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The E3 footage will show the attack on Biko.
It could be from Chief's perspective, and it would be a great way to set up the opening for Halo 5.
  • Jossed; we got some peaks of Fireteam Osiris (the four-person team led by Locke tasked with tracking the Chief down and investigating his recent activites) kicking Covenant ass, some dialogue from the Arbiter, a few snaps of the Chief doing something-or-other, and some gameplay demo of Fireteam Osiris carving through Covenant and Promethean forces on Sanghelios and then getting Worfed by a new Promethean General known as the Warden Eternal, but nothing connected to Hunt The Truth.

Petra will bring down ONI.
From the final episode, her campaign's going to be way more threatening to ONI.
  • Add to this, she'll likely have to go off the grid more so than Benjamin had as approaching that server on Bliss was the snake that had probably bit him. Bad records indeed.
    • She just got captured. Donkey balls.
  • Probably jossed; she ends up in ONI captivity for the entirety of Season 2, and it's hard to see her having the ability to do anything meaningful in the post-Halo 5 universe.

The Sidewalk as Described in Episode 4: Crossing the Black was a verification platform
In order to make anyone a potential target for ambush, the ONI set in a total records based system inside the Obsidian-Black half of the large sidewalk. Given the unruly yet cunning nature of such a system, civilians who want to live life without the paranoia of being green lit would understandably avoid such a trap. The lack of birds might be from a white noise system meant to repel Avian's or spook them away. Benjamin might have unknowingly submitted his biological footprint and would have not been able to prevent his unfortunate circumstances.

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