Ultramarines). Tzeench of course had some complex plot going on around the crusade that involved recapturing Magnus beforehand and would result in knocking the other chaos gods down a peg or two, but then Tzeench Lost Him in a Card Game to Kitten- unless of course Tzeench planned to lose because he wants the crusade to go on...

Because A) We all saw how quickly Ahriman got booted out of the library, and B) Cegorach kept referring to the other Custodes in episode 25 as Solitaires, and he had to have gotten that assumption from somewhere...
  • I have a hard time believing that one of the biggest examples of a Magnificent Bastard in the entire 40K-universe would make that kind of grievous error, especially since the Solitaries are some of his own followers. Would be a serious case of Idiot Ball.
  • Considering Cegorach and his Harlequins allow people who are 100% against Chaos (including within themselves, see Ephrael) to enter the Library and Kitten flat-out told Magnus that he won't join Chaos for any reason, one can deduce that the Laughing God decided that Kitten was worthy of accessing the Library.
  • Jossed: Since Custodes are corruption proof, they're free to enter the Library, after some shits and giggles from Cegorach.

Boy will become a Space Marine
Because they need to demonstrate how Space Marines are made, and they have a pre-pubescent boy right there they can implant gene seed on.
  • I will one up this and say that he will in fact become a Primaris Marine. TTS Special 5 has shown that Alfa is fully prepared to fold the events of Gathering Storm into TTS canon, and Boy's innocence and In-Universe status fit the portrayal and fan reception of the Primaris to a T. Imagine one of the uncaring Custodes handing Boy over to some random Techpriest to replace his missing eye and poor lungs... and that Techpriest happens to be Belisarius Cawl on the prowl for test subjects...

The reason Kitten gets no respect is...
  • The other Pillarstodes KNOW that Kitten pushed Santodes into sacrificing himself unnecessarily. They regard Kitten as a villain and a manipulator whose civility and passiveness is a trick and see the death of Santodes and even Kitten's promotion to captain general as evidence of that. Them trying to push him out of the caretaker position wasn't exclusively for their own self-benefit, they were actually worried about the Emperor.
  • They just think he is a goody two-shoes, a pussy and/or a spoilsport for not spending his time walking around half-naked and being as hedonistic as possible.

The reason we don't see many other custodes
It's actually only the Pillarstodes who object to Kitten's leadership. The others are happy to do their jobs without fuss and most of their so-called crazy is all talk. The rest of the custodes we don't see are harmless eccentrics Kitten intentionally stations away from where he usually spends time for the sake of privacy and logistics. The fact that the only time we saw a fifth custodes was when Kitten was deserting his own post and running off with Magnus, and said fifth Custodes seemed content to maintain his post while shouting crazy things at passers-by seems to support this.
  • Law Of Conservation Of Details: there're plenty of Custodes in the Palace in varying states of sanity doing their own duties, they just have no business with Kitten and main cast until he needs some of them in Ep 27, and they obey without fuss (mostly).
  • Confirmed as of Episode 28; the members of Shield-Host Proteus tell Kitten that they pretty literally regard him as A Father to His Men and that's explicitly why they elected him as Captain-General.

Rogal Dorn was entirely correct to fortify that position.
While the nature of the show makes it difficult to reliably tell the layout of the physical space the show is supposed to take place in, we can make some logical deductions from what we see. For example, every time we see someone enter the throne room when we know they came from the greater palace / the rest of Terra, they enter from the right side of the throne (from the camera's perspective) with only the rare person entering from the left. Good examples are the Inquisition's invasion, all of Decius' appearances, and even Rogal Dorn's arrival in episode 20. Meanwhile, the only real left handed entrance we have was Magnus coming in during episode 21, but since we know he was working on the galactic history before this it might be possible the only thing accessible from that side of the throne would be a library or some other form of inner sanctum.

Now, why might this be important?

Rogal probably knew full well he couldn't take Magnus in a straight fight in that situation. Having just revealed himself again, he probably wouldn't want to take many personal risks. So, he helped the fight the best way he could. He fortified the door out of the throne room to the greater palace, likely assuming (or knowing thanks to his hand in it's construction) the rest of the throne room was already shielded against daemon based powers. This guaranteed that Magnus wouldn't escape in that condition and risk the populace of Terra. This would also keep Magnus in a predictable place for anyone Kitten called into the fight, making things far easier on everyone else (in addition to to conventional protection his fortifications would give them)

The Emperor Knows about the planned Black Crusade...
...and Magnus leaving on an adventure was all a part of the plan to counter it.
  • The Emperor knew the Ultramarines would succeed in getting Vulcan back, and yet Vulcan was not getting his butt to Terra. Add in Rogal Dorn being alive and the ask about the Sanguinior, and the Emperor probably suspects that several of his loyal kids are still out there, just laying low and not coming to chat with Dad like they should.
  • So he lets his secretly-reformed-but-still-wild-card red son go running around, attracting attention. Either the Loyalist Primarchs will phone home to figure out what's going on and realize that their father wishes to speak with them, or they'll rush home to save their father and talk to him that way. Ditto with getting Russ to get himself out of the Warp—all according to plan, since he knew the guys he knew Magus would throw in there were the type to blab.
  • If his loyalist sons end up recruiting a Crusade along the way (as Corvus and Vulcan are doing) then there will be more ready troops to counter the Black Crusade when it happens. In addition, Magnus being out and about would let the Thousand Sons know their Primarch is okay and that the Emperor is sincere in his offer of redemption. So it would sway a lot of powerful psykers away from Chaos and into the Imperium, taking away potential Black Crusade troops.
  • The only thing he didn't really plan for was Kitten going with Magnus, but he'll pretend that was his plan anyway.
    • Since he knows that the Pillarstodes bullied him to get information about the Space Wolves, it's not unlikely that he knew both of them we're going to do something and rolled with it.

The Emperor's real reason for making the Ultramarines best the Harlequins in a Dance Off... to get Cegorach's attention. As a trickster god and the librarian of the Black Library, Cegorach is a good person to sniff out exactly what is up with the Ultramarines. Having his best dancers beaten will doubtless have the laughing god wondering why and how, and thus he will find the answer, which the Emperor will have the Custodes eventually stumble in the Black Library and find.
  • Or he is just abusing their Plot Armor and Mary Sue tendencies for shits and giggles. If they fail, he gets rid of them and their annoying song. If they succeed, the Imperium benefits from it.

Marneus Calgar will kill Lucius the Eternal
Lucius only reincarnates in his killer when his killer feels satisfaction in the act. Papa Smurf is so depressed by his chapter's utter perfection that he won't feel satisfied even if he kills a Chaos Champion, rendering Lucius perma-dead.
  • Alternatively, Sly Marbo will. Sly Marbo has already fought Lucius once, and seems to be among the biggest badasses in the show; more than that, however, it's official canon that Marbo is completely broken and feels nothing anymore.
  • Better yet, Lucius will be fought by Cato Sicarius. And then Cato will possess him!

The Emperor only cares about Sanguinius because he died for him.
Adding to this was that Sanguinius was not the best at something (Lion'El Johnson was the firstborn, Lorgar was the closest in terms of looks to Big E, Horus was his favorite, Magnus the best psyker and Guilliman the best administrator/leader), he was considered to be the Primarch the closest to the Emperor in terms of attitude and upholding his project for the galaxy. The fact that Horus an Sanguinius were best buds before the Heresy could also mean that Hawkboy was Daddy's second favourite kid.

Perturabo has decreed that his Iron Warriors shall eat tacos only on Wednesdays
  • Or he decreed FUCK TACOS! For reasons the same.

Primarch Berserk Buttons

We've already seen three Primarchs Berserk buttons being pushed: The Space Wolves for Magnus, The Black Templars for Rogal and Magnus for Leman. This entry is for theorizing future Primarch Berserk Buttons.

  • Vulkan, for all his kindness, is likely going to have his be the Night Lords and being reminded of Konrad Curze. Read Vulkan Lives if you want to know why.

Marneus Calgar will send Cato Sicarius to the 13th Black Crusade.

He will use the situation as an attempt to permanently rid himself of Sicarius by appealing to his vanity, and send him off to assist the Honor Company. It will either end in his permanent demise just as planned, or Sicarius will somehow allow the Imperial forces to not be completely slaughtered by Chaos.

Leman Russ will buy an entire living cat

And will try his hardest not to eat it.

The Skhost of Ferrus Manus is indeed Ferrus Manus
Rather, it's a fragment like MiniMagnus. It embodies his Flesh Is Weak attitude but lacks the nuance that led him to conclude otherwise.

The Deceiver's master plan? TAKE OVER THE GALAXY!
First off, the Deceiver refers to the galaxy not as "the" galaxy, but as "my" galaxy. Additionally, it would explain why he tricked the other C'tan into eating each other: the Deceiver doesn't want anyone to be able to challenge his rule. Finally, as noted on the YMMV page, the Deceiver's theme is basically a darker version of the main theme, a theme normally associated with the Emperor, but used here because they have the same ambition.

Magnus' and Kitten's plan will "succeed," just not in the way that they intended.
It's important to note that the plans that Magnus and Emps call "failures", actually still benefit the Imperium in some way and aren't true failures. Magnus' plan to assassinate the High Lords of Terra gets rid of shapeshifting xenos who have infiltrated the highest chain of command and allow the TRUE High Lords to return to their posts, even encouraging some of them like the Lord Commander of Militant Guard to start treating their subjects better. And Magnus' plan to claim the Engine of Woes for himself ends up inciting the return of not one but TWO Loyalist Primarchs, Vulkan and Corax, both of whom have reunited with their Legions and started taking action. In both scenarios, the OVERALL result is a success for the wider Imperium even if Magnus' intentions fell flat.

Therefore it's entirely possible that Kitten's mission to the Mechanicum will yield some unforeseen benefit for the Imperium as a whole even if he doesn't manage to claim the Proteus Protocol like Magnus intended. It's important to note that the Emperor, despite predicting Kitten's "horrible failure," does NOT seem at all bothered by what he is doing. He offhandedly mentions Kitten being at Mars at the beginning of the second part of Chapter 27, and even when Magnus has a massive "Oh Crap" moment he calmly suggests that they take a break for 84 years - if Kitten really WAS doomed to cause a horrible failure at Mars, he would have been a lot more panicked/angry and demanded immediate action. The fact that he is so nonchalant about the whole thing suggests that everything is, just like before, going along with his plan and will benefit the Imperium in some way, just not in the way Magnus intended.

  • That's matter of semantics. That phenomenon is called serendipity - accidental achieving of some irrelevant or unpredictable success while aiming at some specific goal, in this case - failing it due to Magnus being chosen of Tzeentch, and so destined to fail only a small step away from ultimate victory. Since Emperor is aware of latter fact, he can use in in his own schemes, which have no predetermined outcomes and might actually succeed.
As to the actual effect - most likely Custodes will sodomize AM into sharing at least some tech with Imperium. Or stumble into Cawl, who's involved in Eldrad's conspiracy, which Emps is currently planning to exploit.

Santodes is the Emperor's spy.
The Dreadnought did inform us, after all, that his master awakened him... and shortly after, the Emperor told Magnus that he knows exactly where Kitten is. Perhaps it's not just his near-divine mind powers doing the work this time? Or perhaps it's the opposite, and he awakened Santodes specifically to go out on a mission he knew would be coming. Either way, watch out for the duplicitous Macho Camp man in a machine.

Clancy is not actually affiliated to Chaos
He really meant it when he said he just always wanted to kill a Primarch. And a Traitor Primarch would do just fine.

As made clear by his occasional lapses in speech pattern, Vulkan's experiences with The Beast truly did make him half-Ork, and filled him with WAAAGH! energy. And how does the WAAAGH! energy work? It works because the Orks believe it does. Orkish technology shouldn't work, but it does, because "da boyz" believe it. Vulkan shouldn't be able to tame gigantic beasts, or use an astropathic donkey to convey concepts that the donkey itself does not understand, but he believes he does, and that's enough to make it real.
  • It's implied in the original that all Primarchs are very powerful psykers, either latent or active, so he could manifest these powers, unlocked and magnified by being touched by WAAAGH! energy.

Kitten is going to lose his position as Captain-General
Either Kitten is going to die or the mission to Mars goes pear shape so badly that would result in Kitten being replaced by Trajann Valoris the canon Captain-General. Trajann Valoris would take the role of Captain-General far more seriously than Kitten ever did and would force the rest of the Companions to start wearing their armour once more.

The April Fools episode
Was all just an ork flesh induced drug hallucination. The Emperor had a bad trip and instead of Sanguinius he saw fucking Horus. Which explains why Horus somehow came back even when his Soul had been so completely obliterated that not even the Runionous Powers were able to resurrect him. This even explains why long dead adversaries of the Emperor, the Imperium and even Sly Marbo had sided with Horus with none of it being real in the first place.

Ferrus Manus will return
As the leader of the Legion of the Damned and is now a angel like daemon of the Emperor just like the Living Saints and Damned Legionaries. The Horus Hersey reveals the Emperor summoning an psychic avatars of his grief and rage of the betrayal by Horus and the deaths of Ferrus Manus and the loyal legionaries slaughtered at Istavan III and V. The pschic avatars that were summoned by the Emperor sound awfully like the Legion of the Damned being in the formed of black armoured astarte shaped ghosts covered in ethereal flames being lead by a giant with silver arms which sounds awfully like Ferrus Manus.Angel Ferrus Manus would be wearing blacken and fire covered version of the armour he died in at the hands of Fulgrim and would have a fire covered skull and able to use a whole range of powers including creating fiery wings to fly with.

Malal was erased by the Emperor for disliking tacos
The direct quote from him to Custodisi after latter dismissing tacos: "What are you, Malal 2.0? Stop being a contrarian for the sake of it or I will have you taken outback to mysteriously disappear as well." There's an implication that probably Malal dismissed tacos as irrelevant as he is an incarnation of antagonism and anarchy, therefore Emps got pissed and deleted him.

The Emperor told his life's story to Robert E. Howard
Unfortunately repeated exposure to his brilliance was too much for a mere mortal to handle and his head exploded.

The Ultramarines Mary-sue powers is something similar to a Waaagh field
The reason why reality seems to bend to the will of Ultramarines is because they believe they will succeed no matter what. This plus the Salamanders natural obliviousness would also explain how they managed to sneak past with a armored vehicle without being noticed: they believed they couldn't be seen therefore they were not. This might also explain why the likes of Cato Sicarius and Marneus Calgar are so powerful. Their followers have such strong faith in their abilities that Sicarius and Calgar simply BECOME that strong, which in effect would make them akin to Warbosses.

Marneus Calgar made a deal with a powerful warp entity in exchange for victory against the Tyranids
In Eliphas's unfinished BEHEMOTH trilogy, which is canon to TTS, there's a flashback where Calgar and the Swarmlord fight. Calgar loses all of his limbs and one of his eyes, but the flashback abruptly cuts off when Calgar tells Kryptman "and then we won", not telling him how they recovered from such a massive loss. What Calgar didn't tell Kryptman, was that as he saw his men dying around him, and the Tyranid hive at risk of overrunnig Macragge, that he made a deal with an unknown warp enitity, likely a representation of Matt Ward, much like Kratos at the beginning of God of War 1. This deal allowed the Ultramarines to defeat the Tyranids, erased or lessened their past losses causing them to become the Mary Sues they are now. The reason this is the turning point for the Ultramarines is because in BEHEMOTH we see them before Calgar makes his deal, and while some of them act like they do in TTS, their overall behavior is less Sue-ish. Secondly, the battle against Hive Fleet Behemoth is the last loss the Ultramarines have suffered that we know of, so Calgar's deal can't have happened before or after. This theory puts Calgar's scenes in TTS into a new light because now we know the source of Calgar's depression. He knows why the Ultramarines have won every battle and accomplished every mission since, not because of following the Codex, not because of courage, honor or brotherhood, but because Calgar made a deal to ensure future victories. it also explains his defensiveness with Uriel Ventris, as Calgar knows exactly why the Ultramarines have become Mary Sues and possibly fears that if knowledge of this gets out, he could lose his position as Chapter Master, and possibly face execution for heresy.
  • Repeatedly mentioned on this page that this entity might be Matt Ward. And the deal is not restricted to Tyranids, it turn Ultrasmurfs into Mary Sues in general.

Sigmar was DELETED by the Emperor
Just like Custodisi.

Custodisi is back somewhere in the Imperium
What happened when he was DELETED? He ended up in the Old World. What happened when people in the Old World were DELETED through the medium of a book with their character stats in them? They were dumped into TTS Warhammer 40k's Materium. Custodisi's character stats were in the same book.

The Emperor having the Ultramarines outdance the Harlequins is to get him reunited with the Star-Child even faster.
He sent the Ultramarines into the Webway to outdance the Harlequins for two reasons; one, was to put them within striking range of Commorragh, so that he could get the Bearded Triumvirate reinforcements (without telling them that because that would give away the plan to Magnus and Kitten and the rest); and two, the Harlequins guard the Black Library... which has just recently been discovered to have a direct connection to the Imperial Palace, allowing for a much faster reunion between Emperor and Star-Child than would otherwise be possible.

Kitten hates Santodes the most because he's the one that gave him the moniker "Little Kitten"
While Santodes meant well, all the other Companions were merciless with it, and he became really bitter towards Santodes for it.

The Bearded Triumverate's return
We all know that the Bearded Triumverate is at Commorragh meeting up with Asdrubael Vect (At least, only the Fyodperor is), and that there's a rumor that the Dark Mechanicus sometimes hire Dark Eldar to repair the Golden Throne. If we consider this rumor true, and if we factor in the pacing of these episodes, especially since Magnus is going to the Black Library with Custodisi, it would make sense that they find return by the season finale with some Dark Eldar. Bonus points if Magnus comes back at the same time as the Triumverate, specifically when he sees Leman Russ.

Magnus will discover the Emperor's plan in the Black Library
As of Episode 28, Magnus is off to the Black Library with Custodisi to learn about Cypher. Which is strange, considering the Black Library is a massive archive holding literally all knowledge of Chaos and the Warp. But with the Emperor having a plan to somehow defeat Chaos, and considering Magnus' working behind the Emperor's back with Kitten for most of the season, perhaps since he's being guided to the Black Library by Custodisi, he could consider this his one big chance to learn about what the Emperor's plan is once he arrives.

Kitten is actually one of the Lost Primarchs
For a start, he said his mother was a tube in Mount Everest, which sounds more like how the Primarchs were created than the explicitly "remade" Custodes. Secondly, he has a different persona which comes up in his card games. Thirdly, Custodes aren't psykers, which all the Primarchs are (to one degree or another). Finally, the Emperor puts more emphasis on Kitten being one of his "sons" than the other Custodes. Now, recall that the Emperor and Malcador could pull all kinds of mental manipulation with little effort. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to "reprogram" one of the wayward Sons into something more loyal.

Kaldor Draigo is secretly a C'Tan. Possibly The Outsider or The Burning One, even.
Considering how he and The Deciever are among the few characters with moving mouths and that they both are fully capable of destroying stars, and the fact that The Deciever thinks of him as a galaxy-destroying threat, one has to wonder if he Kaldor is something far mightier than what he comes off as.

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