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Headscratchers / If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device

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  • Shouldn't there be about five more high lords hanging about? The Grand Master of Assassins, The Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, The Master of the Astronomican, the Paternoval Envoy and one of the temporary seats are all missing.
    • Given how inept most of the High Lords we've seen are maybe they've left out of disgust or simply do not interact with them?
    • It could just be that they're with the High Lords, but are either asleep (well, they are old) or are simply out of focus. Alternatively, the missing ones could just be busy elsewhere, maybe on the 'Old Folks Planet' that gets mentioned by the High Lords at one point.
      • Most likely just busy: Decius doesn't hang constantly with these ones, he just drops in now and then, for starters, and High Lord Kitten accompanies Emps or Magnus most of the time.
  • The Emperor's face is just a skull. If he doesn't have a nose, how is it itching? Phantom pain?
    • Yes, they say it is a phantom itch caused by Nurgle.
  • When Kitten plays a certain game with Tzeentch for Magnus' soul, Magnus uses his psyker powers to keep Tzeentch from reading Kitten's mind and seeing what card he is about to draw. Except would Tzeentch have been able to actually do anything about Kitten drawing a Mystical Space Typhoon even if he knew it straight away?
    • Tzeentch is a universal class cheater. Denying him information is always a good idea.
    • Also, Tzeentch is so used to being able to read others' minds that suddenly not being able to would be a good explanation for why he was shaken or at the very least unobservant enough to let kitten get away with a bunch of questionably legal plays.
  • Why does Cegorath let Stern insult him like that?
    • She's there at the Harlequins' invitation, so she is a guest. Plus she's Imperial aligned, and the Laughing God seems to have a thing for the Imperial loyalists, so he's willing to tolerate her.
    • In addition to the above, Stern is simply too damned useful for the war against Chaos to be killed or turned out simply because she's obnoxious towards Xenos.
    • She also clearly has no idea who or what he is, apparently mistaking him for a statue. One assumes he's gone to some lengths to preserve this state of affairs.
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  • If The Star Child is the Emperor compassion how is The Emperor how is he a Adaptational Nice Guy especially as a dad with all the Primarchs?And have all the dad and son moment's?

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