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Nightmare Fuel / If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device

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"Do you not see by now that your Emperor is naught but nourishment for the great god beyond?"note 

As funny as the series gets, one must remember this is still a parody of the originator of the term "Grim Dark"...

  • There's a brief moment in Episode 8 where the Emperor's patience with the current state of the Imperium's competence is drawn and quartered hearing about how irresponsibly the Tyranids are handled.
    Emperor: I am sorry. I am just ABSOLUTELY LIVID at the moment.
  • The ending of Episode 18 has Lucius and his Noise Marines slaughter an entire Imperial Guard garrison whose screams can be hard over Lucius' daemonic cackling... which is interrupted by his phone ringing. Too bad it does nothing to make him less horrifying.
    • Made worse if you know what his idea of a "party" is: Another Black Crusade.
      • Oh, and not just any Black Crusade, since the series has established that the events of "The Gathering Storm" are canon to this universe; this is the Thirteenth Black Crusade, the worst of them all, the one that finally makes Cadia fall.
    • Lucius overall is a living, waking nightmare. Knowing what kind of disturbing activities Slaaneshi worshipers tend to engage in, his Dissonant Serenity and Mickey Mouse voice make him seem even more disturbing.
  • From the second Q&A episode, the description of the Tyrant Star is just as disturbing as it is in canon, especially with the theory that it is Malal's peephole into our universe.
    • We also get to see the "Retconnian" that was alluded to in Episode 14. It's nothing. A black endless expanse of nothing with nothing but a literal peephole into reality that things that no longer exist like Malal, Squats and Horus inhabit. It's so crushingly empty that Malal, a Chaos God, is driven to tears by his desire to become Canon and escape it.
      • Though there is apparently hot chocolate.
  • From part two of the history episodes, once Slaanesh shows up, the Ferrari music that was playing before suddenly starts getting distorted into something... disturbing.
  • The Emperor's mind and soul are being ground into nothing, and both are torn to shreds to make it easier. The author subscribes to the "Starchild" theory, so when the piece of the Emperor on the Golden Throne eventually dies, he'll become a fifth Chaos God that is to mankind like Slaanesh is to the Eldar, warp-fuck Terra inside-out, and send all of humanity ever screaming into Hell. Sweet dreams. It is somewhat defused by the fact the Star Child is actually the Emperor's discarded compassion and empathy, however, so this may not be as true as previously believed.
  • Leman Russ finding out that not only is Magnus alive, but he is within the imperial palace. He is not happy.
    • And this is before he learns about Magnus' attacks on Fenris and the destruction of Midgardia. How do you think he is going to react AFTER he finds out?
  • The Shadow Over Immateriums is one long exercise in this. Especially once the main character Bruce Norring makes accidental psychic contact with the Tyranid Hive Mind and has a vision that culminates in an absolutely massive Hive Fleet that dwarfs the galaxy rising up to devour it. He's almost infected by the Genestealer Cult until his choice words manage to accidentally summon the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Adriele Quist, from the Warp to slaughter the whole damn thing and leave. The event leaves the formerly hard-boiled detective laughing and sobbing in fear at what he's seen.
    • Said "Hive Fleet" can be a bit more terrifying when you look closer at it and see what looks like eyes near it's base. It might not be a Hive Fleet, it might just be a Tyranid Bioform so absolutely massive and incomprehensible that it just seems like one.
    • Alternatively, since it's a psychic vision, it may be the Hive Mind itself. Quite literally a hungry god, and it's looking right at you.
    • During the segment, there is a sound that steadily grows louder towards the end. It is the Hive Mind roaring, and it is horrific, sounding like a Reaper Horn on equine growth hormone.
    • Episode 26 shows that whatever else happened, that image of the Hive Minds converging on the galaxy wasn't made up- when the Emperor's light spews out into space, you can see all the Tendrils of it. So that wasn't some dramatic representation of the hunger of the Tyranids- that could be an honest representation of what's about to happen.
  • Requiem for Dominique in it's 45 second entirety. Capable of sobering up an Inquisitor drunk from fermented Chaos out of sheer terror. It's unsettling to the point that numerous people wonder if it was some kind of message from Nurgle.
  • The incomplete Ahriman clone in the Slaaneshmas special, a living reminder of how Fabius Bile is Chaos' premier Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant.
    • The whole scene horrifies both Ahriman and Lucius the Eternal. Yeah, you heard me. Fabius Bile has managed to horrify LUCIUS THE ETERNAL, who up until now has been the largest source of Nightmare Fuel in the entire series. Yeah.
  • BEHEMOTH, Eliphas The Inheritor's "OVA" of TTS has this in spades due to it being about the first appearance of the Tyranids. Magos Varnak's Data Codex in particular doesn't help matters. Especially not since it's a reading of an actual canon quote.
    • In general, the Tyranids are the biggest SERIOUS source of Nightmare Fuel in the TTS-verse so far. While Chaos certainly has its fair share of horrors, there is always a healthy mix of hilarity to balance out their darker and scarier aspects even with characters as horrible as Lucius the Eternal. The Tyranids, on the other hand? Any interaction with them has MINIMAL humor at best, and nothing but horror at worst.
  • The Dark Eldar in their full glory!. Double Subversion doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • As silly a video as it is the fourth Special sheds some disturbing light on Tzeentch's abilities. Mainly that he can swap between different forms at random off camera, one of which is what looks like a melting tower of corpses. He tends to switch into that one and wiggle around when he's feeling jovial.
  • Cegorach. Fucking Cegorach. The beginning of episode 25 is basically nothing but him and a few victims, and it's one of the freakiest scenes to date. His "laughter" varies from wheezy, phlegmy chuckles to spastic, guttural guffaws, much like Tim Curry's version of Pennywise from It. He's accompanied by a nightmarish Laugh Track that verges on hysterical screams, and which hijacks the normal intro. It's hard to tell what's worse, when his eyes are hidden in shadow, or we get a clear look at his unblinking, wide-eyed stare. At the end he drops the comedy act altogether as he goes off to plot revenge on the Flesh Eaters, and his voice drops several octaves as he snarls "everyone's a critic." And keep in mind, this guy is supposed to be one of the closest things to a good guy in this setting...
    Horrifyingly Low Disembodied Voice: [ B A Z I N G A ]
    • Also, the Custodes, the Emperor's own warriors, who have spent ten thousand years guarding him and fighting the daemons that come out of the botched Webway gate without armor, are just reduced to a pair of quivering, sobbing wrecks begging to make it stop. You know something is scary when guys as tough as they just wanna get the fuck outta there. Case in point, they later mention the event where Harlequins invaded the Imperial Palace to "talk to the Emperor" as a kind of minor annoyance (their real plan was never discovered as the Custodes killed them before they reached the Throne room). When faced with the god of those clowns, they are terrified.
    That is... a clown...
    • Then Fade to Black. But the music doesn't stop and a creepy laugh is heard.
    • Look carefully- Very carefully- when Ahriman is mocking the god. Every time Ahriman speaks, Chegorach's hand moves. He was dictating the entire encounter from the instant he showed up, and Ahriman had no idea.
    • Prime Clown. Just Prime Clown.
  • Timothy, Asdrubael Vect's Cup-bearer, is something straight out of the uncanny valley.
  • Helbrecht and his rage are quite scary. When he gets summoned into the Throne Room, he almost tries to kill the Emperor in a fit of confusion and anger, and later on would have cut Boy in half if Dorn had not intervened. Later on, the Custodes and Rogal freak out and start a four-way screaming match which included the threat of genocide and near-rebellion on the Custodes' part, only stopped when Helbrecht himself made it stop. It makes you wonder if the Black Templars have some kind of gene defect that spreads rage around the people near them. It's incredible that no one was killed or fell to Khorne during the Podcast.
    • It gets worse: Whammudes was chanting "Maim, Kill, Burn", over, and over, and over, while talking about how all the NORMIES should die. So yeah, that was about a single sword stroke from falling to Khorne.
    • The Custodes' insanity is also quite frightening. It's hard to remember how unhinged they really are if you're too busy laughing at their gay, fantastic personalities. However, there is something deeply wrong and broken about them where they will turn from being cheerful and fruity one moment, to serious, badass protectors the next, to petty, squabbling sycophants the next, and insane murderous maniacs the moment after that. They each have their own unique traits and have plenty of depth which is unsurprising given how old and experienced they are, but the mood swings they have are completely unpredictable.
  • While it is still full of awesome and Black Comedy, the entire battle between Chaos Undivided and the Imperium forces in Episode 26 Part 1 is a horrific one sided slaughter. Seeing the various Order leaders, who proved themselves to be competent in the fight, getting massacred along with their forces shows just how merciless the Daemons are. Even Kaldor Draigo is ineffectual for most of the fight, due to bad rolls from adhering to the tabletop rules. They would most assuredly have been wiped out if it wasn't for the Star Child fusing with Fyodor right at the end.
    • Special attention must be given to Skarbrand. His funny quotes and moments aside, he is a monstrous Big Red Devil who absolutely obliterates everything that comes across his path with his axes, including a Taurox, a Grey Knight Dreadknought, Grand Master Elirush, and Adrielle Quist. The other Inquisition forces are utterly terrified of him, and they have every right to be considering his terrifying rage and power. There's a reason why HE is the one who was inches away from destroying Karazamov and the last of the Inquisition.
    • When The Star Child unites with Fyodor and casts a bright light upon the galaxy, for a brief moment, the tendrils of the Tyranid beyond are illuminated, even with the Emperor back, the Tyranid Swarm still comes. The best it could do was make it recoil slightly.
  • Holy crap, the Tempestuous Scions after being exposed to the surface of a sun for a brief period. All of them suffer horrific burns and scream in agony. One guy's face mask started melting into his mouth, taking his teeth with it. Another loses her bottom half which is charred to the bone. The Sergeant appears to be missing his eyes and desperately tries to convince himself that the pain will make him stronger. Even after the Fyodomperor heals them, one Scion continues to hyper ventilate from the shock for a few more seconds before finally calming down.
    • Lady Malys half-possessed by Cegorach and with a Slasher Smile that'd freak the Joker out and barely even fits in her head isn't a pretty sight.
  • Remember when Decius said the Deceiver was an idiot? Pretty funny right? Holy shit was he WRONG. He seems dead set on stopping Kaldor Draigo from returning to the Material Realm, for some reason that may or may not be connected to the Tyranid Hive Mind. His plan may be as convoluted as one from Tzeentch, but good gods does it make you think how clever the Jackal God truly is and how he wants everyone to think he’s a dumbass.
  • Custodisi is a little too much attracted to Magnus, slipping straight into sexual harassment territory, which - unsurprisingly, given how Tzeentch had stolen Magnus' soul for ten millennia - pisses the Emperor off. When Magnus returns from his adventures with Kitten, Custodisi gets whacked with the Prohibition Hammer to deliver some slapstick violence to keep him in line for every lewd comment ha makes. Funny, right? Well, there's the part when Custodisi makes an offhanded comment about "wincest" to Magnus, and the Emperor ultimately decides he's had enough, grabs Custodisi with his spectral hand, lifts him to his level and deletes him. Aside from a monotone "oh no" from Wammudes, he's never brought up again. That's right - should you anger the Emperor one too many times, he will erase you from existence. Well, either that, or Custodisi was just warped somewhere else entirely.
    • The sixth special reveals where he went- he was sent to the Warhammer Fantasy world, where he's gone quite mad and is now the leader of a tribe of ogres. The only thing he really wants anymore is to return to his Emperor, Magnus, and his brothers, but no one realizes this when they face him. Also, it's possible that he's being puppeted by Magnus the whole time, and when we last see him, he's unconscious, has had his arm chopped off, was covered in dung, and was lit on fire, and that was before getting thrown down a deep dark hole.
    • This might could just be a representation or allegory, but it's still scary - and what's even worse that he's a Custodian in a world that only just has gunpowder and a smattering of magic. He tears into the player characters, almost fatally injuring the Celestial Shaman Queen from the very start and kills two others quite easily. And despite still being half-naked, has no less than 700 Toughness (yielding a Toughness Bonus, or damage reduction, of 70), enough to No-Sell a shot from a leadbelcher, and axe blows not even scratching him. Shows just how outclassed normal people are compared to a Custodian Guard. The only thing that managed to make him lose was an insane amount of luck from his opponents, his pitiful willpower and the fact that Wammri more or less had to become the avatar of Ulric and/or The Lady of The Lake wile empowered by Bulgo's lucky hat for a few seconds. In other words, divine intervention was the only thing stopping Custodisi from going on his promised apocalytpic rampage across The Old World after the loss of his ogre tribe, the one thing keeping him sane in this primitive land.
    • His Villainous Breakdown after being set on fire really sells just how little sanity he has left. His bloodcurdling accusation towards the heroes SEETHES with malice and hatred.
    Custodisi HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?
  • That... thing Kitten encounters in the bowels of the Imperial Palace. That singing bass on its front only accentuates how horrifying it is, and it constantly makes some kind of ambient, reverberating noise that sounds like laughter and crying rolled into one.
  • In-Universe example, but apparently 'The Inquisitor' is such a bad book that it's equivalent to torture, and gives anyone who reads it hallucinations of the warp.
  • Vulkan is revealed to have set an entire planet on fire, slaughtering the entirety of its population, purely because the population coexisted with the Eldar. For as much of a hug-happy Nice Guy as he is, Vulkan still firmly embraces the fanatical xenophobia the rest of the Imperium runs on. Dulled slightly by the fact that his guilt over the act caused him to vow to protect the remains of the planet from any and all invaders.
  • We finally get to meet Bellisarius Cawl. In canon, Cawl's mind is made up of numerous copies of itself working in tandem. And the series hasn't forgotten this. The Cawl we see in TTS is a Bi-polar maniac that is capable of some very dangerous mood-swings due to the differing minds all speaking in unison. Worse yet? The fabricator General seems to have him as a hit-man, setting him loose to kill Kitten and the Custodes after they discover the Proteus protocol. And given how ancient and powerful they are in the canon tabletop, this mental state makes him infinitely more dangerous. Even to someone like Kitten.
    • Speaking of the Fabricator General, we finally see him in his full glory, and "Mechanical Abomination" doesn't even begin to describe him. With any other techpriest, you can at least see the human form underneath all the mechanical components. The Fabricator General? What we've seen of him until this point is just his head, which looks like some kind of red growth sprouting atop a mess of gears, random tech and cyberdongs. Not to mention he dwarfs even the likes of Santodes. And no, the fact that he has random tech like toasters, shavers and fidget spinners attacked to his mechadendrites does not dull how creepy he is in the slightest.


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